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WEEI.com's Alex Speier introduces us to top KC prospect Wil Myers

Nov 27, 2012|

We check in with the guy who knows the Sox farm system better than most, WEEI.com's Alex Speier to find out whether all the hype about KC's top prospect Wil Myers is warranted.

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I speculative shell we'll get back your phone calls six point 77797937. And just a a quick second if you go to WEI dot com. -- spear breaks it down for your job luster or will Myers making sense of a dazzling. -- and he's a man after my own party plays both sides of the trade why -- Red Sox wanna make the deal. And then the flip side of it why -- the Red Sox want to trade Lester for Myers I like your style and I appreciated thank. I I always try to look try to go to -- got in duck out of any heavy fire. You did a good job with -- today saw how good is will Myers and as he worked at for Jon Lester. We don't know the other pieces involved but it would be worth it for. In a straight up in a vacuum I think the answer is is almost certainly if you were talking about comparing. Jon Lester for two years against Wellemeyer six yours which is going to be more valuable asset. Especially given that will matter cost next to nothing them you Japanese yen -- -- It's a Red Sox and that the competitive baseball and it's just not quite as simple. But getting noticed -- -- but well I. -- -- -- He -- some serious period power guy you know a guy who are aged 21 last 37 homers. Is is not to be tried. That's sort of power I think the baseball America mentioned is the first -- in 1963. At that age -- that many homers and a minor league seasons so so that should give you essential. You know the kind of -- potential -- in your hair net. It's not that there's -- -- what -- They're desperate to Wear and I think you know I think I think they've gotten to the point where -- shall work long awaited. Where the long awaited player development machine that they've been cultivating for so long has performed very -- -- on the pitching side of things. In so I think it's kind of you know sometimes GM its opening position profile. Are recognized -- time for them to start winning or else it could be time for their organizations to start pursuing other general manager. So I think that's certainly contributes to it. -- you know certainly -- is -- prospect he's not there are no guarantees even with a very very good prospect. The month last year potential. May deliver on 50% ready to deliver on 80% of it he may deliver on 10% of it or 0% itself. You know Lester the more proven commodity put on -- even though the trend line for him. Have have been yeah not so great the last few years including most notably last year. -- scouts and general managers love comparisons. -- players of today players of the past to tell us who Myers is based on what you've heard he is. So. I haven't gotten haven't gotten direct columns but you know when -- seen that kind of effect on the huge power a minor league level then beat. Then a guy who immediately jumped to mind. Is someone like Mike Stanton although. Stay out of -- consistent or QB Jim Carr should. We should all -- -- Italian influence. But you know how you know what a guy who had. More consistent power written earlier from his career. Up -- the guy who had more consistent on base ability. But again. Fifteen years ago I had this many homers. In a minor league season took a little bit difficult to put them. As a kind of apples to apples comparison next other people but. You know there's there's pretty well. There have been there is worth the time that he was being drafted. Particularly because -- -- as a catcher but with an acknowledgment that you -- likely at future outfielder there were killed murky comparison based on. You know based on body type based on what kind of hitting approach -- at what kind of a look -- a lot cute cute little generating the kind of natural power. Whenever there is that news out of Kansas City whether it was a Red Sox briefly going -- -- Bob McClure is a pitching coach or whether it's that rumors about Alex Gordon right now. Well Myers I always think Allard Baird and and I think we'll wait a minute maybe he has some connection to this maybe he's the one said the Red Sox need to initiate the conversation. A do you agree with me or statistic just a coincidence. That Allard Baird is a former Kansas City general manager and there's been some conversation about a candidacy player that he didn't draft. Mind you but you know that organization very well. Yeah I look -- they're ever going to keep your kind of -- keep Walt -- and say you know watched regained Michael. -- heard before or out there had not been is not. It would not be one kind of pushing that based on the dirty because. You know the royals organization -- moralist turned over 2006. -- was drafted in 2009. It is really interesting -- -- There's the Red Sox were all over Myers when he was a draft prospect. In Q does not actually just goes to the blog about there's a talk to admire -- not our futures game about Al. It was pretty damn sure he was going to be a member of Boston Red Sox in 2009. And you know he even knew the -- a number twelve overall figure the -- -- -- the 28 overall. When the royal pat on the edge of our -- I'm gonna be a member of the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox worked him out a lot a lot of members of your installation had been a lot of familiar with them. Dating back to a high school times. -- him up he worked out and -- that summer. I'm there's there's there's a couple of interesting back story in connection between -- the Red Sox. It's much to the Red Sox detriment. That they did not -- Trigger on him in that you don't nine dressed in that in the second round productive player and a guy like Alex -- and -- he doesn't quite have the feeling a guy like Myers who. The cost of the mission might -- Jon Lester. You what you know the minor league system quite well you talk about it every Saturday morning with -- and I wanna know. If you look at the minor league players that they have right now. Do you believe that won the Red Sox have enough talent the minor leagues. For the near future I'm not talking about 234 years down around down the line and how many of those do you think they would be willing to deal. To accelerate the process. For 2013. 