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Larry Lucchino, Red Sox president and CEO, talks about the offseason plans

Nov 29, 2012|

John and Gerry chat with the Red Sox president to discuss the team's offseason and whether or not they're ready to make a big splash in time for the fans to get excited for ticket sales. He doesn't divulge any names or comment on the rumors surround Jon Lester, but goes into the Johnny Gomes signing and says the team is still pursuing Cody Ross.

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Or three Dennis and Callahan. Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE the president and CEO the Boston Red Sox Larry -- good morning Larry morning. I'm wondering are the Sox receiving intense intense pressure for interest groups to change Saturday's event from Christmas at Fenway to holiday at Fenway honest -- And then in the -- intense pressure to do that -- -- -- weight has become way opinion tradition. But there is say yes and holiday bash we are trying to do. Expand the weekends and Friday night as early holiday bash -- an open house -- a way provide day to thank you for mentioning it more clues Christmas is. This sale ends Saturday is city. And a big day for us it's the beginning of tickets sales that beat them by distances. Christmas presents. -- not stack particularly popular soap -- or Pakistan but to like about this one yeah you saw like what they did do it ultimately it. It's it's a great opportunity to get tickets early and persuaded to that courses. -- it's -- not comical effect the outcome about it. That would help Larry you don't really help this event if you like needs so I saw Josh Hamilton today. It was that would help them get in the mr. Kelly haven't spoken to you a little while and -- activities since the election and I know we shouldn't talk politics -- on -- -- you guys very. Having to be eating food Orleans. Having survived he has okay. It was difficult I have to say I mean it was it was that as discouraging that day but as. It was painful especially when I talked to people like -- hard work and people honest people. Who on Election Day walk in the war in both with their heads up their rectum and vote for that not Elizabeth -- how would -- -- anger of their last night weren't you. Actually he was at the cure epilepsy that last night -- yeah I did here that are and that. I don't want it got so much. The does the in particular race we should award politics as won't be sure you guys were okay. No no doubt -- question about the food to answer your question about the food I I am a stocking up on powdered fish just to save money so when the tax raised the increased. It's easy you know those times you paid your fair share yeah you and Larry rich guys like you. You're right wing. And lastly you know vote listeners out there so that's let's start peaceful Christmas. It's been lately have you had. I know you as much as anybody over there has your ear to the ground do you hear the low level buzz in Red Sox Nation waiting for something anything to happen player acquisition -- David Ross doesn't have them. Jack and pumped in Red Sox Nation -- Well I think that's right yeah we're all. Eager to see this offseason there -- some fruit and our priority has but the ability honest about it the quick decisions on manager and coaching staffs of the relatively quick decision to -- get David Ortiz signed. The you know it's it and don't diminished signing David -- use them outside after a catcher. Well known for his defense skills and him but we. We'll have another announcement coming up very shortly regarding corner outfielder but until. Certain. Physical things are completed went after the -- and talked. Are his initials CR by any chance. -- Core how about JH. His waited too old and I dislike but I do -- I wanna go buy tickets -- can't go buy tickets or should tell me this. -- -- -- -- -- like it I can't do it should not not the appropriate. Albeit. I'd say it dot identities -- on. Blacks Larry. And not necessarily in terms of the main. Major -- that you answer it in the society. Corner outfielder that's close territory immediate that are out -- first base. Little -- this church. We have -- of things to do this offseason. But we are we're gonna do them. We use is only. With today's the last stage of their members. There are a lot of players we've acquired in recent years we can honestly it is January Cody Ross and you mentioned it elegantly January -- David Ortiz. We signed in early January 2003 when he came here he gave Beltre signed in Beijing January. So there's plenty of time in the offseason but we recognize that. We have got some work to do some players sign. And some old Brazil. No Larry I know you won't tell us based on what you just wouldn't say any specifics about people -- or pursuing -- about the sign let me ask you this have you ruled anybody out as too risky Josh Hamilton or too expensive Joe -- Create and our I'm just talking in terms of acquisition you have to trade for Joe Mauer obviously but a -- have you have you guys rule people love it Zack Greinke in this discipline era that we were talking about as to -- -- too expensive. Which they we have some predilections but we haven't ruled anyone out -- -- get a get into it. 78 year deal as we have done before people we have brought out is that kind of long term. Gigantic commitment. Two would to players. It's if at all possible when I