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Ron Borges, Boston Herald, defends himself on D&C

Nov 27, 2012|

Borges calls in to respond to comments made about his reaction to Jermaine Cunningham’s suspension. Things get heated between Borges and Pete Sheppard while discussing their differing opinions.

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Two major us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE columnist boss Ron Borges joins us hey rob good morning. We're doing well so what did you see and how obvious it was to you before Jermaine Cunningham was positive test came out. What was your observations specifically run. The -- -- after our first speaker I'd do it it's our. Suddenly bigger factor. And it was quite that way about the -- ought. -- Al apparently -- a lot he how are you right. Our guys right. Look I don't you know you were wrong about Bledsoe. Would always -- -- you -- Margaret your question you'll go. Well locally I mean let's let's not I don't know anybody. That was all right -- debate respect one. What's that mean that's that's great run -- you know Alexi goes back to when we -- column last week about. All the bad things that happen on special teams what you feel to point out was some of the good things that some of those players did -- want special teams I'm also waiting for your column. This week about how the giants -- -- -- silly fairly friendly state publicly -- what -- run run run run out. And I know the don't like. -- will. I will let -- ought. To take turns. Not but not a writer is a great block. I'm a leader or and thankfully get a break on the ball up pull out earlier get beat by. Well it's nice run I'm waiting for your column while some way you can and you. It. That -- -- that -- true that you didn't read -- -- let me -- let me let me finish my point Roxio -- not waiting for your -- -- It was such a bad thing for -- to be out there I guess you forgot. Guys like Lawrence Taylor is brought the decades have played. Out on special teams are waiting for your column also about how the giants are seeing what defense what would want -- Ron Dennis -- -- -- let me official says and he can respond. What wish -- coming out on Monday night about. Again. But don't let me talk to got to -- make a fool yourself. Doesn't this I had to DA try to figure let's focus on why knowing what he -- aka aspect where lock on special teams is a great depth point by his Ron wrote a column about that. I'm not a long record that. I don't think. That people go. I know that's why our patent and that's -- that's what they don't Battelle later on special. A -- wrote a column. Anybody or any argument that should LB -- the car was. What I'm sure the war. Issue you'll. But that -- on a wire on. But it all. I'll -- it or not. While Melbourne -- -- -- no no no no -- the -- you've been full crap to spell check is critical to this team. You know. He didn't get blown up wrong. Brought you didn't blow anything up what do you do it was -- -- has and so what you always do. You know that's not true -- that's that's what you do -- your columns which -- do. You make you. Are you gonna. Deny it is not personal with you about Bill Belichick act for whatever reason you had you picking -- do you think you're supposed to do your job for you and you turn that against them. For whatever reason go it goes back to Drew Bledsoe you're out what -- stepped in with that is house and a whole bunch of other scenario with this coach this -- Goodell probably -- -- -- -- all time. I'll stop being rods stop it stop it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey I'll just ask why do you hate Bill Belichick might. I can't tell the truth. I have to you've never had -- Drew Bledsoe was house. No we're still here. A lot but he said I asked yes if you've ever had. Anointed. -- I wanted to run. I have let them or. Not I didn't know what -- got to forget all that do that why over the why -- -- -- -- -- And -- I know he did. What I do know. And I know -- not reveal my sources just like you would go I don't. Think I'll I don't know I don't know what. I don't I don't I know I know enough. A fool out of myself what a yearly basis and the stuff you've written about the pay to all of our broad but so far off base it what you upset about this team for not setting your reporting. You got a -- that you can point you to watch up our league is a terrible they -- is a difference in reporting and and -- you know I mean. This -- but you did you say you want even read Monique Reid runs reportedly got on had a great column on with a gronkowski should be an extra point you -- disagree with it. Could disagree with a but it's a great column it's a great. A debate. But you won't -- fight -- read it because he had dinner -- house because I've ever read it because it's been going on for decades in the NFL it's going on right now -- all of its players like -- to play a special teams on a daily on a weekly basis it's so why did they take them off not pick up like that thick -- kickoff return or -- because he fumbled his rookie year that that didn't help either. What -- that you're against Cleveland took off because it's dangerous and it's all relative and he's who I am pleased that he's very valuable let's let's give brought a second ago. A strong backup Josh please. I've run well. No we just I think we look at it just -- on hold for a second to give a what one conversation. One voice and. Yet there and -- add two more -- but simple what. About rock out. -- -- You think that Rob Gronkowski. Has impacted. More often walking correction or playing tight no question B. Eight okay. If you -- your druthers would you and why. Not -- extra points. -- would you rather have them why -- extra point but like I I would go hey. -- a lot but. A connection but today at -- To -- not. But see Iran people who -- gronkowski needs to be in there try to -- the argument that he is the only tight end in fact his only member of the -- the patriots. Can set that edge and not prevent. The the -- -- he's been really good and blocked the extra point. I do you aren't a lot of heat -- you. But ethnic -- are they other people and are less ideal. Right but I felt I don't -- -- he's an extra points it is the very. Small chance he gonna get hurt. He doesn't belong on other special teams Wes Welker should not be returning punts I think that's crazy I mean the idea that you just let all your stock -- specialties because that's what to do is stupid. You should not less focused too valuable to be returning punts in my opinion. I tell you if you are a number of great players I agree our return your current literature. So like in order so there are -- didn't do it it like a -- torture right. Now I ordered some people like to sit -- -- everybody into