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Is Jon Lester to the KC Royals for their top prospect a real possibility?

Nov 27, 2012|

We discuss the trade rumor of the off-season so far... the Sox would send Jon Lester to the KC Royals for Myers, the minor league player of the year last year and their top prospect. Would this deal make sense? Does weakening the pitching staff in the short term enter this equation? We discuss.

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Stone washed herself is. Quite interesting is -- not Michael that's a great word. -- -- most of that time interesting. If you're you're holding back something when you say it's interesting. I gonna say Oakland that really interest insurers you have I don't mean it's adjusting it and to try to be nice. Am trying to prevent saying -- -- up and saying that search sucks. But in your case. Sure it's -- -- doesn't there's a very measured very nice earnings. But no there's no raisins granola I want sure is the same that your -- militants to store for -- But anyway. In this case would Jon Lester. Jon Lester being mentioned. In trade talks with -- dynamic. Prospect and that's what -- can't -- a great player he's a great great prospector great minor league player. Who has tremendous potential it's close to Majorly and it just tells you it tell you a few things number one is that viewed at the Boston Red Sox. Are saying we will get rid of those contracts will get rid of some of those players that you have had questions about. Whether it's on the field not living up to their potential in the last couple years -- off the field. We don't need to say. The C word B word. But we'll get rid of them but in exchange to get -- great players but it's -- -- I'm collection though it's gonna take -- well if you if you can not trade. Gonzales. Josh Beckett. Carl Crawford and don't -- Nick Punto. Straightaway host Iowa thanks for remind because I had forgotten. Those guys pitcher would have got them into your fan base. Yeah we're still gonna win like we won before they can it's Russian and I can prospects in return it's not ruthless or try to do. Listen we've discussed this over the last couple months. Am I know there are two different. Schools out there are two different groups one group -- sit there saying don't often do nothing to problem -- doing nothing. In a market like this where the fans are custom. To sing their team compete for a championship every single year. What happens when you know right from the get go that you just don't have a chance to win the championship how does the fan base -- yeah. I think I think it's going to be different. No I'll tell you why wouldn't be difficult. In this case vision Nightline well well that's one thing I thought -- I didn't have a car to be champ. I have -- and had -- out of the line a line -- what it ML Carr was selling hope and chance. That's why it was difficult because you had no guarantee of getting Tim Duncan and you're still watching this -- team. As you try to tell people Bob Hope. Instead at the Boston Red Sox. They have traded. Treated for some of the top prospects in baseball enlist in the calendar year so not only selling hope. Three years down and wrote he used on -- you can see it make whether it's in Boston. In the case of -- maybe he's he's going to be here next year. Or if it's in AAA you've got a lot of prospects baseball America's can be very happy with the Boston that -- -- -- -- -- arguably are excited artery is your Red Sox fan and you think. Okay we've taken it as far as we go now it's time to -- in your rebuilding. With top prospects. That's difficult so I -- I -- I do because it doesn't happen overnight. And might take 456. Years to be able to do something like that it's not quick fix. And I think the public has been weaned on. Championship teams they have been weaned on big huge stars -- 2002. Until 2000 and -- Although starchy or 2012 rules Carl Crawford -- 42 million dollar plus six and who knows what was in his arms drawback was. Under is gone back to the bottom line. Bottom ugly 69 Michael you can't be a last place team. From the beginning to the end the -- In this market after what people have seen. I think last year was kind of a culture shock to them specially coming off of September. Because they look at it is well that was just one month. Last year was culture shock I think it's a very difficult sell especially. When you go from a 190 million may be down 210 or 120 million dollars people are gonna sit there and -- wedeman he you know you you didn't decrease the ticket prices. The prices haven't dropped anymore. We'll tell you when you on what you're right. That that's the message that will be out there if you're if you're getting if you're in essence. In a matter -- few months getting your number one guy your rotation you're number two guy in -- rotation. Certainly a first baseman that spend it. And -- Hitler like is that the culture shock but I think it was a culture. That needed to be turned over Nestle is now what we were we were asking for. Since September 22011. People were asking for Beck Coulter to be turned over pollsters want an apology that what happened. An apology -- Josh Beckett amounts that you're sorry John Lackey figures are Jon Lester only following Josh Beckett around what's wrong with you get back to be the pitcher with doctor going to be. Three or four years ago I apologize then I'll write tonight yeah all right -- you can -- it you didn't apologize a thousand times that people want. Says