Nov 27, 2012|

check out this new film featuring Ron Borges jumping ugly all over Pete Sheppard.

Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

This coming soon to theaters everywhere. And Paul Newman film starring grown Borges idiots jumping ugly. I don't know anybody knows gate and they'll -- all right. We'll debate it usually the -- that -- What I watch is Ron Borges Jews -- gleeful little bird being sheltered a mile away. At one point -- run run run run. Because to be -- -- and I thought that I understand they don't. And don't like open probably well we did it -- Fallujah seized jumping ugly you don't have like Netflix. -- well let's let's run and not letting anyone else get a word in individualized. Still waiting for your column also about public giants ran the store and see what -- friend. -- we want to run well let him finish the second round and the guys you could talk about thirty feet I'm proud not just shut -- but let me make an apparent that he wants. But don't let me talk -- can make a fool yourself the critics are calling it ridiculously juvenile speak clearly does -- You obviously care. Thought I don't you always an -- here I don't know how you obviously do care because -- -- ticked off right. -- on the -- doom is jumping ugly game but I'll yeah I don't know I don't know -- -- I know enough to make a fool out of myself now playing. Hey great puppy got -- his -- -- right that's right. -- did you.

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