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Nov 26, 2012|

We check in with the Head Coach on a Patriots Monday to get Bill's take on the huge win over the Jets, and the possible division clincher this Sunday in Miami.

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-- back -- patriot Monday edition of the make sure we're live down here at Gillette Stadium time for there are no nonsense conversation. With a coach Bill Belichick brought to you by SBA ally the no nonsense like insurance company. Now offering new lower rates for men and women call -- get SP a -- or visit ESP ally. Dot com for your free quote. No I don't today -- Oakland state Michael Rodriguez don't. Well Thanksgiving weekend not that not a lot of football ticket they can yours was was pretty successful as well. Both good good it's always good to to sweep the jets and those those -- force you -- contributions from. All three units a lot of different players -- movement that plays so. I was going to start with the offensive line -- was one thing that a lot of people addressed before the season began. Matt Light course retires he got to replace him on the outside Brian Waters doesn't come back Q since head injuries to Mankins. We watch Green Bay last night green Bay's offense of one's had major problems here with a lot of injuries in their offense and one in different. Personal Jeff Saturday now in the in the middle. Why is your offensive line really come together and played so well this year and did you expect they would be able to play at this level when the season began. Well -- you know I thought our offensive linesman pretty pretty consist only your of course mom and reload at Logan in their own Thomas's done a great job force -- -- -- -- left guard and -- -- You know when he's not come through its owner and general -- job there of course. In NATO left tackle its -- initially drafted him for Houston right tackle last year we had no light and also -- tight end but. His good left tackle Sebastian -- had a real good year pursues an able to play against jets and some markers that a good job for him. As he did in pre season so. And Connolly is on solid job force nick has stepped in there and and play well when he's been called and so. -- overall we've we've had to move those guys -- a little bit they do that practice all time anyway. And it's hard working group they they work well together of course well coached and it does great job. Now we were just we were talking I did earlier and he seems to be either. The -- consistent factor there over the years. What what is it about him that. That is a lot of these so -- talk about. That's a lot of these so successful for so long I mean this is it's amazing the run he's had here. Well he's the author is obviously very experienced. These Smart coach he's very. Quick to make adjustments and and understand what -- know what's going on on -- honorable course you know I was here in 96. Alone he was on the defense of staff with myself Romeo and grow so. He has a great appreciation of these clips of the special teams so it's got bigger appreciation for all different aspects of the game at least these excellent on the offensive -- and he's smarting demands a lot of players they respond well to his coaching and he. Makes an interchangeable. He he makes and learn different positions and and works different combinations of guys and so that we can all play together that's great that we have done. Shuffled deck at times than they're not uncomfortable moment. We we've talked many years now vote. How old the next guy seems to step up in any number of situations where offensively defensively. Even Cassel at quarterback you're filling some tremendously so large shoes O'Toole what do you attribute your team's ability. Before that next guy to be ready. Think it's just the player's mentality. And that's what those guys Tuesday. They prepare and in the note they can be called on and anytime soon and everybody's come on when that situation eskimo open. Then they play they do it conscientiously study and prepare conscience was so when that. Situation presents itself that they can be there for the team but also take advantage of opportunity for themselves and and and possibly move into that spot movie we've got that -- right with the that a lot. Or go back to your comment you know sweeping the jets this year that's -- that brings your record against the death in nineteen and I keep enough now. Since you've been doing pretty good record. I'm one of the few people maybe the only person in this room isn't going to be in the -- and I didn't play all games that -- -- not that. I think I've only -- rooms of big. Tim Tebow fans but to say there's an -- Amanda -- OK I don't think Gary's terrific guy I was I'm not sure he can be as. I'm point -- are likely to vote for him. Now can be told that you don't have access to worry about this year. In the second game against the jets were you preparing for two quarterbacks or was it clear. Based on the way to get to play this year that they were gonna use Tivo and therefore you can -- any practice time to prepare form. Oh well we we prepare for Tim has -- kind of the role he's been in which is the -- Lanka roll. But also knowing that he can be a play away from in the quarterback who's a backup quarterback -- quarterback was inactive. As he's been all year so. Tim was the backup quarterback but we wouldn't anticipate and plan assumes an injury. Except in their wildcat formations. And he. Didn't do that course in our game but he'd done in all the of the games. I ask about the facility of of the defense right now because over the last few weeks it seems like this is become a very. Physical unit -- ball hawking unit they're all over the ball. How much of that is by design. Well we don't have any control or the ball goes. I mean we try to be physical blockers and he physical. Tacklers but when the ball's thrown particularly to the inside part of the field at those put more