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Steve Gregory, Patriots DB, on the Pats 49-19 win over the Jets

Nov 26, 2012|

Steve Gregory takes Mut and Lou through the Pats 49-19 victory over the Jets, including his TD fumble recovery off of Sanchez in the second quarter. He shares what the secondary dynamic has been like since Talib’s addition, explains how Belichick’s attention to detail translates into wins, and gets into what the Pats defense will do to contain Tannehill and a capable Dolphins offense.

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-- by Steve Gregory. And there's the mistake Mark Sanchez turns it over he took a shot from a lot of the patriots take over. Jets radio call from Thursday night Thanksgiving night Stephen Gregory jumping your furrow Mark Sanchez pass. Interception part of a big defensive effort Stephen Gregory joining us here in studio our interview with Steve Gregory brought to you by Verizon official wireless in telecommunication provider. On the New England Patriots so take us there was a defensive player the play we just heard the interception that look like. You guys as a defense for Sanchez to see something that wasn't actually there and they create the interception take us through that. At -- lean on as an end of every play you know you always on a disguise coverages disguise what you're going to be doing on. So you can't just kind of let the quarterback Reid and and and know exactly what -- and so we did a good job disguising. The look and Annan you know cows covering slot receiver he did a good job force and force and -- into his health which was me on that play. And -- got a good -- -- on -- -- was -- and -- -- jump the -- of you know at all it all works together and and it's it's the whole defense understanding you know how to play assert technique within the defense and then now guys on an excuse and then we did it we did a pretty good -- -- not take me through this this other play I -- call because I can't stop laughing. -- -- did he recover the fumble for the touchdown. What did you see when -- -- -- -- -- -- more I mean it was just a broken play you know I was he went and that often and -- Iran and and you know I guess trying to to salvage what little loss he had left the -- the run up and into the line and and and get some positive yardage and I just have to be standing there the timing the ball popped out and pick it up ran and I. It was just kind of an interest in playing on on I don't know that I've seen it before it happened like that but on -- where you laughing all the way to the end zone always with -- -- -- see in the big screen again just to kind of get the full effect your prime -- big screen thing you know when you're kind of on the field he's hitting behind the Limon dance I don't know exact who have no Vince was driver has got back. Into the backfield so. You know he did a good job with that and then nine next thing you know the ball's bouncing around on the ground and you know unfortunate enough to him picked up in Iran and you've got a lot of TV time this week and because of that play and it was a good scoop and score but you pricey and now he's watching football. Thirty times of their time you haven't laughed yet watching it quarterback's face going to. Ask. Our place -- -- sometimes you know sometimes some funny stuff happens out there this just happen to be one of them SOA. I like this that and I'm glad I was on the the positive side -- -- play him and not via laughable -- waving to practice Tom Tom does that'll money runs in the -- on now we don't let dominant and and practice we avoid that and they haven't heard. Though this defense this year but I thought I thought Thursday. That most of the best effort I think there's just aggressive knowing coverage. Troublesome wide receivers actually playing defense it's according guys and cover my -- maybe more receptions for -- the guys did not Kamal was. Yet thanks I think we you know what's on the put it together now you know -- we begin to know each other over the year you know I'll see a lot of new faces new guys playing with each other and -- sometimes. You know when that happens it takes a little time to build that chemistry and I think -- we've been working on that really hard in practice. You know understanding certain guys' tendencies techniques the characters of of of some of the players that we that were -- with. And I think it's all son John now we've been put a lot of work and -- get better focusing on the little things that technique stuff. You know and and it's just accumulation of all of that and I think we put together a really good games -- Stuck in a former players of the Thanksgiving game he basic have like half the playbook. Half the prep time it's just so squeezed in and -- and affect you guys is a defense was that is accurate saying that you had to condense it down to like half a game plan to what you normally might do for. We immigration obviously you know time time is limited when you when you come off the Sunday game in -- have to planters -- so. You know and it wasn't as much time to prepare as much time to put in you know a lot of new stuff. But you know it was it was a big mental challenge for us not so much physical you know we -- ground practice hard. It was more mental and I think the guys did a good job putting in the extra time needed you know a time when you don't have to beat -- necessarily on