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Tom E Curran, CSNNE, doesn't like the Patriots chances of signing Jason Babin

Nov 28, 2012|

Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the possibility of the Patriots getting Jason Babin and previews the Dolphins game this Sunday.

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And boom boom boom. That. Then. Then. -- can -- on nine Leno and bugs no all handled bugs and all handled yeah. -- not record setting WEB I'll get back your old golf ball started today talking about old handles. Jason -- released yesterday by the Philadelphia Eagles yeah it's good to be available via the waiver process -- -- the National Football -- patriots always believed snow. 120 sex -- respond to 25 teams -- -- -- on and picking up Jason Avant is one point 64 million but we're in agreement right because the patriots Tuesday no reason not to take a swing Jason -- your team and see if they do we should know about 4 o'clock today in terms of is he available they get picked up what teams put in different waiver claims. Held up patriots getting ready for Miami on Sunday final five games to go to these days are gonna be against their rival dolphins in the division -- current Comcast joins us. As he always does at this time. Accompanied by the -- box when he's brought to us. He on this show is brought to you by Tom and Wes -- haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair. I hope you a year or so ago at Thanksgiving mr. -- Well behind you sign a portrait of got myself but what do they want for Christmas -- guy. -- it's -- shouldn't should Jason Babin be on the patriots wish list for Christmas. I don't. Look I don't think that he necessarily needs to being. Nor do I think it is you know what I. What I know earlier today a waiver claim has not been. Put -- by the patriots. Now that could change between now or clock it might have already changed but as of this. I'm a -- claim cannot comment you know what I did in the interest and and watch it -- -- what about the guy. But I don't think it with a dire need Norwood I think it was a dire need the case David necessarily would be the solution. -- and you look at you bring if you bring him in General Jones you know -- it's a season ending you know Cunningham is. Is gonna miss some time here and you get Ninkovich and David -- tried all that line but. You will be bring in a guy in the not blame every single down just in certain packages right that could bring the noise will be. Shoppach is so versatile technical so people -- -- -- on the roster right now. You know that these addressing like Junior -- just to be -- wet nursed in the the defense are ruled for so. We the situation now where. He got a guy who come again. And people it would take a period -- figure out what is goal would be in the defense which it appears I'm the trigger a little what we can play out. So. I don't think that it's it's they're screaming need to bring -- and they've been in the 32 years old and established over the final people whose role is. When Jim Mitchell proposed back. Next week probably not this week probably next week. And -- -- into the Jermaine Cunningham was or whatever situation player in many ways will return as well. One final follow up on on on Jason is the it would anything salary related here like what -- if the patriots in terms of how. They look at players like that five games before games that you claim on this week may be not active like you said is one point 64 million the salary. Part of the reason they might not take a swing your -- I think it would be an added factor. You don't have -- all of that in addition we have to pay one point six or buried if he beat you Keating got to them waivers and the patriots -- 83 right now. I find it hard to believe that. None of the teams ahead of them or more of the patriots quickly six point seven point eight it's when decline of Europe. So let I'd be surprised -- both those teams got two Olympic -- put the weight requirement. Yet -- look at the bottom line. But you know the one point six million that they thought it has value I think they would absolutely take the leap -- -- felt it state built the big -- that the client apps work was screwed up right now. That is secondary -- when -- let me treat for you to leave I don't think the money would be an object. What about the secondary arena where where do you stand after watching them against -- to leaves here right against. Indianapolis just last week in the New York Jets. Hi do you feel -- the jets sort of ran into their own issues themselves they did it to themselves but I'm now. -- We're character as a secondary. I think it's improving in almost an identical he converted to the fact that it didn't 2011. But I think the feeling a lot higher you to pursue. Absolutely positive we what we saw this same freaky movies as last year. But instead that he can't though. And certainly more. Typically all the -- You know. At their absolute ceiling you have a more talented