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The Turk, Derek Sanderson with the Big Show (Part One)

Nov 27, 2012|

(Part One) We speak with one of the most legendary Bruins of all time about his new book 'Crossing the Line', which documents the tumultuous life and times of Derek, how his crazy life almost ended early, and how Bobby Orr helped save his life.

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I'd care to show whether or Atlanta holly I tell -- for the younger listeners out there Michael. They're gonna remember this next guy as a broadcaster. For the older people like walk. You got to remember him because when you were younger. Every kid I know wanted to be Derek Sanderson a why's that why -- I'll tell you one -- Jordan and other characters outside Iowa. Because it was an unbelievable. Athlete. And my guess is he -- -- I'm gonna say this -- Hillary -- he'd probably heavily female companionship virtually every single evening isn't safe to -- Is that why does that -- 5% well there are rumors have office. Okay -- I don't fight and it divided half of lavish some bulls who have done yeah. I'd be dead circuits it's great scenic it's CU. And brand new book it's called crossing the line already I heard a movie in the works. Huge apartment as -- executive producer. Connections. Ed Burns is playing my father. While you again -- -- -- -- director they have been really plan. Come to that just don't let him cast Jonah Hill recently -- there's apparently sports' Jeff and who should play -- my favorite. And an editor. Elaborate twit right after that every element threats -- under half a step back and listen you. When you look at your life when I forgot some of the stuff on blackened and started reading the book because you talk about a professional lastly. Which had more highs more -- I don't think one exist out there. You were once on the highest paid professional athlete on the wrong. Then you win at one time we're living in cardboard box refrigerator box refrigerator box regretting it. An old tire pulled me and I and in the first day I was there is raining out. And he said. You obviously know it is here's the paper underneath so and on top so usage stayed dry and both sides. I'm -- I said there's a way to go live vote here. Usually don't there's a methodology of this whole thing or go -- was gonna give you to give these tips on how to be homeless not a bill -- hasn't happened to one individual how do you goal. From being at the top of your profession highest paid guy in sports. -- basically being -- days away from IB death not -- am I I I should probably be certainly should be in jail. It is it is decision making in the hugest. And any compounds. In just one bad mistake after another and it just -- -- It are are really 1 -- I'm curious about the whole process because they read the book I was surprised that you didn't hold back on anything. It is very clear. You know who he'll likely you don't like Yahoo! helped you didn't help you who you're friends -- who you were. An adversarial relationships with. When you went into this process that you say I have to just held everything well -- that somebody. And what -- did not wanted to do in essence Michael I did not -- really. Hear anybody apart -- put about it put a gun to my head and said. -- drunk you know -- said that. Unknown force me to pick up alcohol and drink alcohol likely Nolan Nolan made me do it. It was not my own doing and it was because I used it as a coping mechanism. Or shy ends in security. I came to Boston I didn't know whether I -- on for a horseback. And I just didn't know I say I know how to be eighth. And I mean remember the words or less than seeing increases than he uses if you take this to a half million dollars you you'll rue the day. You haven't been bred to money in Italy to alive your personality is not set -- this. And that came through your obviously not re responsible. With the money what you do with -- I didn't think it deserved it. And you'll find a lot of athletes and when you -- -- up thirty and thirty guests. How can you -- to a remain. How can -- the fifty man trying to Bonderman. It's -- very easily. Yeah during your entourage your pick up the tab and everybody sticks around and then. They and they had a little to no it's his goals quickly if you do not. Put it under management with the responsible prudent money manager who will then will be kind of -- life coach. A money managers well and and make sure that you haven't you go to hear young athlete you have to. Manage this money you make it in the journal and yet the manager for sixty years. And what are you doing these and I have in the via a new money management he's in the NFC staples on one basis Christie wealth management as they do yourself a -- don't let them read the anything your -- it's I think every of course there and what my body -- -- -- and now I had a lot of it is going to be blatantly the first thing you wanted to injury you wanna look at his education you got to educate the ethnic. To know what he owns why don't normally paid for. Simpler -- not simplified demystified the investments -- Bring it down to. A