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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on the sudden use of adderall in the NFL

Nov 27, 2012|

Matt Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the flurry of suspensions that have hit NFL players for PED use and the Patriots Thanksgiving beatdown of the Jets.

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-- a model or not -- 37 WEEI you heard John Chandler are steamed up big guy top of the hour mentioning. Reported trade at a Kansas City Jon Lester. The royals for one of their big time big time prospects. We'll get into the maturation that about fifteen minutes from now. Baseball hot stove I'll find that it's been dead but this is the biggest target of -- hot -- year so -- potentially. I trading jealous you'll get into that we've started out with the football the suspension or Jermaine Cunningham what it means the patriots are one means the league. In Boston -- got a great list today. They were pages page C three sports section. -- 20108. Guy suspended reports -- 20117. Guys suspended this year so far. Re recent violators. 25 guys. We talked about the testing process and how it's gonna affect this team going forward now the bunch of players who ball. That behind the old lateral which you know exactly what that is to the league doesn't make you put your name to these cases. I'm Matt Chatham played for the jets play for the patriots and he joins us every week her and do a great. Comic carry conversation with Pete on Friday during the big show on again on Sunday NFL Sunday -- report every Tuesday and Friday in The Herald Matt my little power you. -- Not great to talk with you again and -- -- get into your column of the dolphins I wanna start with the suspension Jermaine Cunningham because now you have. 25 guys suspended so far in the league you played in the league when he -- 25 this year reports it's -- drugs eight and seven respectively last two years prior to this year. That's a pretty big -- the -- there's a problem right now in this league with what guys are doing to try to skate through. As part of course what you call all. -- love -- Was delicious and and -- are happening -- -- duke. You know I don't know in relation to vote situation Mosul area. A report should what to say that there have been optic at a particular. -- I applaud the media you know it because more or less focus struck you know not supplement -- help recover -- my best understand him up by a doctor here but. There's not a problem that sir help you recover from. A particular injury your -- -- types saying it's. More focus struck showed you the opportunity that they're people wouldn't do it bought. You know I guess the reason that put these things and because they're reportedly some sort of help -- the apple or some added advantage -- -- Stay away can knock -- sleeping eating I'm sure. I'm not sure why it on the meeting Jesus and go underway -- you know I'd indicate that they'll put up -- the -- below below article a lot of people currently are following an optical. Well everyone's just you know at least they're saying they know that it's at a -- do you think that -- NFL -- make a public school or do you would you wanna know the difference between a player was on -- all -- the players actually get -- steroids. Yeah I think look I think that's important if -- do we distinguish between. You know it's been a general -- commitment -- -- early in that it. And it did indeed -- part of -- and that's probably a -- -- so. -- -- I think it's unfortunate that several early name pocket that I can do a little -- partly in part -- how long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know likely people all together. I'd like to not apple because it's one of those -- pitchers sort of you know much a little bit are being and that strength and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know -- -- and you. Future contracts that people view it like that. You know it'll turn out all about it all behind the scenes all so I -- albeit subtle arm and mapping out. Up -- you about the when he made the joke about Joseph Cole and and talking about lateral on focus and everything else these so you saying when you when you played after all was not something guys work -- up and -- in -- Gatorade they were talking about it is after -- is making me. Such a better player out there on the field. Maybe -- you know. -- -- I have no idea what it apparently ignorant to. Know. I'm looking I'm not -- say that when I was -- retired from it up well. Then on nine when it that the maps and get my MBA and you know it oral drug that people pay -- you know we all -- you know. Pulled all -- for a final or your dragon throughout. Your seven they are we have a exam on a mutual. Helper and haven't been but you know how likely that -- model where. Now Jamaica I think it's gonna miss four games tailor Jones we don't know when he's gonna return that -- The sake of argument that Joseph Jones doesn't come back this week how does it affect this defense do you expect to see maybe more 34 personnel would you expect the other fronts have. I think the interest in -- I I think it really won't affect. What choice as much. Especially. Well. -- -- Jones was a rule -- quote I mean he played. A defense -- -- three or you can also opt out and play -- a -- -- report prepared McNabb. Picked up almost the last month or so it actually employ people -- spoke to report or -- -- where these games and the last lap and more subcommittee out -- -- four or question earlier. -- the play much apart. What structures being sort of try to look at them beyond government replacement and it is probable body type a close up or -- not academic matter -- Go out there -- more body art through -- -- yeah. And -- we haven't been much. So you know but I -- at least comparable. Optional not like the other looking for street free agent. Just let the merit and -- the other guy that and in the -- little bit bigger bodies did you know you. You were gonna don't want a lot of space for three. He might be back got up a little more. I guess so he might not -- or are you can't necessarily a regular -- situation. I think it's important of this though because the Miami that the that we put out in Miami will you like. Structural problems you know Reggie Bush is the preeminent power helped about rubber in the -- he's not that are going to play design as any generation Padilla. No the way use sort of account for what's gonna go warm out art is really important during the week so. Doctor ordered a situation where you're Scott not the best all the guy. And for it or 3 -- to get up at the apple may be that -- you go to the three forward because of emulated -- or. Or order to wherever over the tackle another outside linebackers -- hangover outside of him. I think the reform might make or sent to be Gillick yeah -- that that you airport it's definitely a week where this changes happened. And they're gonna go into with Jermaine Cunningham eagle which hammered on again that the nickel we don't know to be back up you know with those guys. This week will go on the outside a lot out in coast. You mentioned Cunningham and the impact here when you're watching tape and you're looking at the TV tape and the coaches tape with CA player before that suspension that. You think it improved Matt did you see more of payment and and more of of 50% of the defense -- Nazi -- in. Be sure a lot more your group when you're looking at players -- -- out these games. Yeah