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Wednesday, November 28th Whiner Line

Nov 28, 2012|

Viva Viagra!

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Views excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these cars like these -- TE Chris Cox. That's discretionary box. -- And now. -- your time. I made a decision seven months ago because it's something that preached and let players. Thirties and ideas have been coaching and now when you have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of it passed. If your life becomes part of your future and WEEI. Who Maureen airlines'. Wanna tell my extended family which is only players. Recruits who believe me families who believed in me. That I'm sorry that indiscretions accused. Dial 6177793535. And the US professionals who have covered me. One apologists -- professionals and for that indiscretions excuse whiner line they make the sudden rise to me every morning they are highly principled people very strong -- Very strong fundamental and I let them down -- my indiscretions. Six years ago and I'm sorry for that and now on -- love of the game what might play is what coach nowhere else. Don't believe anything as much as I believe an -- diversity in this state WEEI. I'm sergeant indiscretions. Wind airlines is. All of these upcoming challenge I'm on him. I don't know who the PR person was involved with this. -- A brilliant job of yards and because he appears to be taking responsibility. It. As well. Use the up on here keeps slipping and there. Years ago that apps are and indiscretions. Years ago I -- -- project -- -- -- six years ago it's it's. So why we're so anxious to really why -- we -- talking about something that happened. -- Each year that distorted anywhere. In the side Brandon marshall's two months that there are players out there that using Viagra right now with the performance enhancing drugs especially when -- -- in -- -- -- that's code really getting it he said and he he claims it is -- is he -- Story about Clemens using -- -- chosen instant. -- -- Certainly that was the story a story we put his arrest is have you done about it -- you don't -- us a -- I -- daily. Don't awful but generally noticed on your show yes sometimes when you listen you show you're not sure whether you really know about that business specific subject right. -- the federal conversation on the farm I've learned something I've McCarthy manager and go to college and its history. Fans can you send them a planet Mikey show I actually learned something but when he talks about lateral yeah. You guys have any questions by anything I've lived lives that I hashish you know whatever it is -- -- You know it is. Actually like I was disappointed me moderate immediately to the fourteen year old -- we would support -- we're supposed to. Supposed to be. -- Was right -- why is that ruled Egypt you know. Missing under eighteen can't have a Cogent thought about today. They don't want sure it's insurance purposes. When I -- when in doubt we he and his power boy you guys happy you know it's like 550 million buying this radio station -- and your show becomes three hours. -- All about your last real law. You don't just go when Mike takes over the world everybody work fewer hours. Later let's gods -- -- and while all. Fourteen. Our part but AT&T WB yeah I live it's available at your arrival graduate blue eyes that -- lucky people as. -- -- -- you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was. Asked. Three G with. Out of -- AT&T rethink. Yeah it's separate Connecticut know what is going to happen -- -- -- -- And that -- ever try to get that hasn't gotten wind trying to move into average -- you're going chick really ever. Can that possibly give us. -- -- police unsure over there are near Medford that area. Next to Michelle -- house. Which is Chelsea and. Like you have to overwhelm it. -- rioters have had a week or -- hopefully I'll probably. And message. I haven't heard -- try to going anywhere you have to have his teeth in March and well I'll tell him he certainly worthy cycle cable robust start off capable of the banks hardly anybody would be happy to have John writer he's approach where there were dinner. Maybe the one -- there. After you in the powerball we -- we'll -- to right. Now it. Yet. That the but. I don't the red -- hired Garrett and then. This shadow boxer got -- hope that. And that message. Dallas. All the opening up back in the water -- called -- flawed and and Kelly Callahan as day the way you never -- lottery ticket is why. And were all born -- biologically connected. All of -- If I had not money I'd probably would not apply all the early pick didn't go out. And your point don't forget the -- cement grade point that's very gas from Russia and other news stories are true what does he do that some you know big Barry enemies. For basketball -- -- and Twitter is. -- -- Pro athletes. To do. So what's pro apple apple has lastly if you want it. Does it benefit DNC it twice to mark. Check it people died again particularly would be but you know what -- did interview program. -- all of -- yeah. February and with the go back a delicate and -- -- -- and I wrote Clinton. We'll show -- in my room. Me and I think you. Have been to as I would do something about it felt at all. Of course because -- because he never I think. The red. Old part of all that ever happened I didn't hear it even though it had been -- the clock. Some of these candidates. -- a cloudy -- Hi I'm going to -- your head at all not intended. Board but what Bob -- Yeah I bet you -- it's. Intended to pretend -- the database that brought up. And message. -- My dog days. -- as far as being uniform this big whoop up. I didn't drop could feel we are corporation. -- girl Abdul didn't make the relation between the bulk of the and think. -- -- Are hiding out at NFL players may be using my address book and then go out. Shepherded immediately volunteered detected -- whether or not Tom Brady is