level. In all a simplicity to it and it is a very art it's what you do for me in what he's charged. Who was. -- am assuming somebody did this it was the first person who called you out there. You know that you're drinking too much either of hanging out too much yours and you're abusing your body was a first person. Who cared about you -- I was Vera I would I was very very honest game between three and his body. Or. He -- you can't live like -- paying you to spurring and count both ends. I -- late too often you're not responsible. This is in a party. Were on this to get of this -- of us and and you know you got a job to do. OK little wake up call. Is -- about to find out. And you -- carried for so long you know and you trade to new York and then is nobody. And next thing you know yes. Is that one bad decision after. -- -- conducting -- historic. I was just in this part of the book he talked about. The beginning of those those great Bruins teams big bad Bruins now. For the third and penalty area before the third man and -- Bobby yours start at the rule nobody flight tomorrow. Nobody nobody know Bruins will be unified alone. The closest guy to deal to -- got -- -- -- would jump at the grass is -- parts are going down triple. Get get the advantage -- teammate and down then they put in the third. So what was it like during just. Having that type of sensibility on your team where you haven't found together off the ice. But on the ice I think that had a lot to do with -- guys are talented clearly yet clear but I think that had a lot to do is. This how seamless it was where everybody you felt like everybody had to back at that time a you know -- makes you feel really good. That you've got. You know a defense mechanism in place that you're not alone out there I feel very safe on the ice. We had tough team to a play tough who played tough who play anyway you want to play. But I think at the end of the day you got to look at is a team game. I can't do my job if you are not doing your. It's solid basketball aren't the -- football I mean baseball is an individual sport you can't -- run you throw you it. On loan. -- but the other ones you do you you'd need to pulling guards you -- Ager. You know you're years senator you. Me guess you just need everybody to do the job you should you were kind of shy and then. They bestow this money on you and now you're playing for a team. Obviously. At a party reputation and they only this time. Burst similar I think to what they had two years ago it was might maybe hadn't. Bigger than what they had hours I was really happy for them yet you guys owned this town that team greedy got together when. Apartments and and that -- them they just got together I was that you shot -- -- to our right and -- seem to all. -- with enthusiasm. I'm Brad Marchand Tyler Sagan displayed grace you'll. Tools came out of out of -- you know off the shelf and they had the mall in your degree is goaltending exhibition I have ever. And to -- -- Thomas phenomenal. Would you like them then if the these things -- cellphones can congresswoman -- -- old and others deal with it all the time -- deals -- -- what would your life have been. People were taken these things -- OIIIRAIV. Abby -- finished yeah yeah it would be. Tweet Twitter whatever they call 800 he would be yes dad and everybody's got an opinion and I think the Internet is a great place for cowards. You know an -- they can hide in the NC with a lawn whether they even believe it or not. They can say they want and they and bullying. And and and it's terrible and and grammar school high school. It's a serious problem in this country there's just reading some of the stuff in the in the -- your life was -- -- -- -- out of control and people would have had these things and off I didn't think it was ever ever ever out of control room know. I had a friend of mine said -- -- -- always used like live and in the movie. It's you get -- for like half an hour and you've got to force the issue you have to do so so -- you're control well I -- to appoint you got to remember in Boston and never drank all right. I don't for nightclubs that you -- is Joyce and you know Jim Downey -- guys altogether joining at bats history. Well that is part of it but I didn't I didn't drink a lot five -- Had been mindless and you -- -- remembered draft viewers a nickel. So for -- -- -- very -- you get hammered in America are. The last time you have a bottom -- in Atlanta you. You've got to -- for a five bucks was a five -- five it was a while back before we do that again by Sox probably things change in you know I go to the names of the same stuff to me is it is fascinating he's the toast of plutonium. L legal AFL he's the start New York Europe the the star Boston. And Bobby are you in Chicago -- pretty good today was pretty about her -- -- did you focal. Jolie gave me a call any calls and he says is Jonah thanks to gesture hung up and held me back he said. It's injury mean. -- nieces had to continue artists and I was in June it's real blow talented Arkin should mean mean to Greenville which. And I'm Adam and I used to blow by me I mean if he says well. It