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Mikey vs Ryder in the Rondo vs Chris Paul debate

Nov 28, 2012|

Mikey has always been a fan of Rajon Rondo and when the rumors of the Celtics possibly trading for Chris Paul were circulating, Ryder was all for it. Mikey feels like he backed the winning horse there and the argument seems to back him up.

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Well well what we have tonight just a short one hour well 47 minute program every handle Ryder. We get through I think we will and we'll get through this in fine fine style. Already the text message is coming in writer by you about me says here writer hates the Celtics he loves LeBron here. Right. Did you buy -- Jersey far from the truth is that. However you begin paint a picture view you know and and people believe it's perception well yeah you you paint that picture well you always defend them you do defend -- -- well it's just that. I don't know how you can argue that he's not the best player in the game overall. I I made him look I want this series Celtics knock off Miami just as much as anyone I hope you do because that would be great if they do and it's pretty got a new open. Yeah I think he's overrated. You know I mean I -- these knock talented no course and of course I think he's talented and gifted guy and all that stuff yes no I admit that to -- the greatest thing ever since -- sliced cheese. Speaker which I smell funny. It's -- kind of phony. -- BO the he LeBron is number one in Jersey sales you know or not it's how our original -- original bill. Go buy it right here easy. Candidate and he's. Number I was kids out of Cleveland Cavaliers shirt. Just like one I was kid never was by Michael Jordan -- announced today but it mean it's you know it's like -- -- spot -- -- -- -- Guam by dark Kosher you know or something you know. So -- it I'm one of those in Serbia may -- it's better to have a shirt that nobody hands I was like the beautiful women are they and they were regrettable wedding in the and and they're horrified of another woman has on the same dress the -- what's the age limit for jurors -- where -- I take -- You know you got to cut that stuff out at some point. -- all -- always wearing jurors but if you go to a game it's different -- if you're going to the game you can Wear injures. All right at any age went. -- I mean I don't have a major problem with -- but you know it dude that looks like Santa -- they -- show so this game's on the big screen the Lexus like Santa Claus he's Scottish managers here. He's got to be about 77 years old. It's so I don't think when Europe gave that there's a rule Bob I think we've got to go to a bunch of games tonight to get much use out of the but it does look on I say get guys you know late thirties 40s50s wherever. In a bar with the with the jurors he had a game you know. Yeah it should be accused -- under 25 maybe -- a type of thing as a as a general -- and those throwback jerseys were big for awhile. Especially in hip -- liberal member you know -- the world I will ever do. Okay aside from you know. Schiavo. Ford F 150 my nose. Will be to buy it will capture. If it was freezing -- and I was living in noticed yet and my Nichols were frozen I wouldn't even put it where I would finally. If it's a LeBron sure why not just that does give -- much coverage either and freeze is caught wearing white tank top. While we're on this a little lump -- that -- -- the commercial comes and you know easy. Serial would nominate as well ladies get a haircut at a human being you'll are LeBron. You've got a big money contract pushed the Samsung phone or whatever it is so we can see. Just east side to look at what do. Humid the new law you win a championship the end of endorsements -- played those but I don't think that remember tonight to win that championship it was -- -- was given -- the don't ever forget that the getting a haircut I don't think he goes that Barbara -- and I bet he has barber shop and a huge mansion that is broad and down there and he's over rated. His numbers are expert will who's better than him because you keep saying that you know he's not the ballots hardest sell because again why is it hard to tell -- numbers are inflated so much and if you judge everybody by the performance and you look at the numbers in his case that that they don't make it it makes cents. He gets more and raise more time takes more shots plays more minutes. Gets a lot -- you know I -- that's called profile place everything's up their higher than it should be pissed because you want him out there on the floor my day and that's -- the rescue of every call come line. I'm I'm now. I want to Scalia -- one thing all right though Chris Paul yeah what about it would you rather have run their crystal -- ball. Dale you're on your mind when I out of