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Yahoo Sports Jason Cole on Adderall testing in the NFL

Nov 26, 2012|

Jason Cole takes Mut and Lou around the NFL touching on topics such as Kaepernick replacing Smith as 49ers QB, and if Houston will maintain AFC supremacy up until the playoffs. Cole also gets into Adderall’s recent effect on the NFL, and the future of drug testing in the league.

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Lunchtime hour mud and -- 93 point seven WEE I won't get back to your phone calls lot of NFL news issues to go over from week twelfth. Wraps up tonight when they thrilling Monday night game. Carolina and Philadelphia. No flex available Jason called as a tremendous job covering the NFL for Yahoo! Sports. -- your read on there you get them on Twitter as well and he's on the -- hot line this afternoon Jason -- -- here Boston Dario. I am six four in -- what the and I. I we all are based on what we saw you are also it appears to reading your columns last week or so you're in favor. I'm calling cap predict being installed as the -- full time go to quarterback. In the rest of the way for the separate Cisco team is that because you think that teaches that much better and Alex Smith he makes forty niners better. -- think he ends up keeping this job the rest of the way. What about a month ago. Before you. Actually verdict in Chicago after watching him. Well. By the group -- that they should go to break down because that would put he's better than Alex about. After that but to better -- left open ultimately think good -- -- -- quarterback. But this soon but one of the great your -- quarterback quality. You have to how -- great triggerman back there -- -- that level. Maybe take it for one -- you have everything go right around them but that's really unlikely. Given the talent. Was -- position right now. Is this one of those in Jim Harbaugh we trust because the people around you wanna compare say Bledsoe and Brady but it it's completely different -- Bledsoe was five and eleven and only two when he went down and and they needed a change is Sampras is the team. And Alex Smith was impressive last year in a -- is playing great football. The last couple extra for you get injured is this just something we say Harbaugh knows quarterbacks and we trust that. For interpreter on the came refused to coach you -- -- you and -- it's juror. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Google which job where it's going to be but I think -- -- -- He knows his players -- practices but he you know what what is payment. That is doing that was opposite -- -- -- just trying to make -- what better processed by. Yeah I think our party -- and yet you're you're right this is completely different from Arabia wants absolutely want a how to work at all. Good solid NFL quarterback Alex Smith. But you also have this guy is about what Erica may have big watch the game yesterday. Oh my god this this could comply if he just so incredibly gifted ballot that would mean is that a lot of against the same hopefully experiencing that we're. Yeah dynamic -- Republicans. Lose. But -- -- -- real weapon -- -- You know somewhere just maybe a little bit -- So Harbaugh after the game still wouldn't commit to cap predict you expect that comes this week Jason that they say you know what this is our guy going forward. -- how exactly would -- game -- before I don't quite understand if you want the attention away from the quarterback situation as much as possible. If -- -- of -- -- But outlaw is definitely I mean that's the one mistake I think -- is if you come out. It was probably those who visit the sport go where the current -- just with what -- -- this. For those results are covered by was it because better. You know this -- and in the situation. Important respect that. They understand that felt like it. But their respective because -- was your European upfront about it that torture tensions are so hopefully they'll definitely with the team now with the media. And now here we are a few weeks into the season and play a few weeks left and look at the last couple weeks by San -- very impressive but look at the AFC that's who we were looking at here earlier. Do you like Houston going over time a couple times good Denver struggle against Kansas City and Baltimore somehow -- -- know what that win. Is that sway your opinion of the AFC picture -- was it just one week of football. I want a week. You know I think that was affirmed in my mind -- -- -- should be prior. That's a at at the important. Organize -- -- influence. Fourth and twenty and figure out exactly keystone cops walk away you know real proxy server over those to put. Classic charge of football. Look I don't think. If you. Looked out -- a lot. But -- -- -- -- -- hand forward deployed Priceline. -- he figured if they get. I think the patriots. The most likely typically to prove because people we -- what was that sector is certainly it was that would. Always have a thing with that we're. I think the Balkans where there's smoke there right now and the only hope for them patrol -- comes back very lose way you like -- -- but he's not to roll right now. Not the one who would be where your last year. You go along way. So to me. It's a horse race we -- view that. The strongest lead right. In terms of the bottom of that AFC pictured did you believe in Cincinnati before and as their last month. Included them now or maybe think a Pittsburg doesn't get it together with their quarterback situation that maybe that the Bengals find their way into the AFC playoffs Jason. Very first person because they can't score and I'm always always seems to put up points. Took -- Well better than others obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just -- that quite enough work some more often the court the way that there. -- I'm still laughing at Mark Sanchez running in a brand more just like I can't stop only look at that jets team. The complete mess you put it on ten mom when you look at this team and you say the personnel they have we look more wrecks and maybe ms. Ferraro. A look everybody is skeptical players progress certainly -- to ensure the boy I would probably keep track -- the time. Was -- ever really strong general manager. And I don't mean stronger terms what personality of its strong in terms of it is -- character was who have the ability to work with wrecks without giving -- too much control. Well it wrecks were. Brought what. Too much figured out that out of you have to have that belt