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Should the Red Sox trade Jon Lester for Wil Myers?

Nov 27, 2012|

Mut and Merloni debate over whether the Red Sox should trade Jon Lester for a big name minor league prospect.

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Those are some of those outstrip them in the reality is that. I don't go that you you have that you're at it feels noticeably well it was our Miami there's there's it's not that. But he can't think he'll let. The -- You know -- Hugely lopsided. Feel worse. You know it is clear one oil Herschel Walker traders said the outlook to a that's a percent I just don't know those. There anymore or they're going to be very rare. I suppose people Milwaukee. Think you know who are your favorite you know our overtime a portrait -- outside of businesses aren't -- -- -- -- reporters. These Smart they know what they're doing. Nobody has. Well you made that. Lot of talk Jerry cheeks. And -- -- now at the NC. Couple weeks back Butler 937 WEEI. Somebody tell -- ways trade books gonna get a big work out today. With the all the -- portrayed proposals. That the reported Jon Lester. Few Kansas City for Wellemeyer straight is going to spark governor in this sort of began at now and several comes out of the woodwork with the first. Real big hot -- -- for the Red Sox and -- Fargo or silver and nagging trade deal but it's. Pretty substantiated Gaza rob Bradford W week yet dot com talking a source that they absolutely. Trade talks have happened Jon Lester as part of some sort of deal to the Kansas City Royals for outfield prospect will Myers which I think you heard about this last night. Why don't think it's a rumor. I think there's some behind it I think that there were discussions. Well Myers is. The first off gains these number one prospect it's 21 years old. Turns 22 in December. Coming off a year in which she did between doubling AAA the key hit 37 home 109 RBIs through fourteen baton averaged. He's a converted catcher. As a kid in high school. No big bat very good arm but they Gigi such a big kid they've moved at least play some third base he's he's an athlete is not a great athlete but he can play -- more like a quarter Alfred. Beat the royals got to feel the place senator by the most popular as a quarter of theater but he's got the kind of raw power. This is sort of I've talked to mr. talked a lot of people thought plus scouts have seen this guy play over the last couple of years if you do here -- John Carlos stands name. You know that that type of right handed power now there's no guarantee. Right it's a risk it's still a prospect of gay and in -- and if you do a -- look at your boy -- of our way. You know coming -- 2011 nearly 32 home runs to ninety its taste of the big leagues this year and really struggles offensively so you understand that there's some risk. But the ceiling. Every power hitter a kid that 41 years old is -- 37 home runs. OK in double laid Tripoli combined. We did the Carolina league at nineteen you know trumped. Santa Bogart's his numbers in Carolina only the thought of having these two guys moving forward hidden in a million lineup for a long long time I think is pretty intriguing. And if on the Red Sox. Got. I think -- that I would do it and that's given moment it's not like Jon Lester there's no question about it OK I think that he will rebound. But there is some risk there you've got a guy for two more years in a club option 2014. You know was it an out liars season all was a trend that's the concern because when you look at last year you look at Lester velocity is down a little bit. He startled nibbling a little bit more. Is that because you get cutter happy lost confidence his fastball. Past balls gone from a 95 in change tonight three change over the course Lester for years. Doesn't feel like he didn't finish -- hitter off at the fastball or or get a fastball by guys we nibbling more. Had trouble finishing off hitters last year. I think he'll rebound. And I -- -- the price that he is for the next couple of years I think it's worth the risk just when I look at what you could potentially get for him. Even if Lester came on had a great year next year and you like well it's finally here the deal we were going wrong direction. And we wanna deal right magical we'll bring this offseason and he is a good year and is market is higher but the trade value of I can be of again one of the top five prospects in baseball. For Jon Lester and it is great here. I think if you can get this kid now for Lester I don't wanna give the pitcher but I would do I get a -- me when I I had the exact opposite -- what do you. Heard this last night it was. Is -- Jon Lester a cornerstone for your current rotation. Isn't Jon -- one of the reasons you brought John Ferrell back because you wanna get Jon Lester too -- has been in a couple years ago that was a very good place nineteen and nine. For the Cy Young vote he's back to back all start 2002011. And you're dealing him I don't wanna save for a lottery ticket is the Caldwell