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The Turk, Derek Sanderson with the Big Show (Part Two)

Nov 27, 2012|

(Part Two) We speak with one of the most legendary Bruins of all time about his new book 'Crossing the Line', which documents the tumultuous life and times of Derek, how his crazy life almost ended early, and how Bobby Orr helped save his life.

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-- Beckett had a big -- on our way Michael Holley talked -- would Derek Sanderson. Author of a new book call crossing the line real outrageous story. Of hockey original you know these days every week we're talking about concussions were talking about a man football we're talking about a hockey. Many concussions do you think you had your playing career of course you played in a game that did not -- -- There's going to be very controversial. I had one. -- Two guys can I got BMO move and Ronald and junior and it may head hit the glass and until like -- came out for the bell in the second period. I I. Idea. Threw up on the floor traders injured aren't going any. And they try to force been wearing a helmet and it just look so goofy I said no way am I am. And today -- -- look at what is students Buick could basic things what is -- third law. To every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Off helmets do is prevent. Fractured skulls they do not the do not save you from concussions they cause concussions. So you tell me all the years you played the National Hockey League you have one concussion one that took me high one guy took me -- partnered to me. Even higher justice -- my -- -- hit me in my head in the glass. On the -- in my head Dow was a good time and you know -- they wanted the I had some problems with these two and and you got over its. I can't make driving on a -- and they got me good guys in LA -- -- lucky kids today US to five your world. Wednesday. Very supple neck. Night to stand on frozen water three inches off of that frozen water balanced on sixteen inches steel. You put out on delta element never been one designed yet per child. Put an adult -- -- said with a cage. You can't see any and is at its feet. As he's got to look straight down to carry the -- And our superstars again lindros LaFontaine. Korea. -- Savard got do you get people lost forever and that -- lost. Their greatest years we never -- see them play the game do you think guys are braver when they have helmets on the that way as I mentioned when you have the cage you'd change. Your approach to learning the game. Well I was thought I was -- keep your stick down you've hit anybody hit him with a shoulder. Right now I had to keep my head out of the way. Or I'd get her. So I kept my head out of the way what they do now my head doesn't matter my mom told realized by result that helmets. They'll protect me they don't protect. It scoffs at two. Sliding through -- in -- -- when you stop the head when your they -- -- Ellis said many guys that game is plated two -- aid. To protect the skull. Only thing -- that'll protect the scout is common sense. And respect for your opponents. And that has to be brought back in the game I watched -- from Ottawa take a fifty foot run. At Doyle a great player in the -- -- with the Rangers in aegis BO one -- from on the board stepped out behind his opponent. His head down and just keep gave -- forty feet one I played. If you took a step. In the direction aggressively. Hit somebody it's -- charging. An even happen anymore. And I don't know what they're gonna do. And I and and I said you got a basketball guy and a baseball guy who decide what to -- what rules. And I think is nothing you can do you can't take. Three and a half feet. And the Blue Line and give it to -- offensive player it slapped the -- issued these one timers they're comic gets a guy that. In in the Adam's apple right and that's he'll tell this you cannot check that man out there too deep. It's too difficult. As if you were helmet you wouldn't it shall hero -- that. That would matched up. While -- in the individually from god that map today just help I don't think that Ron Ron do -- on dude yeah. At lying there and he was fine -- mr. cool. But only 888. Helmets and no one looks at its negatives I Watson vs 19 -- -- channel. I'm watch in the dead the moderator pain interviewing six. Players. About helmets and conscience that. All six of them never played the game of the moment. As some it's a major -- young people out there and listening to this is it what is -- -- not make helmets off. Well that's all you know if you wanna stop you right you wanna stop scalp lacerations. Give a child leather cover. Right and if you don't -- he's going to cut the low blood here their -- regular money and -- heels but. Concussions are different matter YouTube. You -- jumble of brains up a little bit. Caprice and them some trouble and then that's -- comes a year and the next one comes a year and you start to see some things happened. And and players. -- has got to stop you you you ever attempted in your days with the performance enhancing drugs are in that it means. Don't know that never we just played hard and we you know we we we we played chartered. It was something that. You you've full get some nights you Saudia ice better you'd just stock. It felt better. Other nights that it wasn't there other ninety go to the guy your -- the -- your right -- -- up. That failing that story in a good coach. If you watch him we -- -- and in he would watch and say man. OK boys he gave you some to think about. And XQXQ. Did six -- -- NEA in and that all of its kind of the way it always worked. But now they got all sorts of things again TVs in -- rooms and coaches toxin falcon I get inspired by coach's box that. Being recorded. Now how is that how as -- as far as a motivate -- was was he. A good coach because you just respected his knowledge of the game or was he one of those guys who committed. This inspire you with his work. Well I tell you why I never read new Harry sinden until. I did that broadcast and then I did I never met a man who loved the game as much as he did an error and a man who. Knew more -- again and he did Harry sinden is better. And don't Maine did paying derogatory but he is better at hockey then read our back was about them. He are old news here and I'm glad glad and he knew -- -- poverty in this is a good debate for you. I gotta tell my height I am a big fan of of Paris and I think Harry sinden got a bad deal in this -- -- ever and and I'm not sure that all of that was his fault but they went for so many years as Derek knows. From the time that his teams won a championship -- the championship we saw here. Two years ago and I think in this town. Jeremy Jacobs probably -- took a little bit more heat but Harry was clear from day one and Harry probably took more heat than anybody. Any ticket in his chest for the Hillary's lead very. Frustrated dependable man. His boss and those with a march ninth but he did. He brought the team as best he couldn't of the budget he had made and competitive. And instead of a slow death or go with free agency. To bring in a repeater. That -- heat. Because free -- Guy is gone next year to