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Ian Eagle, Grande & Max on our Full Court Press

Nov 28, 2012|

Ian Eagle joined Grande & Max on tonight's Full Court Press

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Which brings us to our full court press at the garden tonight as the Celtics and the debt gets set to go and that means. If that rare -- you do every game. Like yes superstars all the places country. -- always fortunately mine eagle. He's here to listen to it's called team but even -- to -- that with the following question because to me. Anyone associated with the French the first question. Did you or did you know it -- would -- for spots. Barkley and that all. Idea I'm not one of the lucky twelve on the subway got here no no I am driving them just in the -- public lot about 100 yards away. That's it for someone. Like yeah. IA. I deem it's safe yes. The environment the other night was what anyone and he was that had ties to. Certainly was hoping that this would see -- all wish I'd there it. Yeah you guys knowing sports there's a lot of hype there's a lot of build up and oftentimes. It doesn't live up to this -- Every expectation has been met in terms of the -- the reaction. The community. All of it and trust me having on the games for a long time with this organization. That's not the norm. Normally it doesn't work out the way that they envisioned so it's it's been a really pleasant surprise. And it's. Really -- Serena. A particular really cool -- this too is that look Sheehan -- mr. bloom wrote Lou that is so cool. And got up about. They could -- that church to know what I mean but jurors who doesn't like him it really just as they talked about it if they did just come into. And the other thing about it guys. It was organic it wasn't something that the team thought on that they started to plant the -- it just happened. In the first or second pre season game late in the game. This chant began and it came from a real place which is always the best when it's not manufactured. When it's not something that was thought of in a marketing meeting and then. Somehow pushed on the fan base so it's real. I didn't know -- gonna have to adjust my calls like everyone silly gone from Jersey to Brooklyn I don't know and made vast. If about it and I -- that it maybe tonight. -- doing them banquets and that's what I thought you Rolen -- Ruskin evolutionary and it well enough and I've got an open Mike. 94 started there were a lot of us that thought -- all the hype I really thought recruitment was gonna work out -- said it would. I was more skeptical about this team defensively. In terms of rebounding it's -- -- our existing team that was coming over from -- -- here. They are you surprised at the start and beat what is different now if you. Chemistry is such a funny thing in this what you guys saw it wasn't what we're trying to -- school -- -- -- I struggled. You know with these -- science was not a strong part of my. Repertoire. Yeah I saw branch wasn't hit hard hit -- exactly. And neither was that. You saw when they made the at the deals for Kevin Garnett Ray Allen and -- heard all the questions that year. I don't know I don't know if they're gonna be able -- function together one ball at three superstars. So when this team was put together what I heard a lot was. All of this team can -- you've got Brook Lopez coming off the injury is he ready to take that next step Joseph Johnson Deron Williams can that work. And until you see it until it's actually out there and get a chance to to see these guys working together you never quite know for sure. The chemistry -- come along a lot quicker than a lot of people anticipated defensively that's been the biggest -- that these guys have taken to Avery Johnson. And it's working they are working hard on that and the floor which most people believe would be a bit of the transition. Whitney helped your doctor does go through to win basketball games of their. Support -- -- -- the way. No doubt about it and they blew a 22 point lead at home to Minnesota. And the reaction that night into the next couple days it was a followed up by a thirty point blowout loss in Miami was a soldier. I told you that these pieces don't fit this jigsaw puzzle is not going to make a complete set forget about. And obviously since that point. It is bin really. Fun to watch -- on the team to watch half court and there are nights when they get out in transition in LA against the lakers. They went up and down before they ended up losing the game which part is probably part of the reason why we haven't seen them do a whole lot of that since that game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've told a battle. Over it would civilized and like they'll wind up through it do it. The currency -- patriots. There's almost reticence to get excited. The disappointment of last year -- have been nearly as dominant as they work. Terms of the AFC they -- they need to -- personal. I don't think so. I've I've done every team in the AFC this year I've done most of the teams in the NFC. I believe that the best team in football I truly believe -- when push comes to show of which it often does well it does in Atlanta Houston. I'll find flaws. The -- -- one but I'll find some holes opened by. Now know until they do in the playoffs and Houston very balanced team. But they're not coming out of the big time division and I think. It's not their fault -- players on your schedule I think that could hurt them down the road I think New England when they're at their best. This team in the NFL. I believe that hurt -- now we have to run back to back yes that's going to say it again I could -- in French actually well it it will show the host its sponsor of this week. I've always receive. Great to see guys doing tonight to even. Oh wait if you throw that in there and the like if because but it. That is died eagle at our -- our -- of the guards are -- MBA next them WEI Celtics radio network.

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