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Dan Sileo, WQAM Miami, on football in Miami: the 'Canes and Pats-Dolphins this weekend

Nov 29, 2012|

D&C talk with the Miami midday talk host about the issues surround the Miami football program that let to his famous rant earlier this year. They then look at Sunday's matchup between the Patritos and Dolphins and try to find a way in which Miami doesn't get blown out of the water.

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I'm a moment to take time out here because I need I need to cool out here because look. I am not gonna put up with this what does so many people I keep telling me about retain talent we have on that team either break stop that. Stop there. -- -- Talent is Gerri to point and up all the yards to wait she blob. -- So hard drives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pricking F five year old. As a result of hearing that. With the exception of our midday host here on WEEI -- -- became my all time. Favorite mid -- host that's instant radio classic gold -- so -- middays WQAM. In Miami. Join us on the AT&T hotline good morning again good to talk deal. They may take you so it -- -- might hear that oh my god. Really -- -- thought I don't strippers that. I didn't realize that -- ain't that much like. Well I watched that message here man got it was. It was just that was awful here as one of the worst defense is about the worst defense in arcane history this -- That went viral it's instant radio classic gold has it been a blessing or curse -- I've been pretty cool I mean you know in a lot of people recognized Dick -- You know I I got a lot it's not it. It's I mean that's just how like you know I've got a lot of action force awards I loved it I dig it out played it. Are covered by local raucous belly up then it all that it -- that was two years old so it. It's always been -- than that I that could -- -- about. Did you get in any trouble and you've been suspended wanted twice in the past. That yet. Yes have been suspended and fired -- the things I've set on the radio show where. You know -- they understand me because that's kind of like I MO was when I was back at the player Miami so I think that latitude. Gave me the date immediately a treat -- a little bit to be able to say those things but the -- people. -- stay open really cool to me it's a great program they love -- I love them but I just expect greatness from them. Did you you mentioned that that's the worst defense in Miami history well have you seen Boston College lately. -- -- Thank -- in what struck me about that is is that all kits in the New England area and I was recruited by PC back in the day. And there were two of the first cities really back -- was at stake. And of course three Syracuse and Boston College are really the only destination but -- it. So I mean I look at those three and the -- that program is now in outplayed of course it's don't begin. Played against suspect in the L Larry games and all that crap it. -- -- -- -- it was a great football program I mean now this what do they are I think a lot of the influx in going. With the big -- -- now going to to a horrible conference the Atlantic Coast Conference. That's not gonna help in Boston College attract more recruits going to do a conference that. A little bit better than the big -- -- Al Golden -- Boston College will Al Golden picks Boston College. Here's what I don't buy it. You click it once 75 now. What speech it's a jesuit school we're gonna get decked out from -- not Notre Dame they don't have a gigantic. Art television package deal so they thought the two million dollars. Track somebody like that to meet with -- extradite. That makes the most sense the guy and the patriots that we sit right there in the backyard and he's a little bit debt it in our reputation. Why don't get that opportunity BA head football coach again. Was do you get a sense of Al Golden -- covets this job or someday want to you know come back here and and and coach of Boston College or is he. Happy there. He's happy here I think you're seeing the -- without a lot -- -- here's the issue that BC at -- -- Miami. PC facility. Would aren't the greatest. And I was better than the University of Miami but he does imply any facilities aren't as good as what I played and it was back in the eighties that. It's the worst facility in the United States use the vehicle itself -- You know we we and we played at your ball out and let the sun life. It's no doubt it offer BK we got a lot of our reputation. And a lot of -- all take it away when they're not the only meteors also well. We really don't have the facilities and in the past we were able liked except the open championship what are well. That would watch and so what I needed seven years at least 42 and 35. Virginia numbers. Is this. If the swagger gone and obviously the record would indicate the swagger should be -- but when you always think about the -- it's always this network comes to mind is swagger cocky impressionists. That makes me throw -- what I hear that took a -- air Jimmy slacker is waiting right. It's not barking I mean for your question. We talked a lot we talked a lot out of eighteen are all about absolutely but at the bottom right. Sports Illustrated voted the most hated team in history the our our our sports. A couple years to golf Oprah like that this is the flyers. Want to read it we talk trash but we brought. I mean right now it is Rex Ryan I -- we talked throughout adult when it. On to the dolphins now Dan. The guys -- any reason to believe that the patriots are gonna get trapped. In this game. This Sunday any reasonably that -- -- up