player to keep at least you know what -- America and -- -- Better you have a guy who is. Really well suited to -- you're good defensive -- who's better suited to be safety -- corner and have them according to I think the ceiling is higher. For the Patriots defense that was last year -- master -- who global. In terms of going forward not just the the defensive back group that offensive line group against the jets Tom I know it's a blow out we make fun of the jets but they. They go to that game shorthanded Brady gets hit early in the gaming all crap this is gonna hurt them cannons and there are terrific the rest of the way I mean when we went to the year. Was the wish your expectation they would be this good given all the injuries and had to deal with over the course of these first eleven games. But that's a good question because well you don't want to see evidence based submit that the point at which ignored so Robert said that because -- a resident. In the past -- put an embarrassment for four weeks ago. We're we're all right now depends upon how many people that it wasn't culpable ignored what happened in 2011. Of that. That's trump -- there when you look at what the evidence. We have submitted to us during the pre season in which market and it was. Traffic or were they held it up. In -- to feel completely overmatched for about two and a half preceding game. You have definitely used to be concerned about your patriots hit particularly not only woods would vote to clear from the get your problem. That he didn't know with the festival coming back but the bright waters uncertainty was unfolding. We watchful and -- right guard meanwhile the ankle and had been. LeapFrog -- one go in game column was about to kick over. What it didn't return we'll could make -- -- -- help this offensive line within this leaflet but there. And it's remarkable sea level which they play right now it's certainly credit to to convict her neck Cuba. You know. Again I'll say this but the hand wringing -- -- -- the secondary -- its handling we do up to second round pick sort of gone belly up. If you look at that thick bottle Paul Thomas Neitzel markets can't -- what was. A lenders in the -- season. And the way he played the other day it's pretty remarkable so we that your piece about the secondary. But at the same time. That they can turn. You can prove that the chicken salad over and over again year after year. On the office supplies is pretty remarkable. Standard. That's on the good out of Miami there when the scandal clinch the division into a Miami team that turns the ball -- and doesn't get many turnovers you think that trend. Has to change -- -- from the -- this one out put the struggles of Brady and the patriots team down Miami in December at the top to bottom. A little bit today I believe that you -- you were down -- -- put their finger auditors just one of those things. Get together same thing we -- -- -- politically powerful it was about four. And the lead in the -- for a seven compatriots can't sort knock out take them out of the game. Because you're so familiar and that will be interest in the -- because they haven't seen in this still feel that it's so neither is -- open. Dealt with the patriots. There incarnation. With its -- just -- and so that's almost certain there it might started to not your normal divisional game because there. The turnover of exercise or paternal rubble things but. I really think that their difficulties they're part of the fact to campus so familiar and you're only gonna struggle a little bit division games. Because look it can keep -- on by simply knowing what you're going to do the X-Factor -- If you're not institutional memory of that all the staff right now to. A meeting answering the patriots to make them look a little bit average for period that. Tommy wrote about it on Garcia sanity dot com yesterday and that is the magic word of the day and the NFL that is at a role. Did did you think when you come into -- covered football that deed become. -- like this -- junior chemist but junior pharmacist trying to figure out what these things are and it. In your experience -- call on the drug hotline and -- people to read your your column about this. Did you get any real knowledge can get a feel as to whether or not guys are using -- overall they're using it. As an excuse. Question and I think it's a mix in our -- player's. -- In the patriots locker room stereo got to use that all the -- And that's the presumption. That was -- as yet has he took a matter all of it should note that the production because ADP is is a very calm. Now people what I learned speaking to. In Iraq -- like call the number that posted the patriot -- Is we all have to remember that when a guy says data roll the cat -- back pay federal. He comes back saying nuclear test positive for it says. They'll weather beat green peppers or federal we'll never know at least two of the trip. You know particular dot go to saint either shouldn't take that -- -- -- because that's