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Bill Romanowski, former NFL linebacker, on the NFL's drug testing policy

Nov 28, 2012|

After talking so much about the recent trend of athletes testing positive for adderall in sports, the boys talk to an expert: Bill Romanowski. They discuss the heavy use of adderall by today's athletes as well as more natural supplements that could have similar effects. They also get into the current state of BC football as well as his familiarity with Victor Conte and the BALCO scandal.

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You know all the remarkable accomplishments. And records and numbers the Bill Romanowski. Put together and try to Boston college and in his career. Four Super Bowl champions. Championships five Super Bowl appearances. -- 243. Consecutive games. Just blow your mind yes it does -- -- -- one -- the toughest guys ever replace Maliki were hit the one dollar and -- tech punter and kicker punter. I'll schedule it is on the AT&T hotline good morning bill how aria. Or are doing very well we should put the bill's nutrition company is called attrition 53 can check that out online nutrition 53 dot com. -- given the flood of all of these recent NFL suspensions for PED's. In your estimation Bill Romanowski is the NFL drug testing program working. Or not they're catching people but it doesn't look like they're keeping them from using does it. It work and they are that. You. All that their federations. Are -- There. A baseball. Bat. We have now been on top that. I got Utley in 1988. They'd feel -- -- but at the end of the day here I'll be. A small group of guys that went much -- -- go out here in stride at the system. And at the end of the day saying a couple of. Did you ever use after all when you're in the league bill and if so did it help. Nadal I never did know when what I would definitely be. -- -- Well. Not a parent Dobson is something truck drivers that you could take up all you've -- a lot of different things. Eric are you -- -- plants that are a lot code. By the -- I hope that we were not bail him as. Am I eventually over time. You know. I've -- substance. -- researcher comes out 888. Why. Or parents purse -- back or he meant that he ever well I think it's not against that -- Do you believe all these guys are due and had a rollers it just too convenient -- excuse -- -- get caught in the league can't say what -- Guys are tested positive for so is it just kind of an effort on the part maybe of the union to get to make it sound less. In a menacing little more benign that just took this little HT ADHD drug. Well you know it at the end of the day out are all. Issues. There -- or methamphetamine. That is highly addictive. And it's scary thing. Is there are doctors out there that prescribing it. A relief to children. That's the scary thing when you really start to get down to understand the chemistry at a bar. In our bodies work. Just think that there are. There's a drug companies out there that exists medication and doctors that actually quiet dead children. It is -- on I'm Bob ball. I can. What. Angers me. And eat eat it can't come back and if you're now. It's legal our drug addiction is what is it. But bill there's there's a I'm a huge school but held by a lot of people. This says they're only saying it's at a role because that doesn't have nearly the stigma. As testosterone or anabolic steroids and is -- points out since the league will not announce. What specific substance somebody tested positive for they are all free to say oh it was just. Pay an amphetamine it was it was admiral select question is do you think more people in the National Football League are doing -- overall or doing testosterone anabolic steroids TDs. -- I don't think guys are taking. In a ball it's. And it very there are very few like I had earlier is playing Russian roulette. And eventually you got problems. But there -- guy out there. That don't understand. And don't look over what exactly is on map where. And you may help their name. The branch at all. But it may eight EQ it. That is very much more complex. Then out overall that may be on the west Eric I like he doesn't see out all blond hair. But he is there's all these others complex and and I like our kids take. I think god is not the thing important. No light at all because there may be indeed medication or EB teach the medications. That doctors prescribe. It doesn't look is that mr. supplier -- all I -- actually meet our well account to burn patient and got -- I can keep my job and my doctor prescribes this right my -- there are outside. -- -- that I go to Q well guess what you have to prod everything by -- team doctor. Because there are out here speed on what is going on no pun intended. We're -- -- talk with Bill Romanowski -- earlier this conversation you said the National Football League drug testing program is working how random -- the test how surprised are these guys -- -- -- -- I'm -- are -- to beat the system if they so choose. -- -- So here. Barrett can die every week better tested. And it it or so and show op art has cast. Or have elevated. Their but you get off that year. That there aren't any not a random basis but a more regular basis which would be two or three times -- -- -- Now. Like -- Aaron. He then all of these guys. That won't like Russia and Latin or try to beat the system are there and I think this. It is -- stops them that you can. -- to attack the -- your -- or you can detect it. And -- What I'm 100%. Now the other outside to implement. What are you have to draw a -- It is liable human growth from liable to see your kicking it it. -- Hey -- -- an important step past. Through the NFL PA Apple Mac come to an agreement on. Vienna LP today are I have been -- -- man every week -- aren't -- -- drug testing protocol. Is anything when you play bill was anything that you could not play without that you have to have any. Any food any drink any substance you read them before. I had to I had a million things I couldn't be without. Because that was so detailed in everything I did I take something called dynamic warrior. Which and here are on -- -- and that I dot com. Actual out of Boulder, Colorado. There and -- ordered all the action. Iraq. A lady bird. -- -- -- The most incredible substance that had me. In really a place of great don't want our. And my reaction. Yeah. Why. It went poured coffee. But not cheaper cheaper that didn't make you jittery here -- -- okay. Sounds like an overall. We're knocked it sounds like at overall when at a -- to the -- now. Well I'd be there are a lot of things you'd better act also