studying film. Talking with each other trying to go -- game -- stopped watching you know the other team. On tape and you know we did a good job of that throughout the week to prepare ourselves to go play -- -- Now you play with him according other side there's the safety we've talked a lot of bought into that great rookie year -- -- last you -- step back but. It just seems like he's so comfortable back there at safety what is alike complained that they talk with the communication in you only had a few games with him -- definitely on debt debt has been. There's been great you know he's he's a great athlete I've always said he's Smart football player he understands this defense and things that we're trying to do. He's he's an aggressive football player and he's and he's very unselfish guy so whatever you ask him to do. He's his main focus is trying to win football games and wherever he's plan. Whatever his job is his role within the defense. He's wanted to do so he's he's been great back there. He's good communicators or not somebody that's on the play with -- take quick break your top of the hour Stephen Gregory is joining us on -- patriots Monday big win for the patriots Thursday it is Miami this week. We'll continue with Steven Gregory next -- which -- stating. Not I was you know that was a lot of points and in a short period of time and I think they're really really set the momentum for the game you know really. Really turn things into kind of a lopsided. Deal there but com. You know they're a football team not play him again this year so we're we're excited about what we did today. Steven Gregory after the patriots went Thursday night he joins us here in studio on a patriots Monday -- and -- 93 point seven WEEI is that over half a season now. You played in in San Diego for a couple years how different is it. The -- -- -- a fan attention but I guess that the sports atmosphere. West Coast East Coast we see it is as is really laid back and you know we see -- maybe a different feeling -- fans here. Like -- on a little bit more. That definitely on. And it is like that to some extent you know obviously on San Diego the fans agree they supported us -- you know they were into it. But I don't feel like the expectations aren't as as -- I mean it's a little bit more critical here on the East Coast this is sports country. You know the northeast is is is all about sports you know whether it's football basketball baseball. The works and I got the Red Sox Yankee rivalry. Football is the big thing out here -- fair. A guy from Brooklyn. But but yeah I mean you know the fans -- -- -- out here and should be like that you know that's -- that's what we drive on your -- San -- we give -- 429 they did yesterday and I was -- that that was tough I know a lot of those guys and at -- I feel for them and I still you know. A lot of my friends is still playing out there and I and I root for those guys but. That was a tough deal for them now a huge play for two coaches correct Norv Turner which we have a lot of fun with kind of making -- is. The teams you always put a lot of talent expected cubic thinks they have now Bill Belichick -- can you compare -- -- Now because that candidates who totally different personalities you know but on epic epic -- a great coach you know beyond. He's having a tough deal out there right now they're not winning football games and anytime anytime that happens you know you know coach is gonna get a lot of blame. But I'm a believer in the fact that players playing coach -- coach in that. You know coach can only do so much with the guys out there on the field in between the lines again things done so regardless of what call you make. -- topic is you know. Fourth and 29 -- like they had last night you know you can't blame that on the coach -- guys got to find a way to get the guy on the ground so. You know and I think a lot of those guys would say the same thing. On so as a player you gotta take it take it upon yourself to go out and get things done and and beat the man across from you so. That's how ugly it's six years of seeing you come here first year knowingly allowed the plot in new players -- coming of in the -- while. Under bill Belichick's inattention to detail then. Do you see that in the sixers to -- the difference may be what Bill Belichick does or expects yeah he on -- high expectations for us now on the attention to detail. I'm understanding the team you're playing the game plan you don't and with each and every week. Is is really important and you know I think that that's -- credits that success that but they've had here you know on. The paying attention to the little things Vivian menu in your playbook a studying film. And Netanyahu it takes it upon the guys to -- going get those things done I think the type of guys that they bring into this locker room. High character guys guys that take pride in their profession guys that wanna be in the film room studying. That that really care about winning and a winning for the guy next -- -- and I think that's what that's what this -- -- about because of that announcement a couple of games Aqib Talib. No into the secondary looks appeal abusive bring some swagger some aggressiveness very well received more than a week right now it's been great you know -- obviously -- first came back. And you know he was a little rusty he would tell you that but down you know he's a great football player he understands the