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Boomer Esiason on the Jets: 'I wanted to poke my eyes out ... it's unbearable'

Nov 26, 2012|

Boomer joins Dennis and Callahan to sort through the wreckage left over after the Patriots blasted the Jets 49-19 on Thanksgiving. He goes through Mark Sanchez's continued struggles at quarterback along with the ongoing issues that Tim Tebow's presence brings to that locker room.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan on a patriot Monday -- the copy with Boomer Esiason is brought -- -- surprisingly delicious farm out one coffee just 99 cents any size. And only at Cumberland farms the morning over -- to how -- I'm Greg good morning happy audit and TU. Rex Ryan famously set about a month month and a half ago I he took he took exception -- some writer and newspaper calling the jets a circus. This morning is it not unfair to ringling Brothers parliament building called the jets a circus it's worse than that is not. Well yeah so at the Thursday night's the -- on access to do that game -- not. Not just -- put my eyes out it was just that was unbelievable from -- actually do do a game like that because. You know they are professional football players even though and that third quarter it looked like it -- They you know when you have a bombastic coach that is really try to put the franchise. You know on the landscape over the last four years and as they get -- like that it's. It's a heavy dose of humble pie and what frankly my partner and I down here on the via Frankfurt cartons have been saying it for the last four years that wall Rex has been great for the jets because he really has given them behind enemy that won it and then it it and it's gonna end in a pile and right now he's in the middle of that pile but I. A look at their schedule movement forward I do believe that they will be their favorite this week Ian there's not a moment. Obama kept them when I mean they falcons finished believe it or not what they ate at least 500 record doesn't seem like that. You know coming off a Thursday night but there's still a lot of football -- to be play and that's what we're gonna hang around talk about. How do you reorganized what is in such disarray from what we saw Thursday. It's hard it's really hard to do it and yesterday -- market for on our two guests and felt today. Sure he's our -- was talking about. The problems with their salary cap moving forward you know who they've given money to leave a Mark Sanchez Santonio Holmes. David Harris I mean number these guys have big bloated. Are guaranteed contracts for the year to comment even if they did. You -- to their general manager in their head coach that next corporate guys becomes and here is really got a major problem on their hands and that's long term salaries and you know anybody who knows about being a -- dealing with the salary cap but it doesn't matter how much money you're owners -- Korean the stuff. It really comes down to whether or not you get yourself up on the -- some of these contracts and -- Right now it it looks as bad as it's been for a long time with Montana down here and Rex Ryan here and they have some major problems to address the talkies and but first they have to take care business -- to try to somehow get -- 41 in the last five and at least a little bit better about them. So you think and that Rex survives boomer. Yeah it's hard to say you know efforts on Thursday night that debacle -- an embarrassment on national television anything's possible ought to a lot of it. How to do without it this year towards the into the seat in the that would have -- The team -- given up on him much like the Philadelphia Eagles looked over you don't give up on. Andy Reid I think the owners got to make a decision as to whether or not they can move forward with the same kind of atmosphere around this football team we all know that the election the players' coach. And we all believe that you know and it's great -- the players are winning but when their losing. I note that becomes a major problem and whether he the activity of Tim Tebow wore back -- -- Mark Sanchez or whatever it may be. You know that they have made major medical and open and I did not going to be easy at its racks or whoever's in your next. Well a quick one I before we get back -- move on real teams yes or no does Tebow get a start before the end of the season. I think he only gets you started met Mark Sanchez gets hurt -- I'd I don't -- -- story especially now you know with Robert Gates on everybody's mind down here and you know -- bet the other ridiculous thing about all of this and that's when I go back to the off season. While I felt it was ridiculous for the jets to bring him here here's a guy that supposedly hurt his ribs. They address many late Thursday night against the patriot. And two days later the back pages -- and who really gives a crap about a second string quarterback I'm sorry just the whole distraction aspect to it because it's. Indeed well for some reason. It's fascinating to the writers down here to -- and -- I think 8590%. The fans to really give a crap about -- But the fact of the matter is they asked -- they got it in the ultimate distraction now. -- the idea I think originally it was to bring he Tebow and I said last question before we move on as a last resort last -- our last question here was to bring to go into pushed Mark Sanchez obviously that doesn't doesn't happen. Do you think he needs that the Sanchez needs somebody behind him to push him. Well. I think your recorder back and -- Europe super league quarterback in the league like Tom Brady needs that because. You know it could be comfortable with you're. A performance under be currents of the circumstances that thank you for yourself before your team and you mark has all the canned answers after after the games for the games leading up to moments all the same time it's almost like rehearsed and the Condit sounds disingenuous and you -- cringe when you hear him talked. But that's what happens when you lose and that's what happens when you put out there. What they put up there on Thursday night sounds like and you're trying to explain yourself charged when your team's coaching staff. And nobody wants to hear it all they wanna see his performance but that's where the proved why they wanna see. A warning performance and you know good New York football fans and have to look any farther than what they saw it back from the time. And it what's the most embarrassing personal football pilot of your career blue -- McConnell. Bush met at the album that I. And around the back of an MI out but the wind and no one's out and he'd like market right. Are there there are many of them and and and maybe you know probably interception against Philadelphia that was returned like 87 yards or. Maybe one of the opening drives in 1995 with ritual that is our coach at an interception to. -- since he returned it I think some fifty yards or something and and we thought the game took these seven attendance those kind of bail out. I Campbell and the -- the rest of deceit and if you will but. Nothing nothing that major