my mind a look at the numbers better overall player look at the numbers. What numbers you woman a look at all of them look at every single number okay just what -- -- up and look much to talk to head comparison this is. Between Rondo and Chris Paul right now. This is like Rondo leads the league in assists by about five he that he's got thirteen point seven assists per game the next closest competitor has nine who's a better score. Who's the better defensive player. Was more valuable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You watch a lot of clippers games lately do you think he's -- you think the rest of the league thinks that -- is the best point guard in the league right now. Now the clippers struggle a bit right now but. After a fast start. Thought I would say probably most think. If you're gonna rank point guards now if Rondo routinely has hit that jump shot that he as he is this -- -- of -- -- is over 50% yet of where you know. And if these you know pass within the flow of the game. And says this you know this crazy assist streak whatever and I try to force the issue and he's knocking out his free throws and he's definitely in the conversation in the conversation. -- -- the conversation. Tell -- a better point guard the NBA right now for the year 2013 2012 well I'd still take even though is her right now it to Derrick Rose over Rondo I'd take Chris Paul over Rondo. And -- approach via probably put. Rondo three but you have so -- go as Westbrook is in the conversation the -- denied there and Williams is in a conversation -- there aren't the better than -- Yes Derrick Rose and Chris ball better and Rhonda Roosevelt that he isn't plane yeah right we do or companies will be I asked you about the 2012 -- -- thirteenth season with the best point guard -- VA that I think it's Chris -- you really do yes. OK well that's not gonna settled in nicely here with -- as well of course you're trying to put in his corner and just you know objectively it's I think it's a reasonable you have to look at the numbers. I am looking at the numbers are watching the game till somebody to watch clippers game one you still say that. Yes he's still -- one does not the best point guard in the NBA I do how many times do I have to say it what's your argument what security Chris Paul. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll have to check it out that that's part of it isn't it. Ads and assists he's way ahead assess is defensively he's all that it would eight he rebounds better. Everybody get everybody's similar that a player. Right -- as a general overall players -- Rocco has -- knows more passed him Rondo is -- -- as messed my opinion. He's very well could -- can stick with Chris Paul if you want. This crisis here textures between runner Chris Paul is like choosing between -- it is an Aaron Rodgers. Well let's make I'd take I'd take Brady over Roger -- -- but let you know what -- that's what I said it's like you know an unbelievable state dinner lobster dinner I mean you're not gonna go wrong with -- one serve and -- -- where we -- no question about it. Now the Celtics from post broke -- Yes sailing the war. World stoop to narrow. A lot -- it's -- Brooke and I are due to what are they gonna -- and they're gonna play a basketball game from -- -- -- -- from -- that -- like on the Brooklyn -- is -- to -- what some of the players I don't I don't like -- -- -- starting firing at the whole team aren't. Davidson Rock Island David euros. Our first caller of the night how white. I'm doing great David is the best point guard in the NBA right now I'm gonna bite I had it right. -- -- that in Boston that stuff I played a game in Europe professionally. Abide spot is the best point -- -- many years I don't do anybody out of the ball. Although what I admire Derrick Rose whatever religion play in Europe David and I believe I'm just curious I played and played -- -- you do it's good league basketball league in golf is not like the league in America and all we can't they could touch him. It's much better here now how does the refs call foul in -- what does he say when it's let's say charging foul. While not being an Italian at all. You play yet and what he says it right it would many years ago I -- -- -- -- in my -- so. -- -- his -- Tyler -- stuff that. But the -- what I call and how much LeBron James could be -- One of my -- and. Note how much at all but all in all I'd like. And the Celtics say yeah yeah and get -- -- meal be hoping. I. You abroad security and -- -- don't -- they had a lot of the towels. We put into it yet you don't feel and how would it all money and he brought it yeah and I thought to be boy brought if you do such a thing I won't. Sure did you. Yes I did you shredded his shirt a public and it caught in Charlotte and it made for that circuit. Sick people out he never