does is Bob yours the first choice. He says and he's angry. Cookies and all clean he's got a clean image as and more with mine. -- and is Kenny Harrelson he's 34 years old it's good freedom. He says an historic -- aero he's barreled in and get a bigger -- me. He -- a year. I know and I go I don't know -- the -- Any said I'll give you their what's the deal easily give -- 30000 dollars I was only making eight. And I would give you Lincoln Continental. And I argued the power of the -- And a new commandment that is -- next stupid. And then there's just outside in and check in. All right. January I'd just ninety seconds -- wanna get your take on where hockey is going. -- yeah success will be a sad sad sad footnote there to hold that thought ninety seconds we're -- prepared -- back here at a vegetable -- Michael -- talking with Derek Anderson author of -- new book with Kevin -- -- us. -- the outrageous story. Of hockey original soon to be made into movies. OK tell us about the NHR right now players are locked out owners and players going back and forth. What's gonna happen whose fault and the first the first it does is he realizes it's strike. Evelyn before it was that a strike. Day the players have been locked out. And I am I've yet to put money. My mind around. You and number two guy in basketball. In Gary Bettman. Isn't -- -- and you don't basketball. So basketball -- and you got Donald fair. Who is. Doing in -- baseball you represented baseball. OK. So you guys. Basketball guy in. Baseball guy. Who've never played hockey in their life. And deciding the future of hockey owl what is -- that picture. And these they don't understand with the -- the fans came back in droves they love their hockey those that -- Against Saint Louis as a 120000. Rabid fans 20000 Goldman. But the telescope treatment it nobody cares. But. You when you look at one hockey hats. That HD television. Was made for hockey atlas. If you could see that -- you could see them rebounds in slow motion that technology. Was made for hockey. And it it showed you how difficult is split ticket. And the fans are excited. -- needed as it is is the Bruins -- at a quick takes a Los Angeles inks from left field. May university of grammar is OK good get a good -- that is the name of the game -- -- Thomas he will gay agenda. Quick and -- and they go and it's just. It's a sad sad state of -- I understand December 14. Is the season is finished till then. Any All Star Games and cancel to give him any -- of the author game. And I -- -- -- classic went down that was devastating to Italy because that paying salaries to their corners well now is their big to do. Good yeah going your right can play this here is it isn't doing well would it have to do they have to play first evolved into July. -- have to have some kind of restructured. Playoff series you'd play. Forty games. I would say east play west. I mean -- play east west plays west. Don't -- Get to know each other and then the finals. Have that by I'm not. You know you're gonna have prolong playoff series. And I don't think the fans you know you wanna watch a baseball you won a series -- -- and the alive -- and July. It'd be too hot most buildings. It's very difficult to keep data ice cold. -- you got Adam. You rethink it. If it goes but -- December 14 you've got no season. Losing to complete seasons in the course of eight years devastating. What did that. -- -- They found a way football if you noticed. Missed the hall of fame. -- sees him that was that they got their pre season games and they figured out on you know do and the ambient lost a couple of months I see I really am revenue sharing plan arm and they added to to a degree right. Is the bed the bed and here's the bad news here with the with the NHL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 180 million a year. NBC's continuing to eat the NHL they make it up in the back end of the contract that there -- plus she got the star players. Are playing overseas right now. And playing well let it outside Paris reaganism that like putting goals are -- Cohen yeah. You know I wanna switch gears a bit and when it -- some of things there's things that are eighteen to text line. -- -- -- from the five -- area code says god bless you Derek I am now a 42 year old mom to voice. When I was a freshman at bishop bishop Connally high school in Fall River you came by to tell us your story. It affected me deeply. I have never smoked drank or done drugs ever thanks to you. Was that your mission. Later in life okay. I tell this story and make sure nobody else I was like you like the truth was. Mike. Nothing I ever did was more rewarding than twelve years I spent. Dude schools -- toxic kids in the sixth grade seventh in nine as seventh that made -- -- different than sixth. Nine contends are different from 1112 drive a car yet. It is so ninth and tenth. Button and I I was -- their kids dressed dude they're bright they're quick they they -- -- talking about. An advertisement. Out columns -- just constantly cigarettes bombard them that's a blitzer it's a morbid. They bombarded them all the time they weren't trying to be you or me -- -- had