that the Red Sox are gonna do that they continued to struggle. In April last year and people just got fed up a year you know what it that's what you're doing. You don't want will sort out to the fan base to. If that's the direction they're going in because. We keep on hearing that there are talks going on between the Red Sox and Kansas City and the Jon Lester is the guy. That's being thrown out there in trade talks if that's the case. Then that's what to do courage I think over the last couple months we assumed. That you're going which you're number one guy -- a rotation Jon Lester and the John Ferrell. Probably can fix. What this is telling me if this is the deal you're going to deal because I don't care how good this kid might this prospect might be pitching is still more important. It's telling me referrals to only organization. The thing that evacuated and a pitching is not more important if it's. If you've determined that Jon Lester is a three is that -- that. Just imagine -- think big here no you're right you're right you're right but that's that's that's basically what I just said that John Ferrell is telling the organization. Listen you want me to fix Lester I'll tell you he's of during peak of a four he's not want our -- not a guy that weakened look at. They can be our ace on the staff. This is where I hope -- Michael why would you deal him away with two years left in his contract. An affordable dollars right now target market is still relatively young going in right now he's with the Cuban peak of his career. Would think you bet this is what this is -- -- -- Just imagine. You've got yourself. The rookie of the year. And not just any -- they think you've got yourself AE. -- -- -- You might -- would you trade 83. From my truck for a young right trap him to him that you would would you would you trading tool. For a young Mike Trout. Yes she worked I tell you who's gonna like this. You know who's going to steal this thing is that these these these maneuvering to the Boston Red Sox in the past. Six to eight months. People. While want to watch it every now and then. -- what he's been the key. Law. Will. The little oil -- all the Saber of hundreds of lighting up the CIR is still there are proud are bad at all. He continued I've no doubt no doubt but these prospects. He'd be all over the as the be all over admired the great unknown amateur by the way Dexter wants to know is -- the number one CRA. Hey he's been -- before they don't want the courts. -- picture and he's faced this year period. Though but that it doesn't help you in your in the Caribbean terrific young player. He could bring an awful lot he could have some terrific numbers this year he could entertain the the crowd like Jonny Gomes dozens comedy routine. -- all can be fun as a sideshow. -- -- -- -- -- What more 69 games next year. Where the division that every single one of those games is an absolute. Dead are just like Keller. Everyone of the games division. -- -- There are no easy Internet division you're facing. Four very difficulty to correct this -- That's fair that's fair especially with Toronto and Toronto approximately how do you deal would I you do win. If you're pitching is actually may be weaker than it was a year ago Clay Buchholz. Debacle that you're one. Not a joke and -- becomes one -- with a lot of pressure. On -- -- close impossible likely to go again and stop the rotation guys on the plus. You're going to overpay in a free agent market something that the Red Sox apparently don't wanna do right now. It's overpaying free agent Morgan I'm not saying the patient but that's the only way. That they can solve that -- Well there was a causes -- Major League Baseball rumors. As a general manager that anonymous general manager quoted on there yeah I MLB trade rumors. Things that Zack Greinke will get six years. In excess of 150 million dollars and -- good thing about it that's. -- possibility that's why this is so. And the texture put it right injury and rupiah with a free masons with the than any free makes an inch screen and you think he's anxious now literally just a 150 nuclear terrific tradition and this is intriguing. Because you have not only. Are you thinking about trading Jon Lester -- counteract. For a minor league star. Minimal contract. So you have you accomplish at 1213 million dollars off the payroll right they're just on that on a per season basis. Of this that's a personal for summer August August should pay your share what does that money you know you're sure that there's just don't want to kick your open it up. If you shed payroll you bring NSR. Well if you -- a break and Zack Greinke if you want it to you and bring in -- does not think. There's nothing that would be -- nothings I don't know if -- -- you know his history. Is history is that he he buckles under pressure he's got some anxiety issues not bringing him to a market like this. Where you -- with the organization is trying to tend to go into a transition period there's no pressure there's no pressure per arguing. Are you you pressure you to do with the pressure our regular time. And you you'll think they'll be pressure this on live here long can you don't think -- depression like that read I tell you -- it does not if there's no pressure. They'll be no fans and people go the other way that much is typical lot here. To watch your team get their ass kicked every single stop -- Red Sox fans and talent out at the fancy like -- 617. I -- about 837 I don't speak for the I just don't I grew up -- -- -- I