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Tuesday, November 27th Whiner Line

Nov 27, 2012|

Crankier than yesterday? Yup.

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It's. Hard to see it's cost. -- this. -- And now. Today in all I could think was. Michaels and away from the game way too long. Wait too long and annual and -- -- -- -- -- at thirteen of the 39 million on two guys and now eight it was back. -- Joshi gives up. His act and I've gotten to -- already. -- -- WEEI. -- your line. To our room bills like dale. And I don't like to I don't have just like interest -- like you tried that crap yesterday's statement to the public babies and I was actually on the -- dial 779353. Fine. McCullough -- challenging when you're stuck in anomalies in the water. If you want to -- At some point Pete Dolan are lottery is right no drones to its greens please stop whining your line they backed the the way of your argument once and why would it not gonna happen. While it would be available you don't really very Atlanta that want -- -- we have another point line like that WB -- warning your lie your beaten gorges of the tournament. They have a moment all in all this moment it looks. Man -- -- -- On Dennis Kelly Limbaugh wasn't a federally today. You wake up and -- depends depends on meal to -- it to bed sometimes I wake up you go back to dead. What -- -- like -- -- and I'll let you know it at that. Not off -- but I Robert -- that rubbed at -- and go to the street here. Now those -- OK yeah those -- -- No I don't know I'm sure you're right once a year Iran you know -- you cannot you cannot justified the faithful contrary isn't your hatred -- -- -- don't like open to. Why -- And I -- you've made -- personal apology. In the article and it isn't -- suspect. You think while I am -- him. I Rumsfeld and thanks -- John Kerry did. All we want your kids doing. Girl at -- -- ago. -- white alliance powered by AT&T WE I live it's available to drive on to graduate black device. Brought to you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. Ten times faster I think roughly 103 -- what what is it what was that little that little thing it's going to -- Pelosi know she -- yeah she's yeah she's she sounds like the cranky -- you're putting -- like Gary conference -- Yes that's Nancy mostly because she does sound like intricate but -- connect. She's gonna have appeared she might you know us are still holes on the back -- the -- are generally do all my god I want you either way -- -- policy I've. -- It's time. But it's unclear but right. Like John Henry to the -- Vietnam. AT&T rethink possible at -- let's go do it. Moved here it's -- out over Dr. Phil America. Drug addict nobody knew how accurate term deal it doctor Eric Wright gave at all -- And what was title about a loved your drunken voiceless children -- trying to affect the world to Saudi we're giving we're working studies that they are more qualified to talk about the subject of a growing heads suggestions than me. And the staff of -- of anybody. You may be. -- -- -- -- it would be good for you get a guy called -- saved my life forty years ago or take -- -- -- what you're good speed this stuff -- speed in there and there -- -- -- As you know that is that the big -- live -- holly is they -- everywhere you the F. That is that people up or to walk away happy that they felt they. Just to give him a lot for -- I was -- -- and soon and that. I've noticed that it's been an ongoing -- since he won last word. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to you have to it's about -- can help you can barely hold back the way to assist on that the wind it'll talk -- and -- -- -- Ball all over Europe all about fuel you burn that kind of night for you -- -- -- commercial. Terrico White smoke problem and it would go to great but I would do we do well Bob -- you know I thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that message we already have one -- -- -- -- last week my cousin that is your -- don't footage from society. Yes. You know my -- Repeated his from the captain -- playbook normally that it couldn't I didn't. A lot put up -- of them and group. -- -- -- Would you like mountain. Like that dangers along the city's you do. And apple computers. In. Jackson says that was done Indianapolis. Out party for some evidence. Great popcorn and -- -- No Michael Ali and figure advertise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a long time ago. Laws are about past and if it is tragic way paper and he was -- -- -- say about the past. I got I go to my my spiritual advisor. Rick Pitino. And on that -- -- about that if you if you lie. Don't know if -- -- -- -- if you if you -- picture of the year you serve you know if you lie because party's future I don't I don't like you know yeah and amber here has all but yeah. It's always adds if we're fanned out along time ago Catherine I've moved on and pursued through. Excellent stereo into -- -- and I love America. Just remembered them. It's going gruden Brian became at all and that's really read app you know I have broadcast partners. In Paris. The guys we never want anything to recruit -- Lombardi. And that they did put that graphic up there of the great coaches who have never won a Super Bowl the it was a marvelous