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Desmond Howard, ESPN College Gameday, on the BCS and the possibility of Notre Dame playing Alabama

Nov 28, 2012|

Desmond Howard joins Mut and Lou to talk about the college football bowl game landscape, including his forecast for the BCS matchup between Norte Dame and the winner of the SEC Championship. Howard talks about his kick return for a TD in the Superbowl against the Patriots, Brian Kelly’s leadership at Notre Dame, and the factors at play while Boston College seeks a new head football coach. The boys also enlighten Desmond on the drug Adderall and its recent relevance in the league right now.

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Soured you must learn not to three point seven WEEI Tommy curled join -- just over an hour from now Brady and Belichick speaking today. Every Wednesday we talked to Tommy current and Tommy current had a they lengthy story on at a role in the NFL would get his thoughts on what is going on here were the patriots with that drug and -- the Miami game as a trap game coming up on Sunday Tommy current 115 your phone calls. Throughout the program at 61777979837617. 77979837. You can text us on the eighteenth -- text line. At 37937. We have a huge college football game. Rest of the nation me locked and loaded on Saturday night I don't know about knowing when I really don't know if there's the interest level here by an old notre Dame's involved and they -- In the national title game and about that five weeks. People be invested and -- like college football you watch every single Saturday college game day on ES -- with our course so herb street. And of course Desmond Howard the former Michigan standout is on the eighteenth the hotline Desmond like -- -- here Boston power you. Of those fantastic at tablet itself. We are excited to talk with you today and you won a Heisman Trophy and yet made a ton of huge plays during your collegiate and NFL career. But the played most patriot fans remember your four is when you broke the backs. Other patriots in the Super Bowl it in New Orleans is that the biggest player career Desmond. I think just the word that there's just put a perspective. Who will vote the biggest game of the sport appeared. That a good principal -- so. We have nine today at kickoff return to Bobo. That's believe the record today. You know there's this huge -- getting bigger and -- I was surprised at that point. That they kick the ball out of the way it is now you know have obviously is after -- only have moments of excitement that journalists -- baby. Military justice that particular way out of those used so to buy bootleg. The best kick of the evening for our kickoff paternity -- -- surprise everybody have a last. But he'll go the five -- -- that they kept kicking the brought short they're the team and however over the pick a few steps back at stake is loud they're gonna give us chance. And then the rest is history. Well luckily. They offer for your reputation here knowing that we wanna cup since then because people workers in the outback I was. You guys need to beat his -- tickets at -- swift -- that -- back. All righty well I got that right is that you -- to design. I all -- we -- -- -- gig every pissed off it together now but it does this we open it up that Iraq did go to. Let me ask you question because it's been a -- pretty big topic last couple weeks here at Robert 'cause he's injury in the PAT but overall. I mean you spend a lot of time and you know special teams in the NFL. A lot of superstars lot of high impact players that played special teams and on teams you've played four. Yeah yeah I do yeah we were exactly you have because you hear rosters levied big guys they have active. Was like maybe 53 if something like that and if the guy can contribute and let's say one thing I don't. Especially better you know that they understand that the more you can do to -- you stick around and they want. Helped win they wanna up that he waited so if they have better at a certain state. Then the next man that a lot of veterans you know they wanted to do whatever it is -- they can do better the next man. Standing so they can't help the team when it's the best -- right. You know we're competitors you know we want to win and we wanna do we can't sell. Is very unlikely -- got this sale you know -- kind of valuable of all there's a -- also. How they got need to be out there doing that. We know that they can do it is this a low risk situation as far as injuries Kucera. -- not -- -- a problem with with the player's ability. You were in the midst at that point late your career with the Detroit Lions went Tom Brady. Was Derek in Michigan for a fellow Michigan man like yourself when he's battle and Drew Henson. Desmond did you think at any point in time that he would end up being in the conversation from -- one of the best quarterbacks in history the NFL. I'll look at that from afar about Nolan Nolan but -- -- -- did it has figured they'd just. Lightly they're both faced liar I mean -- work. Outside of the Michigan program who watched his killed a daily basis to do his bid to make up who do not compare that he was to do. How. You know could have capacity he was -- Could could see you know in those though there was -- without doubt that mr. program. I got a pretty big game here to cover this week -- Georgia Alabama the wind is gonna play Notre -- couple things you know would you like connect game and opposed the biggest challenge to Notre Dame. Well I think both teams are pretty easily managed I think to some -- the great matchup great football game I can't wait to see. I think there -- a number of those QB Notre Dame. Is I mean this has benefited the citizens you look at Alabama. They -- this is really. Predicated on their running game is at the -- they have to freshman quarterback who pretty much. Jumped on the scene it taken everybody by surprise as they have allowed a cup as their running game -- I think you know both teams you know they've. They've they've they've looked similar to that disabled -- the they look similar as far as what they like to accomplish. Georgian -- wanna throw the ball a little more. You know that they respect notre Dame's defense that they had to play those days because those things weakness on defense is there. They're back there their secondary their best for their front seven is very stroke so. But I love to see that it downhill between the tackles running game that the -- attack brings to the table. Against bad side tail and their front seven Notre Dame to that they both matchups can be equally compelling. We're talking a Desmond Howard you watch every week on college game day ESPN in terms the Notre Dame story. -- they'd bounce back this year not expected to be a contender for national championship Kelly gets them undefeated are you surprised Desmond. And out quickly he's come in there and SE rebuilt the program had gotten them back to that