was around when teams were bad it was around -- teams were really good year and don't I just don't see when you're up a big market team. Your charge in those prices to get people to get into the ballpark you've you've got all your games in York controlled network. -- all the sponsorship. If you think that the Red Sox fans. Are gonna set I only way this team went 6567. Games next season and tells us to our kids coming along to a 34 years it's going to be great. I'll tell you what my. But you know you bring a but it just to point. I'm -- -- -- miss -- beat Kansas City that's trying to imagine you at 1415 years -- coming -- from them and that he sent. You come to a ballpark we don't a talk show than like your own often you do your own talk show in the statement talked to my brain doesn't like it on the right isn't it. Yapping away to two people you where -- that guy back fifteen years -- its important work. It took that the -- Japanese tire I talked to a few people. Off on a public person few people on the -- Talked with cal for me a few years Clinton -- outweigh the comments a bit ago. No I just don't see it happening but I -- -- few weeks ago and still trying to figure this out. How does this team become competitive in 2013. Keep on reading and hearing media folk in this -- Talk about how this team is gonna be competitive in 2013. I don't see it. Unless they're going to want to spend. An awful lot of money and that doesn't guarantee you. That you gonna be good for the long run or you're gonna win a championship so I understand some of what they're doing right now. -- couldn't sell me on the fact. That gonna compete. In 2013. They have that they can trade away without without impeding its competing committing your bidding for the division title not. Commitment that the division titles going to be the same as. Wild -- Look at what happened watched you art sector punched out second -- -- And -- the second wildcard so much difference who did the first on the sidewalk art demolished it was bit. That was last. It out -- table let's say on what Jesus. Let me looking -- -- school he wants you to be the moderator for for a Christmas at Fenway on -- I'd like you would read our hair out over there are a bit but it all Benjamin Franklin and I -- injury compared to how do. Won't want to watch a baseball game every now and then. Follow it -- them. I'm trying to figure this out. How do they do it if you're gonna hold onto all the prospects and I look how good prospects aren't surprised we're not at this guy what. Every prospect okay. -- -- -- -- -- All right we've seen as well regarded well. Decorated. Our big of a dance before I'll see him up before when you look at them as a double or triple a ball player -- -- it's the big leagues it's open up -- he's just a marginal player. A match and that's not the case with the students get my superstar. That's the evaluation and the talent evaluation that the Red Sox have to Mike. I think by even hawking about Jon Lester in the way of -- deal they're telling you what they about Jon Lester right now. And that is what is this Indian bend before you guys had a soft and they want to go to break that's where you -- in Kandahar and other election I just I just want to and I wanna mention it shouldn't -- This tell it tell July. That they are talking to Kansas City about this I don't think it went today and you think about the Red Sox structure not Red Sox hierarchy. In where people are from what their affiliations are. Every time Kansas City player comes I think of Allard Baird Kansas City general manager. Brought here by -- working with the Red Sox right now. No the Kansas city's system better than any other -- the world so he's -- Smart -- and I'm telling you don't know that that's my point is this going. I think they initiated the talks -- it makes it even more interest would the Red Sox. At the Red Sox at Whitman. They appoint them this is this is what we can do and I'm telling you guys I can -- for -- I saw him I've seen him I know it's make up. This is the guy who arrived in Boston but they're also telling you what they think of children last -- Sure because I hope it's not like what they have a -- -- -- -- Pledging to try to frame this as some type of disrespect. -- -- Jon Lester because his business if you look at the -- not just respected what is it with into the Kansas City Star reporter read the -- that our report. OC. At the Red Sox. I've talked to the royals. About -- And the rays have the rays have dangled James Shields right now James Shields in Jon Lester two fantastic. Starting produced in America and they feel like that's what's gonna -- to get a guy like spears did. The rays can trade away James Shields not miss -- -- The Red Sox right now I think we're banking. That Jon Lester was going to be east of your staff wanted to be on the road to have you have you shot about -- -- you're -- And and the banking I don't know. I'm definitely wrong and that there by door minutes. How would you specially when the the the old pitching coaches come -- the managed the team that pretty much telling you. He's not we don't believe he comedians. Back there. The big jump or -- at all and you would six point 77797937. We opened it up a talk a little baseball because. Wouldn't waiting for the Red Sox to do something some noise on the Fenway Park according to an industry source the Red Sox. Apparently. Have not had any discussions with Jon Lester about a potential extension. They have apparently Dustin Pedroia. Over but they have