Myers a lottery ticket is is not fair he's just been -- up a year you'd Ito was entire -- All right he was named -- baseball America's minor league player of the year. The last couple guys Mike Trout Jeremy Alex and Jason Heyward Matt tweeters Jay Bruce. What's your last five baseball America minor league players of the year could hit rate. The -- I turned out to be pretty damn good player. But if you trade Jon Lester. How replacing him in the rotation would you sat here across from me since the middle last year. It told me this team needs top of the line pitching. They need guys the top Mott knot at the bottom why do you want and I've named a million players Bob rotation guys and every I say it. -- arise you look at me like a punch me in the face typical what from you. And you say no you don't need the bottom of the order guys out the eighty top of the rotation guys you're trading your top of the top of the rotation by trading Jon Lester. And to bring about a guy who might be. A middle -- or peace might be that -- wood chipper Mike Trout again baseball America's prospect of the year a year ago. This guy will Myers this -- prospect of the year. One of like. Guys ever. Before the age 22 at 37 or more home runs between double -- Tripoli and the talent is there. Why the hell you're now telling -- is that we beat top of the rotation -- for top of the rotation guys. That you wanna trade Jon Lester brought on offense a prospect how you're replacing that the Red Sox rotation pitching pitching pitching where you. Acquire one of the greatest better prospects in the game right now yes. Soul may be flip on. He always listen I really do need to bring in trade book well -- -- trading Wellemeyer slog but to all of saying is that when you acquired garlic -- Myers. Maybe you'll traders in a Bogart's. You to I still think that they're gonna go acquire the grade on through -- What they've acquired -- the corner outfield the cornerstone of this lineup for a long time maybe if they if they ever worked this thing out. Com now you can go ahead I'll wait a second I'm just read the text message are you texting the show by yourself. -- -- eat this is what I even think of -- -- that I know what you're trying to do. All you read the text them because I'm ahead of the text -- What if you -- Myers for Felix Hernandez top prospect all that's what we were common through Muni that's what I did not. -- but it always comes back Felix what's it. Well it was back to a you know here's the thing is always trade book is not -- do you want to trade with -- -- Felix has got nothing to do with anything it's got. The deal with this organization's belief what Jon Lester is right now. That hit. OK that's it now do big do you think that they know more about John Lister struggles last year and we do. -- Jon Lester have com. Jon -- have any health issues last year. That we know of -- so that we know of a point. -- -- Nibbling is up you know I'd like I don't think -- less I like in the a category a player that -- department to let everyone know through the media that this little support that. But it missed two auditing and -- start yeah right so. Here's a guy that. If they believe. That he is a cornerstone of this rotation. -- in rebounded every great year under John Ferrell. In -- guy for the next couple of years. You don't. Need to you probably hit it in the next year awaits in the next year and any -- to an extension again beyond the one more year you have left Paris are appropriate for years. The Jon Lester is going to be freeagent 31 years old is going to be here after that. You wanna dive back into what he did which Josh Beckett you wanna dive back into what they would Jon Lester I mean John Lackey. Signing free agent pitchers at thirtieth 31 years old -- 35. If that's the case and you don't feel like you we wanna do that in May be in in my back of their mind missing or maybe it wasn't a -- And then -- value for Jon Lester I don't think is very high so wanna trade amid all the sudden. Will miers available new equipment. If if I think that it's it's a gamble. To hole that Lester turns this thing around. A year from now I don't might appeal to beat the count oval Myers. This is all about race and it's all about self evaluating. They need to self evaluate and look at Jon Lester ticket last year is now liar or trend if they feel it's a trend that you make the mole. If you feel like it's -- out liar and you know -- compete next year. Did you make the move. You build assets. And wait for that big splash. For the arm so a lot to talk about -- he Ralph and -- lined up we'll get your phone calls on this now it's -- rumor like Lucent it's a report rob Bradford say that he. He has sources tell in this conversation is happening at least at some level trading Jon Lester Kansas City well Mayer 61777979837. 