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Should the Patriots go after DE Babin?

Nov 28, 2012|

Mut and Lou debate whether or not the Patriots should go after the recently released Eagles DE Jason Babin. The guys think the move would make sense given Cunningham’s recent suspension due to PED violations. The guys talk about the likelihood of the Patriots signing him given the Patriot’s position in the NFL’s waiver system.

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I'd George you're a little early patriots shopping here today it sounds like about that time -- pitcher which wish list together. Where you put your letter to Santa -- mom and -- or whomever -- -- crystal -- patriots talk. The rumors and you know we had a well it sure. I was thinking more Christmas -- because the holidays but that's fine. Either way we're dreaming old today of Jason -- ending up doing the patriots least I am I don't know what you don't know about the patriot fans listening well I don't I think everybody in the next hour or so but you're talking about a guy who was cut for. Well a couple of reasons there in Philadelphia does one thing and one thing really well in the NFL he tax quarterbacks. And if he -- the patriots by the waiver process today in about four clock they should absolutely positively jumpin on Jason -- your great. I was a question I mean the minute the word came down that the Eagles. For some reason. They'll cut Jason Babin -- Not there at their reasoning of the blow minute that happens you put a claim form than you think about it. You know afterwards I didn't commit it's a no brainer flame first think after -- first think after just make them open in near thanks coming. Trying to figure I don't want the place and younger guys and Eagles are just done in their over with a new look the year seven compared to last year indicates it will he sort of but these guys see the writing on the wall little teams going nowhere maybe the effort isn't what you light they wanna play young guys. Why would you just released Jason Avant. Financial reasons is the main reason they're Philadelphia financial reasons because he's not Lee he lived up to four. About fourteen games Jason -- what they feel like they are paying him for. The last thirteen games he's been mediocre past here's the first world allowing an eighteen sacks last year and here the first fourteen games of his Philadelphia eagle career. Eighteen sacks the last thirteen games he's got five and a -- acts. So about a third of the production street in about a same amount of the gain it is it's like they're not getting of the value for the eighteen sacks last year. In the first fourteen game unbelievable year are. -- I don't care what QB as you show up make a tackle last two I think he needs yet no sacks the last two games -- -- first Ortega gesture and eighteen cent right. Over -- up for you don't care if you would be the first guy on radio. Written a guy who didn't show all the last two games because you didn't have to us is you never -- is -- -- it was a productive I'd be the same way by the way of Philadelphia where to go the last two games -- -- literally wasn't productive concede. Does he didn't continued his onslaught of sack. I eighteenth fourteenth till the last two games as a record once so the guys. -- That's no one is saying he -- on the -- not sure what they're paying him what he was guaranteed the next three years after this year. You don't see what Philadelphia decide to move on. -- -- I -- think the team is gonna say maybe there's a problem in the in the locker room I you know I don't know Jason -- personally. Now I don't know what the deal is but I know seven this poignant this year which you can't look back -- he's been disappointing over the life of the contract when he eighteen sacks the year before. Andy what what is he making the Jason Babin science we set a five year 28 million dollar contract. Okay annie's gonna make little over sixteen. Day in the next three years. To duck and -- mind the last two years. -- -- -- point three to have sex point three sex was directs. Sixteen million in the final three sixteen final three yes so wall for the first show. OK okay so you are -- what a great guys that -- the first leg but what ticket but what I'm saying is is that. That's not worth five and a half sacks this year shortstop Jason habits that we used to but that's -- worth five and a half million dollars. In this day and age of the NFL making -- how many times and -- Wright have five and half sacks LB somewhere around that number for what about -- -- Michael what is this. You release some or do you just. I don't know hold on -- maybe commit limited snaps and get the young guys to play -- in the offseason you can't get a pick. For three years sixteen million for Jason -- out of its -- year to year with this guy. It's a good question why they didn't that's got that whole lot and that's where I want him I talk about it guys -- -- -- youth. That the first two years of a DA given twelve million dollars to -- -- he's going out there and in two years has given you seven -- hold. K giving new guy that is performed. Your one and the team has not performed year to now he might be bringing it down. He might have just quit on this team he might not playing a level you're watching films and I don't see the effort every single day setting a bad message this team we're rebuilding will make the roster changes and it starts with you mr. -- you are out of here. But I still have to think that you could have gotten it pretty decent pick. -- -- can we just it would -- around full round picks which register report round pick and stick with Jason -- for the next five games. Your whole bottle