been discussions with the Kansas City Royals. About. Working out a deal. Or will Myers. Apparently there additional players going to go on both directions so. That'll add to the whole thing but it's only in the discussion. Stage but anytime you start hearing. Too many whispers -- here in Germany was the only whispers there's no doubt it was theirs they have they contacted the royals and -- since I was -- not only Allard Baird. This Kansas City connections but think of that part of the country that Kansas. Missouri guy in the front office other than Allard Baird is James James I feel more comfortable -- -- -- Bill James all of my competitors could have more all day while. In baseball operations and -- -- at the space it. What team does he seem more -- it wasn't too long of a ride to go to Detroit what team does he see you -- stay local. And said. Just about -- doesn't make me feel when he got a 2013 Jon Lester is scheduled to make eleven point six million dollar little point 675. To be exact and in 2014. There's a team option right or thirteen million dollars doubt here's the interesting thing he can avoid the option. If he finishes first or second. In this Cy Young voting for any season from 2002013. Well. That's basically irrelevant because they'd be trading him away for the 2013 season in the highest he's finished and I am voting. Is for. So he -- -- that -- that the -- team option. Thirteen million dollars and eleven and. -- let's get to the functional -- reaction here's Joel Robinson first up on today's excellent -- Boy -- you are always up. They -- I respectfully disagree with you if you look at the last creep up prospect -- in the season. Although last thirty years you talk and Strasburg harper trial. You've got to give up something good to get something -- -- number one frightening prospect in the minor league not a lot of -- that. I'm not this should you know. Back -- and you should be flattered that below to be considering deal on the -- -- -- -- -- -- Joseph I'm not disputing. That will Myers might be the next great player in Major League Baseball what I'm telling you aliens that. The Red Sox are not -- looking Eddie bridge year or two here this is not put you in a position. A better position to contend in 2013. When your vision are catching up. My other not looking at him as the basis for our current outlook reconciliation. I think -- public that. Jon Lester is that Seattle called him that well you're Felix walks -- doesn't -- you're thinking you actually got mustard Shipley hey we can get you. I understand that I don't like -- -- about the Red -- point of view here the Red Sox right now or weak in pitching correct. Mark and now they're not marginal not now jump up and I don't know -- -- plot bottler Joseph a year ago I joke with you. Joseph with you a marginal or something this is what kept the number this is good and blind spot when it comes to Red Sox pitching because you will on one hand. Talk about the Baltimore Orioles all day long and how great their pitching has been ignorance within. You look at the rebels -- it was great -- their bullpen was great rotation is not strong bullpen that's great I don't read they had a great -- but the Red -- -- -- neither the Red Sox rotation is better than Baltimore's sorry no matter and they -- not just. With -- -- -- -- the Red Sox -- started loyal but not right now no way. Absolutely not just because the Arctic -- a down year last year and doesn't mean that they can't turn around this year. But that being said the red -- pitching -- marginal right now it's on the cent -- that you have to. I don't think it's I don't think -- I don't I just -- wolf Myers might be a great player everything ever at a bottom he has the potential to be somebody at a special I agree with that. On you know but when you're talking about marginal and more -- -- a marginal the reason the Red Sox have failed to make the playoffs -- what is it four years. Is that won a playoff game. Is their -- lack of pitching that's not marginal there that -- their offense. Has kept them afloat. And right now what's not capable of keeping them Baltimore stretching was marginal last year watching and they got was their hope I don't that's not our starters were marginal Michael overall pitching duels. Mike Michael their bullpen was exceptional. OK but that's the bullpen but that's. Okay our teams have done so before you close -- better -- out for the open get your start the game and district in Baltimore pitching. That the world. Work like you don't want. The reason they got. Where they got two and a pair of kids because of their Chang Andy that on man. And it remains in Allentown that this law on -- During news you know -- What you want Bill James -- you OK okay I can -- I have -- they've dealt. How amen I'd rather have -- law over indulgent of the -- -- -- -- -- -- Robert got about two -- written necessary during the program -- walked out of the bully buddies and well managed it. And I cannot name a lot of names -- The Red Sox could go back into that one news of in the evicted and the force -- to just find a way to. Extend. The contract in a chip them look at it that we -- -- in Britain and in the that the market promote dictate text that you right now. The picture in mind but don't tell me it's wise overall in the -- so I don't I don't look. I could do is activate it about a penny a particular political candidate and in to become. So are you willing to hang around for the next 234 years and okay. Extortion I just you know what not Napoleon