6177797937. We'll get your reaction your thoughts next. Butler not a 37 WEEI. So your bigger picture here as you'd make this deal. Be self evaluate that you're not a contender next year for the Red Sox or that westerners. -- c.'s -- not and out liar. But the end game when he will Myers. B Felix Hernandez. Wouldn't necessarily mean you're sleep your options open. It to evaluate Lester and seem to think well OK come. They decide with a book put a team to get the win next year or not. Because -- -- gallery we are right now credible Jacoby Ellsbury it's called we had a good year this year I mean it Goodyear in his value was I would -- would have happened. Going in the next year don't you think that they probably try to Malone. -- showed maybe they are but they're not gonna get the value for Jacoby Ellsbury right now they also had a rate that low but they have a player at least a year or two years behind Jacoby Ellsbury they felt comfortable. Will be -- replacement they don't have a guy and its roster right now what I don't have or they like your Jon Lester in that rotation don't have a set different this year give you the 200 innings he always gives. But they don't have it's an -- but this year 2013. Jacoby Ellsbury had a better year they probably have easier job try to trade guy they probably would but it's -- bad here he's injured again there's no value. So next year the Sox win the World Series extremely difficult to -- is nothing wrong with two -- -- setting this and and letting this thing happen and of the year to. Let's see is a good year next year. I eagle the offseason you -- -- -- there's got a year left his deal is gonna be 3031 years going up and wanna extend them just what the talk will be that. Maybe they should trade Jon Lester. Maybe Michigan prospect maybe they should should move on because they don't go one year left with the same discussion to have with Jacoby Ellsbury and if he has a good year next off season. What more can you get. And one of the best the you know top five prospects in all of baseball. With -- -- -- power of any hitter in baseball mileage again you're -- -- in the class of ago extending trumbull. You probably what you're saying this with conceding next year. Probably in all likelihood conceding next year -- pitching standpoint and really have to throw together -- you need not the only guarding you one picture that rotation now you need to. And you've you've taken a guy enough from the back end but the front end. You also keep saying this like there's no chance three signed Lester and if that's what they believe right that when a guy gets a thirty or 3132. -- Lester will be at the end of the contract and he's got a pretty reasonable deal the next couple years here 1165 and 2012. And thirteen million dollars for 2013 based it's a million bucks a win these days a Major League Baseball that's an affordable couple years for Jon Lester. If they believe that you get that age and -- can give Lackey contracts anymore -- a pay thirty year old pitchers even wrong guys. Yet you feel different but there's all department says. This guy's proven he can pitcher Boston. He's had a cut yet -- -- wire year and I are fourteen hopefully before that it was 15161915. Wins. And if he gets back to the guy he was and I can re sign him. I got a guy here not just for two years before 56 years ports the topping out at the top. But towards the up top are stationed at those guys are hard to find -- -- in the American League east well listen that's letting -- known for an unknown I'm not throw the ball that he and in two. Cold -- in a letter to me in the same class as far as their value could not have been any lower in their careers than this offseason it. You disagree so I would give that either one of them away. At all but if somebody's gonna evaluate Jon Lester Napoleon give up their number one prospect. And again there's risk everywhere there's risk at this kid might turn into. Indy marked day number eighty marte and by the way got to trade affordable prospecting what they do with them within hours flipped a clip of so. I play -- any marketing year Cleveland. Top prospect in baseball he was not I don't know what to help people talking about a play with -- the key was not check my -- always every ball America's top prize with every like -- Mike Trout and John Carlos stand number one prospect who hit. The injury Andy -- -- of the world who don't so there is risk there. I just think -- for the value digging for Jon Lester I think -- still is very good pitcher that he's a turnaround. I still think he's capable of it. It for the money you're getting you're paying this guy he still a great value for you -- so you don't just flip -- give them away. We're not talking about giving them away we're talking about getting a serious player -- return. Now can you -- replaced Jon Lester while we talk about four point eight ER Jon Lester we're talking with a 3.4 seven ERA journalist. Legal fight a couple of guys that kind of improve. I think maybe Kent. With the idea that one of two things can manage a marketer trademark. There's not there's not talk pitching standpoint if you want markets. Why it's a very ugly -- set the bar for eight -- I can't argue with you but I mean. From what you think you might get from Lester view if you believe it's an outline to go by an average Jon Lester year which is you know 376. You know about a full run less than what was -- -- rate to a year ago both guys the American League hard to find a you're saying either way. Both guys aren't easy at 376 in the dailies. That's an average year for Jon Lester even including his four rate to a year ago and so I -- can replace I think to be tough. 