people closer to the ball and and you know electoral those receivers in the -- on -- to take control the middle field so -- They think twice about coming in their court Bettman thinks twice about thrown in there we have some of those tickets earlier in the season and that's always good to see those -- does it doesn't sends a message to visit to the opponents that. You know this isn't free real estate inherited if you come in here. You know this is our turf and we -- We wanna control so -- love -- does that make up for stuff plus he can even see and I completed passes guys have their hands him the ball try to strip the ball loose. Does that make up a lot of Sanford for things that happened out there and feel. Well -- and I think you'll always wanna play good defense fundamentally problem in every area but ultimately. Our job to try to get the ball and weaken. Take the ball away from their offense whether it's deflection strips that calls fumbles interceptions. Whatever may be and we're always try to be aware that we try to make the players aware of that and and they they have an awareness of which it's can we get the ball out on which doesn't carry it very. Tightly which quarterbacks can only agreed which routes and we Tom watched and what will place we take advantage of China get the ball. And make it tackles course -- the guy on the ground as the ball that's what defense a player does vote. Trying to get the ball as part of that play is also. Don't awareness thing and we you know Matt Patricia and pepper. -- Patrick -- powerful nor'easter for the coaches all of the job. Speaking of wealth is two rooms accrued from Toronto fumble by century it was Vince Wilfork or remorse apps. For credit. Of that fumble you know this kind of similar to the to the plan for -- game ordinances Lawson. Come on and off in the yet in -- safety involved in capable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right that's just bad picture of -- video that'll be played forever. You know that's -- -- -- -- -- -- no -- -- says he doesn't mind being part of like Herm Edwards does in my became part of the or that I articulate well -- But we have -- well all kinds of stats about. Coaches and teams in December who does well in December who doesn't. -- there's a mental aspect this particularly in the northeast. To playing good football. In December you inevitably have bad weather. Some guys don't wanna be out there are some guys don't mind do you think that's. As a mental thing the -- to talk about with teams when you get to this part of this time of the year. Well I think you can talk about it a little bit where we're out there and it every day so. Whatever we get today tomorrow. It. Wednesday Thursday Friday whatever happens to via their practice will will will deal with that we won't be plain and this week because will be in Miami but. Somewhere along the line we'll probably see those those types of conditions so. At least for used to of -- I think a lot of us some you know mental frame of mind to and he can't worry about the illness -- that your pony we're about doing your job -- you chart used charity is it element steered in additional with the wind does. You know how would affect those kicking in the passing game. And if you play in and letters snowy conditions of affection for opening your ball in England. Still really comes down to deal with the apartment -- the conditions that's who moderately hurt chances -- -- opponent and not getting distracted by the conditions but you know focus on what what you have to feed them that's. That record some monsters and all of us. Would it affect your valuation of the players if for example he played his entire college career. I know this what happens for example he played the entire college career in Southern California. Or in Miami and had never played in bad weather and poor free agent. Who's played on the West Coast and has never been in the environment that you're going to be in inevitably annoying. Not really thinks arming and drug -- guys like them for their athletic football players that. Can make that adjustment and there and really it's just it's an adjustment and smoke and I think it's intolerable insist that different. Some goodies when a real warm and on the goes east clinical there. Really fear for your mentally tough and you're just block out the conditions and can focus more on your job an opponent of what you have to do them. It's that your statement. Sure you saw the Jim Schwartz throwing the red flag and Mike Smith's a few days before that. I got to believe you're aware of the -- as I'm -- shorts was put in the emotional state he was in because he's looking at them by saying how can -- not be bound by a by contact with the -- down. You kind of lose it. First call or what's your feeling about that rule since obviously. The idea of video replay. Is to get the call right and they did not get -- call right and second of all how do you prevent yourself from getting so pissed off from the sideline. That suddenly you go bring did you forget the ruling used to roller red flag out there and cause even a bigger problem for UT. Well. What I personally do is. They usually don't throw the flag currently if anything it's late. Try to make sure you unified feel pretty sure that. I should throws still only give every opportunity to take a look at the play because the gain you have to overturned the play if it's a tie it's gonna go to what -- -- original call laws. So. You know -- you've got to have enough evidence to overturn it and sometimes what I see and what. The camera shot is our purpose and so -- you never really know for sure until you can. Maybe -- fair verified camera shop though that the coach was open bluesy type thing. So others like her my flag and in my. Soccer's -- -- -- pockets I don't inadvertently pull outer falls as what's on them on the grounds on the ground and you throw whether it's. Intentional or on intention dollar. -- By mistake or whatever it is easy