I may -- -- -- -- important. Quite some young talent they're going to be cheap to become an -- -- know you. And at the Olympic impact it would bring. To play at. And an end up -- at that point eight. And then all of a sudden that I'd been there Putin pocket whatever it is and and six. Or maybe sell the team. And that would end. And I just think it's I don't want you know what I wouldn't let us just. So. Appropriate. And they should be you should vote on Red Sox or Honda I do about it in the and yeah it yeah at all. A terrific ownership you know we can we can't fault them for some of the things that they have done over the last couple years there's no doubt about the -- overall. They brought two championships. Here now they keep on denying -- we talked about this months ago. Anytime you see your business do what they do what they have done and that's -- money out and now Lester who with these good over the next two years. They have to pay him on an awful lot of money. As if you're right it's great he's going to get a 16050. Million bucks if Lester is good over the next two years which is the best case scenario. That you're gonna have to pay him a fortune. If he structured stuck with that a number one guy what you thought was an ace. And he's not producing for unity useless right as opposed to going out and making a trade for Myers. You control. His pay for the next six seasons. What's it comes to the big leagues you've got for six seasons you all you have to deal with his arbitration but you won't for six years. So to me I'm wondering. If an awful lot of money. Why does that. There's no rational thought why not thank you accuse so you know and know it's funny before you go to Kevin -- trees very -- So you mentioned Greinke it's funny that you mention great. -- -- I can't city. Allard Baird and again I'm telling you. Just can look at the is so -- is just the right fitness must be affiliations I'm telling you -- -- there's not a coincidence well. If they go out spend a 150 and sixty million dollars. For Greinke I believe will be a mistake. And we've already seen us you can have all the money you want to go and spend it's got to get the right player for this market. And if you think there's going to be no pressure on a guy like cranky coming to Boston this next summer I disagree with. I really don't we'll see how it plays out -- good July and August but I can't see this market. Are -- on putting some sort of pressure on his team of this team fails mr. I wouldn't even and then you have days Zack Greinke would have to give an answer to this or somebody who has he is a professional athlete. Who has is condition would have to tell you this I don't think anybody else can but ever get in the second Kevin problems. -- I would never make the argument I wouldn't try to make the argument the Kansas City as a baseball town right now. It's comparable to Boston would make the argument the Milwaukee is a baseball town it's comparable Boston thank you they're doing -- thank you for deliberately there's no discussion but. I wonder. -- Zack Greinke has felt any pressure. As he's pitched for Milwaukee and now at the angels. As yet has he felt any pressure that we not click here but we assume this is different but we assume because he's as a body vehicle because he's been in Kansas City and Milwaukee and Los Angeles. In his condition he has felt no pressure and -- when it comes to Boston and the pressure like he -- it any time before -- -- Only he's used -- and it would might be surprised. That are felt pressure in Milwaukee is still perform we don't know I gonna tell you before or after you pay the 160 million. I'm sorry Kevin Garnett or Karen's apartment that. That's that they got -- -- I thought I am actually getting a third partner respectfully disagree with you here because dumb you know what happened -- the -- back after we told everybody contract after the -- You know we brought up young -- you brought out -- march I was brought up -- so you know we we still that little bit ago public effort out of all going well we don't act that -- know what Helio didn't. Ate it up a lot and we want without some I want it -- -- I think and in particular realized. You know it is going to be up there a couple of years and you know we -- -- hadn't heard. It and I don't believe we -- eager. For the product -- -- and. It'll be interesting to say I I just don't think they're gonna stay out in your talking about 3738000. Showing up. Every single game you're talking about some of the best television ratings of any Major League Baseball team. In in in and Major League Baseball. I don't think any of those things gobbled up the other thing that will will -- will be the marketing dollars for the Red Sox the team doesn't win. And sponsors are gonna move to the other teams they're gonna move to the Celtics and what's the patriots they move the dollars around based on the team it's hot right now and the Bruins. All out with a recipients of an awful lot of that two years ago they got a lot of that there -- So that's what happens if that happens. That your revenue drops and a few revenue drops. Then you no longer have the capacity to play as the big huge market team anymore. Just can't -- I 6177797937. Radio which. -- and would like the rotation. To create your tree you know or both options. You know. You know -- at solar external. Factors you mentioned. Yeah like the fact. If at all possible there. The younger our system you may not be. A vote on their -- easily. And the -- really get their