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Jason Terry postgame press conference

Nov 28, 2012|

Jason Terry spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Nets tonight at the Garden, 95-83.

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Obviously this unacceptable. Are you. It just shows you that we're not period you know if they -- progressing Brooks progressed and right now. At a group rate. You know we're we're inconsistent and it just shows you know. We -- being what it was -- We can't come out at home and I just go to emotions we have to to remain come around and be aggressive. And fight you know it's good that at least. Concerns. That I have no idea. And then doesn't concern me. And one -- so. Definitely. And what was your reaction. It. Or being a veteran you know one of first take my teammates and make sure. No one was seriously injured. And then. You know whatever happens -- -- more of a peacemaker. At this point in my career this was five years ago I might -- to the first point. Go watch myself now at saint Thomas doesn't protect my teammates first -- you can call me.

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