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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, on the Cunningham suspension and the Pats outlook

Nov 28, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan talk with Globe NFL writer Greg Bedard to discuss the recent string of stories along the Patriots defensive line: the Jermaine Cunningham drug suspension and the possibility of pursuing the recently released Jason Babin. They also react to the Pats beatdown of the Jets nearly a week ago and what the Jets could possibly do to right the ship.

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It's O Greg Bedard Boston Globe joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Greg aria. I'll play out lower property yellow. Not today know that no like shields saying anything mean about bill yet world will be OK here Greg. Now this might qualify as saying something not me but questioning Bill Belichick he was asked about the suspension. A Cunningham yesterday I guess refer to the bold thing as well I'll play this sound bite for you Greg and -- what what your analysis. Of what. Bill Belichick really means when he says the following. Unfortunately and sometimes and he's been so yeah -- -- movement takes. That it's the Digital Storm so that those situations are fortunate. -- needed when there -- an important but there were violations. -- there're -- Neither one of them needed to happen and they weren't that important is he suggesting he is buying the at a overall defense theory Greg you think. Well I think he's saying. The NFL. Rules are stupid but they did is really not. Wrong. And they are being penalized for doing something. Not really helping hammer -- system or something like that whatever they tested positive for me there in the they're. -- router all. In fact for a girl that. That that's -- starting out or could be you know absolute bull bull -- would mean no army could be something as simple way. Ephedra in -- that Americans should have -- cold medicine. The third you know there these rules -- inflation. He would be able violate them but I get the feeling that -- thinks bush stupid rules. Yeah I I get the -- Tbilisi either sold on it or trying to sell us on the fact it was something as simple as amphetamines otherwise known as at a role as opposed to. Testosterone. Anabolic steroids or those kinds of things that we can -- -- aside here. But as as one columnist. You know. Shortly wrote. He looked mysteriously blocked up and he's had a great year so much thinking that that Cunningham bought up on at a roller Greg. Yeah well I mean. It's. That's what the reasoning is or at least that. Now I'm being too old. Is the reason its first -- Or what I think about him in PDs and things like that. Yeah I you know I think there's circumstantial evidence at some point in time. He was on something because I think he is looking at a last chance kind of situation and he came back then he would sit com. He was he was -- he didn't lose in the quickness. And that -- should be a little bit suspicious but you know he could have because they -- some in the offseason and then actually did. In test positive for adult earning seasons so. Did you have our suspicions like like Borges did did you wonder about the guy Greg. Oh sure I mean you you know you could look at -- guys who. Went from doing actually not -- last year to. All the sudden. You know -- a little bit bigger being a little bit walked up being more powerful in the past for rush so you know. I mean your city in the in ages where you're suspicious about anybody. Who all of a sudden adds a little bit of muscle and is. You know stronger it doesn't -- racing speed I mean you know that being said I thought that people. Even though he only technically at one -- his rookie I think that people are really under plane how well. Jermaine -- as a rookie. -- he definitely had his moment in the past first come from my tabulations he had. Good number of robberies that year. Especially for a rookie and the -- the date was flying so it's for people say he's gone from. One sack to -- -- would he has right now on three for it like that. I think is is unfair because he was better do -- -- is not present the kind of Patrick you bring it work. Remember last year he did nothing at all only in in in the exact. -- back could be chalked up to. You know him not doing everything don't -- sit on the couch and not doing anything and then all of a sudden this year. He had an off season where he was obviously in the patriot program he views are honored as one of the offseason and worked wonders. So his production from doing nothing last year to doing something now and -- To me explain as he took part offseason working out and when he you do when we -- I was going on. He got lazy and didn't help himself and down and really cost themselves so I don't automatically look at last year. And not playing this year and play. Being responsible for you know Pete he's responsible I think -- -- but the lock out epic thing. What they they lose him for four weeks we don't know how long that was Chandler Jones do you think can you have tickets for the Jason -- thing like go logistically when does the go through waivers go through waivers when woody and be claimed when would be if he doesn't acclaim when when he B freeagent. He goes through waivers. At. Teams have to submit the waivers by 4 PM today and then usually within. Feed me you know about 5 o'clock or so. -- no. Well which teams claimed him and the team with the worst record gets them. Many becomes of produce enough that I don't see why teams who -- For him to clear waivers because with this contract. Really you're playing that good the balance of his salary this year which is mount an award one point so. And once -- Bible and all and end and you think if he were free agent you would get at least that. But not necessarily but the thing is that if your wife why can't I mean -- if indeed if if you're gonna -- in your contender and you want him to help you pass for white quibble over I don't know maybe half a million dollars. Or five games in -- you could just claim them pay that money and then yet he's -- another. I think sixteen million over the next three years. Which you might not want to pay you money but you can music product mrs. Hughes over. You don't Coleman in a money so I'll see if you think you he can help your past. I would claim I wouldn't chance of that he's jumping him. Do you suspect there are quite a few number of teams in shifted in Bevan with a worse record than the patriots who will claim him today. I don't know if I would say the quite a few I think you're looking at you're looking at teams that are contending. Who think they're in it and he and need a patch rupture. That fit their system hand. I'm not so sure that them. These are. I would consider it there on eighteen -- category I would say and I'm trying to. Pull up the standings right now bullet. You