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Do the Red Sox have any sort of clear direction for the team this off-season?

Nov 28, 2012|

We discuss more possible moves for the Red Sox, and whether or not we're looking at a 'bridge-year' regardless.

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Other Red Sox. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't miss Sam. Must it. And this and I don't wanna sit here and non. And beat up on him because -- at the original gone in -- -- -- -- view. I'd actually like -- food technologist or what I want a competitive team makes you -- team that has a chance and I don't believe in multiple bridge users to bridge -- Kenya. Well. Yeah you think an app because it traded Zach Stewart know just saying that that their unloading everybody. 01. And Jonny Gomes -- it would actually start you know bringing people. On board -- me yesterday what I would what I would. You -- thinking about it you are thinking about it all our all our entire list and this morning I would do what you get about eight pitchers. Any eight pitchers are all right got a few I can bring up to you but I I would going to pitchers out there and I would. If if you've got lots of money. And you're not necessarily gonna spend a 123 million dollar sheets and Gordon needs space Isa on the Mikey -- bandwagon with us Jamal yeah. -- -- out yeah actually a much. Yeah. If felt like dismiss them. Out what else. Next. I don't know where he's very well artwork where Gordon for many years as well -- Who regularly gives its store big breeze along thinking because Evan does seem like you jealousy issue that I. Now what you gonna do here but this is on the shore I'm sure I'm and is gonna throw this out there without any predictions of the danger. Now the dangers of -- but shore Gordon needs in the last. Five or six years. Has been critical. Of the bloated. Red Sox know count payroll OK the guys who have. Take it all of the money -- very little production short. The last six years Gordon meet with critical. -- Crawford was critical Julio Lugo was critical of J. D. Drew somebody. Of these long contracts at the Red Sox that John Lackey. So now. You're supposed to go out and -- Joseph power Joe Mauer from five years ago four years ago I'm with. You what amount of money. I'm I'm with. What should have to give up something to get him it's not like he's a free agent you know looking at -- what is -- 28 million as a free agent. You would have to give something up form as well not just like I would look -- that. Not you know you left the ball got a name known the name what you got -- on the -- that you left the Baltimore I did some yesterday. Edwin Jackson Brandon McCarthy. I would definitely go for those guys you know what. To Baltimore. Institute -- that's what they did. They would just got a bunch of arms and it worked doubtful that yes starting rotation a look at the numbers go to the Boston much. -- -- -- Considerably better one of the better -- opens a Major League Baseball where they top half of the American League pitching a bottom happen and pitching I say they think they were busted. Red Sox. The Red Sox won 6912. The thirteenth. Maybe fourteenth right in the and that in that area in virtually every category you're in. Yeah quality start they were right there Michael. -- export the bottom of the barrel they want clubs I don't judge I looked up last night they weren't close and sort of the ball in the bullpen. Separated them from the reds notched that dramatic. -- -- -- -- -- Our surplus to only bring -- -- just surgery and I have like I get -- take out of it if it's one of we've been here before know it's got to this appearance is -- Problem. -- you and you know apartment and and Andrew Bailey last year. I I didn't mind them get Andrew Bailey is like I got to admit it I didn't think Josh -- with his. Gonna be as good as he was with Oakland but that was a mistake -- mistake right. The one thing I told you about Bailey at the time. Is. I don't think he can be your everyday -- -- because he can't stay healthy if you remember we had a conversation and I said do you union got its gonna make sixty appearances. He can come close to that. And he didn't come close to that. But I didn't that the united the tea leaves right here from mail editor of what is asked to get a good result. But Brian Wilson -- terrific. To represent an injury here with Tommy John your last year I think I take flyers on those -- was a week you got to come up with some. -- What about just about what about that -- assignment to pitchers would you bring back -- care. I even have to answer that yes. You minimally it's what you what you have to -- I haven't intelligent I should and you try to salvage it worked out the first ethnic. Doctor ever. I never told either directly like that don't want -- just go over Daisuke registered on the bottom what did you bring -- -- conversation. And pictures and now I want to go and I want to go five. Orioles were overall were sixth and pitching in the American League last year fourteen to -- -- the -- that they were better than I thought they were in pitching. We spent a lot of the season in first place -- And by the way that's by the way there are literally at their their perceived ace -- notice I didn't culminate some perceived race. Hamels was out for the last -- a flawless remotes for months and he was out for a portion that he was able to come back and think he missed out mister deputy took a portion of -- music. So and he was. At least they thought. He was about all of Singh is with your heels did is they brought in 42 pitchers -- -- -- 25 pitches when. If I'm a Red Sox that's what I do now they all going to work out no. That affect the majority you may not work. Which you might if you find -- a beautiful fishing here and that's where they all and -- -- just a fishing what would want no Red Sox overpaid. The core profit inscrutable. The way that's that wasn't a big surprise anybody we all sat near the day it happened. -- at -- my god they're paying -- Crawford. How much they're putting the sentiments of what a great deal that. -- Robert Ford dealer showed that yet it was a -- several of course. Of course and -- 42 million well. You're bored about money at the time and money didn't matter I thought was this team has got a lot better get a million dollars -- Crawford there Roland. Eight people laughed when the when the -- -- -- -- when Gupta Joseph Saunders and look what he did for them dumbing down the stretch