Marv Levy it. I'll Marv Levy was up to a lot of lot of great coaches in the hall of fame government to provide. The about the case and that gap that in these guys -- Mexico on Friday. And I've never ever heard -- quiet now know why. Because it -- and what they have met that we're talking about. As a window. Gotta you gotta provide for an echo I have some kind of window and jump him. Jumping in Linda I would. Guess there wasn't there was no -- no -- when he gets colonists. He keeps. Getting used translator for next. You'd. Go. Classic. At the last fatal the bottom of one somewhat over the course began its debate about it. Violating the NFL's policy on performance and enhancing substances and that. It was a bad guys are. I think he's improved. He would tell me that's that's seven years ago from the current. Think Barack Obama beat up on it. Don't bat third. And our -- got to tell the truth it's part of your past if you lie becomes part of your future. Just to know that and the other -- anywhere Kate Kennedy died. -- -- add. -- good Warrick got it period. K war. Always. Well okay and outwardly -- and got him but. Hey Adam is accurate. -- -- -- I was a kid through. Do. The ability go. Found out that. Well apparently -- This could go. I thought it best candidate I didn't hit -- goes home -- definitely hoping that you can't. There. -- And I. So that is so sure she's just lost its bulk horrible. Field but his broad net for the moose abandoning -- -- Israel -- -- you should be committed law all. It looks like these he had his quest Obama lost the waterfront what do cause. Opening up that I like everywhere people actually have money I don't try to -- Dario puts out and that's. Like the us written -- -- -- -- all approach -- out of box have like you know predators. I'm thinking that you know up to Milwaukee. -- have a few oysters that probably get a little while like that. And that meant no we don't allow them to eat the oysters but thanks for I'd like to visit though there -- -- -- gonna let -- down there aren't a lot of ground. -- studio that's foods to. And the heated tent yet. Oscar Wanda Johnson number. A comical you listen to the commercial. Yes it does it had that there's a tablet. What is this that can't have -- -- -- support as fragrances for fragrances. That it tough for Brees and understand. Yes well. Good. I mean. And -- message. And again the city royals on a trip -- Pamela. I don't know if everything. The guys -- and he noted and I aspect. And that and that he's got unbelievable moments against Kansas yesterday it's almost like the the Red Sox infatuation with Napoli Napoli -- Number -- how could blow up well I -- better. Say that it happened for the -- outback. Yeah I'll do my elevate but I I know if I guess where my that. And she was a part would red yeah. I think is that better he may have -- betterment of -- You know right now I would just went -- -- -- program for many years -- real pretty damn good but c'mon. Now Harry kept it needs to fold like zillow has throttled by agent Ron Jeremy chick right. And let -- board -- that it cannot want walk. -- is not a lot of debt it was great for the growing Buick albeit about might. Not rowand pat pat -- Barry. And -- Bad -- read -- read was the best of all time red coats like Harry coats and that was it. Great coach who concluded it was carried out ten times and read was a better coached here is that is that -- does that night that's an area Phil Jackson any better -- yeah. -- had a great. They've people who don't know who -- Anderson there -- the same people who Wear pink after the Red Sox back in 2007. Benefit broadcasted through the eight people who don't know it just don't have a clue. And that message. And into the ninety's right at -- was into the ninety's now. Under the heading political quality of the dangerous thing. Look at the great shape keep it moving it's been about work a little more about the book before -- starts running you -- so they're doing what I don't wanna. -- didn't work. Are we. And message. Andy got that Rick Pitino quote get this one here for cost -- Public so that's good. We'll get soon. Yeah I'm economists thought of that crane. Bentley that caught yesterday and activated. About kind of -- it was thought that I'm content without you look at it yet back -- -- -- back -- yeah that's. And you'll go bad that it ever thought about -- -- get -- but I think. And that it. Please -- their -- listener to -- the cranky Yankee the lady. In the car that's a stretch in a long time. And oh yeah growing among yankees. -- I'm like this in the active -- quite -- and -- -- -- -- have to -- that they bill ballot that. There's no way to -- that -- I have always that they want to contact a couple of because it. That way you can win and that -- -- -- everything but when -- come. The -- And do it out okay. Yeah I'm. As -- -- fit that bill. -- balance act and that Tom Brady -- boys yet improvement of the -- couples. Masculinity if you get my drift. That aspect that the -- -- -- -- I -- -- gets tripped up by that -- is go there is trying to be politically. Is your idol I'm part but AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible. Bad not bad we can't. A public about the endorsement.

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