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Kevin Garnett postgame press conference

Nov 28, 2012|

KG spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Nets tonight at the Garden, 95-83.

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If except. Well no we all -- back each other walker. It's Christians. One. Most memorable our scouting. Source -- I'm. Hear a lot of -- as Kelly -- tour. Took to be you know it to him personal. Well we're going to noted. If you lost the game knows news. There's so -- Mr. reporter this -- -- -- of -- -- -- structures that was about themselves. And the rest seeing -- It just sort. It came from. Less -- when you're old. Or lose it. This -- this month. I was in -- but as losers here. Knowing your -- through protect each other and we -- -- famine here. In just. -- -- system that is the moment. After pleading for your company. -- to -- Conference. You know. The Celtics we have found more -- -- home to prevent him terrific. To put choosing war. And she told a questioner who really understand me. No response -- and number proper question. As who has a lot of people through this before me and -- due diligence and responsibility -- There has to be yourself and just. But we have to get that back somehow and -- -- -- and hope that you will. Kept -- from Brooklyn thought it was really important game for them to win it anyway that -- after related. Effort. Outbreak. Husband you guys didn't have this thing. It -- heart. Social issues and we were really aggressive as we trust me. -- the golf course where the truth teller PowerPoint in a direction. And your great effort you know as a whole. Hosted a talk to start him as a -- -- -- -- Madame speaker and the team aspect so. -- very difficult past yes. And that's just human. It's. This what it is. -- stupid Girl Scouts are divorced -- -- here's what this. From your physical part of it and everybody going out there's just tour not only to be speaker when.

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