I don't think that he has ten Obama is that kind of strong -- That you need in our. Position that that -- -- -- I felt that way for a couple years how it might not get an awful lot but. To do more contracts. And is that sort of growth in the school's football and that was via. Well if you just a contract sky and and Rex -- coach in this team who. Who we gonna look back and blame for the Tim Tebow experiment because not only has he been in a sideshow but then Thursday night they say it's lost in the shuffle here. He's active but as a rib injury as the back -- quarterback and special team guy. McIlroy the -- back up not even active for backing so why is Tim Tebow they air. Jason if he can't play and that game on Thursday makes no sense to me. But the real overlook them. -- was. You know order is all over. Ever thought of those who -- the -- if the owners always about what other ideas working for somebody else. That's why it went in fired about working harder entry. When mayor Jane good work it looked at Baltimore what they got good defense so what's still out idea and then. Yeah Tebow. Gets endeavor in the playoff somehow. What -- feel about it if you prevail inflate instead of -- -- come up -- bureau doesn't look. At -- their own ideas and recognize. That for all the people. And you have some basic understanding of how football should be wrong so that you can put those people play at that make the big decision but these days. Off or. To some wonder you know eleven games into the season at five left Hoosier and he's the National Football League. MVP. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know respect about Ryan but he played really poorly last couple weeks now Brady is right there are as usual. And -- capital is spectacular season those -- forgot to jump off. But just off about stopping. Without really survey the entire field. The about what about what probably deliberated today. But you know what what we have ever won those five weeks. Do what I would beg for it but it's difficult. It's it's really close of some goat from its workers were. We spent some time today talking about the drug out overall and how it affects NFL players and all of a sudden from Joseph -- to a key to leave to Richard Sherman to Brandon Browner. Overall is linked into all these guys in their suspensions and what is kind of shaking our heads go on how can this be involved. -- in everything here in his Seattle. Don't lose their two best cornerbacks Jason for four weeks because. You know trying to hide something else up there in that secondary. I don't quite understand outlawed absolutely and it's an amphetamine. What this fruitful way to divide cookies these people use. What -- -- very very. Get out of it I don't understand the physical function seven approximately such the there was. The percent that we would vote for somebody. Photographed another but sometimes -- proper. Some kind of settlement. But you know what your accident that would do it yourself -- -- game. You know if you discuss illnesses and what would -- property. News four. Responsible aware of about skip and is if you just -- -- will future. Yeah which -- you do you think. -- again if those clean you think it's generally do a nice job with the steroid test. -- of course and our advocates birdied the Portland or. You know some go to you know that it's probably a bigger problem with sports period. Is that defiant but achieving a vote ahead of the size of -- -- So. You're gonna do about. Do you got some bad -- -- -- -- about the ball whatever -- there you do best and hockey or football or -- you know we're like -- -- duplicate what the third his -- world twenty year. But you have to board a lot of people are trying to find an edge anywhere you can't -- reading historical was fifteen years ago. About besides his -- have who were working on. -- Basically altering your own genetic. -- back. That should mapped out what they're bigger growth potential of these for your own body. And basically -- -- the beauty of this whole thing was it was completely undetectable. Wouldn't you could not find any effect parties GH. Not everything because it. And by doing if you know you'd you'd have a map to affect -- Roosevelt formidable and and one of the subway Cooper was beside those were saying Mario dole is called out what you wanted to try it. And not a huge surprise given. But that's about what -- do -- -- now the other people's livelihoods. Endorsement that the venerable claim no further they're trying. Yes but all of baseball right now probably not but there's all this you know huge black mark on it for a long time. You know we've. The crater on the phone numbers. And I -- principle but it was not so I would change in the game and so they -- with a first. Out of -- trying to quietly deal with a themselves. The -- a follow up what have to that disparity issuance in football I -- it's it's a more other sports but. The way that the league right you get you get hit for four game penalty but they don't exactly say. What it's for so it's up to the player in the case of Aqib Talib went through this when the patriots acquired Jason. He told the media it was that are all we know we have no idea because the league doesn't say at MI argument has been a if the league let people know what you typically they knew was testosterone or whenever steroid designer steroid was. There's more stigma on map and saying yet he took after all without a prescription. Yeah I -- -- that there is some legal reason why they don't do. You know and and then there's something that they don't -- deal with the -- with a player or with the the perception of yourself out of it. I understand that which but -- -- because of that which side. Here who has worked as an hour with David -- suit that was one of the workers -- From Cutler sure. -- it was killing me. Look what we've been sober I don't want to put. But it was it was entrusted to find out the five tool against five lengths to which some but it will go to achieve. And find out exactly what level she's there are because there are. Some prayers are there others it was contracted to focus and you know different game. And try to bulk up by fifty. You -- check out the winners and losers column Yahoo! Sports stock -- to follow Jason on Twitter Jason Cole Yahoo! Jason thank you so much for your time great insight across the league. -- talking down the road. Hi Jason Cole joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible.

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