to the one the last pitchers among the last four by an average score by an average of nineteen points they are role in the won their last. Five I believe by an average of 47. Anything we expecting anything but another route led by Tom Brady. A nightmare and I look very third one insects in the last two years of the patriot tried to go back three years to 35. Hours of them that. I don't radio you guys as they they'd -- linebackers and a really good lie about it but they let that I was like -- I say. So there's the -- that -- is gonna take its guidance that's what the scene. They go for five if he want but it's good that it's apparently. Talking about eighteen at one point 16. Games -- stop many people. So -- what it should be in the conversation for the MVP but for the crappy it -- What broke in now that you won't do the most the team offensively. In the AFC -- that's -- -- I don't give a crap about being 27 ranked. They can about the 24 -- and the -- over the ball termite and think of that market and this -- the last one for the patriots. Quiet as. Hey -- looking long term big picture is had to heal the answer for the dolphins that Sanchez clearly is not for the jets. You know I I like Brian I see and with him I'd seen it there's potential. Great. -- quickly rolling out I'll just say that. That means I have to be -- potential problem because you -- well a -- relationship. With this quarterback it's gonna -- into the final game the year. For -- career record at Olympic great matchup Smart and a yeah walls of spell check you -- -- yet. Part -- And that relationship with that quarterback. So -- -- get it also upstairs to get in the general manager is the general manager at football coach and the quarterback all working at saint. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is brutal you Redick I like Brandon Marshall oh just -- -- since -- went over a thousand yards right import to the routers. What what -- -- -- didn't -- -- -- I didn't take it from Michigan State okay. Field. It's just quietly in the vehicle put out a -- -- kids. He's got a great player we're going to be David Carr. The term and I'd see the ability to better. But again it's guys like let's -- -- -- -- the components are not your quarterback -- your quarterbacks -- -- or not. Like top rate equipment sets that Tom Brady as a quarterback not it is great skill would be able pro ball it's his mark check -- -- -- That spot that there -- some spots these two guys art and also box them out they -- game that's what makes them special. Dan did you ever. And use any at a rolled given needed the -- to get up for games. And when you see I took anabolic steroids probably for. My NFL career six years. Forty years in college. Now we're using that what was important this is. Animal -- My -- so that's that's a new -- today. And to always getting these drugs were going to be at that. Somebody else because. We're looking for the advantage that equate what I hear people go like start with bonds all but still jokes like. So we started his career for giants fans to watch him an extra ten years. OK but yet when it -- -- larger who'll take drugs and die we celebrate them. Okay we'll get back when that's sync up makes sense to me I I don't -- sense that we are trying to expand their careers. Where were you getting we -- getting tested were you beating the system or always just and nod to aspect them. So. What do you think our guys beating the system or they clean. Course. Oh my god guys are taken human growth hormone and synthetic car truck all the pot shots now in -- well -- center. All they ordered -- -- -- -- or what do you think they're sort of -- L currently before accuracy when people start to get old burglar expert in the start but don't. We figured it out going Whitman. But how big guy in the doctor's prescription. And given testosterone such economic growth hormone shots. Pulled the -- are doing today -- -- apricot seed is right on when he said that. Also you bought step. Optic create all this other stuff but there's new stuff every single day that comes out that app we can say how much does that help you. What kind of a difference -- That's press 600 pounds with college. Ball. Off I don't know totally -- good accurate and they'll. If that if they got 600 at the same time. One time 600. It's 635. I think my record ornate. I get some rest it's still Miami I have been expressed by. It's ornate did it help you know lifting your Leo what in particular that -- It -- get -- because football real quick being I want it more than us ahead of what got. -- Particularly ebitda has been a part in every once I got 700000. Dollars signing bonus. From the pebble they'd block in years. I I chuckle at -- one in their life. If I can make you a millionaire take all right here's all your life. What eating it's gonna -- a lot and go on what that -- -- set up for the rest of her life. And it sort of sit independently crap and in my -- at 85. And it. What else what else. What did you do that scared you did you ever do something that makes you nervous that this is probably over the line. I threw a little doubtful window. That part of Maryland did you -- -- -- I'd like to I'd like to check I mean. Compliment boy came in and that's like an adult not. -- That's my girlfriend and I got. Here. Different did not look -- a mile in my outlook. Tell us the biggest mistake that then -- Leo made in his career in -- and not saying stupid stuff on the radio we do that every day. But when you play and you know when you Joost was the dumbest thing given that. Not take -- -- serious -- outstanding were -- was in the National Football League my failures where my