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Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith? Debating which QB should start for the 49ers

Nov 27, 2012|

Mut and Merloni debate which QB should be starting for the 49ers.

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There will will say that debt debt quarterback is is. Deprive Wednesday. You know in the biggest. Biggest reason is. So our players are all pressured to. You know who is -- everybody hammering them for for the information so. I think in my mind that's that's direction we'll go. That is Jim Harbaugh out -- separate Cisco on the ruin the surprise for its Colin -- -- That's the quarterback and separate Cisco. 49ers fans 49ers players 49ers media NFL media patriot fans. On cap predict is the starter going fourth attempt to go 49ers bodily should be. Based on these last couple games shaking your head disagree yeah I do. I'd like to move when his maid -- a not sold there right now I just think that it's negative Jamal bar. A ton of credit from the ball to do. But I you know and people the other day week to bring it up the other popular vote Drew Bledsoe Tom Brady. It was it went 99 it went 889. It was 511. Was actually 990000. And that one you Embree took over there aren't going to. And -- I was on decline. -- -- and Alex Smith you can make the argument -- talked last year -- Jim Harbaugh you know Alex Smith. But is -- as him as a coach that's confident enemies -- can play a little bit better serviceable on this team. Eagles on the post season last year -- couple good games kaposi's now they lose. Then this year. When you look at army. He's replaced. Katie he's he's fifth in the league. In quarterback rating. K he is number one in the league in pass percentage 70%. And this whole yards per attempt that's a big stat and Kerry Byrne. We'll talk about a -- football fact he's tied for third with Matt -- in yards per attempt. That we talk about it could open up this offense. Guys seven point 98 yards per attempt. You know in Uga just turning now to -- -- -- and you all of them because she's had a couple of good games. You know I just think that it's it's a risky move out that I agree with. What for a friend what was so what is there not to agree with what what is Colin cap predict on against the bears at home -- and on the road against the saints that make you believe. He's not a company ready to -- quarterback for the San Cisco 49ers. Take Alex Smith out of for a second -- anything negative. Colin capita against two pretty damn good team now a defense has not terrific but that was on the road out dueled Drew Brees. In New Orleans. He beat the bears to -- bloody -- a week app for two weeks after we're asking Peter King is it fair to compare this bears defense. The bears defense 1985 while I mean you know what his cap predict on where you should say it would it take the back take outs with out of what is -- not. What does he do that -- Alex Smith knew what was happening do that Alex Smith can't do vice -- the two games -- watch and what bolt of closely. Experience -- does every means nothing to everything. Well everything what it Joseph breeze to five touchdowns that game three it was all players -- -- the 49. Okay what -- put up 31 boys don't count towards real touchdowns OK so he put up seventeen points in four quarters against one of the worst defense in football. Is that blowing you away he just light up the saints. Get to return for touchdown. It's it's every time to it would Tom Brady took over -- Ben Roethlisberger took over. -- rookie quarterback or young quarterback. What are you asking him to do go out there protect the football right make right decisions. Have you ever seen that team turned a ball over to a young quarterback and I -- -- a rookie quarterback is settled on battling oh okay. How many years -- against you start. Even start any until I believe the Chicago -- -- ago. Young quarterback still rookie quarterback in my mind as an organization last year OK how many times they turn the ball over to a young quarterback. To open it -- Big guy that can protect the football. In his built around your team. Why did you say what has he done do you know that he is better I mean that you feel the same way when Tony rolled jumped in that Dallas. Starting job. Wallace as the jet -- hopes of Bledsoe went down. Enroll more please let's correct well I houses they have started when when he jumped in some Wallace got the -- after cup which you target -- -- all -- probably as well. Overall -- from -- they threw like a sixty or touched on the first game right any time we find out about. Make stupid mistake that he's good but -- -- playoff game. K and here's the one thing -- The one -- and Alex Smith had his five turn over five interceptions and has heroic moment passes this year in the -- probably -- the ball starting quarterbacks in the league has played