2014. Really interesting question in terms of the kind of made it I can interpret our system -- guys were going to be making him an impact. To originally -- on 2013. But probably not. Towards the beginning of year you're going out over the course of the year guys like the bright principle of the world and guys like. Let's say a number of the pitchers they have coming out of Britain -- or beat Alan Webster's -- ruby Della Rosa -- -- quite met Dodgers trade. As kind of an interesting impact -- coming up. I Jackie Bradley junior there's a chance shall be about in 2014. Or rather in 2013 by my feeling is -- is that for the most part. You know business this is a year of -- you're starting to get their contributions. At the Major League level for the red from Red Sox perspective. But one thing that is really striking is that after that doctors straight. They really do have some interesting prospect inventory. They have a nice little collection of arms that they've been building in the minor league systems -- they occurred. You'll pretty good pitching prospect and the pressure they're ordered to acquire a guy like Myers they could you know that could also get. In they can give -- in on a deal pretty damn good position prospect of pretty damn good in prospects. And maybe another kind of guy with big upside down in the minors. And they'd still have the infrastructure. Or really get a pretty good farm system itself up their current position from the trade market perspective. Which is quite an interesting -- they'll put your departure for these you know for the hospital nit picky about enjoyment from the major leaks surfaced. Rather than from that by an elite guys. Arturo Alex is my final question for you let's presume that -- your typical ace in baseball. Is it just -- -- glossary purposes mad -- -- -- I'm thinking Justin Verlander Felix Hernandez when -- when I say number five. I'm thinking and somebody like a Felix to Barack. All right since those are the book in there what exactly is Jon Lester. First of all to -- your characterization of your daughter number five I think if you look forward you know sometimes showed number three starts so. I think you're I think you're shooting a little bit slow start up that's -- Lester. So Lester I think Lester I think is a heat inside the war. I think right now is that a very durable and -- number four which is what he was basically does pat care in its healing. Is somewhere between the one in two area because I don't think that we we've ever seen him. Quite as dominant as and Verlander. Flash he likes being able to -- You know to 220 to 240 in dominant. But at the same time we've seen him -- some pretty extraordinary things -- -- elite. You know over the course of -- of that run into don't -- 2011. It should not be dismissed so like -- it's just that period of those four years as being just a tick below. As being just a tick below the number one being kind of the -- One slash two area. And it may be the way the Red Sox are looking at that's why the deal might make some sense for the Red Sox they may not look at him. Any longer is that number one -- studies. Well I think that they've they've built into the side -- him there but I think it you. You'd be crazy to think it fair to say with certainty that what you and Rick with picture isn't that. -- they can go at any time position players can be more easily project double overtime. You know more reliable right I send -- send pictures you know and -- what we've seen has. Three straight years of -- decline in job mustered -- all. We've seen three straight years of strike out rate declined from Jon Lester. In so yeah there are some fair warning -- he can be a really really good pitcher and no doubt the Red Sox. -- believe that to be. But they'd be crazy not to at least you know kind of get feelers for what what's the value right now and you know is it ever going to be higher than what -- -- be minor league prospect in the game. -- you write -- if he goes out next year ended declines again then what value does he have he has absolutely no value the only I would say is that. Are you still have to replace because I think looking at that rotation right now. And I'm sure your degree is one of the week rotations. In Major League Baseball certainly in the American League tell you you've got to replace him with somebody. At the top into the rotation is still a top ten rotation -- Is -- guy you can bank on 200 -- pretty important when -- departure the other patients think last year let -- look the part of the disappointment overall bit -- He was most reliable member of they of all of a -- group you know you're absolutely right that becomes. A very challenging proposition to figure out the ways in which it would be able to go about replacing Lester a you know maybe they end up being able to kind of turn around to make a deal for. For another pitcher who younger whether that be -- free -- -- creek site and a belt Sanchez. You know to say to a long term deal for US dollar and it would take to extend Lester when he pretty knowledgeable. In -- at a younger years but left open when you treat multiple. That there are different ways you can -- it but no question it would put the -- document in -- very challenging position in terms of figuring out how to forge a winning starting rotation. Particular thirteen I think -- Jon Lester now. I totally great art Alex you gotta check out its peace WB yeah I got down -- you both sides of the trade reflected on the road going to. They let Alex RL RWE I don't count.

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