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Tom Brady talks Jets blowout and quarterbacking in the NFL

Nov 26, 2012|

John and Gerry talk to the rested Patriots quarterback after a huge victory as they run through the details that led to a huge second quarter en route to the win. They also discuss the Pats' outlook for the rest of the season as well at the offense's ability to play without TE Rob Gronkowski.

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Now medium green. Do this myself my name is. -- -- -- -- the line of scrimmage Tom Brady bill Lovejoy this so called Tom Brady will join us now our conversation with Thomas brought -- by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and -- staples. And as always Tom Brady joins us on AT&T hotline good morning Tom how are yet I -- you weren't have you ever played an opponent and so thoroughly dominated them. Beaten them in every phase of the game solve them embarrassed themselves and you embarrass them and have any little tiny twinge of feel sorry for an opponent. And that this hypothetical it's. Early political. And we're trying to go out and play please grade the truth is where we're trying to play. You the best football every week can get better and better get better rescues in defense and offense so. -- we played well for sixty minutes. You know it is it can look pretty good which had a few games here the last three -- four weeks where we've done so. Which -- trapped -- -- -- for the opponent and in you know they made some. Some mistakes in the game that we capitalized on in. You know it's some great interceptions we had. You know great fumble recoveries. For for touchdowns in the closest. Those like bonus points so we -- sitting on the silent on offense and that happens like it has for two straight weeks consist. You shake your ending you know listen this is -- we plant bombs -- You know -- great win for thirteen union on a short week against an opponent that always plays a really tough. So. Now we didn't take anything program that's how we put a lot of work in and and it really paid off that was I think the most gratifying part of the whole night. Tom I know that you were first and foremost -- guy you measure all the successes and failures on the football field based on team wins or losses and I know you hate it self evaluate yourself but -- you -- the case or do you think I should ask you this since the loss against the Seahawks in week six that you're playing as well you've ever played. Your numbers bear that out. Well I hope so I hope I'm getting better and better and make him more improvements and I think that's what our coaches expect. You know myself that's what they expect of every player is to keep getting better and there's really no reason why you shouldn't I mean you should you should make your improvement she issued. I learn from your mistakes and you know I think our team's done a really good job that you know over the course of the season he's got to be able to continue to do it. I can name one -- teammate who has improved the most to a surprised even knew tumble and can be on the line receiver back. Who has really come along nicely. And well I think you know distance. No one. There was a lot of competition at running back seasonal -- in the early part of the season and that whole group has rarely. Been a huge. Has been a huge strength from our team and where are running back the they would do both from the past came in the run game and not that I didn't think they could do it you know it's just. They didn't have the opportunity to -- it and I think those guys what they've done. Shame in being yen. Steven and -- Baldwin he's been in their -- they've just to take advantage your opportunity and -- it's really cool to see you know as a veteran player when young guys get opportunities. And they take advantage of you know I think that's really. You know something that you look at you appreciate because then you remember the days when you're waiting for the opportunity -- what should get them. You know you don't ever want to you know give that present position back everybody else knows president really great job for us. Use I'm Kyra nine to 29 drop backs I believe zero sacks one QB -- does this mean that Matt Light Logan Mankins Ryan waters -- just overrated it is an. When you really need those guys. No sir I mean certainly not I I don't think that's the case so I think that. You know your -- look for the best guys ever play you know their position there's certainly an -- And you know I think the guys that are -- -- -- just the culturally well they're. You know they're just. They -- one of the best ally coaches you know you if you know you could ever you know play for so. That they. That's a huge thing -- it can be prepared every single week. You'll play well together in those guys. You know Brian windows take advantage of opportunistic always an -- promised. To take advantage of the ups and he's in their cell. It's really you know that's what those guys are are doing every week different guys are making different place for a second. That's sort of fun part of the -- and hasn't been you know just one player it's been you know collective group of -- guys on offense that take the coaching that. Try to do the right thing or you know -- they're really good football -- In our secretary hope we can just keep doing it. Thought we talked about this a little bit last week in the last conversation and it's the subject of two game changing plays back to back in this team the patriots seems to have a knack for doing that the most recent examples the most recent. Evidence of that in the second quarter everything happened in the second quarter -- Green fumbles in the new green for an 83 yard touchdowns and two game changing plays in a row and the value bare essentials fumbles. A Gregory runs it back in tick off McKnight publisher