a lot of quiet. And at that picture of Paul falters would be good form and pole vault surrogate -- Actually -- it would have the opposite effect would it. I wouldn't think so why Zach just when you're up there on March folds of the boldest and with a certain I don't know it's about extension of the poll vote. As you thought this out I have he's. Your performance enhancing drugs -- Yard fight game into the bank and. Boy does dreary days could have had -- -- At Victoria about bad quarterbacks. Are hot cup but I had -- against the that the app under better. And message. Actually. I gotta be in shock you wonder why more teams are going to -- -- it's right there -- it inheritance. But he called and never got off you know you've been bad support. Performance enhancing drugs -- I count. And the massive game. Think it's scary that a -- played by -- during the game going to last about three hours. Think about the boat -- our. And that I've gotten out of that price glad you're glad you have that is so typically sold some of the that's open or broke -- I would attempt at -- correct format and it's the where do Europe and FL player it just popped a Viagra to get an accurate game and then they brought that should not have done. Right before you out there and -- -- -- -- the cup that. Stand back a -- -- and how -- this -- what if you don't play. And it would -- -- like that you know like the 47 4840. Ninth guy guards and a camera goes the sideline you're always. On the -- -- special you're -- Jane day an active. They've already taken that taken the stuff and waste but I sideline reporter over -- war. And. I think had a job Bob Verdi Nevada did probably double the French and everything to them. That's what -- -- and I think I think so yeah it was. Wasn't exactly said -- when he had to be presented read I think we just. Take us now he said some. Random guy he said that he also added that he -- -- The guy that's you know it does -- extends doesn't work by the way published on this globe -- -- -- -- to mother's love would you talk about Viagra in the -- just makes it. He's here and there were a lot of questions about how honest and -- a lot of court. More importantly and it didn't have. A lot more weapons that put it and I let. There. An important that we -- we believe that you didn't copied word for word. But Washington patent says. It all of my god. Cut him now but but why did anybody ever. -- -- and let go cabinet. And what's the worst thing you what the droplets of house. You you're getting information. And aren't what was so we have definitely -- assault -- assault -- Victims that you get the information sometimes you know over dinner it's a little bit easier than when you're. Did you in them at their locker Jordan. I've got a lot of great stuff colors tables all that it damaged -- -- That an analyst at. Except you missed it. What you disappeared don't like show. It's the gift temple that it. There was a gamble their -- -- must hit the full house -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hard. To the side. And there was a great -- two dozen. Okay let me explain the whole difference -- shepherd. Boy can't know all fired up by this case. Sean -- you don't want to kind because it would come. Like at a few of them but you know we've got to about ways they now board. Can't add. Or Tom Brokaw. Or Peter Jennings a lot of inaudible bad -- -- the the an agenda but like. And they don't at this series -- they have -- what I would get shepherded the article. And the -- could point -- interest in and out and elitist and out you know actually board should borrow a line from Tom Jackson. I hate -- come. And he should -- -- the top each start -- columns every column with IE eight. They're right behind him. But you have to do with it's not it's not anything it's so bizarre thing with some of our partners are about. Jay Cutler that was -- RJ Cutler walking into the stadiums. Look at him he's not making eye contact he's not saying hello to the workers at the stadium by the way you're you're looking thing. So what you're looking at random piece of video are only last about six or seven seconds he's got a long walk into the into the stadium talk about Viagra. We're talking about topless some people say hello it was a nod or wink you know -- means -- at some -- as you're you're right behind him. It fair and open about did -- but that led. But Clinton on board could be the -- -- that he had a -- favorite part. And Internet down hated that movie so it's awful it was a -- much all my irons terrible awful. They want to doubt sequel that's coming out. Being forty business to guarantee. Market down with him. -- -- -- -- -- -- They couldn't do it could -- what's. Got one. I could they get more one more time to look at what can they get to actually get could have. Jaguars -- jaguar. Jaguar jaguar. Jaguar. -- -- people bought his cognitive. And then -- -- quiet geez Jack you walls. That's an over this -- course gentle they were trying to upgrade people's thinking immigrant saying it like you know us not be economic for a Ford dealer or however jaguar. Like that's it wa. Good -- yank it patent both of them may. But I think probably -- and it off the bat an eye on that map out how. The -- border. And just let it. Course. That makes sense orders order. Hey I'd probably -- get out well -- And yeah relocated no doubt that that's rock -- -- that grip on. And -- This once dedicated to the cranky Yankee in the best quarterback in the NFL and it's called the Mark Sanchez. Will lose. More -- NASCAR pushed back on to it is huge. He's -- laws passed in truth he didn't acknowledge. All of us -- he is a kill these field. Always -- on some blue cooler review. YouTube stop -- -- There. And we're committed network. You'll want to a lot of powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LT east it's up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible light and if you.

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