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Aly Raisman, Olympic Gold Medalist, with Grande & Max at the Garden

Nov 28, 2012|

Aly Raisman, Olympic Gold Medalist & member of "The Fierce Five," sat down with Grande & Max just before the Celtics took on the Nets in Boston.

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-- -- rejoices here and everybody goes to resume from Needham. The Olympic Medal. It words you know we're excited to have this conversation with -- -- -- -- you wanna talk out for the team that will be great -- over here in the big moment. Beating Cedric Maxwell I kind of blame him for the mechanical open. On the you know on the hours -- I want plus a look at the end she's graceful. She is on the cover all these magazine what happened yet still she comes a box myself over. That does not -- then what the judge skipper for the dads did it what what is a bit like that happen. -- -- -- I was thinking -- first saw I -- because I try to be hit as much they've implemented volume it's whether they were you happy with the -- with the stars. Yes I don't know I'm really sad it shines there -- but I'm really happy grabbed the same technique it they're really good job it. I'm not exaggerating her son we had so -- there. The political -- an event that that was pretty huge army but think about it is that opposite you go from audiences early lead them to. People -- around the world that the chemical. Yeah I Israeli club and still not used to and it's really cool and exciting to be recognized and I'm really excited at the subject in an achingly. I was thinking about is sort of famous story about the US hockey team 1988 win the medal in the all relies that they were. At that moment spent the last time they -- all going to be together whereas fast forward now. And your group. You're literally going on tour or you -- we will get the White House for the second night. That has to be real treat today you did just off you know break up -- whenever we'll have a reunion twenty years ago as -- they get -- to fall. Yeah I'm really glad that they've got -- so many things together -- -- that they like this isn't ourselves club. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I applaud him. Everybody. Nothing I've really butchered the it back you've made all the round. Football. Baseball basketball game what's what's it did you bulletin. Wow oh well. There are very few people it's hard. -- -- the idea of appreciated experiences and you know you obviously everybody watching you with poison which you carry yourself who can appreciate what experts as much as anybody can easily. What was going through your mind when you're standing right now. Is just imagine not -- felt heading out got that -- unlock it. At the president's apparent that I have a simple like he's just really thrilling night and it it is really thrilled to be there. Anything that is controversial Nadal just like apple. Aren't you mean you can't point. This but we'll try what what kind of controversial -- Malhotra about it -- thing that you like to do that. And we don't know about. Well. I am kind. And have them attending nine hit. Eight every day that's it every -- just. Look at the -- food -- about it. -- the first thing UH you were allowed to throw me over here -- over. I think after -- in. When we think of the other great olympians who have the Milwaukee here today don't want that we're gonna talk. And you know those -- -- -- -- -- we -- remember -- the -- Mary Lou Retton Kerri -- and they -- -- if you are quite. Billions of young girls wanna be in the spot that you -- But. What they didn't have social media to be able to respond in Iraq and be able to talk to fans and actually communicate with them. Do you appreciate what -- -- that is to be able to actually you know instead of getting a letter maybe you're sponsored thousands of letters you can just. It on your hand held -- back it's a really appreciate it that's great and it makes their day. -- -- -- aim at treatment. At any plot line but I -- and it. -- Yeah. I. Mean I'm. -- change yeah. -- Now that mean I -- -- -- this Celtics. -- -- She can't -- yeah. The only basketball -- I was able to come up with music during the Olympics they were going on everybody there was -- sort of a groundswell -- -- got the fab five. At the exact same time that documentary was out of the twentieth anniversary team Michigan that was the satisfied that you wrote the basketball team are you happy that kind of settlement fierce fighting to get your own identity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're content app I'd -- like it's evening and as fierce competitors. Like that I'm happy yeah Berry joined their group. You own the recent you know what I was because she wasn't born in the -- -- locally and Michigan that's gonna be every bit sequence. Punctuation it's Easterbrook. Who drove you to vote them. I would it's a delight to see at the game NC kick it around then you know I don't want people unit during the summer. Obviously you -- that you could imagine what it was like city that counted the it was just. Exploded Friday was really think he'd rather be graceful what you leave and I can't believe it. It was -- important. We had to create we had a -- we'll look back -- majority of the year ago.

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