recover again. -- is is is just a coincidence top or is that your team somehow built and wire to take advantage of situations like that. Well I think we've we've proven -- like over the course of the season you know our defense is gonna get us. The ball on interceptions and fumbles recovered fumble that -- force this year no mister ridiculous amount but I wouldn't say that's a fluke. I think that's the strength of where our guys are capable of doing so that's. You know that's a trade -- defense that showed itself every single week so you -- well the team fumbled two terms for the week force. We've we've been forcing fumbles. You know all these and we've been fortune quarterbacks in the bad throws and getting interceptions and take advantage of interceptions so I think. No political against our defense offensively I mean that's -- I think you look at a guy who can't. You know you say we we can't turn a ball we can -- or anybody but you know our defense is gonna get the ball off and I think that's. That's a huge advantage -- -- been able to have over the course of these 45 games five games since being able. Take advantage of the points off turnovers and that's been you know really critical to our success. You said your goal was to put the jets behind you -- don't bury them. They're four games back -- and you feel like you did that. But I mean it would take a lot for them so to come back felt. You know we could we couldn't you know eliminated based on you know the record and so forth but it. You know we put a lot of teams behind us you know we keep we win this week so. You know -- very important -- are very important. You know part reverse these witnesses there's where it matters -- so there's leasing wouldn't you -- and what we're going to be capable of. Did you the big play the the -- the 83 yard touchdown. Before the ball left your hand did you think he had a chance to take into the house because of the matchup because -- his speed because. I'm Bart Scott chasing them did it look like that kind of play that just unfolded you said we got him. Now I didn't have it didn't look like that practice I mean -- we have much under practical we run similar plays. And you know opened up and it and I saw a lot of space Specter obviously and he caught it. And once he got up and saw the back of his Jersey is you read on the -- pentagon military catcher in southern zone defense and those. It wasn't like it was really man to man -- they carried. Western branded on the inside part of the field -- really left it exposed split. You know that was that was warned that you know I -- it -- completely scored on the play. Thomas is probably a waste of time because you will deflected to further question but I have to ask anybody anyway. Everybody says the National Football League is a quarterback driven league you're only as good as the all -- quarterback under center what would this team be as a team overall offensively specifically if you were god forbid loss for an extended period of time. -- -- -- And I mean who knows it's it's a armed. You know who knows it's it's it's so hard to predict I mean that's that's happened before lurking just -- right off and so. You know I hope I wouldn't expect anything different and our team has built more than one player and more than one scheme it's. You know it's a group for hard working guys so I wouldn't put anything past you know our players and coaches felt. And I happened staff and -- four years ago we. You know we've we've got a lot of really great football players. You know will be prepared you know whenever there are numbered called. And the dolphins I assume you're gonna say it's a division game they always played tough but what what what -- out of the dolphins look different than other times you played them. Well they won a big game -- -- -- the Seattle and -- team we lost -- so you know I know that they got a lot of players a lot of talent. That second game Marcia they've played this stuff we didn't play very well the first half of that game. So you know we know the players. You know as a team that you know we've we've all -- had a tough time with down in Puerto. Itself. Very athletic commander. This state state state can rush the quarterback Cameron Wake up you know one of the best players that we play off seasons so. You know very good third down defense. You know it's secondary. So it's going to be here is going to be a fun game you know I'm excited to -- check out the reluctance. Thursday so you'll feel like another bye week first hopefully we can go and take advantage. Did you have speaking of the Seahawks a team lost to did you hear the bad news about your friend Richard Sherman. It seems he will be serving a four game suspension for AMD's. Drug. Issue. Yeah. If you are quite good too bad I gonna ask you what I. Does it seem fair to you Tom that Ohio State gets to celebrate an undefeated season despite all -- bill well their off field issues and all there. They're crimes against the NCAA they get to stand there and celebrate like that just won a national title the other day that -- seem right doesn't. Well they you know they they they deserve this I mean I had as much as it pains me to say you know typical undefeated it's pretty tough to do -- pro -- school doesn't matter. And you know I think a lot of those kids were really responsible for what went on you know I always feel like you know they they punish the school and it's -- -- like -- defense state you know those kids were even around are probably. -- there are going to Kent State when all that stuff went down so you know it -- that. You know the kids are the -- they get punished let. You know that's that's just the way it goes in and in college sports so. You know respond the wolverines couldn't pull it out you know we've we've struggled with the Buckeyes for a moment. Tom -- row one win away from clinching another