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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande

Nov 28, 2012|

Doc & Grande sat down just prior to tonight's Nets/Celtics game at the Garden in Boston

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus today it's not regarded as the Celtics. And the Brooklyn nets mere moments away our conversation with a head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health -- Harvard pilgrim. Count us in is it are you into the point now we say Brooklyn are you still like the rest of -- worries the halfway between majors and just like the really that's probably the only way. I go back and forth but made. It is you think at Kirkland so to say that it's safer it's sort of it's been you know your New York guys lot of that New York Times it's kind of fun to watch especially -- him. Well I think the game that night the -- back that the -- -- that -- -- is -- the strategy. Between those two teams back and indeed real. And that that's pretty. All right go to Orlando on Sunday the Friday night game against Oklahoma City we called not a -- reports -- flawless effort Sunday was probably a flawed effort but better certainly not flawless execution down the stretch yeah we -- -- -- -- stretch we had few. That's you know -- made today. Schedule. There's games where did he let teams. Lacks focus that we get almost. Yet streets that stretch we got to -- -- word and it's due today. You know I've felt like which go back gains Paula -- all please order them. After countless number of questions about the offensive rebound explain -- -- the over over what a night like that happens. When there are -- couple -- offensive rebounds why isn't there there's really no explanation for me RB Europe there are trying to get them. I thought we had -- stressed out but but it it covered. About Rondo. -- Theory Paul all lived in the paint. To trap the trap Kevin. They're trapped Paul do you have any rotation. Often go ask him about it. It's so anything with its opening an unintentional dissertation after practice yesterday about change in the game -- -- talking about on the air waves and obviously a marquee matchup. Talking about rules changes that really have made a -- point -- more valuable what was that. Well it's just you know the -- of the had a huge impact on the -- You know that means you put four more or hand check of the free throw line you can touch. It we got two other games. -- here I have left out. It makes it really difficult to gore gore that's art. These two front row. And I'm so that they though it be that score -- -- well. How long do you think you expected before teams start defending. On them differently if we keep shooting shooting I honestly have a net economic year. Thinking for there's that much collectively speak in the united the world let the leg -- the -- the group that you don't believe and the problem approving it. You know I've seen guys who. Are making shots. This special report until early on. All season so. That's something Goldberg and I think it'll happen everybody's plan. The order makes a couple. They're quicker to change now. -- -- in the words past the economic -- last year and its view that they would ought to at least now. I'd say it's your smarter than I am explained to me how the nets are 94 win they are getting out shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There when you hoped that it you know they just. The other thing if they had a lot of guys when they gave -- There and that helps you post it. Darrent Williams has always been any of all the elite point north MC you know Rondo and had bigger -- in high profile teams alternately point guard it seemed. It Darrent Williams would get it meant to last them has given him more trouble than seismic. I mean Chauncey Billups was the guy. You know I thought he was the guy that gave -- -- problems we can graduate and you know out here -- there where you so -- -- -- about as the head coach at the Celtics and the nets it's coming up next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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