it everybody say it back up are not. But it's not that. Tommy the next the Rob Gronkowski is anywhere -- that -- brought out. As a tight end. The public -- -- the differences is narrower between Rob Gronkowski -- blocker and an analyst Daniel fells has an edge it is and in fact I think -- -- I think -- could be better -- because. It's you you see all the time high school he put the GB -- on special teams he Boston's past. A starter on on extra points is going to demotion as a starter is what gronkowski did on that lackluster started late sixty plays at that point. But that's beside the appointment you know. Did not but I I don't care I don't care if people want to disagree with -- finance -- that's fine to say that it's a legitimate beat that that opinion. I got shot -- our guys that you pay ballots yet it was it would get ready this time and I've been here for two weeks ago I went on in the decades it still lives there's a lot of -- Europe and other teams that have the Robert -- out there and the guys to talk about Norton and I shot -- -- -- -- I haven't won a legitimate I don't know what it's saying I got a lot has. Same as it left and Clinton same letting blood letting letting Brady throw in the fourth what. Eli -- -- How we just focus on Brady and trying to keep him healthy because is the most important focus on. Getting him out of games to keep them healthy I don't care about you know -- two -- The man's command of the game they should you know what they all shoot. They should all come out -- should all stale. And these. But I heard as a matter other. Oh yeah but the fact America. Probably we'll let them back up -- little experience. Outside. At all or not follow it all on comedy video at a guy like. But it you know it doesn't matter if -- Belichick doesn't it's right. -- the one that got noticed this quest what happens when the thousand -- goes on the world you sure those guys are gonna be on the team on a week to week basis that's the other. That's the other fact that nobody there's always talking about the reason why the PAT teams are consistent around the league -- -- -- in the -- and others. Are playing is because they have to be there on a weekly basis not the guy who's 46 the 45 -- team on the roster now is that not a career. I'll. Support him all. You want Dallas Clark. That's what I'm saying look there but there are a lot of children have. Every I didn't football like that but I don't I'm using the -- and as an example I agree it's okay. It's okay. So back Jermaine Cunningham before that you go on backed Jermaine Cunningham I love this idea you've heard enough from people are numbered Texas. You know why didn't you write this back in September -- you must see this. On the -- -- -- and Albert can't really say give me do you alluded to it which is the best that. -- So you. Do you think if he didn't he didn't bulk up quote unquote that he would be out of the league would would still be on the team clearly wouldn't be as. I agree -- your column today and actually -- it is -- -- that act you know. When he got but I don't like -- I think it's bad. I didn't hear all like that's what did you guys but why are about. The injury factor that would elections these guys work. It. Art weight and I don't doubt that a big bet. I don't know why did you. I am quite unique. To survive to compete at that you don't drop right. There ever. And the other player if I think you're at and probably you are. Beat it by you just because you're right that I'm -- I am well I'm not a lot. -- I'm not here the heat on our beat niche got the eight and that was the shot or go to -- there don't be cheap. The patriot elevate you start up at all but it Altec. Are your. Don't do that right no one ever said it was OK who said it was OK Glenn army said it was okay. Said that's either make you stop up big dinner. You've written that way you're not married. I just to bring what Jerry's point brought up and so what what won't -- Harris entity jointly set I didn't say it was okay that's of course wasn't okay. Why would be OK. Okay it's not right -- of our final question will be Iran what would Drew Bledsoe -- dinner. -- It pretty. Eight -- One no one. The station would spend time socially with the patriot and have their own judgment skewed that would never have enough. Did did you drink some of that double back one little back want to go back down. -- -- the normal bottled. I don't want by repeat it like it here make the out. It at that and not off you know -- I Robert Powell that rockets -- Bill Belichick go to your streak here. Now those are OK those are fine. No I don't know. I'm sure you're right once a year Iran you know -- you cannot you cannot just slide the faithful contrary isn't your hatred for Belichick -- do you like -- -- -- -- what why why deny it rog do me the Bill Belichick. In part about it and throw it isn't just thing. You think -- what I -- up. -- what no but what is blatantly obvious to me and others is that you have absolutely terminate a porcelain -- dollar -- you gonna deny that. You're a guy that would help out. Group PL a lot of people make it personal they just -- problem. So it's not more so. It's not personal. Bodies -- and -- a lot to cheer you obviously do care because -- all ticked off and Aaron on the air but I'm asking you have is it do you have a personal data -- elegiac. When it's wise to do -- what have you made it -- chorus -- what lies a person with you against Belichick why's that by the nature not yes it is. YE. You should call them liar before you think he's lied to him. Oh. You obviously care. -- -- -- he -- -- what you write about the Internet okay kids battled through it but but he does everybody have to be on board does it have to be on. Fan club -- -- clearly thought -- break a -- Break her feet he got they got. Out may repeat I don't care about if they wish it. You -- Al -- -- on what what do you think. What do you think about this problem and and get -- -- -- he's going to be firemen Pete he's gonna go down there is gonna spell out PO KET. At you have. Vacancies open I arrived at -- just -- But after the first responders. It's a commitment to. Talk together -- Ron. Ron on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT ER went to government. The U me. Christmas. Yet we gonna go -- the holidays lawn and -- it's good. The monologues yet policies on the ultra solstice -- this coming up you and I take a couple. Pete and Ron Ron -- -- I -- a challenge jeopardy gonna come up with a nice name for that show. That would be appointment listening you you up for that I love or hate and I just all the initials BS. And show us show the show Harvard Jack Carlos John and Tim sorry for the delay we'll get to you next.

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