know you'll connect contending teams that are in front of them comic who claim was that would have an interest -- look at the Redskins. Saint. The box. He and. Atlanta took the debate bolts. Of oil and adapt to do have a better record. So. I'm just looking at teams in front of them the Packers possibly I doubt it. This is not -- Thompson like move but then again so I said their pension wasn't either I think the colts could have a little bit of interest. And that speaks -- just have to be one of those team. -- just get tired of losing a sort of lose his way in Philadelphia sort of give up on the season. -- little bit whispers about that hump but you know look who were part of the -- had eighteen sacks a year ago right. And he still has his quickness. In I think he's in definitely help you I mean I wouldn't put him out there as an every down player. But I think he can definitely help you. In the eighties past -- situation. And as good you know some sort an accord are Russia and I think he's the type the -- that. It is year's patriots. Mean patriots can -- hot spot. And build greater debt. Andy get a guy he'd like anybody here and make them work. You know the tiebreaker. If if the bears say and the Broncos. Want them and the patriots you know the tiebreaker is that -- in the same kind of a bad thing. During its strength of schedule. That the patriots would. Is it a stronger or weaker schedule I'm not the IDF the -- worst team to get the claims that -- -- weaker schedule weaker schedule yes yes so. Or excuse me it's now you're in good point it's. The weakness of the schedule so you. Do you have a weaker schedule and your. The worst. Of the patriots would win that joke right now yeah. -- -- what -- it seems fashionable to say the Ryan had a Hillis is playing well. Seven touchdowns twelve interceptions 79. Passer rating of Brady had those numbers would be panic in the streets you think Ryan ten Eagles playing well. Please playing OK okay. He made some might play in Seattle had -- really bad places community a lot of you know he he he reminds me a lot of -- actually. I'm not saying that the quarterback that he's going to be. Is much stronger arm. -- Similar type situation where all of them didn't start her much in college. And it started as a receiver there. And only started this -- earlier and after Texas pan am originally started one year USC. Hitting dole hasn't and he stared down guys who just -- you know it looks like the guy who hadn't played very. Much were back in his career. He's definitely got better physical tools than inches taller bigger bigger arm faster. But. He is technique is -- fine and when things break down in the pocket. If he he doesn't grow very well Ron at all except on the time play out. Rollout which people do. Outside that. You know he'd -- Great athlete but he's got a long. So is this say trap game in your opinion. I think so I think it's a little bit of attractive -- ability every patriots game. From turnout is basic amount you can take care of the ball. For you does the opponent at least. Take care of the ball because could be turned the ball over these patriots and going on offer to three years now. The other teams get buried. You just can't turn the ball -- normal times against the patriots. And so there on the Balkans of that trouble with the they don't get many turnovers but you know watching them on tape. As long as as long as they take care of the ball this should be pretty tight game in the fourth quarter but that big yeah. The dolphins have not done a good job -- it said. So -- -- -- that this is -- they're pretty good offensive line that don't have many receiving weapon running games pretty good. Very solid defense. This will be good challenge for the patriots often -- -- them against the defense theory I can't wait -- -- dynamite defense tackles. And linebackers -- good. Sean Smith an excellent quarterback who -- these are good. He'd be the problem with that defense that they get. A lot of bad situation the would be office turned over the ball. And in the -- will go to -- for the just terrible and move the ball at all. A wallet jets so. Look to see whether the development don't turn the ball over this could be a -- -- -- ask every week until the end of the year but and then it crashed into the offseason but. Yeah Wes Welker is back again next year Greg. I do not know I'm in. You know it's. Who's in the slot -- dole or entitlement. You know I. Who knows living Davone -- to see this weekend also freeagent this season. And it from a guy I think is going to be -- dole. The patriots could use him to get injured -- here embassies and to drive down its price. Yet heard -- often that is meant. Price here are some teams. Any debt that definitely an issue I mean are those definition that's one that. Great things and under appreciated things well Walker's still ability and toughness. But these you know either -- goals but that there. In -- -- You know Walt -- see what happens but I don't see west -- back I mean if you're gonna. It doesn't make sense I mean the state franchise tag him again may twenty million dollars and two years for the -- had him for another three or 45. And able government any time if they just sort of upped their offer to you know I'm from. In 1718 million to have the -- in 1920 million or it doesn't make much dark apps. Wild scab in the dark where does Wes Welker play next year. Good question a lot of -- and the most wolf just can't afford library. What about Denver account name because Stokley -- mold and you know and be a major upgrade or. -- I could I can definitely see that that would make sense Stokley is yet is definitely up there and west fit and to. Any system contrary to some people's beliefs. So I think. I think it would be com. Wide open for now -- in a team like. Q -- the ravens could w.s and underneath receiver and room. So I mean I wouldn't seem -- like a team like the Steelers but. Vertical passing team but there are a lot of -- it was. Greg and at one at seven the Indianapolis also the help with Andrew Luck. Yeah you can use in the spicy like a silly question after what we we just witnessed on Thanksgiving but do you think the jets will continue to disintegrate before our very eyes over the remaining games in the season or do you think they somehow will rally for Rex. I don't know dole rally I think they'll be competitive but I don't think don't they're going to be all out disaster unless they keep. Sustaining injuries you know I think those guys -- Played hard for -- They're just not very talented and not very. Lucky at this point so. You know model figures communal faster. -- is a good coach. In. Those guys compete for. Is Greg Bedard Boston Globe our weekly guest every Wednesday talking football with you Greg talked and talked it actually different. Ray Bedard to -- cal -- AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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