many games yet Alex Smith -- whatsoever is five interceptions and 217 passer and start now they get bumped by the by the giants last year. He -- worst game this year about the giants as -- -- maybe he feels when he looks at it you'll against. If you do game plan in build against teams you gotta go through. Bibby looks and says you know what if we ever faced the giants again on the strokes with -- went the -- being able to move around and avoid the pressure -- -- he -- -- got a better chance. But I think it's a big risk. I don't think it was one that really need to be taken place -- bills from east say that if someone who and it would ultimately not washed every single 49ers can every single Alex Smith throw everything they resume capita throw. In this case -- special circumstance. Hardball is a quarterback in this league right he was eat played the position. He has had the benefit of watching every single Alex Smith -- Capra -- practice. In their career. And he is making in my opinion the judgment that cap predict is better for this team and another little piece here. Has anyone heard 11. 49ers player. On -- off the records say you know what. This is not fair to Alex Smith. -- and Smith -- -- got control esteem as they know all Harbaugh is rightly you're the one person thinks that they make in the wrong call I don't -- a whole forty -- team -- the only person that academic and a wrong call I don't hear -- many people -- I know separatist before and had a fair doesn't like it. So mean and the only people on Ireland yes -- this carries. Very small island artists of -- -- bottle agrees to hear but everybody our rankings into gave Soledad verdict and now. Really. Called capita for two games that's -- he's the answer. I -- like. Did you ever training wheels on your bike is for cute as -- furlong W we you guys that like it to you to change your mind with every single day in life. Because you among the most emotional guys in the world you pick what team is good one week that needle that they can win the next week they call -- is great and then next week -- -- those two picks. Is that Davis was direct call now in this case I believe that Jim Harbaugh is Smart coach balls I do so and the 49ers have not said. Jack -- he's got control auto off the record about this so I think that his team believes the right choice. Notably quiet about it don't -- team and -- jets you think Jim Harbaugh as it was so why it's hard by doing this then now confuse. Why is Harbaugh doing it. And Jim -- why is Jim Harbaugh do what you think she's better. So is so that all everybody should just -- -- could ever she's all the encouragement and I trust now the if you if you thought I was doing this for different reason than he thinks is the best move for his team. And there's some other -- liar he elected you told me you thought was the contract maybe Alex Smith just pissed off for some reason I don't know maybe it's personal I don't know. I have all I know is that I got a quarterback in my team that's leading the NFL in in in percentage completion percentage. That is in the NFL. In quarterback rating that is third in the NFL in yards per attempt. -- that everybody thinks is extremely important. I'm gonna sit there and say this guy is not get the job done. Our political rookie comic team that a quarterback question marks -- when a super ball or not and I'm gonna hand it over to a rookie to open it up. And and there aren't even more question marks because get a few weeks everybody thinks all of a sudden he's a great quarterback he could be great quarterback. There's no question about it Annika would -- -- inseparable. If they don't. You'll be looking back getting sadness and while it took a big rest debated -- need to take -- it's you you asked -- couple times before the show yesterday do you like the move before yeah because I think Harbaugh is putting it in his at least in his mind. Is putting his team in the best place to -- safe choice -- training wheels choice -- Would have been get Alex Smith back in there. Would have been Alex Smith your back is the quarterback because it's worked before and it's the safe play. -- predict absolutely is a gamble. But apart -- -- it gives his team the best chance to win I can be behind that under try to put myself as the 49ers -- what is broken what team what Aggies in the best chance to -- -- I trust my coach to. Let Brady continue to quarterback at the end of the year or put in Bledsoe because he quarter report early in the right he was good back in the day. It's completely it's awful argument because is no comparison. Drew Bledsoe was not doing what Alex Smith is doing right now at the end of that year patriot Brady's ankle banged up Bledsoe helping Bledsoe track record of a -- in pretty good quarterback and at the best are pretty good. They -- the Brady. There was a decision -- for a week leading up the Super Bowl. Right you -- -- was gonna play Brady Bledsoe of and rubella checked it was best -- he was loyal to -- -- because I have to Harbaugh just. Drew Bledsoe was never in -- success. And the patriots weren't -- the success under Bledsoe like the 49ers have been having this success. Under Alex Smith. It's not broken. What the hell are we trying to fix. It's not fixing it's getting the most out of your team and I think that. I trust Harbaugh ought to do that I respect the hell out of him for doing that you are restricted to his balls remote -- a lot of you are -- team. That plays safe training wheels or goal for a little -- -- we can be better. We can be a better team with -- -- quarterback can also make more mistakes. There when he keeps saying more mistakes. Who has a better interception percentage this year. We're gonna go through day he took -- while all -- is -- was -- seventy it's 74 camps -- almost half the attempt for -- Nikki on seven report I didn't. Smith has thrown at 214. And every pervert to -- fourteen snaps -- -- pass attempt it's five picks for. Five interceptions for Smith. Okay yet to be 350 attempts per capita get to -- -- -- -- I think he's not gonna make mistakes B keep -- in this this tricky he's going to make mistakes. We're based on so far a better interception Burnett it's -- -- Alex Smith his first five games 216 passes only -- one pick. It's very good okay well we're gonna we gonna go small sample -- -- -- higher a year until he threw three and -- -- it is all your giants ops and you'd see him. That's small sample the entire year vs -- predict -- bald guys season's complete seasons -- You're taking two games from calling cap panicking at telling me amused and a smaller sample what I use six. Two games and called -- -- gonna start giving me peace is about exceptions on a year you'd be here in interceptions per completion or given to establish -- for two years for two games he started to set well tell me obvious and it's finally here. At 200 it has by the end of the year will be able to compare the they're on pace you have a better percentage nobody has -- nobody I Smith has been that nobody has. Smith has been outstanding this year what they asked him to do. Good. What they asked him to do. -- -- can't build -- deep ball -- somehow he's third in the league in yards per attempt to the out of completion completing 70%. Of his passes. You gonna go into games and called rapper nick -- and elevate him to wait a whole another level I'm putting the trust in Harbaugh okay. That's what you're doing here is he doing the best thing for east team do you believe he's doing -- bit like trying to do otherworldly. I was trying to OK and I just don't agree with them you agree with Jim Harbaugh. By and I don't. You think it's Super Bowl or bust you criticize Harbaugh if they don't get -- which is a risk of down in Washington you know when his World Series and Rick criticize you for shut down Strasburg. -- 61777979837. Joe's in Portland Joseph you're next up a month -- -- Hey guys what's up -- -- -- spirited conversation that's where you're four. I on this one guys like me here me out because I'm gonna bring up a couple points on. You know Alex they're pretty well and like he sent little we've all seemed to get into the cabinet but what I liked about Japanese. He can scramble out of the pocket and roll I think Alex may have been a little. Site at that time in the pocket. And we also better America. Now you know we -- -- jeopardy -- -- not our fault it's this guy that we get to -- practice and I'm sure insight and -- And you remember last year you know Alex that was so so until we start. And -- up -- started -- better but he was going to be in the ankle folic it would try to grab the eight man and so there was some opening didn't like about Alex out. And bring that only two games but didn't I read stop -- all like that needle I mean. Aren't already. You know -- -- -- opportunity. -- all right in there and we've seen out of the game that I wanna see more law. Talent and no Lukowich who games but let you -- -- it sure. And then you know they -- -- stole -- back in areas where a sports but I think it's worth it straight. How can. What what what -- the -- Joseph Billick still like the favorites in the NFC what. What why is it worth the shakeup at best. They're a favorite to win the Super Bowl in you know they didn't come away with peace with equal prize. Close the Packers but that's a get out okay. But back toward religion it tore it into looking into what you really care when -- -- stolen don't expect that yeah I agree yeah. You can't quote stats -- two games. But I sucked in a puppet I don't worry -- composure -- yet. To roll out. In right. And I just never seen Alex -- ramble like and the market outlook -- But this -- all are located at -- my point is. My point Joseph zip zip it's just go 49ers. Com art what what do they -- 821. If they are