WEEI>On Demand>>Powerball is over $500 million. What would you do with the money?

Powerball is over $500 million. What would you do with the money?

Nov 28, 2012|

Mut and Merloni discuss buying Powerball tickets for the big drawing tonight and what they would do with the money.

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And earnings. Butler or not -- 37 WEEI. You fire powerball tickets yet and yet we don't -- -- Joey let's let's find out joy to buy tickets yet. No but I'm going to -- home -- winnable you're more. It Shelby the entire buy tickets yet and he said you violently onto although in the sense that -- the last minute she needs the links that you can afford to lose launch Thursday. -- can't help but just keep body and all right you buy your money ball tickets and you took the powerball powerball around the Saudi money money ball and read the book. Ends up to 550 million right now yep. -- when you buy at the ever spent like 1015 minutes and driving -- minister ago okay. I'm pretty sure gonna win but I think I'm gonna -- what I do and that's what I'm gonna do you spend about 1520 minutes. The people hours I don't know -- about what they'll they'll. And then the numbers drawn in you realize you don't. Have won. One at the kick the ball percent to Maxwell one. This is job. Well that's why maybe do one on your -- and a one quick just to -- not your day. And machine spits it out for -- the winner now when you do win -- lot of us when we had a great shot of winning. Because the chance of winning a roughly one in 175. Million that's right. Verses the odds are getting struck by lightning which is one in 2000. Sell. A bit different odds there yet but somebody has to you got. He got a decision to make. Do you wanna take a lump sum thirty wanna take annual payments now this year is there some there are basing an annual payments -- know where I live -- your or I'll beat you out when I. My goal let the file all the way back here to collect my money I'm going to be here. 500 million dollar prize and by the way the last check the jackpot up over 550 now. It would have been a 327. Million dollars before federal taxes one song. And into -- and 45 point two million so it's more than that now is the jackpot is up fifty million. Conversely you could choose to receive annual payments over 29 years. Which would be about twelve and a half million dollars a year doesn't -- city your state taxes -- have sixty days that you claim your ticket. To make the decision you take annual doesn't take a -- so. Until knocked down but. Lost some excellent -- should take the lump sum investing yourself that. Nixon's -- investments. I -- some hot stocks like. What's at FaceBook stock all right -- plate that FaceBook -- go places MySpace and -- they have a million. Well before taxes put in some bank made 1% could care less through 45 -- lose it. Gonna hold onto it and hang out with a what the -- they get 1%. Outside a baby. -- -- the store that sells the winning -- gets 1% via the cute together with a little stored on the corner. Five million bucks. The -- the guy who checks every day how much my USA today cost it's still a dollar -- it's still a dollar like yesterday and Monday and last week. Is my dollar. But I do I do love that when you buy that ticket you by yourself. A good twenty to thirty minutes I'll say. Just have -- comity would you sell a driver era of just like I guess what I'm gonna do the debts. That's enjoyment you have to get out of it right because when they when they draw the numbers you finding get one you pissed off -- what -- number. Spent about thirty minutes drive a car to turn a radio off. Just talked yourself what you had to do with a and the excitement that it brings yet because disappointments come one person out there's gonna be excited about can be passed. Oakley at ten people ever would split of the of that of Olympic fifteen -- people I coworkers gets tricky though right like you know that it's different schools and that the teachers will pull their money. And by hundreds of tickets and at the pool money between the one of those tickets and it's comic it -- by today. I don't know August 2 point Barco which content tickets and a box -- I know this tour after the Texas 151000 dollar cap on the office and pale for the store. Ought to get 151000 that 1% of 550 million -- week. That is weak at lottery officials listening she'll appreciate them listening. How would you duke game one -- -- Max 50000 so again we don't know what of people talked about so you win you already have Maloney manner over there. In March field turns and in my summer house. Get away. Go on -- with do you Georgia -- -- -- -- by the host for next order gronkowski and Tampa. Com -- bigger there not here. I'm buying Rob Gronkowski can buy and -- the one thing I wanna do if you win this money that as -- so stupid. But I wanna I want private jet that's the one thing like when you see these people. These rich SOB's who walked to the these small airports to go to the Evans or nationally small airports can a private -- -- they want Maine that is bleep you money. When you can -- a private jet anywhere you want you don't deal with. The line you don't deal with baggage claim you don't deal with. Overweight lady in the seat next to you don't -- middle seat inaugural flight delays unique and that's the one -- don't want if you win that much money. Private jet and there's a -- you wherever you wanna go so that's not enough companies to some time share. Picture to always ready for your own your own yet. I wanna go a -- top hat. I wanna go somewhere I -- be able to do it -- get my jets not -- and Colombian all of that it will -- 45 million blood could spend money on a jet forgot to look at a man at my money restaurant bounty trickling. Ambient walker off my four years you know become Beck unique and organic argued that gig back I've lost so much money. He's saying that if you do if you -- Egypt in the work. He -- if we win tonight in -- a conference call tomorrow morning for the show there is no I think I probably come in for one day at all sure what India to rub it in everyone's face although salespeople you gotta gotta be honest behind their back I wouldn't comment on -- commit to noon. 1 o'clock. It's going to be a long night. We'll just go it's it to be a lash shall write -- to be in BMW announcing my retirement America. We just would you still do the baseball shows that it -- you're not a chance in -- it would do we don't have nearly that much. -- -- on the that tight. I'm rich yet how complete view money as well along with the private jet I think up Michael when he dollar for public ten tickets I'll -- five my own. Five quick fix tonight Joey how much we spend come look at -- a story here before you say that. A woman whose -- has been a thousand dollars on it. Hundred dollars. Milwaukee one might but people from work and spend 2000 dollars on tickets tonight. I'm like twenty bucks worth at some good for a couple tickets worth when he -- to make a couple tickets. They're cynical by -- thirty minutes of don't know what you're doing and that's ultimately get to enjoy. So we know we snuck through the tickets on to the numbers on -- ticket five and 26. Mr. any doubt. The thought that 26 era that kept trying to do my own. Well you'd like spectacularly and the fate happens it happens.

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