of I think you're on the hook for the one point 64 Kodak right. So again you're getting into team financials we would -- I found this out today trying to figure out where teams were comes the salary cap -- It's not all that easily accessible and we know I want say the cap is crap the summit set I heard BO. Or away refuting that on Monday. But the finances on the cap are a lot different finances for your team the salary cap numbers can we -- from the what you make -- revenue standpoint to be Philadelphia. Because the lack of success there is dealing with some sort of lack of revenue whether -- -- yourself on earnings misses Andy Reid can expect that you know it's not good they want give the other guys a chance to play. Give me a chance to to move our. What is the players feeling in the locker room. About Andy -- They know what he brings to table they now he has his back and you know honestly my situation. You know maybe it was so the best thing for me I think the guys really respect him. You know they respect situation perspective he takes you know for a the team. So this this tough environment has been overlooked the so that's him media market. He's talking more there about Andy -- I don't know how he is I I don't know how he is in that locker room I just Mikey come back the finances -- that there was. Our right is guys have argued pass rusher he's not great against the Ron. We're not going anywhere this year we don't want even put the dollars. The final five games while we're gonna cut him but maybe not a good player by the way he's a perfect fit in my opinion for the patriots but -- -- city Ernie immediately -- why did they -- And I give your production. You say who cares just tell India eighteen sacks five and a half of next year. And is not best way to get -- on -- -- discount not watch every Jason -- game going on as like Jason Cole. We -- -- -- rush rush -- that's spectator sport every defects but now we've got. Cap space figures as of November 1 2012. It. The Eagles currently. -- twenty point one million dollars under the cap. So one point six million dollars for the next five games to two limited snaps in the mid to bring him in there in certain down third downs whatever you wanna do. And they get a third a fourth round pick for Jason -- doesn't make more sense than just say thanks for -- are you say third or fourth round pick gonna give you the counterargument remedies Jason Cole -- Yahoo! Sports. Three hours ago. All right. Week from him -- team executives about Avant last night guys he talked to all expect him to actually clear -- Find that surprising given value pass rusher will cease to his opinion is that would be surprised but he's talking a four executives and give you the counterargument jerk. Why -- executives say that. I'm -- and I'm not -- -- Ottawa part of this guy either -- -- all four guys probably gonna put a claimant projects about it. I mean. You do you when he thick -- a little bit of a poker game well yeah OK I would think so now Davis -- has he'd lock out -- -- he and as he lost. Is as he lost -- eighteen sacks five and half this year as he just as he lost or do you think the Eagles from eight team in Philadelphia. He says we know any -- his audience. Does that go to that he does go to a contending team and you see mortgages and -- -- use all the previous year. -- get it at one point 64 million -- all patriots fan I wanna gamble find out. Damn right that's the difference here for the Eagles I understaffed production standpoint Rocco -- anywhere may be fine despite years. You wanna -- whole bottle betrayed okay. But for the patriots it's completely different story. And they are at the -- the waiver process wouldn't talk about ninety seconds but if this guy is available Jason -- -- Question you absolutely positively we craft ballot Genesis Ariel. You put the claim and yes we are raving for Taylor Jones -- rookie year what he's doing it's unbelievable. Six acts Rob Ninkovich come on late guys playing great football six sacks this guy's under performing like a -- always get five and a half. I'll take it. Give me just Jason Babin. Buick did not take it. She would cutting -- -- all in General -- Kelly -- I think Bill Parcells talking about the Patriots defense he said I think this team is better. That a week ago that better than that. Best team he said that the team had last year Bill Belichick. All they need is somebody to go to Jones. We go around them. Found him. Not they what the next three years at sixteen -- can do whatever they want but next year's four point 25 -- 06 and six. I keep around for -- a cubic -- -- them because I have Babin and it Jim Jones reckon people on the outside. -- sort of come back and get into the process that may get the patriots Jason bad but a lot of asked the very simple question today it is the holiday season wish -- Christmas whatever. You put an -- your patriots fan to lessen the patriots if it comes to that. Make erotic Jason -- and add him to this defense for the final five games and any potential playoff run. You wanna do but yes what 777979837. The phone number. 