you know seven and four or six and five and -- we -- a lot more talent. Then him we're showing right now and Alex mr. isn't it the job done you make the move. Oh great 211. And you still want the favors to in the super -- They get a quarterback that's performing. That's the reason that the -- I ninety seconds I'll ask you the question because the patriots have an opportunity to see this team and you've made your thoughts well known -- team. Alex Smith. -- one more question for about this thing in ninety's. Should you have two quarterbacks that are playing. At a very high level -- -- your captain when your starting quarterback. The other as has played. Great football. The last three football games both have a hot hand. Couple hot hands. And -- quarterbacking you'll pursue efforts Cisco. Kind of Lackey the way Harbaugh is handling this week to come out and say Alec hampered keys are quarterback going forward. Butler and on a 37 WEEI. Three weeks from now. Sampras Cisco and New England. When call you that you follow the patriots is closer than any other NFL team so which quarterback scares you more in the game. Alex Smith talent -- Analysts is Culpepper -- got a pocket and he can make some things happen 41 individual game would be him. Element that Obama so Alex Smith is the with a quarterback and we think cap predict makes them a better team. Well it's boomer boss strike. That that's the way I look at it boomer -- I mean you've got a young quarterback and coming here and look like Andrew Luck as heralded as he has got him an a -- for him. Getting promoted -- make mistakes his defense and confused young quarterback. Wearing -- Alex Smith who Carolina's defense stifled the pats which with the Carolina anyways and run Frank Gore make quick decisions not turn a ball over. So capita is a sort of a boom or bust type thing for me and I just hoping that this team needs that. Yeah I I think I don't see. The necessary boom that the boom -- him running around -- makes plays the beat that's a huge benefit the bus we haven't seen it may -- we will. We haven't seen many mistakes in two plus games from him and maybe you know me was he those mistakes I think it's clear cut. I'm much more fearful the 49ers with cap predict under center because the things he can do with his feet. No question about that's no knock it Alex Smith well I don't think ladies and only Allegheny quarterback and you're saying you're more scared capita which what is it. I just told you why shouldn't the -- and overall in the NFL the guys scares -- most is an opponent in backup quarterback the team. Michael -- scares the hell out of me yet. You might play him. I don't mind it -- it let me bust but -- east what nick falls last night that disaster mechanic and you guys very well I'm just saying I've I'd rather play nick folders in my nature to Mike and -- yes thick. I it's -- -- bus and he worries the -- idea it will ball deep he can run. Let me in the long run you really worry about Michael Vick. Over the course of a season no and to be fair to cap -- we don't know the specific -- could be the next great quarterback. But out with this team I don't think it's worth the risk I think -- got a great defense that can run the hell out of the ball Frank Gore. Any Alex -- make it plays like yep they do that with Colin camper. They actually -- OK why respite. You know at six and five -- we have a much talent we have make a switch. You have favored to win the NFC. And I just look different view of a business and the an opportunity take a chance to make that this is in your mind better I -- those guys that take that chance. An obstacle with -- cap predict is absolutely chance but could make them better if your forty niners fan. I Tim's in Natick Tim you're next up among -- Cora are at eight great when that everything and it status quo that. Not to complain about -- into whatever she actually. -- You know who grew up I I do you -- -- you know I -- my either there or maybe the better talent but. Mean when -- -- -- Bledsoe Brady. Let it -- what -- the record for completion by I won the M 1819. And seven for rape before he got hurt the following game. And might argue our point this quote -- their current that they expect that that cheaper. -- -- -- No I heard I -- -- I can find the Vernon Davis south for where he says. Yelp Colin -- predicts a great guy but -- -- -- a great guy I don't wanna pick and choose between the two. Yeah like it did an article up that pace that they eat eat believe -- believe they should be. You know that what you believe in your heart that the quote. Some newspaper I read by an -- -- -- It is no doubt that I'm I'm I'm more worried that eat at each. The pressure. On our hot -- because you know eat that can anybody so the pressure or not the score points. While I'm playing that clinic -- Probably. More. So more three and outs than that at that they played on the eve