Nov 28, 2012|

tiz the season...for you to give to Dennis and Callahan.

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It is the season for giving him Dennis and Callahan were you wouldn't you do them. It's worked in the past remember what I said my scoring machine broke the nine people were yes. Corey Wright to the station no matter how ridiculously affordable new product is we talked about needing styrofoam cups when we get the -- they got lots of a lot from. The organizers -- and tell -- late replacement for these to have my sandals Dolan and Clark's. Send me a nuclear replace the exact same pair new free stuff. I gotta put on another cool headphones and there's nothing more shameless Finland rich guy digging another rich guy albeit much. Much richer went on breeding for free stuff I. -- is a number you need to remember twelve beta version Jersey is of what's that borders of that size on site where -- gonna go and work holiday season would be complete without begging for free. Drugs so now all animal Jerry. Jessica and I am mom having trouble focusing equivalent just from anyone on the black market stuff we're -- a lot of doctors that you got a little higher settle unfocused when you write a prescription -- -- companies breakout year products. Doctors breaking -- preakness and we just happy holidays throw.

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