6177797937. He can text this. On the AT&T text -- 37937. We'll get your phone calls and the waiver process rules next. A couple things first the Eagles released -- sizzling five point seven million dollars this season so he's do about one point five. Million dollars rest of the -- -- Philadelphia saves the northern half for getting the chance to look at some of the younger players like Brandon Graham. And Phil aren't they wanna get on the field that's for -- He has to go through the waiver process today. Any team wants him can put in a -- for him by 4 PM eastern. Ideally he would like to be able to pick his team but he doesn't get to choose here in this situation until if he clears waivers you'd have to think. That any playoff contending team that needs to pass rusher. New England it land maybe even San Cisco would take a long hard look. At putting in a waiver claim for Jason that if he gets the waivers. Then he can pick where he wants to go in inevitably it would be to a contending playoff team. Adam shaft earlier today out ESPN Butler not -- three point seven WEP I hope you're off to a good Wednesday we're starting this conversation today -- Jason -- Just search after described the process by which this works so what are the patriots fit in the waiver process and you want Jason Babin on this patriot team should it come to that 61777979237. Producer -- are Bonham did the work because it's easy to figure out some of the teams that are behind the patriots in the waiver process they go by. Record worst to best with the worst teams getting for shop this sort idea of competitive balance right. Teams that are -- the first shot at a player raced on waivers all the way back to team number 32. Team with the best record and when it's a tight situation they go by strength of schedule. We believe in a tie situation out the teams and 83 with the patriots bears and Denver Broncos. The patriots quote unquote win. That tiebreaker cracked -- the number we came up with today for -- the two teams. They at a 26 waiver priority at a very entry is less impressive than -- two teams. Yes so it Tibet -- still that's 26 in the league 26 the only -- the only 245 teams that passed and as the only teams behind you in -- waiver process will be a forty -- the ravens the falcons the Texans. We believe the bears the Broncos a 25 other teams. Have to pass on Jason -- if they don't pass and Jason Avant. They'd be picking up his one point 64 million the remaining five games to be guaranteed loan money -- to lump -- at the pay him. -- a salary match about sixteen million bucks whatever it is not guaranteed. The eight take a shot on -- and pay him a significant amount for five games that it's pretty good chunk of change 165. But any kind of after the year or not -- anything like a likely that if someone does make a claim on him. But I do think of the gets the patriots it would make a lot of sense not a teams in front of the patriots that could make a claim that he Mikey come back to the team like the Detroit Lions who loved playing that 43 defense. Who Jim Schwartz the wanna be aggressive both -- they have a real good group already. If you put Jason Battle with that group and and you committee hold model like you said the next couple years. Am at a playoff team this year because they're there so far behind in the NFC. The black -- -- team like Detroit loading up on their defensive line not having to pay this guy on the money at least get a five game sample size candy help us up front. Any teams jump out to you. I you know I love about -- you -- Detroit -- -- Bausch and April you know the different force. Com. It's pretty good Tampa Bay jumps up to me or you look at that team right now and I dole. That's are they a playoff team a six and five and a lot of people impressed the way the played football right now. -- that 32 aliens the past okay awful they played a -- three difference between actually in -- B team. The defensive ends -- -- Michael -- right for you they claimed off waivers that figures in Seattle undrafted kid he's got seven sex issues went pretty well what he gets some help you aside. And -- kids at thirty or pick a picnic went up a filly who the third round pick and Taylor machine and it is a magazine you know they're just there's no pressure at all. We look at a team like Tampa. That has got some things going on offensively. Don't Freeman got to get rid of that sophomore slump that he had last year and Doug Martin Vincent Jackson impact these Kevin Williams. They got a pretty nice -- offense over there. Defensively again. Look at the NFC. He had Green Bay get some teams Matt Ryan got to stop the pass. We at 32 the league in point that this actually put any pressure on -- that's -- team I think it might be good fit. And by the way I think they have eleven point seven million dollars under the cap. Well that at -- Strasburg question on the eighteenth text like 379370. Got the cap space we are on by adding that the that we use NFL trade rumors. And they get updated salary cap status as a -- member for so it's not a perfect number but it's the most. Recent thing we have. The only two teams that technically. I -- couldn't. Get involved here other Steelers were listed at one point one million dollars and the fat and the falcons drive -- the Orioles went one echoes the ravens. The Steelers. And then you've got the falcons and 49 I -- include the 49ers are falcons because there are behind. Unfairly treats in the of the waiver claim situations on to say if it. That the teams in front of the patriot the other teams that rate there. You know the charges. According this too -- under the cap last November 1 numbers giants to -- -- clear yet who knows you know that that number could be -- down. Depending what moves they've made recently last four weeks or so giants 2.2. You mentioned lines or 2.5. Patriots six point four million dollars under the cap so. It's their I think the claim is probably end. The question begets tome an adult ticket does and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- salary cap space to make this will be also we know they're making money. By the truckload. The Gillette and patron enterprise it's not like they don't have. The one point 65 million outside of the salary -- say for example it would cap space but boy financially. -- some issues topic ran a