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Doc Rivers calls out his team after his Celtics lose an ugly one

Nov 28, 2012|

Doc Rivers' postgame press conference tonight after the Celtics lose to the Nets in Boston.

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Well yeah -- when you guys should get thrown out of it and so. You know we all have to keep her emotions you know. Cunningham would go and play yourself. A team that was. That was awfully good basketball -- -- felt. You know -- Plummer Helen Bentley you gotta think we're pretty solves the where we're plan or result tumor there. We -- no toughness and I mean that that's that's -- toughness you know that stuff that's tough. Specifically it is if you like it was anything that would warrant someone. -- I'm not gonna need anybody's head on that. It was a -- -- can get there heard an illusion here a million for. Then when -- -- before you react sometimes and -- do you react you wish you dead continue to back you know -- stuff happens and that happened. No I don't like in that governor -- become what it does happen it's an emotional guy. The war -- Iran does do. Yeah we use Eagles to address this study is another he's another guy so that's better it is not on the list of yeah I don't know so you know loosen I don't I didn't -- -- emotional but I don't think she's in new orders from better and you know. It was a play that happened you know and he regrets and I'm sure you know what can you do about it with that. -- -- -- -- I was that -- and have a long stretch. It's an escort for coaches them like it's going to be. What -- -- -- please don't listen we we got to article one game. -- Oklahoma City and in other than that we got our cards right Baghdad. You know I. Kevin Paul Rondo. You know a couple of the guys -- is it's almost like they understand the jurors anywhere than in -- four. And everyone else and that everyone lets it is almost like they -- because they put the Jersey on. That -- they are something you've got to -- -- -- here then you got to understand one more and we play every team's attack and you. Is there it's a big game for -- that what I saw tonight obviously it was I thought Brooklyn looked at this game as a huge day. Huge day. You know. They wanna make the playoffs this year they wanna when division and then they struggle with us for how many years. And we showed up to play basketball. That's what us. Games where he's. It's actually being. -- that's an extended through. No no because it was effort related. You know so easy to Florida but you can't think I've -- Brooklyn took the game I don't think -- did anything to do with the bad breaks. Would Wilcox went round and thrown out I don't Brooklyn. Took the game from a so I don't wanna make an excuse. And he earned this game and they really did. You know league with seventeen offers -- rebounds. They get everything they wanted so. You don't do a better job when our guys and you've got a job compare him. Though hopefully we'll have to change change but right now we're doing the ones are supposed to do. So. But we just gotta come into play -- more force. You know I'm asking us indeed some fighters I think are dead on the need that doesn't -- -- she stuff. We just need to play the game with a lot more force. And until we do that other teams they do they think we're softly yeah. And there anyway we can stop them play with more force as a group and -- -- one guy who's in charge you have to come to play together. Yeah.

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