because the economy. You with a completely -- it's interesting I think it's. People wanna -- I mean I think each PH is the query we -- -- -- that wrote a couple years at least -- guy's clean -- dirty protein. Bat is for at all landed on the PM -- The mayor anymore. You know so important that means work will listed. Beginning in 2006 -- -- to believe the -- broke protein but that's because it's against state. I think Mike -- at that situation but if you look at each TH. -- but -- court. Culture copper. -- we muscle. There is an advantage to take that -- wise to take it recently. Guys. If they're not on it I don't know why they wouldn't be. You know -- -- you want if you try to cheat and the other thing you'd do if you look at. So many different things about whether what city remember when not true Polamalu and -- -- hunt toward. At the interim period between suitable. And conference championship table that what that which it's. Those particular what I your body declared this -- -- the -- was so why it was so separate them and injecting into the area with the way it was so dispute recovered. The million things that these guys do to increase feeling good and so it is it's it's a fascinating. You know I mean in Utah -- would make your record -- -- what got me these guys do -- -- -- do a deal Palin. You know it's a game of attrition here is no question the NFL and Belichick still -- -- really responses it's always a league matter but it's got to get to the point where -- a -- a bald -- on this team for -- that they can help to -- -- -- the same thing -- -- He's got to be get the report we pissed off at this right now. -- that was interesting in his in his comments yesterday. Late. -- Poodle a bit since the mine virtue. Oh that's throwing up their mind and guys take it up and include putting in the system. The cost them more playing time. Pretty big deal solely. It could call them minor. Infraction are minor issue I don't think it is. Early in my I think maybe he. They should probably send the message a little bit more strident -- That. I want everything check what you guys every single thing -- -- -- series -- agents. To be on -- It doesn't it it's minor because you get a -- amber and emboldens him a candidate marine -- Leo -- full weeks perfect I got a -- running back coming back but let it happen week fifteen a week sixteen. No he's not -- the player in the playoffs that it might be a little bit. -- not be as minor. No right that this could comment that you made -- -- the -- -- suspension in -- -- infraction being minor. And he's the importance of rupture. So I think there's no turning it even the quote you will be infraction they seem moderate it -- be -- -- to that but like sake. Or. You know. -- catch any that this Korea were to vote minor. Not these guys at the cement that if they do and that's the -- -- -- and Jermaine turned enroll in the bill is set alight. -- -- -- It got -- so you know I haven't done about the odd and actually probably approach 200000 dollars. In my bill that plus a 145. Somewhere that old buddy's house and so forth so I mean are Christian but I mean you -- I don't blue -- I certainly an element be a reason why make of that right now not street and released in camp. It's his game survival to agreement Yemen that I do what he added they'll. Right and that's you know that's part looked great -- age and and I posed the question. In 2006. What I did -- story about HEH cheated a little while called that a lot of reporting. What would you do -- the only thing standing between you and working as a bouncer in Nebraska. Was to see what kind of -- you could get from using. Some kind of the banned substance temporarily. And you knew all the mitigating factors of this will ultimately important. This will help to pay all those world. This might help -- sit front it might help to police believe that you always want to and you know what other people do to. It's still cheating. Old people could rationalize. And help rationalize. The reasons for doing it. Pure Rodney Harrison. And you take -- -- -- -- you get -- You know you rationalized that the very sophisticated way to make it okay. The a World Cup board is in Nebraska for a make a decision on that odd -- -- did wanna point out state. Saint -- -- a lot smaller and I thought person -- -- they mean -- you wanna respond to that text or. Well I would opt out not likely right now. OK yes it's just currencies and as well. Write. A check and check out this summer off -- eloquent. Used Tommy currency as any dot com quick slant tomorrow night Tom. Incidentally quicker we have Dick gets mail literature class -- legacy tape that is the view he's so Smart that particular. Tom thank a lot of -- the next week. And Jerod Mayo is a Smart ass with dominant show Ott Tommy -- but you by Tom and a Wes Welker haired doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800. Get here quick break your phone calls big show is it to Sports Radio.

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