level -- national prominence in Nash championship game here and double what five weeks. Via via very surprised that they would do -- -- -- that -- -- covered by the coach Kelly. He didn't think it is -- the so you know various front. Let me ask you is the BCS level of criticism -- -- is pretty clear cut right Notre Dame plays the winner of the SEC to final but. It's more the bottom end isn't it out as a chance Kent State finished ahead of a big east team Kent State a team that lost by 33 points to. Kentucky team -- owning the SEC will play in the sugar orange ball gets for a for state how does that happen. -- you know is the evidence that the laser is the -- budget -- the thing about it is in the Kentucky game he just never know he's. You know we we we covered the sport I played the sport. You never know with a good team have a bad day that they -- what happened. I don't see if Kent State played Kentucky today. I don't see there can be but there at that point you know earlier this season things happen. But you know you move on so. He that if this event that. His state is great where they aren't you bill was -- it is UP SUPS they have they have a ranking -- to. It has to be performance index and actually Kent State is number seven in there recchi and what this. What does that accurately algorithm that they used. His base to talk for components also is deepest best teams have -- cute it would it would turn over -- someday. All coaches like to harp or only talked -- -- that he will allow. You know they go the way the game to lose the game let's get that out of turn over the ability so it takes all four of those. It is use that statistical data in it was a battle over the -- of the with a rankings I think that. If you're listeners with two UPS that. Back -- football. They have they have made this so it was at least in the race and -- -- pessimistic -- faces. The C Notre Dame outside the top ten in the UPS rankings they'll start a conversation. You mentioned that you mentioned anti Tamil linebacker for for Notre Dame if you had. It as a voter as a winner I think you have a Heisman vote does going to be decided yet where you get a place that thing here for the end of season. Yes the what I do have a vote and no I haven't society -- -- -- bullets placed levels we still got one game left him. You know bad tight -- he's done this -- that it the -- -- -- best of chips -- And so most of the other campuses that comic -- -- the kind of Kansas State. He has a pretty good game big game against. Texas this week is so he has an opportunity to try to woo voters and you know put some numbers up. I Desmond chip -- and it always comes up which are -- what next next college coach going NFL ranks. Dicey the only want to can be a lot of openings or the chance of Chip Kelly coming to the NFL and other coach that might be out there jumping. That will be allowed that they'll open it -- a lot of college over the greatest thing that. The Big Dig it out and -- also took the boat load you've been the bill development. Well they cut it to Kelly's name you can pick any -- make it in the NFL -- his style that he plays that org. Whoever -- -- -- live organ injuries couple we've built this effort game and -- media ask me about his office. Adult adult CO worker has failed because first of global. No. Know -- to see. Their quarterback subjected to that type of policy. I've grown bid for sixteen weeks we just don't want to see that that happened and hit system was predicated on. You know this read option of whether quarterback may keep the ball. Significant by the time so that it of itself is that after the NFL level. Last one for me Boston College your locally it's gone through a coaching change there one of the many teams that needs a coach frank -- -- out Desmond. And I look at her name I'm looking for from you was what you think the the most important trade is for coach to me they got to bring in somebody who's going to be innovative somebody maybe. Is out of that Chip Kelly mold who runs that up tempo spread all at the college football seems to go to -- curious. What's the most important trait in your mind for a BC specifically. To bring it when it comes to the next head coach. Both of these these specifically if this TARP with -- sake of that of that. Really into the into the history of BC and -- old pal couples that that we we played example about the Michigan. But I think for what I would wax seal on the field you're right BB. They need new blood there any sort of Brigham. -- this new phase of college football and not necessarily the spread because of it in the day. Using the team. You know play -- championship game it over the spray. You know if there today that are of the spread Alabama those are the -- -- to -- -- So I'll let you know it's like he got a brief alliance does this stuff like Chip Kelly read the written I don't -- really about that but. You do need to -- will look to who can recruit. Very well and that's just to their region but you know who could expanses -- compared to a brilliant athletes who compete on national level. -- in this league in NFL from nine to 2002 won't get your thoughts of what we've seen this year 25 guys. -- failed drug test. CDs -- -- -- all when you played. It always that are all the thing back then did you see these guys and -- means get ready or other things to enhance their performance. I would note that in November -- I'm not doing that. What it better means of ephedrine things like that tickets -- pumped up for game. A little. I think even -- I think -- they have like -- just feel that they've taken these shots these. It's our ADD it's -- -- and all the other stuff Bob's your focus to your job to donate it. Yeah. The facility by the bigoted things so. I'm really. Surprised that I hear about about those they've been delicate issue in cut at pro football is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you said they recreational use I guess you'd call Desmond a batter all which -- it be prescribed to help. With if you have ADHD attention deficit players using it for not for that reason but because it can be -- have an upper before game now 23 guys suspended. Ford's anti drugs this year alone and a lot of guys claiming you know what I accidentally or I took admiral got a prescription and again for game suspensions for. But there isn't this is an illegal drug is legal or take it. Both illegal and have -- Illicit prescription here you have. It it's going on this league Desmond Howard has a big -- coming up deer will be Georgia and Alabama this weekend the winner taken on our game. I'll look Fortis in all the coverage on ESPN Desmond appreciate the time and enjoy your week. They would have to get Desmond Howard joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTD. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible -- the top. All they patriots an hour from now not looked at a preset.

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