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Courtney Lee postgame press conference

Nov 28, 2012|

Courtney Lee spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Nets tonight at the Garden, 95-83.

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Have become how we make the refs call a foul make them with just how we plan couldn't come out aggressive. And the let another team coming to. -- -- -- Managers in the -- Oden. Destroyers definite time to take -- don't those those -- -- courthouse. -- far from home to those mile -- but it is. Foremost thing it's -- -- what -- what close serves but up -- well wore off. They mean. -- a few weeks ago. Mean it does so some of those being together. I mean we've. And it was. -- -- situation that. This week Ortiz or promote Canadian Rondo there won't be a part of it happened in the moment in the he's a leader of our team so -- it is did the right thing. -- sort of -- consequences from it bluntly says this is supposed. I mean you know. A -- like. They they came into his game in the processes. Big game plan against us today in. We come approach to like it was just really game and you can see this against -- off. And so I think everybody is -- remember his game not only for an altercation but -- we got them being in. Was playing crawled back in which we can get we get to lead on anonymous and have so I think we'll remember that's why it wouldn't. I was so I wish we knew we contagion if we did well that's that I think just the fact that they came out when you approach it as a big game and it was an aggressive from the beginning. -- Are talking. And that impacts when somebody plays and they don't play that game because he's the best hope -- ever played against him and played with saw on long been talking a little was what impact that paying taxes for the fifth start and came out physical. -- So. Your guys' minds which. I mean that's the mosque that is the best way to sort of Julio were so much of the talk in his book. And perform your wrongdoing at a high level enough we we didn't do that today.

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