attention goes forward. I spent from November 1 so again. To. Not -- understand playing well you know here's that you may not understand the plan. And we may see this thing differently. But at least at least we're having a conversation about it. Not trying to come over the table that may be an actress -- and I'm not care I'm not cussing you out at least not on the air. It's a civil conversation as opposed to might have thought you're stuck in it was therapists and at my body was on the radio you'll hear it was crazy -- board it was crazy. Empty to me it was -- now in a fight in arraigned. That's a good fight in the because I thought -- that always go without. While the height weight after that out fights always go to the crazy for actor -- crazier. I don't know. -- -- -- Yeah aren't. Out there right. All right. Look marginally more wrong about Bledsoe. Would -- why you -- Robert George Bush dual -- -- -- luckily I -- -- -- and how. That was all right -- debate and respect one bad. -- I mean that's that's great run but you know like she goes back to when we wrote your column last week about. All the bad things that happened on special teams what you feel to point out was some of the good things that some of those players did you -- special teams I'm also waiting for your column. This week about how the giants -- Or -- silly fairly friendly state probably away what -- run run run run out. And I know the don't like. Well. I will let -- -- To take turns. Not. Not that -- -- -- a great block. I'm the leader or. Thankfully get a break on the ball up pull out earlier it should be talking about it. Oh that's nice run I'm waiting for your column while some way you can't you. It. That -- -- that -- true that you didn't read -- on let me -- let me let me finish my point Roxio -- not waiting for your -- -- It was such a bad thing for -- to be out there I guess you forgot. Guys like Lawrence Taylor is while the decades have played. Out on special teams are waiting for your column also about how the giants are seeing -- defense -- -- want to Ron -- the second round let me official says and he can respond. What wish a column coming out on Monday night about. Again. But don't want to talk to -- to can make a fool yourself. Doesn't this I had to DA try to figure let's focus on why knowing what he -- -- aspect where -- on special teams is a great depth point by his Ron wrote a column about that. I'm on record that. I don't think. That people go. I know that's why our patent and that's you know that's what they don't tell here on special. -- I wrote a column. You. Should be at the bar was. What this -- in issue you'll want you but that -- Feel that way why -- -- But it all. While that are considered can't read. And it it was talking about the fact that he doesn't read Borges. Anymore doesn't read him because he knows where is coming from you know the direction he's coming from the board is Aldo and and so -- and to remain in. Great event a short everything's on penalty called in and company has rarely heard him play more ultimately because it was fun. Seems like forever. And they get it it -- It got more heated as it went along and it's interesting because Pete is a period both that passion. -- anybody it that was all right. Putting debate who respect one bad. -- brought the baby -- brought the baby Jesus into everything not I'm not during the season can't bring the dirt and I'll get a baby now in his third season though so. OK they're both passionate. They're both our little a little crazy -- little a little -- hangs out with. You know the dossier and Freddie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Borders has watched boxers. So you'd think he understands the sweet science -- mortem Pete but it turned into a street fight. This week I've got to. I'm gonna be refereeing this thing okay above the belt parents OK we -- the night and I don't I don't know. Ago one double what is that the daunting thing down I mean only means is they're now he's you know sat -- Art wears clothes actually artwork goes goes -- hand how this golf. This is this is a good matchup I don't know tell the day you guys tell me. On resistant from the eighteen feet and excellent glad you're so wrong then what is an event now. 80% of the people would show up every night of cancer free tickets corporate fans the park will always building filled no matter one. I disagree. -- Fenway has been in the event. And the reason it's been an event because you -- you championship -- you saw baseball and it's best for good portion of the decade. So we became the input in your right attracted the cats because it was where you needed to big. In the same respect the patriot shifted over a couple of years ago to the -- because they won. It's all about winning. They've got the ball more that don't hundredth anniversary. They did the eighth anniversary last year the 2004 championship. What are they -- at the ninth anniversary next to him -- all of that. The ball -- the -- aren't there is no doubt the ball markers were some of the facts and Michael the ballpark is an event. Because the AT and as a result -- Maybe if that version. -- it was 100 Shia it was 100 years from where park. And during those 100 years through 2014 when championship with a they passed separate night they did the eighth anniversary of the get a that would have been great moments. One of the great team apparently was too early for partisanship and they're at. It for 70. -- -- now one.

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