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Paul Pierce postgame press conference

Nov 28, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Nets tonight at the Garden, 95-83.

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First. Section. I don't think so. -- slew of them plan you know -- Remove the fifty feet to go out every night which is all ball great from burn them who have told. Points. Look below we've kind of loosely in the world so we. The slow it's on to wanna be. We'll sort of won't be familiar you know there. The way that they play from we will find another ball doesn't fall for us the -- isn't going down. But they find a way you know that possessions with the next week and we did not lose balls and just on the way. They're always -- they did last weekend. It's. Very important game. So you tell. -- On me all along thing you know golf we do we. You know except itself you know and -- and I -- -- monarch system and thus -- you know we lost. Yeah you know as is basically there was an old plays -- -- -- -- -- wasn't asking who don't put together. It was a bomb going out here this thing where we wanted to -- it was all post scratch. Clawed their way to try to get a win like this that's do we do it. Room is pushing maximum out. Song lyrics -- wrote a song. Book. Look like this the most. He. Feel that way as well -- They're definitely going to look from top to bottom. It's well balanced division so. It always in every game is as important for us but we are gonna very. -- I don't know doesn't start when the divisions in our girls mentioned supplier but it was more of the visit Hasan do with most competitive that it's ever been involved in -- -- -- -- We will think about when you wanna -- for the alterations words of caution here and you know the best you can do is this. Charles played mediator in there was to go live about a thought tone from the elbows -- -- Garcia closed. Sometimes you just react you know. So listen a lot of peoples makes a column was somebody they've actually -- pushing back toward home. If you didn't actually actually it's back -- also lost -- when you hear about you know. And the rest of the day this time.

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