maturity. And not understanding that it was a god given. Thing for me to play in the National League National Football League like that it band to be completely not fail. You know Miami and all Americans should like ten years and yet -- felt like. Don't when you see exactly and they standing up there aren't going. I can't stand it's funny. I hear I hear the -- witnesses in the media go. Like. And that you've never sat there at that Mike can understand went went out and come out and I -- Connecticut in India and college football lost five games in eight years. We will play without -- loose in the world. And you sit there starts and never doubt that. It's march. You know. To order a saint Vincent cute things out of character because you never been at a situation. It's got -- radio. You know I'm. A public -- the grindstone and what should I ever got a job like that again I never take advantage of it took advantage of my position any kind of well. Would deal a look at another Connecticut guy we talked to yesterday Bill Romanowski always make this point until you get to the I'm on the drugs and maybe some of the cheap shots. He was the a great example of a guy many went to DC probably weighed one when he became a great. NFL player did what to one and 443 consecutive secular gains made a lot of money I mean it did did you look up to him. No I can't I don't know well don't look at the scene when I was in college soon picked up. It's New Brunswick or something like that came out of Connecticut -- that would that he -- -- we talked about this many times I -- without. I play before Paula Goodspeed. It was -- credits. That guy out there are running back what -- it Kenny bell yeah reject credit which -- played football against any when he was that credit so. Well that was enough for that -- checked -- -- -- Get some really great people -- play against bill so we can we step but I one another out. It looked like previous friend of mine in Connecticut it's elected but I am a lot of those guys -- Well you know. Got up to the most local band broke style at New York Giants and again you know pull back your -- Belichick before he passed away a year ago. You know a couple of years ago ask -- about Belichick -- you -- -- party was and it's definitely agree with you guys. How could this guy he's like politics as good as Lombardi. At the differences that god deals with the salary cap. And alerted his second time around after its failure in Cleveland going to the jets and being the and I like -- Are so important Belichick and Lombardi easily easily absolutely. In Baghdad and you said he'd be OK with that dying at eighty instead of 85 a big -- coming up in January. Okay -- quote that. Their guy ever bring a bit since they're no big Arctic coming to -- Captain Watson said we are now on my workday the goal is gonna take it from my -- is -- there. I can tell they don't do it please don't do it so. -- to the crew it'd take me to look at -- -- there yet but are you guys are invited by the way. Makes us if you want to go. Well like. -- that this guy that. The party's. That my MB when -- Michael Irvin and other guys know. You don't sound like you have and the head trauma you know repercussions like a lot of guys -- did you feel lucky. I wake up everyday injured -- Mean there's praying I mean I can tell you Michael whether praying when the weather comes in cold remedy the beautiful -- that -- genetic. And the minute forty days it really does save my body -- lot because the ball and again and let -- Clinton knows our position you play the interior line. You're gonna get banged up. And what kills me right here these. It's saying well how the National Football League now social -- because I think that Obama's. Has signed on board he knew exactly what you get into you make millions of hours and not gonna lie. About the fact that all these guys were -- going back in the national football. Career save your front the money. Q you think every nickel -- -- as a broadcaster. And that's enough sleep. My -- it's -- I don't have to do anything for the rest of my life I I don't and I I I think it helps me on the radio. And it helps me in my -- injured guys that are -- and -- That -- cry about the back while the -- doesn't take care. But the take care -- That we can -- -- the week -- -- the players association -- He's the men -- maybe get QAM in my Abby my new favorite Idaho are absolutely our boss wants to know how much Jamaican -- -- not sure why this would like and how much Jamaican and when your contract up. Lol I don't hate gay and you know what -- call but they're totally -- yeah we need to get the part that girl that IQ was that they'll -- -- that was out there. Cuba and basically what Dutch -- was like forty years ago she. Knows. -- -- -- -- -- The East Coast and she knows they're going to be a shot at Spartan as Britain's Olympic I don't know forgot that you would say that and it -- then it came for like. Then it. -- -- said that to me well up there. I guess she wants to come to the party the -- blow with Luther Campbell. Right through it. Again great conversation we enjoy it as it gets sometime. -- really appreciate it adds it would Italian AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. I am good I haven't Daniel read some next time I see somebody got -- somebody. -- about pictures of somebody. -- -- -- -- I should think load the Robertson what do made on that team opening up bank. Today. Somebody. A quarterback standing there when does a quarterback sneak. I want someone to do not bottom and stick dump. Designs. Let me stick and ball still shopping.

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