cannot. To set hard and fast rule that says nothing is. Not a what are we done it all the phone lines always has some kind of exception to the general presumption that the general presumption is that. We will go Lester everyone but a -- -- gigantic a long term deals are more concerned about years that we -- dollars. Who it's interesting. So well. It is beaten what was it to them John Tomas you wrote a column but two weeks ago sent suggesting that you make big offers some of these free agents. For a year coached 23 years just. So -- that it was it was quite interesting. Well yeah as a general proposition you know against certain certain situations that may deal away which to attract someone yeah I do believe that the dangers. That the base and -- in particular are are the dangers of of election night. -- happier if financial capacity and making extra long commitment because of the pressure competitiveness of free agency that assigning someone. -- might like aside for three years the industry to market analysts and it's five or six years. And then you have to do it because you don't know what the other close to do at least. It's not an open negotiations supplying them apply adoption to speak and that's that sometimes leads to often debilitating to objects. Larry sand on this show early last season that your opening day payroll was 193. Now. It would be real hard for for bench Eric tonight and you guys to get anywhere close to that this year by opening day. If you're only up at like 14150. In the ticket prices the same what happens to. That money the does that do you to you put all that your pocket. Oh well becomes available for. Signings during the course of the year not gonna talk a little our budget was there isn't bright side. I commitment -- -- technology -- a public story after opening date. The eternal boy did any discussion of what dollar budget parameters are tested for other clubs about its. What we may or may not do what capacity -- mayor may not have with respect to certain players. So keep that -- -- deep dark secrets but there remember whatever we spend. What are the payroll looks like -- in January or February. There are plenty of opportunities during the course of the year that they. Significant. Some ideas and seismic changes in that. Look at what happened with the the dot transaction posture as an example of midseason transaction. That had a profound effect partly on the bottom line not payroll number. So -- give us the capacity. To add to the team during the course of the season I do believe as you've heard me say. From for a long time the July 31 acquisitions. Can be critical to the team's success. The second half of the season and in the postseason. So if we ended up with -- Capacity. To make significant move seated during the course of the season or especially Arab -- 31 but I think we can make good use today it. The money used to refer to it. Larry your estimation is it rare or standard operating procedure that the principal owner would meet with a potential free age when he comes to town refer of course to John Henry sitting on the Mike Napoli -- Oh it's not it's not common we've certainly done that before -- there's a part of free agency that's a little bit like fraternity rush and you -- make a player. You often tough testament to -- aware that you really do want him you'll begin. The fair opportunity to understand the this situation is putting itself into the culture of the new club. So what we have. Often resorted to hear often from time to time we get resorted to facilitated dinners and opportunities for. Jobs Tom. Too good to meet so -- So -- would be a -- But it does on itself indicate. Increased interest higher interest. Yeah I ticket would have put it manifests it is a an effort -- commitment at the highest levels. The club to work to make this team better. This is not today copy. -- forward John. Our ownership group this is a commitment to. To winning baseball directs -- -- and they wanna win and they understand how important it is. -- this community that we provide. Winning entertaining baseball. And they want to. Make this team better so there's a way they can help and that is that process that are very -- you do so. You do you believe as a baseball guy Larry that -- corner outfield positions at first base or -- left field Fenway. Is that a power position you need power do you need a hundred RBIs got there or can you be competitive if you have say. Cody Ross in left and or Jonny Gomes and Cody Ross -- right and Mike Napoli first has had enough power for a team that expects to contend every year. You know I don't know the institute that in the abstract that is the power has to be left fielder has to be. -- corner outfield positions corner infield positions are traditionally. Positions where where power has been valued. Facility is the way to do it is to have a power that position but years ago which succeeded in. I think but it didn't infusion of power to shortstop position with cal Ripken when decision was made to move cal Ripken shortstop. Instead of having power has that there are basically a power church stopped. And and good fielding a third base so there are ways to balance the end of the equation. And -- -- certainly needs. And slugging empowered to win its quality critical ingredients and the weather have to -- -- position. Is it is addicted to date. Would you say if there isn't an inordinate amount or the normal