gala. I have a village they're trying to follow or more without net wealth which in -- kind of a more on that he sent. And quite frankly I'm more would I would argue and I'd -- worked it out coming in here with a much more accurate quarterback. -- to end their -- -- that we. Eat that way back in get. Them out -- been. Even what turned out coming in I think I will be able to get into games -- is not. We don't know look at how cabinet and the dealer in each pitcher on go forward and one game. You know. That they get the giant. Currently it against green -- a -- and again that and a and now it's cute yet so. I think I opera and that -- without -- let that -- not gonna win the court without it there and that. And you didn't get a vote in I think our help would not -- this quote that this this year and that that might only be earned by two count. Tim thanks for your call you mentioned the accuracy that's what that's a spell check wants right -- doesn't wanna turn every quarterback in you and Alex -- Brees got to go now it's a short. But he's got to be accurate up and on the field where -- cap predict because of the arm in the rate of rollout. I'd be wary of the big place that he's gonna make those big plays I saw Russell Wilson. Rolled around the pocket and make big plays down field not gonna compare will -- happening -- two separate quarterbacks but. Similar skill set their and the ability to get out and make plays and he does that -- and so -- appreciate -- take on the accuracy. Part of it Alex it is 70% this year there's nobody knocking his accuracy. But big plays down field. Those are up place -- -- -- in terms of the Vernon Davis quote good stuff from Tim here's the quote -- he's still sort of mixed bag -- I look at colony CA great playmaker Vernon Davis said I think Alex is still the man. In my heart I strongly believe that you'll know next week I'm sure coach Harbaugh or making nice decision who wants to go with I'm short Alex is still our guy. So. He he's in it's it's an interesting point in that. He says both guys are good for the guy and his heart I was draft with -- Alex Smith so maybe that is Vernon Davis to an extent giving idea of who we want says that the guy in his art. Alex -- Mike's in Natick -- next up Lamotte live. Who and it's their that they broke the action part. It covered up the bullet to the department both full side. -- -- and what they want -- support for the government the quarterback -- next year. You know and out. The -- in the saint when they -- the -- acne treatment stupid that everybody at a young quarterback. And if there is that an attitude of they've broke what. But -- that all the time until. Yeah listen Mike I agree I was gonna crystal ball -- main course time will tell. You know -- just. Patriots made a move puts it wasn't good anymore wasn't -- job done. You know those opportunity. You know -- let's bring it up later on near his ankles banged up look a -- look at Brady had led that team throughout the year. -- lead that team play a lot better than Drew Bledsoe was. Before you got hurt. -- I should I put -- back up your argument so. As far as what. My argument must. Be able to get a critical -- of an -- -- Yeah I mean one of somebody's got to be proven right long term and and look loose at the barn out they got to get to a Super Bowl. Because that's where one has them already you can do that mean that's that's fair to do I just think that. -- the position to such a dynamic position now on this week. And if you think you have a guy they can make your team better even if he is a younger player he keeps and rookie it's likely second year guy okay -- -- a full year in the system are -- -- Ought to thank you. But they had a full year in the system to sort prepare himself rightly break big Brady. Was more prepared to do what he did in year two or whatever as a rookie couldn't had a stretch he had. It was more prepared OK so cap -- more prepared than equal local rookie wanna keep hammering the rookie -- a run at practice times and experience. To me. In gains on Sundays is. Ewing used to -- -- -- -- games. Let's wait say mean -- next week visit dud. They gonna flip on that. -- -- -- every single week that I flipped on with this issue like that before I like it now allows us to really be keeping such a good -- the -- Harbaugh and out and get. I'll be wrong -- -- -- -- -- list but I think it's the right move to -- the player who is more mobile has a bigger arm and so far shown. No real issues at that quarterback position help maybe he will against the patriots -- somewhere along the line here but I give Harbaugh a credit -- make the official announcement on Wednesday. 617779793. Several continue with your phone calls we come back it's a Tuesday that he's the power rankings are updated. At WEEI dot com picked through those and get your phone's -- here.

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