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Brad Faxon provides some insight on the PGA belly putter ban

Nov 28, 2012|

With the PGA announcing that belly putters will be taken out of competition by 2014, D&C talk with Brad Faxon to discuss who the belly putter helps and how big of an advantage it is.

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-- the Brad Faxon on the AT&T outline AT&T -- LTE forty facts. Our our spirit is a driving force behind this who's just off the slacks and he -- them you don't it. Honoring our very definitely they are very thought of he's he's over the top with a record. They're gonna make an announcement today right. And I think it's going to be there on the -- I'm shock. What was so what should serve. Brad that you -- unfair. An unfair advantage. I think it's an advantage that a -- it's unfair advantage in other. It's it's amazing and you're watching guys like web and and -- -- -- the only way they've ever part of it right. You know it for the career saver for Freddie couples -- you know he could Ernie held up there. Adam Scott and and they appreciate things and -- you know this is really help and a lot of guys that can occur here. You know whether -- bad -- mostly decent yet but. You know I'm a big fan of the as a golf I think I get an advantage politically uttered yeah. -- I also think is really bad time for the funding for the for the manufacturers. They converted the growth Arum who who picked -- up a game of golf is more on right you know. No we don't. Tiger -- I just believe the art of putting is swinging the club and controlling the nerves. And having it as a fixed point is something that's not in the tradition of the game. We swing all other thirteen clubs the putter should be the same it should be a swinging motion throughout every club in the bag. But I I I agree with tiger you know you could argue that. The club is still swinging with a anchored against your belly day we've all used that is sort of the -- we made a crack -- wearing -- practice stroke but. I don't think that was the intent of the rule years ago and although not all of the opposite. As a way to look at applied. Yeah one about when Europe at a tournament Brad and Havel as manufactured guys in the pudding -- you've tried it. The belly putter and the long putter why don't you switch if it's an event. Well I don't exactly and I don't think it's enough of an advantage. But I would switched to it. You know. It is you know really good the first guys that you can think of -- and alternative sort of putting -- need you know they'd been up and -- case style -- That was deemed to be an advantage but I don't know who decides. That it was a group clutter that it -- butter. I mean you've seen guys like Tom Lehman or Rocco Mediate go back and forth go to along potter and then say now this doesn't work I'm going back to that we've been Mickelson this year tradition Mickelson and they get a band the claw. Now because it's held Mickelson. I don't know I mean I don't know if you're going to be so Mickelson -- -- trading could be considering -- just. Oh -- Brad will will some guys mentally melt down not having their big key long. -- absolutely. Absolutely -- a guy like Bernhard Langer. -- more cases is yet known here and any other player and recovered unbelievably you know he won. I don't know five tournaments -- -- it and stir this year I don't know how guys like that are gonna make it back. Yeah what does your gut is so big it hangs over the top if you potter if you like Kevin stat borrowed time Tim -- I mean they gonna be -- the plane. That their belly putter it's -- to -- order you know. But I mean it's -- you know -- comments it is going to be a lot of a lot going on here I don't know I have a ground to the end I'd I'd I can't wait -- -- -- -- If if if this means he can and can't compete. That is bad for golf -- It's terrible develop the timing that this couldn't be worse you know. -- stage now of course you know we got some good young international player you know Rory McIlroy take on the world. I don't think we need a black -- like this president could we did the group change three years ago and it was -- This is a big mistake in my part. -- I would try to play the devil's advocate here and say there are a lot of things that are banned on the golf course equipment wise that you just can't use and this is a different kind of -- like you can use during a PGA tournament. You can ever range finder out there correct. Now those Betsy rather arbitrary I can ever range trying to but I can't have a belly putter or doesn't -- -- -- fault that same category that's a different kind of equipment. It is and you know the -- the range finder and is. It's funny because it would beat up the game for sure. Yardage book we all know the exact yardages. I think the intent of the range finders you know we're not allowed -- to unpopular. Camera anything that we could look up and you know I could watch you in the group in front -- me -- -- only mr. Lester. They'll break. Yeah that's the advantage you could gain if you could use arranged -- out. And I glasses that's what can do it. You know he -- that I'm we will send this guys like Carl Peterson Tim Clark who never use regular pot has done Bradley got to find on the career. Well you know and I think I'd like Adam Scott and he is resurgent and compete been able I mean how how these guys didn't do it. And Tim Clark and Webb Simpson and he's never played with another part of that what -- an. How about the fourteen year old kid from China that is one that China in -- going to be playing them. Screw him he's too young anyway Brad Brad is it. Amid I'm sure they won't do this but actually just operates on that they saw operate under their own rules. Know that there's been rumors that they may try to do that standardized ball I don't I don't think they can do that really. He but the part -- -- on their own their own term and say you know if you want he's the only part of your use of. -- any good as anybody like that could you know take. A rule like gotten to make a local rule for the week. Or you can use the crowd -- Cingular I would love to see happen. An organization like a -- how tight is this say yeah definitely. The fight with the royalties or it might Ghana and believe artifacts and thanks for the -- good talk India. Pride I -- -- what happened Lola. -- -- Trickle in tomorrow they'll start tomorrow morning bright and early quick tap out doesn't tell -- lines opened 6177797937.

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