viewed me. They're trying to get through a twelve year old kid to do their product. Some has to happen there. Is is this and but when you see a young kids in the bulb goes off the -- goes off. Yeah I don't I don't wanna do drugs and one drink. Auto way how to handle my life and how to white panel fear auto handle. Rejection not -- Faith there just faith. I'm not I don't believe in organized religion just faith there is substance stronger inside you if you just -- -- -- dig down deep enough. And say -- in god help me. -- the first time you start drinking and what was that battle like that temptation I'm sure fouling off back on often on. Where's the first time and then didn't tell us about that journey everybody says to me you won't lose your worst day. Well as a ball -- it's. Every day is your worst day. The war I had a grading governed by -- girl Tommy wants and I had it about me or tell you once you're not -- And and and he says it's full blown done know don't dispute it's over your liver has. Very very very little. Length ago. You've got to clean up your act. In just can't -- You feel like a do you feel like it's worthless. I just can't stop. I and how can I just a justice why does this one are quick tomorrow. -- doesn't work you just gotta suck it up and say I quit. And days to the lords were different so bit you can't get sober without family friends. You tell some amazing stories in there. At some of your lowest points and I wonder if you thought they were your lowest points because from the outside. We're all thinking. On this Derek Anderson he gets whatever he wants any single like he's having the life. That probably every young guy to wanna have you tell stories and you were so out of it. You what this woman you've been with her for awhile. She asks you for some money can she needs some money. Dole out like 15100 bookstore she -- -- -- of the apartment basically says she's called police and you thought that was -- didn't. Yeah I say well at Taylor at the end of the day probably the best thing ever happen. He's just flows as it stand to grow up. You have to build in all I -- Ellison and doing. Also two things you build your house on -- -- and didn't have my house bill done anything with -- and basically water. So. You you've got to be you've got to be secure about. Yourself. Now I am so over iron -- since 1980. But I really -- and -- today I don't I don't it's it's arms flowing that way just. Isn't very far. And it's -- diseases don't care. It's. None if you. Idea -- picked up by you have to use. And every day in knowing you'll win it the first time he quit Michael like you said you figure you're good you're good for today you good for to you good five you go from seven. That I could beat this an eighth day you have one book god no one knows what triggers compulsion. No one knows. Doctors don't know and I've talked to many many guys that many doctors have and and they mean their best. No one knows what triggers compulsion AEA tells you the best out call it's anonymous. Don't pick up. I if you have a fair value sponsor interactive get a sponsor. You were running extremely complimentary in this book to Bobby basically said -- Bobby you're pretty much secure a lot. Egypt negate it already Hillary you ever notice when you ruling new goal when you do something and it's off the wall or whatever. You always got that one nation at all. -- -- -- I said no matter how bad I go fight stay alive and don't go to prison don't go to jail I can always call Bob. Off -- a guy -- had a major phone call that would be. There's rules come with that phone call. And I'm not a rules guys Jackson on its easy mommies do this this in this. You said -- Monday it was probably the greatest thing anyone ever said to me citizen. -- and interact. I know you can. My life have worked on. My life and I give you all my credibility -- give all my contacts. I you know I just bunch of clean up your life and and I ended the -- that today. And Bobby are included as great a federal as the guys he has. How onto a stay -- in all right -- happens -- Manner about a quarter inches deep. A ball forty miles wide. We know it turns us on we know what motivates us we know is what we know what move -- And then all of a sudden there's this woman stands there and she says I'm Mitt and she's dead and like she's the rules committee -- some. And it's like okay. It's my wife Nancy gave me to do the greatest kids in the world Michael and Ryan you don't text to can't doctoral -- But. You know life and. And she gave me purpose seagate beam she gave me Adam my sons she gave me home she gave me bills. You got to pay this. Idea of who. What you -- -- -- war. You because we have debate does and you know it's just stability. It's just. But we need to -- we gonna take a break that's we need to give back talk more with Derek Anderson book is called crossing the line will be mated to a motion picture. Fascinating stuff it's available bookstores everywhere. Obviously and it doesn't hold back any apologies there nor does we'll get an assortment coming up next right here at a --

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