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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Patriots jump to No.4

Nov 27, 2012|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Week 13 WEEI NFL Power Rankings and debate which team should be ranked No. 1.

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-- a problem with the latest edition of WE yet power rankings this week. Know a quick glance. -- but it does all of a little bit deeper into the argued the top five for those scoring at home. Somebody fell out of the top by the Packers did they were for a week ago they've fallen to eight. That reshuffled line they've fallen from 48 seeded top five ravens in at five patriots for 49ers three. Falcons to. Texans -- That's your top five mile an act the -- can come back to year is because -- predict the future hall of Famer. 49ers should be number. On this idea of shore. Not much better team and there -- two weeks ago I told you yesterday the 49ers the best team in football I just in a neutral site -- not a team -- take to beat them. And it's not how it goes and the ratings he can't people can't lose their spot because they keep winning -- -- falcons keep winning. Don't trust them anymore Texans -- against the argument for number one but I just think the 49ers. The best team in football offense defense running game coach and I put that one Texans see number one. And I see the argument the falcons penalty anymore now that it's a question neutral site falcons are underdogs the 49ers. In my top. And I -- I mean you -- listeners tell him when he got to respect that the elbow at a neutral site yeah I think. But the accused in politics and -- to -- You know and maybe maybe even Denver in neutral site so we know. Neutral site will -- giants. This an attachment to notre with the gonna do in the year. They're gonna turn this thing up and I had a problem though is restored every bit and it I I agreed to go on this list -- great job WE -- comedies when it is. We still OK with the top ten the only ten teams the -- suitable. That was we've kind of the -- it will with with the Steelers being tan acute when it with Roethlisberger yes. Healthy growth -- is there -- outside the top argument the next five Seahawks saints box colts Redskins anybody. Have a step up on the sixty in the Bengals. Anyone you -- concede maybe now out for the top tennis shot I don't think so either I go there yet dialect -- bass playing. Indianapolis will see when they don't. Saw the game against doing let's see what they look -- against Houston Texans. See pitchers -- Eighteen that is just beating a mediocre NFL. Basically beaten with a should be and then. Andrew Luck is playing good football but in Washington to be extinct since he could be Tuesday. Battle the biggest -- into what I -- interest income could make someone's life a living hell in the first round. But as far as went -- -- three games in a road to get that's who once again here come the giants like techsters real quick went through this -- have 49ers number one did you see the giants manageable 493 weeks ago. He was quarterback that they -- that's the problem as a locksmith. -- to go to Capra can be the other way. Texas is not a struggle on offense have to win if you averaged one point -- -- No Larry -- -- a Kapanen if that's -- if I'm reading this save the day baby check out -- power rankings it's WE DI a dot com slash it is what it is. On -- get the entire group and let's just double checked here yep she's still a 32. That makes a whole lot of sense in the worst in football you can comment there. On your top thirty Q was well EEI dot com it is what it is quick break come back they what's on -- big show 2 o'clock and going.

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