out. There are a lot better. But until right yeah at this fighting -- out doctors they have. A lot of guys don't spend time. What is -- -- On how many guys now what percentage of the players playing now suiting up this Sunday are on something something. Illegal. I'll. It's a miniscule amount. -- That didn't get blown out of proportion in the library said the ever felt. As good job. Anybody. In L but -- sent -- eight student age is all on BP. But -- swat. It's. I just said previously. You have to be a draw alive. To see guys take. What to do for you bill -- the cup player wants to take it now what what will the effects would be and how Long Will they take to help. Well why. -- that helps heal. Okay it's not real substance that makes you stronger it will cue -- But Gil. Is he'll shore points and he'll muscles. -- Eight QQ and they have. Because it helps you heal and recover faster. A bill before let's go we gotta tell you we were very impressed with your pregame speech the Boston College football team prior to the Notre Dame game -- it was that funded do and pay and beat who would you like to see. But I was -- but yes spent a couple of days except there. Try and fire are. You know -- L team. You know playing against all you know top country right now ordered that they'll walk or is great I love -- And I think it'll look like let them all are a quarter output. And then again and got away from. But as far as a coach to a place to me I looked at Boston College job as one of the top jobs in the country. Because you're not able to coach. Saturday is first and add more higher graduation rate you're getting really hot and -- -- people. Yeah nobody at all about people. It's about great people and I looked around some of the Batman doesn't lead to art sale and got -- and GAAP. Well I got it where. -- And we all got to get a great education and -- It aren't anywhere like man I love this guy. I -- about. Lot of guys that I think would be great but it got out there and yet not let go out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of he. I'm. He had a good on big man and he had. On number who has seen -- but -- -- at times. Your record is not indicative of. Exactly how good coach who -- you collar about recruiting. It's about it's everything it's recruiting recruiting and on crude. You got to -- -- to do that well. What do you expect from your alma -- do you think double digit wins as possible. There. Absolutely. It's possible. That they need -- -- that program and now -- The facility. Could not be bad person they've got them and so he's got a crop or loyal fan base. Great -- a lot of money behind program now. Again. That she got again great recruits in the air that not only want to have agreed. College experience. A great education. A wanna play at a really -- mobile football. And before -- let you go bill you you went to Victor -- you knew Victor caught the end to me. That's a whole different level with the cream and the clear. And you thank. They're still guys out there who have. Guys like Victor -- on the payroll or using the cream and the clear I -- you think the NFL is doing a great job testing but our guys staying one step ahead in this damage. He thought there would BS -- old guy. Out without access in the top doctors scientists. In the world. Hey. Man put together -- regiment for people but what about your contact. Is that you're wary of a -- terror in the lap actual Balco while. NN dot I learn more about mutually. In the body. From Victor con. Then more about. Anything else. And -- -- something liquor. That that I would apart. But our year. What some of the most horrible things I ever want had to do it he can they get magnesium. The forty -- -- -- Copper chromium during the day for joint integrity. Also regulating. Blood -- Solve. I think he gets a bad rap because. You know -- so called. EU. Keep -- like wow well we did agreement. He he he made a case and we've heard it that these synthetic testosterone. Cream. Is out of your system in less than the day and if that's true bill why isn't well everyone use in the. Not the case. -- I don't know who actually said that's. But if you're gonna take. Testosterone. In any more. It or not get out of your system in this day. How many de LME commute time. -- -- time -- so you do not flunk any drug tests. Now because everybody is your plan and a lot of times it out to do with how much body you have. You -- you have more body back -- and retains some of those. Molecules. And ingredients longer they'll stay in your body longer. But. I like it and that's why am Russian roulette those those things. I really do not believe RB and I'm. By. Liberian people like that if anybody is on it is a very small handful people. I've -- wrong but I -- but his interest in all of this and his knowledge of all this and it was company called nutrition 53 you can check it out a lot and I'm sure there's a ton of information on that website bill. Nutrition 53 dot com we appreciate the time but it will talk to down the road. Our. Bill rob I'll -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT. I just read you -- as one description -- one line from his bio. In 2003. Romanowski attacked and injured one of -- team it's Marcus Williams during a scrimmage. Williams a backup tight end for the raiders was forced to retire after Roma ski confronted Williams after play. Ripped off his helmet and crushed his eye socket with a punch. This you need guys like this and that you absolutely need that that that's this guy who sets the tone in practice on game day. Williams was forced to retire he sued him. He lost he said it was Roy grange and the judge rejected that but he in the -- -- from 340000. Dollars. But you know that's how he blossomed and on the edge today you can't tell me that if he can passes drug test and maybe not killing teammates. Every coach in NFL wouldn't doesn't which help to North Korea of two or three guys in every coach in college on the way. Two or three and we will remind you might have been doing drugs and but it was all for a cause was all the make multiplayer Staley -- -- 43 consecutive games exactly. The key play in a little bit of pain probably a lot he. Weighted down to Quincy Market for the fresh vegetables committed to a 3 in the morning was teammates or Mary hands because he won the freshest vegetables -- body. He's a BC. That that is remark if you really a new head coach of Boston coach would -- it would be extending my defensive coordinator -- public just make the pregame speeches for me each week run practice buzzer -- -- next.

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