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Jets fans scream at team as they walk into locker room at halftime

Nov 27, 2012|

Mut and Merloni listen to some hilarious sound of angry Jets fans screaming at the team as they walk into the locker room at halftime.

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32 yard field goal here for. Pulled the kid. Is good. Sarcastic reaction from this -- You know they also saw some fireworks on top of the stadium -- you don't like as he got through. Yeah it may wanna be selected right on the waterworks listen to save some money. We save the financial. Long. It's but I won't -- at Butler -- 37 WEEI. What that never heard that that was report halftime right. Jets went forward on. For now kick a field goal late at some fireworks like -- -- line there that the game on radio said the money for next time. So right after that they headed into half time -- the players Joseph at a city they go to back to the tunnel. Somebody caught audio we give credit to this track this down five minute all right Ed YouTube. Thanks them for always open so. Here are jet fans. Talking to I guess is -- should use jet player that is all they feel bottom half time a patriots jets Thursday night Thanksgiving night. Okay. -- You don't want. Okay. OK okay. It's. -- -- hard. Yeah. That is beautiful that instrument that was going to have to I was I love the -- save us. And save us like you favorites the feeble I want you in the second half a couple times and just the players one got at the end of the clipped it goes garbage. Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. -- that -- for. There disgrace. Like I felt we found that the the -- was gonna play with two cracked -- news there's that'll. When he -- up wrecks and an active and Greg Mac or an active winter wasn't too happy about that. That's where it's going to be for the rest of the year for the steam schedules not hard. But they'll inevitably in my opinion -- a gamer to picture probably win. Sanchez will suck -- the reset the entire roster in the offseason. I heard holly -- talking about this yesterday when you look at the cap situation for the jets. We're not done talking about the failing because again they need to go and get under the salary cap they're gonna cut my gut player to. And have to go back to the bid -- the basics of of the drawing board and rebuild our football team. So that's -- team like that and they just -- yelling at the jets on -- now on Thursday night. -- was gonna be competitive this year. Expectations of buffalo to Mark Williams but. Well every result in Santonio Holmes and upheaval commitment to make off and spent -- Broncos can mix in the the wildcat will be just -- has always been. Now they're five games away from rebuilt and right. It. I say rebuilding boat -- the quarterback the head coach or GM or some grouping of the three people cannot be back -- here in the NFL to me that's the rebuilt quarterback coach and to a lesser extent GM. He's a shot that to those three are back next year the jets and a bomb Ryan Sanchez. -- will be. Unfortunately. It is it would -- to kind of role ballistic gluttony. And address them they really believe him when he Indian deal him you know he guaranteeing some might think the first two years sounds like a contract. He's pretty secure for next year. And next year might be the transition. Right after a kind of kind of loops. Rex Ryan Mickey might get a bombs against don't ask me. He's the one I. As bad as Rex has -- I -- by the one guy that I get a bet on one guy's day woody Johnson's gonna make these decisions and Woody Johnson knows. The Rex is delayed draw and Rex can still get me back pages and a -- can't Sanchez we know can't. -- Woody Johnson is obsessed with competing with the giants for the back page and the one guys is mediocre and as a head coach. They keep that opportunity to compete on the back page place to get beat by the way is Rex. And about out Sanchez out -- while wanting to do nominee for expect next year and attract the young quarterback. At some point earnings season they decide to go with the young quarterback. Probably -- big controversy sponsored for an epic correct. No because Sampras for good. Announcement this. Pretty good I mean. Bettered -- mark center of ball thoughts on the quarterback controversy in separate Cisco as a patriots and you're -- -- this team in three weeks this is important. We'll talk cap predict Smith next. And.

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