he was good pitcher for that. So -- do that Michael that's what he wanted to follow the red sock okay this is what it's like you've got ninety million dollars to spend. I'm gonna want to get as many arms as I possibly 10 o'clock with guys who have had success in the past. With little bump in the road either because their mechanics are screwed up or their bodies screwed up and try to put back together because now the manager. It's a pitching ground here Rican. Annie get -- these are what you promised to do -- -- -- is growing here this is all. Records I want you to promise. At the Red Sox go out and get the equivalent of Joseph Saunders. Oh. My god. Joseph Saunders. Get the equivalent of deals on your right I -- interaction is only get David Ross and Johnny OK you right you can't. Bloody march cited that Johnny go home recording David Ross because it is the Orioles getting dose arms. The Red Sox come that you just read a written question from last -- -- the Orioles. Broke they would not say that's your problem what you're looking at the old -- -- -- perception of the -- the almighty -- such a rough on the an Orioles don't currently there wouldn't standing at the Orioles were fluke. And there are -- you look at him and how they were well maybe they were maybe at war. Maybe that your record you're running a record and one run and Iraq I'll take it if the Red Sox are looking -- outs there. Because the alternative right now his last -- -- after the oil. You're asking for the no load up on what it sounds like a mediocre to above average -- right. Essentially. I could get I'm gonna plan I'm going to go -- OP Michael if I can get a hold of Felix Hernandez right now what do you do it hard. If you get -- Verlander you know what off beat if it CC sabathia do you can't get those guys we know that. So what what social and what a load up so what does Robert EC -- date above average I would say Brian Wilson is is it when healthy. Is well above effort -- as the closer well above that rule label on this way. -- go on the mediocre above average in medical risk. Category I would you what the load up on those little richer younger alone and then you'll be actors I think I don't they actually do that is if you look come on here are a lot -- somebody like with the Red Sox and I just told you that would be my play you ask me what my plan would be yesterday and I'm telling -- today. I would load up on that you can't wait to me. It felt good after that covered up the governor and blow up. There are a floating up the getaway if John let his feelings are hurt. So brilliant you will be prepared crap even make. Now because I think they're screwed Michael can you please put in the Michael airlines plunged. To their pitching is shutting down for four years. No here's. How you must think thank of the pork. People can always those little you know dark died border itself like it's that good a regular diversity it's. And apparently that's what they're looking for a over the others -- the ball back borrowers marketing -- be good I love it if we get that's a move I would make I would make now. -- tell you coming out of Tommy John. That he's going to be terrific out of the -- maybe I've got something by July and August maybe I have something for 2014. I would go out there because they're how else can this team. Come back again it's their pitching it's such you get enough guys to hit specially in this ballpark scored -- -- you might not be number one number two runs scored. But it could be 56. And that's okay Honeycutt pitching if you can't get. Felix right now he can't get one of those you know aces you go out -- you do but the Orioles did last few laughs at the Orioles but that's what I would do. I would go get a bunch of those guys. And I would load up woman here. And -- -- Obama and some. And -- Obama might not be healthy during the course of the season some of them might be terrific. Faster if I get toolbar if I get to obviate. I got something. And two out of the -- you heard yes. -- couple got to be able to occupy your open risking your own radio grave right now that -- that we've got to. I was ready because our viewers don't deny you're after the -- all you -- guy that you reset this and I'm not the nine. I know that I'm not home tonight Angela. If they if they fit my guess is if you bring in -- of these guys. And it might be an exaggeration bright and it turned out. I'm only two with three of might be good for. Judging you might get five guys. That spend most of the year on the DL. Or soft and you eat -- be sending him you know they're on the disabled list a year or you're throwing the ball but that's okay. Because you'll have found some -- something that they sorely lack right. Now as you -- entertaining and Brian Wilson in your right he would be asked in the side. Will also be entertaining for immigrants. In the 2013 these guys appreciate it. I'm I'm gonna find people jobs and I'm I'm good at matchmaking that that to get the bar so this guy's a free agent. You listened to home. He's a wild card you don't know what you're gonna get every time goes cute but fitness studio and analyze the game or if he's the third man in the -- And bring it bring in Bobby. Couldn't that be for now you imagine if you had Bobbi in. Nice inning will after the game to use all my guy came in Brooklyn that I came in prepared today plus threes are. Now you asked me yesterday what direction would you take what would you Robin Valentine I shall -- ice but it but it is not a and gave you a logical. Solutions that not a children's problems and you're you're you're. Drawn out harmful. Think that the brilliant idea. The because it's part of the payoff the studio legitimate. -- The best story of the day for you the best story of the tell me in ninety's and now this is outraged right now this is outrageous apparently it's your turn up yeah it is and -- industry. So we'll take a break open a full month it's 6177797937. And then I'll tell you the best story it deals with this whole situation of TDs. In in football. And it's gone from it's got the -- all. And see if you've seen the numbers like in baseball with its 2620 sentence what -- -- -- what -- attention deficit disorder. A -- -- discovered that it went undiagnosed for the first six years of -- but I got a better one point. In this what helps you gotta go drugstore yes this would helps you not only on the field. -- what game is over and helps you even more self. Next.

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