game has experience understands. How to play technique can and things like that so. You know bringing his experience in here I'm getting him used to the system I think it's grown. It's grown since he first got here and he's going and keep getting better so we're excited about about having him with us and I he's helping us out there on field games you've obviously. Heard he did though the fans talk about your group the secondary the big plays give up the twenty plus yard plays. How much of that is physical you think some of the plays -- -- up and how much is a communication we talked to Patrick Chung. Every weekend Patrick talks about the communication how important that is Gaby had to assess and militants it says it's a broad brush here. More physical mistakes -- of the communication that is led to some of the big place. An opposite before I think you know I'll see each situation is different you know sometimes in my via communication breakdown sometimes it might as being physical deal. You know sometimes -- good coverage and dynamics at play you know I mean this is the and I felt so the passing game has become harder and harder to defend you know would all the rules can hey guys. You know you can't you know bump guys only so much off the line so. On I think you're gonna see a little bit more those plays happening if you watch every game each week but on. You know we take it we take try to go one in every week and trying to get those things corrected whether it's a mental breakdown which we would like to avoid you don't wanna have any mental breakdown as those at a number once staffer for giving up a big plays is a mental breakdown so if it's physical those are things that we can get corrected. You know one on one being a guy making a play. And we wanna limit it to those and -- just mentioned that the rules right defensively it's. Can even tell the difference in terms of what you're allowed to do was a defensive back against these receivers and I salute an officer slamming the flags come out so much quicker now you know. Guys on across the middle if you if you pretty much light up a guy it's going to be flagged fifteen yard personal foul you know expect the fine in the mail the next weeks of on you know from that standpoint the game is changed I understand that they're trying to make it safer for guys and we appreciate that -- players so we want be a safe. Physical competitive game but we also want to be safe out there. -- the all the head injuries and things like that that are going on we would like to limit that as much as possible but. Indiana still going to be a physical football game he got a -- players Saudi cannon down. You know those things are gonna happen. Yet in the that they give -- -- is Khaled you guys played defensively. It was a -- of Fitzpatrick who called Brandon -- -- -- few weeks back via as a fan I would take as a compliment you know on the issue. As far as setting a -- right evident personality Ricky does that himself yeah -- at least in the middle. He has nannies and he's a monster in. You know I don't know -- -- he's he's a physical football players what he is he's an intimidating football player and he he loves going out and hitting people. And I that's what you need from a linebacker on your team you need -- guy that's gonna go out there. And hit people when they have the ball and hands and you know we take pride in doing that. Across the board we wanna be known as a physical football team team you can't just push over and I think it starts with him and he's he's as physical as they come. -- the guy Vince Wilfork how is he effective defense as far as being a leader he. The united Chris Colbert that the game -- -- CNET TV tape he really pointed out the things that Vince is doing in this game everywhere throughout the entire in the -- noticed these incredible man I mean the things that he -- -- mean. Like you said the things that go unnoticed taken on double teams freeing up our linebackers so they can go make tackles on running back in the backfield. Just the unselfish things he does and does that such a high level is just incredible and it really helps his defense succeed so. You know Vince is is a great leader he he understands -- voice and plan for a long time now I mean he understands coverages sometimes better than I do after electing Obama. So you know he's just a great got to be around great leader and I'm glad he's on our side. Any chance yet to look at Ryan can help rookie quarterback Miami face in this week dead definitely on -- he's definitely got ability. He he's Smart football player and he and he can hurt you -- is on if you let and so. You know we're gonna have much -- set forth this week will get in the film -- -- him some more. And I executed game plan that we feel can. Can be those films that include chip on his wife at all -- -- answer his -- I don't know anything about it. You watch him did you watch the whole or exploiting Google that when did you look like a -- yesterday -- can we talk it out British and about what's in red zone all day he played east and you watch games and -- and I sit on the couch and and just watch it you know sometimes it's good to get away from the game and and sit on the couch and and watch the game like a fan so I enjoyed doing that. Appreciate the time -- best markets Miami thanks like us Steven Gregory joining us here in studio.

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