you know what what you've done -- done so. -- -- try to conservative and and throat until I know I want to throw it and they're playing time and I'd like to throw but I just wanna try to get more information because once you lose that challenge of relief. You're used to challenges. As you can get as many as three in the if you lose one and you can't get threes you know you're -- and a the only one laughter that's your last one Republican so. It's -- they'd -- Like you said the intent of the rules to get the playwright and we're sitting here right I think that's one of the things that. You know in general I don't -- a great. Thing with the officiating is that they let a lot of plays go and then and they it was kind of the idea that well if you want challenges -- challenges. And and there are some that seem pretty obvious what they should be called that -- they -- with those players on Clinton sells out so. It's Austria Italy has been. Angrily you know they're the people to take it up with that's. We saw a couple of years ago -- in the Baltimore and they. It was to me is an obvious incompletion we schools that are ran back for a touchdown. Baltimore challenged it was obvious incompletion -- they had to waste challenge but because. The officials distant and -- and incomplete test which which clearly was. But that's kind of the way officials of the issues that level stuff go. And on the other hand I would say you know from the Detroit standpoint we have one of those plays in Jacksonville. Five or six years ago were rumors Jones-Drew had opened the line it's been we didn't tag them down and -- ran for a touchdown. You know just technique I don't -- Leonid. In all of them. To do is just anymore is on the mountain and a -- is down so. When a fifteen yard penalty that's enough be enough seems to me that once you. -- gone on top of that. Then it no longer is eligible. For a replay. That they really just gave it to me it's hurting the game could you not getting the play Iraq. Would you agree. I wouldn't disagree and -- that way but. You know it's not much of -- criticize rules and all that that's what you know our league in competition committee and all that does and so. On. Our jobs to understand the rules and played on and I certainly think that those things are open and should be open for discussion and and again it goes back to the hole -- the whole replay thing of of not having a camera on the Golan on having a camera on the sideline on an camera on him line. We're those key calls come from and then you have to wait and hope that the camera happen to have that angle. Illegal that to the Denver interception where problem. Daily caller Rihanna back Watson hit them but all the camera down there at the other goal line where we were and the plays honor guards away and there's no good angle on the play. But and analyze it and don't make a look at that plan not think it was touchback but there's no evidence to overturn it so. That's part of the problem with challenger and employees you don't know what camera angle your pharmacy. I understand down the middle of field and -- Kennedy you know was he down with a knock -- cornerbacks -- -- was not going forward. But scoring -- uncle lightsquared players on the sideline and on chemicals those should be easy. Not so. It's like tennis and you challenge of -- -- -- those ball it was a ball that there's a line I mean you know. There's there's no getting that wrong ones its name on the football. Two more things before we get shot here one terrain Cunningham. Apparently suspended for four games four of violating this league's substance abuse policy any comment on Cunningham and his suspension. Or it's unfortunate but -- it's a league. And it's also now time for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers is. Bill okay you're -- either way tee here's the question they'll register Mercedes-Benz dealers and a winter event going on now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers on the web. At MD USA dot com this week's question. Comes from Lee and rocks very alien Roxbury notes that you wondered 200 game as a coach a coaches in history to do that any comment on -- 200 games as a coach is that something you. As an aspiration of viewers and gotten coach. On -- to earn aspirations. You know it's an honor and I think it speaks in his hopeful balls Obama team and so it's. You know the commentary really on the known coaches that I've coached with assistant coaches coordinators and all that. The more for a new players those are the guys that make a block that tackles the kicks the the passes the coaches all the plays that need to invent a winning game army about players I don't do any of that so. When you Indians because players make plays that you went and it's. Always believe and and that's the truth so I've been very fortunate social good players. Coaches that conversation rescue of by SP -- the no nonsense life insurance company now more for new low rates for men and women. Call 888 get SP -- or visit SB alive dot counts for your free quote. Congratulations win number 200 coach and more importantly an opportunity this weekend to believe it not to wrap up the division. With a win this weekend you can get that first of your numerous goals and of these guys -- gets pretty amazing. Where little beat cellphone we've we've had trouble Miami down there in December and and there are good football team they're tough they're physical and healthy and you know that's a long this time a year or so -- -- -- -- well coached and it was big when forming in Seattle on the plane -- and Seahawks so. We're made a good week preparation and into player and coach called on their on Sunday but that's certainly good opportunity force with a four to a in march of the sprinklers are you when things are not going well in China are slow figuring your apple. Our coach I don't know Bill Belichick right to -- -- they might -- excellent.

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