oysters contracts may heal while they play in the last year of the contract -- -- amazing when you advocate that the is -- some incentive there I don't know about you know I. It's sad day. You know they did a great coaches are recognized. Is Scotty Bowman had great teams I mean I'm talking about a guy that was. Alone. He he's active told many time disease now yet. I told him write a book brightness down a -- knowledge that I learned I learned more from hockey more about hockey in years. That I did the broadcasts that I did that's just being with the men every night he came he loved it sit beside him in the game. You got your whole left side is bruiser right side change different night. He he -- body check in -- he felt that he velvet. It was the best that ever ever -- hockey game news about. I got -- together you -- -- job right now and investing financially advising other people. It's not forget agrees to a wealth management and based wealth management. -- -- -- -- -- Honorable -- the president I think you've got out there and all -- brought don't know we got there how shelf that American and did any of this over the years do damage to you to the point that you're dealing with yeah. I think when you get sixty. Sixty plus and -- on the far side of the mountain. It's like she's likely to hit the golf balls far you don't do you don't need it to sleep as much you know. Everything hurts fingers turn arthritis hurts my back my neck. Again you know slow aches and pains that you would chip out from your -- I'd get in the shower and cost days ago -- Chela. Why it's -- -- -- basic kind of quick rinse -- ago go he had gone now hi it's like okay. You know whatever you do. And you take the lunch hours in the morning you know bounce back what do you do when your kid. It's a it's a fast and it's great because you really get into as some of the stuff that I think we knew on the outside was happening in your life. But you wore revealing it at that time. If you did open up and a lot of stories we keep -- LC -- have to by the board I am it's at one point area. Aka. And I hand in the manuscript and they who do you think you're. Tom Clancy. 90000 -- Its annual. But that it was burger that was -- there as twice that Andy said blow. No one's gonna read that much and it came on the again. Doesn't look at all the women who -- -- -- -- because they left out yeah I didn't put any odds. I I don't think they're upset at -- -- crowded all saw I don't think so either. It's -- crossed the -- the outrageous story of a hockey our original with a forward by -- -- York. Derek your credits with pretty much saving is like if you wanna read it will be a movie -- Derek great scene you can. I later thanks for coming and we appreciate you -- thank Derek Sanderson. I bet you're the big shelf -- -- way and holly interesting Michael looking at the text machine during netted -- -- with the Derek Sanderson. We get two groups of of textures one. Who had a personal experience with Derek where he showed up at their school group or whatever to actually talk about. His addictions. By his demons and how impressed they were of and there's another group out there who thought that maybe he was still doing something. Here in the studio I can tell you that was not the case now is two things at work here one. Kind of mumbled when he was a player even when he was a broadcaster if you remember from time to tell you can't say what did you say. And on top of that obviously. Birdie was the king of non sequitur yes absolutely. Entertaining though. And obviously you know all of the the issues that he says he mentioned. And he said health issues as well he said in hip replacements and nobody else have obviously taken at all. And he's up there and AG's -- 66 or something like that not that -- erratic so that was that was all at work here but that's a hard. If -- -- -- that's art art 36 hours. And so all of that I think. Played on some of what you heard here in the interview when we can tell you that that clearly. -- was was not doing anything anything happening when. You're used to but you know I think and I'm known for years and he sort of like this he talks like this. He's a fascinating guy and he's a guy who obviously. It's -- -- he has no real regrets he doesn't he looks back baton. All the different things that he did. And some people you know look at it differently I think he he has a much. Different approach I think also. Then -- he said. When he was going to write the book you're trying to embarrass anybody wouldn't trying to bury anybody was all about personal responsibility nobody made -- drink and muddy. Made him do drugs there and blow all the money that he blew. But -- it's interest in looking at the text again there are some people who remember. Derek Anderson as a player as you did their people remember him as a broadcaster. They know him so to speak even if you never met him personally just got them. You know he's in your living room every every game night every hockey -- that you cannot understood some of the quirks. And then I think it was a generation gap to there's some people were the -- he -- of. -- What school that I think that was part of it they just. I don't know. Which is part of it. Don't know it's got to -- when you look at the timeframe. You know I played late sixties into the seventies and when you look at the timeframe and a lot of people adult they're not even as a broadcaster wells of podcaster. Should've asked him when he finished up as a broadcaster you probably the younger people well. Really now. I would say that the younger people. Wouldn't wouldn't have known men and we do have a lot of young people of the younger age. Demographic group but fascinating guy and the in a great hockey player by the adjusting phenomenal hockey talk about a penalty killer he was phenomenal. But he was a great hockey player but he was a big personality. That he was as hockey player. Media -- this Alia you know as great as -- laws and always the greatest player in in my opinion ever play the game. He was exactly what Derek which would name with described him. He was Milken and and cookies -- -- so he was he was a good guy you know he was the guy that every. Eric wanted their daughter to show up with the the door okay. The last guy apparently wanted to -- it was started with first Ericsson question. -- he said something. That was in I don't know if it came across he was moved by it. As he relayed this story and I hope you guys started to in Bobby or. Want him to turn his life around he was so desperate for Derek Anderson to stop drinking terms like for a it's only he can get yourself together. I will based sponsor you -- -- -- give you all of the contact from this it's not you actually have like he did all that I will take care of view but you've got to take care of yourself and the that is he desperate power. He did and I think that's going to be probably the the main theme. Of of the movie I -- is that there's an opportunity for this to via a very very very good. How we got another hour to go get back into the Red Sox and some other stuff what you six point 77797937. Right -- -- --

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