even got to Wear a U shredded it. I shredded man and had bad elbow I didn't think he got out of course suited YouTube did destroyed is probably his private property UP -- had a arrested. But you don't -- and I don't want to be no matter what I you know I do this guy once he had a bad breakup with his girlfriend the blotter Berkshire closed during their two relationship together and -- they broke up he went back snuck into her house -- slid all over close with a knife. And I don't want to see -- What if he started wearing those collaborating around and then center the pictures I don't but Greg Lenny Kravitz at the halftime show up front and you know. I've got a -- -- -- -- At that point god our job yes yes but I mean I'm I'm fine with -- either one and you can't really run an assortment academic playing. He can bring out the bad and people. Well he's got all better all the time you know and I and I think there's been leveling off when it comes to to Chris -- Mets -- me isn't it David thanks for the it's leveled off leveled I believe we've seen the bankruptcy over the hill I don't think we've seen the best legacy from Rondo treatment in the midst of having. That currencies but I'm saying that I think that Chris Paul's party. -- himself I have these sold uses the same age as Rondo -- -- as he as he improved at all yeah I'd say he heads. I'd my argument for crisp if you're talking overall yeah all right I think Chris balls better defensive player. I think he's. That they're both terrific on the pick and roll. I think he -- he can score also get his teammates involved and Veronica dual booted up by the crisp ball better Paul's better shooter he could shoot the three -- -- knock down his free throws. Which is it is sort of -- percentage. I haven't checked out what is this season. -- -- I got November here at least. 4446%. 46. Point 6% to 46% -- Which does not know if there -- 52%. Free throws -- and I love watcher -- a book of both players. Out of it you can't go wrong I just wanted to make sure that you remembered that you had in years. On publicly on the years I do remember it now you rather have Chris Paul than Ron. This was I think a year and a half I think the Celtics would do for awhile I don't think so. I don't think anymore. Jersey Schroeder's fits in perfectly with the the Celtics Rondo. Canada I don't know it mean that's the whole idea viewpoint there's the fitted perfectly now -- -- players around you. But he's and and the thing about Rondo is he's gotten better and better and better every single year and has -- while. And he showed an he'll probably continue to get better it's -- it is amazing -- comedy good point guards there are in the NBA and I can't ever at a time remember. This many unbelievable point guards yet but if you're just talking strictly -- the first. Probably the first and most important obviously both guys scored at least ten points a game -- what's wrong what do -- -- right. Woods Rondo better at -- Chris -- goes at about 50%. Higher assist rate. This season -- ball 50%. -- you know you're at. Let's find it is good he's -- guys get that street go one on do you think that he's forcing all of the past too much because he's thinking about the -- well I would say that -- started well maybe it's causing him to be more selective -- who shot he shot passing up some way up from the fact that he's got 852%. From the floor percentage. Which you know that. It's he's the top ten let's look at got to look up how many shots they take -- game reachable. That allowed to make -- over there that mogul you're having a major case American I can only tell you look at that is assists although I'm not gonna points per game. Scored. He must or send us more points per game Rondo -- -- fourteen points a game probably is Paul. Run -- about what thirteen twelve. Are we reject treatment report is. You're the point guard. You've written that 50% more assists. In the next highest guy in the league you lead the league. And you're next highest guy next guy on the list is Chris Paul he's got nine and a half game I got thirteen point seven. Or -- or do you have a helmet a year and I think the argument is clear as to who's better at least this year. I really. They're both unbelievable Ronald a lot of times beat. He gave triple double out of nowhere realty available to couples to them. -- Twenty plus get a slight edge to -- ball he is still a lot of times repositories. Hostesses gave a -- extent to Jeff cynic. -- -- -- Just -- You know. Diplomat -- -- being Jewish history of radio. Programs today are you might yeah -- work with Howard Stern back in back in the eighties I replaced him. You replaced him out yet at the well I yeah I took review last Hartford and I think it was 1980 I took it took over. -- you know I can debate it Uga Uga I don't have a I sort of what I like about