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Monday, November 26th Whiner Line

Nov 26, 2012|

Wahhhh... Fireman Ed took his ball and went home!

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Well these doctors on who's a very experienced. These views excuse views expressed. -- -- white -- these aren't like ET TE Chris Cox. This discretion advised. And and now yeah. -- We we -- we're gonna have a conversation for. It would those storage and browsers are 300. And now we're better than you you you're you're just a man with a -- change. We're change your single man in the Brady Bunch WEEI. Laurel -- your lie and. -- great deal respect her very Humphries done his career. And you know a little bowl MVP and tremendous player. Dial 6177793535. This is the defense you know we got got eleven players out -- to play great ball. And you don't do we -- we're just that one man beat this week is not about one man why an airline if they got eleven players other -- -- for dinner held at feet. -- -- one man cannot just beat the team and now I'm pretty -- I -- a project you know when I was old -- NFL network tell them exactly outfield went on a good chance right. Maybe if you all good I don't know -- that happened during the WEEI. -- don't base where a big how big -- third call of our. Mostly applause you know every marriage and I'm grateful for reactions and I thought it would be good and others. Yeah later and when. -- from. I just for the whiner line. Powered by AT&T WEEI lavish available and -- fun Iran -- Blackberry device. -- do you buy. AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up at times faster bingo always good one you know habits Norton matter all -- -- -- -- Africa -- that would that sermon at that. I'm ready. AT&T rethink possible how are you Mikey I'm good you know -- their tremendous. To -- over the weekend really -- -- -- doctor enough -- home afterwards through new roads -- point home Georgia Thanksgiving -- not -- -- break up that ultimately good acts as finals the other line line is anyone's system get them. -- I thought for the white line that says. Wow admitted covered up a bit but a lot of people on the road show we. And that it was a blast on the anyway I am what that was a complainer. It gets filled bubble for the fort is -- I cleared it out of this port -- I was like it. And he talks and anything worthy there now. A bowler accidentally yeah. You know -- to keep talking about how although W yeah I hope -- not. Bill ballot -- About how bad the W yeah -- coaster ride did not -- medic and I hope that want. And that that pitch. I -- donated. Cordova narrative it does a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- love where from the hosts from home -- -- really quick like Kirk. The prickly -- We like. I was daughter away at college point he's not you're not supposed to you -- this to say stuff yet to think god is plus one like him because he sucks Travis technical. -- -- -- -- can't you don't want to look back at Oak Park today. How about more about. Should be a third man who just like off in the distance to scan and translate. It. -- for that your intent. But but I apps I have yeah Abbott. Help people who got. -- -- this guy was involved. And. That's what the caller was right now that you know I didn't matter as you know -- -- -- -- right then. I've seen the probable route I'd love the holy roller eyewitness -- immaculate reception. But now ride guys that do that glory. Mark Sanchez Bob -- Yes not -- -- let it forever being known as Bob ball. And after that it's one of those that won't go away. They won't he will not going to Red Sox player will move Brooks had a great -- after the campus is just six inches to that's being checked for you guys after that it -- very good. Very good. It's a big guys -- big guys aren't all right I'll -- guy -- guy whether or the Bobby Valentine in the eyes glowed at the -- -- -- -- it pretty thick and got to borrow against Delaware where. It's vodka. And after that spreads ends at the moment Elvis. As a Patriot Act that ended up there. And it speculate I have an -- and -- -- pan -- -- -- picked up my boat don't think that's not bad -- I think showed that the test and an offensive there. And make up my dad I haven't felt heavy and I want it Bartlett ahead. -- crap and -- and no doubt about it yet. And pointed pretty looked uncomfortable with the Turkish jets in the political he's a guy by the way you can tell -- He's always seems comfortable. On stage you know and on TV -- whatever city he's -- right he was uncomfortable -- -- what do -- -- a fact is that over to somebody's house and you you know the food is bad I don't get it but -- -- national security and macaroni side. And it -- and Toews -- What I'm doing -- that might have thought it was him and a comfortable in his. His -- have beaten -- so maybe metres of internal pressure there and it does dichotomy -- -- -- each challenge but things happen. -- -- that was good now it's that I was good and I. Habit it was a picnic. Q rat out -- itself or -- that circulate that Andre it would ball. Game and. He just showed them play again it's niceties into play very well mumbled. -- pick anybody. Green -- limit yourself to be at what they've been at practice Cadillac plans. -- hey -- That's because they have that reputation would be in the best bounce back in the NFL. That doesn't mean the a couple of that the cut at the bottom of the problems -- eighty. Paid them -- -- over the rest of the middle. Gaza's most say. Step up echoed -- -- today. I'm Shepard got about DA got -- I got up god station and they do wonder -- Bloomberg not related. Patient. And message. John Shepperd. Which. He's John Rich well that's what he wanted his line of work that's all. My name is John Irish but. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it didn't want to do maybe even Singapore dollars a local couple. And that message that's all it. Enough for that. At dawn and after all she's done for you probably three -- four dollars that's six. Yeah I think what helped candidate but we will get. That they thought I had a good guy. At the orbit and thoroughly yet had -- I didn't. Bob -- black but it was apparent -- the big red -- And that -- Notice a lot of the browser is concerning fraud -- -- by criticism from New York teams that have won -- championship last 42 year back out of that ask every apartment nice tackle specialties and any Steve's reviews got it up he -- that was a very intelligent line. Just learning from. All that's applicable is nice vocabulary it. Government bag fees. Now what I would call that's what we would call it the -- That is little. We didn't well. Yeah but I don't think it. I love it. -- -- -- -- hard to actually be tolerated and I -- -- -- was there always have been got to compete with the new -- to go do it regularly that's amazing though he didn't like it wanted to -- can make Steve and not realize hey I'm lost without health care. Expect an event for the bad then you know that -- -- the here you know and -- their people. You know bill would be good it's good that there's it's good people. Then it. Coming back spirited. I had -- -- -- well it could be anymore I don't think he -- what I would have but -- haven't you know. But that there -- risk. And that -- she. It couldn't -- couldn't. You read that article -- ansari it's easier demo turned on -- he -- this. He blamed today's society. A society -- goes behind the united I didn't jets fan I don't know monologue it's everybody again people are disrespectful. To other human beings right now. It's a -- and I ground but it is -- as well. Passer has forced firemen that the results got a chance to have a little bit I've decided I'll just just -- little Bible Belt what's harder are there would have been. You know it's directed by -- quick -- -- I think that there. That span. Debt debt debt debt will be headed by -- Anybody you put him but haven't spoke at a -- And men should environment it's ever replacement one of somebody looking for their fifteen minutes shows that this -- light a fire -- They'll be to have the stars you know you'll find out -- the real -- to spell it correctly they playback. I didn't play there there are moments when I -- Arizona are I can't wait to find that elections to -- go to expire at a they'll be another item in his -- obviously well. Are our friends -- and it good very good pit road aren't part of a broad period and. Rock and that. Hey -- and dad aren't right now all of our kids by getting productive -- altered -- -- And men and they've only 119 and a cottage shawl like you gotta tell you. Every talent but show us now I think I got a break up things because I figured you know I was I was in a couple weeks ago -- plan takes a joke this date. Tell me what's in aisle three on sale pitch on shots. Again I thought opening and Tripoli bang inside of the planet that support. If you try to help -- that got. And message. That's racist things. -- And. -- the group and to pray that there had been some. So bad quarterback. I think -- -- -- to -- you Rex Ryan crying and Brady have made let's get it good god put him back. It's. -- -- -- -- solid. And he's growing he -- and then. -- That yet. A lot of the work. And the whole thing and you -- you've got to -- of the ball went after the when the football aspect -- now. That's exactly get a pop up I -- An album coming -- that. Hadn't. Happens. To him about that that's. A put back OK it's not going to be in -- Propofol and -- that -- Bob and I. Like they -- however it. I'm glad it got old and he's got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm greatly blue dot. Oh my oh -- that's correct. And let it I don't know what I really -- MVP. Let's have got a good guys a football guy on morning Joseph -- Why is having. I don't that divides the jets -- that a referendum on the targeted a former morning hello good. -- I agree. The -- horrible I do great harm horrible -- Hollywood is you want -- powered -- AT&T AT&T forgy. LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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