6177797937. But it's the first of right the big -- you beat bold approach everything I. I look there sniffing around everything just this one out pass. Out sought to Ralph and Cranston Jon Lester what's up Ralph. Gary. Look like it's at the that they know something about Lester is velocity -- accuses -- are -- Really unless it's sort of a quick picture I mean. Now whether -- -- back it will have felt that last year he looks great exit those guys are the sort of re. Back. To eat -- Lester were both altered to respond that this guy in the world what. And I wouldn't trade it. Because -- -- available but let's have the third worst starting rotation America only question that we have made to win. Which you know they it would -- the poppy to that extension. They're looking -- -- apple if -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- slow walk I took their smoking ages that are open for that at all. We got liability. For any reading as -- The single troop that's occurred because it's -- -- elect fifty I remember a couple here that couldn't get couldn't field in what. You don't uncle slow and what do I. Subtle but there are that's what I think that would. I think that -- I'd like that. But it's clearly a liability field he's not a good -- -- inning off contract -- without -- and -- a -- prospect. That's because he'll get me all the ball pitching I would accept or shall -- look like Michael people default search. It means it will probably only missile parts factional I don't -- us. Well I mean I understand their point of view and pitching does when there's no question about it but -- golf -- is also model. Elbit cuddle a lot of -- to go a lot of assets they get a guy like -- Myers. Now you go to the top ten prospects in all of baseball in your in your organization. -- Myers is in a Bogart's position players. Get a young woman -- we've got all arms a lot of your prospects are doubly AAA level that are pretty close. I'm saying it's is not like OK trade Jon Lester and let's go play baseball with Wellemeyer start -- AAA. It's still kind of early. I listened. It's a risk and I understand that. But you know they got a bigger they get to know what is going on with Jon Lester within they need to know know what is going on with him last year. Before you get involved any kind of talks in effect to get involved with -- -- like tiger summit they did they do know -- and called Chester joins the conversation hijacked. -- say bill that. It will then I I can't agree more meaning is a relative guilt about it -- Lester well for a couple well. Aren't you talking -- rock or pop art died in all -- all. And now let it and that they saw in doubt at all that not. Threatened or backward that -- black shirt that looked at me I watched. Fifteen and nine all blog last two years fifteen an -- with a 347. The year. That it -- shirt yet not one not three all what ninety or so or I don't know that it's. OT. A year ago. All along that one year. Ago. Or out -- yet. Her picture here picture. Belt buckle that step in my in my in my you. Note to. -- you know outlook all or well I thought it would do what helped practically the prize -- Well listen I'm not gonna -- attorneys and attraction Jon Lester that the open I still think he's very very talented. McKay. I do and I think last year a lot of those things were mechanical. And I think John Ferrell solve those things and I think John Ferrell. Talk to ball post thinks it's some of the things that he was doing that might have affected his. Velocity that might have been the reason why is it for 91 up. It might have been a reason why strikeouts per nine went up. No I get away from his forcing fastball loss of velocity picked cutter epic. White -- by picked on the mound but a lot of things that led to that. Finally a you know again talked to a guy that used this that's got to Jon Lester Beckett 20092010. Now for a rival team for another team answered yeah when I sit watch and it was fun. Because there was so many ways he attacked hitters they have so many ways he finished off hitters. And what he saw last year was a different guy he's -- -- didn't have that versatility. He saw that in the -- got numbers he didn't have that in that attack hitters as diverse as he had in the past. Now the -- again it's just gonna figure out that was just because of a mechanical flaw. Or that something going on it's not always easy to penetrate a guy you know. But the year that he had and -- -- the value of the -- we get returned with a guy like -- -- Tony Eric David Connecticut all your phone calls at 6177797937. Back -- you guys next.

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