sports the water coolers out. It that they can make as you know sports and not my thing about this and that might -- not eat right are right our best. -- I think that all Pete I think he came into the league as -- as -- guided. And eat any group and really what he extended the around the same age. And I think he's progressing and that the John I really. Amid -- came into the -- -- slipped slipped a little bit down in the draft. You know -- -- got a lot of them thought they hate each other Paul Rondo Sylvia Rondo wouldn't enjoy this but it Greg. Here in the situation I think that if -- hey. But they'll hear it in my am OK and you take 10 and you put pol and I think the public would have done worse I think that as far as. About a ballplayer at this point I'm playing bad scene and debt at the -- way yeah that bet I would take -- all day -- And pat pat I add -- -- -- -- could well at. But I just think that the way he -- potentially gotten better yeah I just totally think as -- -- go to guy I think Tikrit. And as Chris Paul made the clippers better the past couple years for the clippers before that -- -- Where -- they go they could they could be a team that's you know in the lottery. They're still not winners. -- its lifetime -- even with the fact that Rondo -- the last two years before -- have a lower for Google procession for how many shots in the playoffs -- nine lifetime Rondo is a better shooter from the floor he's not a better -- -- Chris -- absolutely ridiculous talking about percentage of shots made from the floor. In his career he's got a higher percentage than that at a techsters says appropriately hockey here Chris -- Field goal percentage when Rondo barely scores ten points in what Paul scores at least eighteen may -- -- averaging thirteen points thirteen and a half points a game this year. Okay and by the -- and thirteen points seven assists on an -- to get a win this argument -- -- generating a -- on -- and I have a -- these numbers -- Boston or -- element of Toronto NBA show would probably be more -- objective argument -- a second just sport and straight numbers that you talk a great issue areas is its field goal percentage is lower than Rondo was. Or is Korea us free throw percentage be all right now not a free throws for the that doesn't matter what your point guard got to get in line at the end of the game does it put him over the top. What Chris -- in at the end of the game a lot of times is Rondo and at the doesn't make a difference into the argue maybe it was about a point carded a difference between 62% wanting to know recently if you're -- point guard you should not be below 70% from the free throw line. That's that's what us. Senator voted by your purple and tiger I had. Now now you're in the situation -- he -- the airport and I. Fired at and AMP Asia. Like I brought them or -- that I don't like due to address our top. -- I've dug -- all I -- what I said Hewitt Andy you take a situation. Like END -- you know like that we're we're like a lot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have paid the child to batter and I I think -- -- it -- broke off a Rondo is not a showboat. It is not a budget at all hot. And I -- I've taken by. I mean the leadership and I hope that she's okay shortly and I'd -- it -- well no it checked I do. They Rondo Rondo and and Garnett a close. No doubt but there was. I could understand why they were talking about this deal Rondo and Paul very understandable at the time especially at the time -- or so that it has now. Whether or not dealing Rondo I don't know everybody's now now he's all right of these is much content you put me the score I go with Chris ball but now all the sun never is gonna think he -- I'm not in my garage when you do that -- but -- -- not -- -- -- just. I just I can't believe that you would never have chosen Chris Paul right I think Danny Ainge would have chosen Chris Paul at the time when actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it would be better. Right now as well -- you switch a right now to what they have to. Chris Paul could learn that this team learned to play with -- -- I I think that Chris Paul would fitted fine. And you know I played at -- -- you what brought about the better question you put Rondo. Where there on the clippers I get high flying Blake Griffin extender I still think has to improve his game a little bit. But. You know what what are the clippers. Yeah I don't know that anybody even an LA -- with the clippers clippers if you don't they should because the clippers right now until lakers get Steve Nash and negligent clippers are. A team to lookout for a little bit and it seemed to read they -- -- Just so fed up with that -- -- situation basketball -- -- I can't help. Among East Coast -- -- of course about.

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