I think you know most of the mine that he. What are you what are some sort of let down and you'll want either really I mean I just thank. They were in a situation where they were looking for someone -- -- more disruptive -- to. Well I think that the premiere of did you somehow -- that the deployment -- one you know the important thing did happen -- -- maybe some. -- -- -- -- program there you know practices or whatever but sometimes -- to your role but I'm trying to back in -- three. Some -- that you shouldn't judge. You know -- the quality of a vehicle and element driven crystal ultimately a solid players from the -- he did have a little bit young player but a lot of it bugle. One just that integrity did he give bucaram educationally. But -- vote destructive art. You know you but he not like yours be I think sometimes maybe it was. -- was that maybe -- they had gotten some. Dwight Freeney on the -- a guy. Thought you know what he -- -- -- really good job of sort of more can result in them or do you make an impact -- You know the league has changed in order help him to be apple and -- big 67% of the about -- You wouldn't feel like he. Beat the -- -- You know by not how we had a record we got beat. What might well Mike -- Mets Mets phone's cut out -- figured out but tells a good story above -- able and impact of base in the -- yes sir you're talking about Mike Vrabel that we lost your. I'll start -- yet so hard for Obama at what. Not that we didn't have been small groups well like dribble would could play -- are you into -- didn't -- -- -- to let me get a -- and that detonator that there was a little more defiant. You know they're not a much a -- run. Should you feel you could do it -- but all I mean there's there's many more snaps a game where you can feel comfortable point small ball. They're not getting gaps so I think sort of the change in the day -- -- percent Republican base to help a whole sort personally. NASA the defense had a good week -- league that they played well against India but there -- better against the jets and I know it's the jets but. It's just that the comedic it was a more aggressive defense yet defensive back there in coverage is so wide receivers playing defense to break up interceptions he saw hard hits. What -- -- This -- this whole week against the Patriots defense. Well I I think he. -- speaker pitchers did that hurt. On Thursday especially -- jets. Apple go. It's one of those game and it -- harder to take much from. Basically the Thanksgiving game ordered him ware are game planning is this fractional you know you're gonna see a lot. A lot -- of the usual full package. No maybe one game pressures can play a game pressure is you know at the super structure. And you know they're just not the kind of the directly from the playbook. So from that -- the how much a battle care or we're not sure the other thing that that that -- little area just to try to you know sort of treacherous on the future games. Is when the jets aren't so poorly. We didn't get to feel a lot of the match -- stop that would have been in the chess game has this been a close game. We release you know we were -- for the second quarter and trying to of everything that you would feel like to judge from part -- get thrown out the door. They get -- according to just you know. Give back on track ball from here on out so I guess I'm a little bit reservation the one thing I would say is. There you see individual growth I think you know. Power to look real comfortable in the role he's in now. We did not you know not play somebody snapped played forty ought EW -- re route and seemed not. Got up and not on an island nearly as much. In this is one example but -- -- -- finding ways. The sort of maximize what guys and view and then not put in the position that about that and that's just a function of where your team hasn't probably weren't you know at a young group common it. The more pressure saying I mean again I'll always looked -- how the pressures are I think people -- often misled by more pressure hit. You feel are more -- happening. Two point to a lot of last three games where. A lot of the conversion that happened Erdogan -- agreement emerging troops second out or some of the game to give up the run game which -- the ordinary that took a little bit. In the last few weeks ago at the patriots has been actually Berkshire's. So cute little more pressure goods less pressure bad I'm still sort of -- one that's more complicated. About get you on this Miami write about them today in the -- report. And what they do well I loved your take on NFL Sunday to really be kept out of trap game -- the divisional game that doesn't exist. So it is looking at the dolphins what's the best thing they deal with the best matchup in your mind they have against the patriots. -- -- -- Look at pro personnel importantly ought to mention earlier Reggie Bush really threaten -- -- -- -- out -- linebackers have deepened today and you'll go to wanna play with good leverage K did you buried in the tackle because now and you'll be able to recover fast. So you'll understand. Just on a personal standpoint -- -- member of the meeting there was more rope you know Ricky Williams -- when I played well mind you haven't gotten out a cup back -- understand. Where the -- and you know when that -- it. Proportional airport and off it's why it's not a terribly athletic group -- -- bit smaller and Miami -- always had that persona you object long. -- and let me know who just appeared you know bullish type god it's a smaller. But you don't want him in extended plays for five and expected to pass protection. But I understand that in the article that goes into most of it to where that actual farmer's insurance you'll ball security has -- -- big issue number. One that -- they've been in in and second and well. Third and 113 and nine. They really are an effective team wants to get it down to manageable so I get the same probably would be. The -- ruling could be good -- first down and then conversely the Miami's only chances that their grip on first. Because this people -- not -- not you know. Second Integra verdict and trying to complete passes to Brian partly did not have a weighted formula -- -- second at four with a nice play action to either Obama or bush. Downfield to pests or our line and waited for a trip and so what -- on -- we will -- dictate a lot of what happened later. I have to at the close games as a player you really need to understand your opponent the respect they do well the first thing they don't do well. They've had a lot of success a lot of success last week it in the beat the patriots. But they have a lot -- -- -- are so you'd hope that they would look at their own service so outside. The readers or don't do we get off script. Worked on beat the -- -- people who were. Not check out the -- report today and Friday in Boston Herald here NFL Sundays out leading in the patriots football -- as always great stop in jury week we'll talk you next Tuesday. Matt -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster three G it's AT&T rethink possible. Our -- but intake also follow Matt on Twitter at Chatham 58 commenting. On the patriot games what else is going on with this patriots team we start with a lot of football on -- and some baseball ninety seconds because it was the juiciest of hot -- rumors. Jon Lester to Kansas City. -- heralded prospect. Does that make sense we'll talk about that next.

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