amount of interest from other teams in some of your current players. I would say that there's just the normal -- and I haven't seen any special. Momentum -- of course because this offseason but again it's very early in the offseason. We'd like to do things. This quickly as possible one record slate and David -- peace and -- John about John Farrell is examples. Put decisions -- important prejudiced. But there is an element of patients -- to court you gotta see you -- market develops there are players to follow through the cracks. I -- -- -- couple that we signed in January. And so there's certain elements of patience is this record. Well Larry speech -- or you -- Yeah I know I know try to quick question is there even a residue of truth to the story became on the Kansas and started -- -- the Red Sox might be and it. Pumps are -- dormitory -- up. A series three -- residue of truth to the story that came out in the Kansas City Star early this week about the possibility of the Sox willing to deal. Lester for the top prospect will Myers. You know that's exactly the kind of question I can't answer -- that's -- -- your first and here in new -- -- And I just not -- deal with the rumors and speculation about the possible. Possible. -- that there may or may not develop what it's slippery slope what is that talking about the I'm afraid -- got to take a -- violence you know you want. All right one quick follow up if indeed the corner -- you're talking about his Jonny Gomes or Jonny Gomes type would you still pursue. It Cody Ross because to me they seem like the same kind of player. They're there isn't there is -- similarity to be sure but yes the answers to that is yes. What we want to have this year and we as a financial capacity to do it is deep -- -- phrase you've heard me use before and the -- redundancy is intentional we wanted deep depth. We we we experience. Epidemic like injuries in the last couple years we've had to go with some. Untried players so it's the velocity. It is widely held on the organization and John -- But is particularly strong advocates -- policy report that you. And that it is something that we. Are determined to protect ourselves against William restructured our medical status this year. In I think -- comprehensive. And better way. But it more importantly to that injuries are inevitable and perhaps not to cascade delete that in recent years. But they given the injuries they're gonna take place. We wanna have deep depth and that means we have some redundancy here and there so be it. Would you vote for blogs or Clemens on your hall of fame ballot if you had one Larry. -- deal with a hypothetical let's and I. Is proud about some personal good feelings I have for him as the government all the little bit and recent years I don't have the same kind of complication was sponsored. So those answers I think both form we'd be in the hall of fame you due course yeah I think so I think that it's helped put so whether there's some kind of purgatory like period district it's expected the part of some. Of voters for they have to do that this probably yes. But -- That's that's above my pay grade at least one of the of the media's got to do. What about Curt Schilling when you vote for him. But it's a little different you gotta admit that these circumstances are a little different. Same answer listen I cannot problems some decisions are gonna make it to a hypothetical like Santa to stuff. I could just say it's a great postseason pitcher and that's the strongest argument to four fortunately his policies -- that was extraordinary I. Let's something you can answer will what do you give us the timetable on when the announcement will today for the next PA announcer. That's important. Yeah actually. It's kind of they've been pushed to the back burner since the end of the season and the need for -- so we don't have a timetable for it. But I certainly think so that they person -- will be in place. Bye -- -- beginning of the see it and probably. Or may use this spring training and the spring training and see game does opportunities system. Address your personal solo I don't think it's it's is inevitable as tomorrow but not so evidently is an old expression I think it's so my guess is that he. Sometimes and that then of course spring training but there aren't there are some people on the edge of their -- -- -- at about a hundred more consistently yes. Quantity and the new additions to the team. A final question for me Larry has the organization decided its ultimate course of action as Jacoby Ellsbury enters the final year was contract in terms of how you're going to deal with him going forward. Well resource center fielder and weird they're -- those discussions active discussions with with regard -- him. But I am aware of you don't know if someone's got to come do you want -- make -- a proposal but our plan -- to. It's -- good and -- LC toasters or center fielder this year or. All right Larry good talk and yet Merry Christmas my friend. -- think UN speaking of Christmas don't forget Christmas -- bad way to that are able to. All of you were atheists get a lineup now the -- just gonna -- they have won outright regular. Larry it doesn't tell heavily AT&T got like AT&T forgy you know you do wish Europe that it meant so all the pictures -- -- Mike Barnicle Arnold and Warren who has Axelrod. David -- -- got peeps.

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