Red Sox and aerial. Where John Henry is 70 you know liquidate his other assets and it is questions about its gonna sell the team what's he gonna do here does he have the money to keep running this team. Craft industries is a monster. So I would hate that he I would hate to hear. At some point later on today after the 4 o'clock waiver process goes through that the patriots financially didn't like the underwear with bulk of that will be joked to me. I think from a football standpoint it makes sense we haven't talked about that part of it right. Chandler Jones Jermaine Cunningham by the time no snow exported perfect diamond adding situational pass rush into this. Yeah the timing of it dumb. It makes cents in you know when you look at this guy and I firmly believe he's on a sick ship of Philadelphia and it's tough play. -- teams are probably double team and this guy when he come off the year WB eighteen sacks in fourteen games and let that sometimes that happens. With the double team yet they're not elect to beat -- habitat and over you know it and they get a bit of a picture on their way out they try to slow you down. He bring -- more we hear. And we had this discussion -- -- would you rather have Babin who would you rather have to -- -- -- about it. It because I would rather have a question. I would rather have a lot pass rush you've ever situational pass rusher -- who struggled this year but it play and they play in sub packages all the time but yours is Aqib Talib who. Lock you up one cornerback spot not saying well she not a relative for the steam locks he immediately becomes your best quarterback. Right agreed this is one reason why force is -- according to say see that's that that's Hillary's life. It's a good that'd be two reasons why you want to leave or a bomb locked up -- he locked you up okay he solidified she was what I was trying to say. At quarterback correct. And he allows -- westerly to a question -- situational pass rusher you're out of your mind. -- the play every down here. Be situationally guy for them -- Aqib Talib was gonna play every snap at quarterback we'll and a lot according to go -- -- you're not. Defensively. Didn't give me a bunch of all pro corners and the quarterbacks in the pocket all day long is probably gonna find the open guy eventually. Now if you give me a front for. -- -- put pressure on the quarterback. I can make my secondary average secondary looked pretty damn good. Pretty damn good -- the second there was average -- Aqib Talib being acquired. I would column below average for the big plays they gave up no it is a question okay. You know I don't know if there's usually over -- to show that elevated. To report their great secondary now. -- get better with the addition of the to leave but I think if you put pressure the quarterback with four guys. And you get channel Jones and Babbitt on the outside. The passionately. He sort of the big dogs in the middle of Wilfork and loving it's optional Annika stuffed the running a guy and -- to stop the run. You give me a pass rush and I will make an average to below average secondary look pretty damn good. This schematic -- -- 6177797937. The number -- Pittsburgh. Aside -- get it done Jeremiah is in Maine he joins the conversation with a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- I would think about it the idea pretty hot right now -- -- -- really kind of the coming around the pat -- three weeks and there and certainly I would say playoff contender at that point. No question -- -- agree with all that I would just -- from Cincinnati standpoint Jeremiah when you -- down to see that the early behind Denver. In the amount of sacks they've registered here this year. Would he be. A need for them you know would he be guided big lot and say you know what we need him to make our pass -- parody of 35 sacks this year. I just sort cross them off because I didn't view. But in view it as a -- but if they wanna strength that it may feel like that's the guy may you look at their salary cap space Cincinnati Bengals. You got nine billion gets the money to spend makes cents. In an -- out regardless if we don't rely on the mountain. Chart we can go to every single team about who can use and I think. Most teams could use them there's no question there does does a -- -- in Detroit beat those -- pretty good. But you know -- a lot of teams that usually just you know I know Sanford when you look at -- like I said. Off the -- the past off against in the -- category. I think it's just it's a natural fit their contenders well but we can do this with every single contending team. Right giants probably don't need them allowances a couple teams but its imprint probably isn't in the behind you anyway. Lot teams could use this -- And we'll see if he gets the pages they're 25 the terms the waiver. Priority here today 26 if you missed a 25 teams part of the patriots they would have to pay one point six million dollars guaranteed after that. There is no financial investment and cut him loose after that if you want. Doesn't work out boy from. Ever want well lease gives an opportunity may go to -- locked into the -- trading for Joan -- -- needs and you're locked -- that's our next whatever it is many years you can just look and say be good way to keep more negotiate he's not which kind of loose no big deal. Jason -- You make a run through the patriot 61777979837. Your phone number 61777979372. Text us. On the AT&T text on a 37937. We also bark here and a stretch we talk about Jason -- with a patriots. Have just been lethal. 1 o'clock in trap game that exist when a team has been this good and the year mix that and as well -- going to.

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