AFC east title and that was the stated goal you know back in the in in training camp back in the summer and and if and when that happens does anything change I mean does that allow you to. To get deep cleansing sigh of relief and an end approach the next game in the next game after that and we definitely want to clinch the AFC east. No I mean it is sure -- home playoff game and I think that's that's. You know goal number one that's that's what we can accomplish this week's sudden. You know we'll talk about. The championship games and then. You know this is the championship game so -- know we've had you know you talk about you know must win games like they're almost went at this point we've been women. When the 45 games around the house so. In every game has been important you know him as the season goes on the next game -- always more importantly he just played and I think that's the case this week to. They replacing Broncos like and the game was over a new anyway hey didn't have brought me it's hard to believe it has been that instrumental. You know for every time result there it was was replaced and we didn't even notice was that just because Daniel fell stepped up -- I don't know because of the big explosion in points in the second quarter amid. Did you do it. Well I think that was you know I think that's that's just been I mean there's other guys that. Played the position is that the guys that you know no -- quite welcome character who -- one of those and it in this in the league so. You're right you can't say that you know we don't miss the player we we missed several players that final period. Wherever one is critical. What we're doing our success and will be actually fine if we can never get. You're born on the stick around on the same field at one time we haven't really had that. Except for the bush cable fees and so. You know we got it. We got a critical stretch here in. And you know we need all the guys healthy hopefully rocking effect assume that he's ready Brett you know in the meantime we still got to move on we've still got to keep trying to win games together. You don't know what I feel sorry that we have injuries are guys are out there everyone's. Still trying to go out there and you know play well against us and beat us from you know weeks in every team deals with some sort of injury. Two important players in Iraq as a very important player for us. No but we've got to still put together game plan for an excuse to game play and the guys have really stepped in like Daniel and I -- okay and and who mandates you know they've done it could create jobs and give yourself. That's that's been really you know strong position -- -- as well. Tom Twitter was discussing the equality of your very stylized film -- thugs commercial that's been I've been on television recently. Vs you know that -- pokey discount double check thing going on you happy with how that's what turned out. Yeah I was it was we've -- them. Back in the summer and and we did welcome back to back days with the other. With the other commercial cellular it was fun to do. You know I don't do that too often felt you know -- idea I think to try to enjoy it more now and I used to. -- this number will be easy for you to remember twelve it's the same numbers your Jersey size twelve. Yeah perfect are on the -- and make sure they carried out. We don't and do it how do you watch games on Sunday when you know plan do you like us in on the couch and watch red zone or. Amend -- not watch it all go back to watch you know on the all 22 honey do. You know I don't watch them all but I watched. No we just say well it sort a lot of the -- -- -- today. Like sort of the KC Denver game because. You know just marriage so that I -- love the game last night so. You know what -- too much you know I'd prefer part of what's more -- if. You feel bad for Romeo. That a painful watches in the. It's tough for me in the -- lot of a lot of friends. You know on what these teams and whether it has been -- in northern Romeo -- Matt Cassel or you know you always want those guys to do well and cure for those guys have -- -- -- The thing you know how hard it is certainly not how hard it is to when he came in -- prepared. You know when you're one in tandem that's just a brutal year it's just hard. Hopefully I never have to go to you have to and I feel bad for those guys who don't know how hard they work him. And but that's part of the competition there's there's no easy one there's not an easy one any week so -- on the NFL. Do you do you watch other quarterbacks and in -- guess and that guy like Peyton Manning -- Aaron Rodgers maybe not in the last night that a guy like Aaron Rodgers and guys you appreciate. Oh yeah I yeah I -- I I appreciate good quarterback play and I feel like there's. More good quarterback play now then you know there's been a long time there's a lot of great quarterbacks -- affairs Q what she's games with. No patent -- and Aaron Rodgers -- breeze Eli. Eight. -- -- phenomenal players Matthew Stafford. Act like you've never dropped favorite number one overall draft -- for quarterbacks so you know we've. There's certain Stafford or whoever Sam Bradford -- You know Alex Smith died yesterday but. It's just -- You know it's. A lot of good quarterback play it's it's. It's really good spot for the -- right now. Things always to work out your way Tom baby arriving on the mini bye week. Except that. Hopefully hopefully through it I think we've still got a few more weeks till. She's -- You know I'm I'm ready any time competent to do much work. -- are right Tom good talk and good luck next week you'll talk TP trip Monday at. -- our Tom Brady doesn't Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TER interview what palm has brought you by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and by staples.

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