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D&C: Beggars try to be choosers

Nov 28, 2012|

John and Gerry want free stuff and they call out to their vast listener base to see what they can score, from adderall to headphones. Kirk Minihane's in the flash booth today to continue the recap that is the ridiculousness of Black Friday and how everyone in sports is testing positive for adderrall.

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You know what the nice things about being on the radio have a lot of people listened to in the morning just throw out little. -- Present suggestions. And and it generally show up and it's a history of this I think we might extend that one event today. I said. Mike scoring machine broke and I'm just lost about -- in the morning -- just need to get that but that populate instantly. The nice people core which is a local company and yes he's a corporate machine right to the station. And we were talking about. Necco -- one time the number of years ago -- and pace of a waste delete them to have an effect except in an -- chocolates -- gone out chocolates. -- a large case of back away for showed up we enjoy those for a long period time. We talked about trying to boss -- balls. By needing styrofoam cups. -- -- -- lots of -- are organized a light on supply critics -- you need one we got you had a personal situation on vacation. Yes and my sandals stolen in the Dominican yes although each ever go to the Dominican. Steal your sandals and what did you do when you get back Michael Arrington and Clark's sent me a new -- replaced the exact same pair. Course that gets stolen on the beach in Maine. Shortly thereafter and -- that you know the -- actually impair and and yesterday your cup altered Monday it would mention that Tom. That was an -- remember. Oh -- and I just well a number futures is that what's that sports at that size spyware. -- -- The Nick Collison they say what size you guys and you said eleven and I got checked out checked my shoes on eleven. But I clipped toenails such huge as this point just related to his Jersey -- what's your number the size of your -- yet as. Her to say that he's not sure about there now changed. Change if he gets smaller yet it's all that's -- -- managed to prevent that. A so -- all this is to share. Lateral. Would you do the show -- federal -- and I think she might be against the law but yeah I. -- -- will try sure it would said that before in the black market stuff but doctors say oh hired some. -- post and just focus write a prescription I'll Ritchie yesterday doctors all -- in the last few days. Every year game call area. -- I am -- trouble focusing I don't know how hard it is to get. Obviously these players. All of them. Maybe that's what bells -- talking about. Could have got prescriptions and then filed that form with the league direct and had no been no suspension and when you look at Cunningham losing. Much is a hundred in Sutton -- letting -- -- thousand. It would have been worth that Jermaine I'm not sure. You know if you just didn't have the time and today but to make -- -- try to get the prescription that filled the form. You said the 150 grand and entering your reputation right a lot of players who are taking it who are legal. Who have. And verified by the league and they're not losing quarter. Of the yourself. With all the noticeably terrific writers in this country even in this city. This epidemic of lack of focus on I didn't it's called. Therapeutic use exemption for us yesterday that's laughable. These guys use on -- If they want to. It's all. The right prescription. The therapeutic use exemption. At all. That. Such as break bones. But as we got to do that the only radio station the world my own head. And I am. It is the personal. And -- In -- -- -- -- -- Well. Where. That the Cologne was rats and -- at. W -- Class last breaks. Like a parent Dr. Dre -- Please to have these cheap gas headphones -- you know and lastly. One here one and the one yet hadn't -- -- once -- judge and he's in new and he had phones and we go one a year now he uses it here at the last break it's a quick break. Switch again put Richard you only one aren't you -- yes. Want me analysis the says wanna hear -- Dino sold well I say I broke them just had a mid. -- has only one that works what doesn't make it different outlets are sent it may be lost teetering -- one here. I don't know what you just -- mind you know. -- community. So I give a mine he's got -- You noticed that -- -- very similar to the cyclists are very similar right nightmare. And his what he does he's got things going on in this is only one year on this year and the in the easily KO. What's the problem -- -- see him -- years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You went to best buy last weekend -- couple couple we can I would rather wait in line for a powerball ticket and I -- best buy I'll probably go there you know in the coming weeks -- no I don't I. You know that's on the net don't get in and we get these calls I didn't get -- -- know we talked about last week I did not get. Why anybody I don't care if you get the greatest -- the Green Party in the world would agree on things they stole. Last are on Friday night or Friday -- I look at him Baltimore who can and fall in the stories and and -- animal lined up people shot and killed. Worse than I I would I would risk shot government unit is -- analyzed -- -- but the picture in QB wait in line public TB. In the fifth pick up front of idiots in the middle. Of the store opens lined up outside Thursday night -- -- -- -- do that by the way even if you're not a heavy drinker. Which of the trip the thing yes I was -- you know at all day and you know Kirk and I got up early to run a road race on -- actually I ran out of -- due and I don't. Is policy by newcomer on the race I was in New York. Say you didn't know that. Two days before the holiday there was a -- -- -- you're oh you're so much attention there was a sledge wanna sound cool calm while I know how cold it sounded as though well they got the brag about a fast too. Run right now to race. No I'm still worn tired. And this -- first elected to that. And the Sussman seven feet tall are you running sneakers -- bit of human rights. That. Nazis and they'd better plug -- rebel fighters stretch that's your only chance in new bills but I and then. I've never before and I'll I'll -- today with the Bible's stories and laughs I would never ever written that line never ever. You know get. Tiger and powerball seventy people of union got a tax cut shooting that's what got you -- I don't blame those people -- guns and you know cruel ladies to the ground. It's Thanksgiving. With -- normally watch football and you -- I get an idea. Got a target it's all this does not only that you could shop -- distort my ultimate capacity that Christmas. Asking them like next Tuesday is target -- Wal-Mart open to the other sales and and they're not. Maybe would get the greatest sale ever but wouldn't is really where he saved twenty dollars. You wait in line all night be crazy people throw out. Open up -- -- -- Nicole Lee can do it just seemed like the worst place to be. You ought to what extent I avoid it would -- off the -- Exit off the pike just as I know it all the stench of death that's right to fully use area rapid -- coming up I got to find -- -- and the does not -- a lot of people there and say it. People normal people -- crazy people. Who go out at 10 PM Thanksgiving night to shop for something that's more than a month away. Just in -- bind themselves to that's. And never -- -- police -- or the guy got arrested Lee and -- the nineteen million -- via his girlfriend's kid like him because he got to deal that TV and he came out -- -- was he said he lost focus when you heard about the deal and indeed some lateral so he gets the TV comes walking out so happy. Did the cops are surrounded his car is and there are cops elect serves -- Chicago took off. Only a couple of us he sought the cops are McCarty and happen and he took off and tried it this really mean on foot site yet -- that it's so he left the kid and the -- Buddy got as eBay and he saved 47 dollars and afterwards he says I don't know what it was in the you know he needs a doctor give him.

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