that I can remember. I do remember that one of my back up here in New York Bubby Brister. Source shell hole past the warm milk and you return for a touchdown. When he was -- for the expansion Carolina Panthers which is probably the most embarrassing thing. And I'd ever seen you know on the field. The good news for the good news source Sanchez the New York tabloids. Hardly even noticed it. Yeah I -- it was brought her or Obama. And you've got a lot of -- ball we're -- -- this is more fun I think you'd agree if the jets were good competitive this a great rivalry and it's kind of dead -- dormant right right. Now it is right now -- I'm I'm by the jets -- even -- performer player about a giant fan. You know what I appreciate it great football that's one of the reasons why I appreciate Tom Brady so much in his performance again against the -- the other night. While I bet you if you asked him he would probably tell you it wasn't this -- this up performances and -- are somewhat sidelined. Thrown a lot in between the bureau's series I felt like. He was all just a little bit and and -- all of a sudden McCain backed only beginning not later later in the game in the second quarter there. And all of a sudden everybody took off and just. It's fun to watch once somebody's playing at that level whether the year Peyton Manning or. You know Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees even but look like everybody had a tough week this week with the exception of Tom Brady of those four guys but. Up for the most part it's fun watching a -- play at that level of play that well each and every week. Are the patriots championship level team. -- -- -- about it that -- -- -- five games because they beat it beat the jets twice that the good bit beat the bill -- colts. You know so they haven't beaten a lot of great teams but they've taken care business meeting. That they've done and on defense and special teams that scored all of with those two units are the offense seems to be unstoppable -- one on the ball exceptionally well. You know they go to Miami this week Miami will give -- game to division game it's a road game in Miami play talked yesterday. The bank on the real announced Monday night against Houston and we'll find out and pretty quickly -- back to back weeks against Houston San Francisco whether or not is he truly is. The championship you might say it is because they have the quarterback to do it I wouldn't place them. -- -- abused him and amber just yet I still think that Denver City. The team that's getting better each and every week even -- yesterday that struggle on the road Kansas City you know this is the NFL that's gonna happen from week to week. But that you protesting in Houston Denver and and in New England in my estimation right now on the actually. Well looks like the best team in the NFC is -- for Cisco will see a couple weeks I'm just -- question Ballmer arm because they won because -- play well and they won does that mean. And how -- made the right choice switching QB's. He did I guess I've been out against that I think you know I think Al Smith was nineteen and five. You know kind of missed completing 70% of his passes. This year but I understand I think why Jim did what he did. I I think most. Francisco 49ers fans. We're frustrated with Alex met that is he didn't have. You know the range down the field but there weren't a lot of explosive plays that everything on offense. Was lightning can Duncan it was like Pawlenty and all the sudden comes along. The jump great kid who's got a terrific arm he's athletic he's big he's. -- he can move around in the pocket and he looks. To me like it's effortless when he pulls the ball down the field well I think Obama forty niner fan. I'm jacked up with a player but I keep playing quarterback now and I'm not saying that that was an easy decision for -- bought topic was especially. With him being a former quarterback and world and quarterback situations when he was playing the -- -- -- thought I would say right now looks to be the right. The right play and you know he has been -- -- hyping him -- All yearlong. From precinct and on and now he's probably seeing the fruits of all that. And you know good for that I just it's going to be huge industry -- very very. Policy up pressurized situation when he -- to the playoffs. I'm not sure the the beat the controversy is gone away -- indicated after the game that part of the reason Smith didn't play as he wanted to give him an extra week to recover from the concussion symptoms even though he was cleared to play made it sound like you might still be thinking about this this week leading to next week's game. -- -- -- -- -- performance speaks for itself but -- you know Daniel of their defense the last two weeks has -- assaulting. Opposing quarterbacks Jason Campbell and Drew Brees can attest to that so when their defense is playing that well. You know it is -- -- the quarterback is concerned it's like you know just don't screw up -- just don't throw interceptions for touchdowns and things of that nature. So they're deep content back on track here for kind of a let down game against Saint Louis three weeks ago. And now all of a sudden you know bill look like they're the real deal -- and again and I'll watch and a giant -- -- -- -- I hope that the purple ones been for the last three weeks. And you know they -- open -- not to let albeit against a patchwork offensive line. Well you know when you have the front lines like San Francisco and and the giants have and error. Assault in opposing quarterbacks to -- these teams get this past weekend you can understand why a lot of people pretty bullish on the movement forward in the playoffs. Atlanta ten and one is that a fraudulent tenant one debate -- -- A paper tiger few boomer. Not -- -- search fraudulent use you know every game -- game and every every player that's ever played we'll tell you I don't care who you monitored plan achieves the jaguars. Under your you know when you're playing in your division all these games. -- -- difficult and -- example was one of the teams that on the rise got a good young -- it was suppliers but you know yesterday. They couldn't seal the deal against -- their -- so I think it whenever it is the real deal I I just. You know I don't think they're as good as you know Francisco I think that Green Bay and the giants can give them. Or one for their money because all of those quarterbacks in those cities at least. I've started the war and will not be intimidated by going into the Georgia Dome. What you are -- -- Matt -- yesterday that was good yesterday wouldn't look at the week before although Arctic a lot of people made. A lot out of it because it was five interceptions but there were there were tipped balls at all kind of crazy things are happening in Arizona. I think he's the real they are really do and I think there are very they'll be the number one seed and knock you know they might lose another game here or there but they're not close -- -- advantage. A lot of well a lot of teams are going to be look for coaches soon enough whom we know. At Kansas City may be Jacksonville hello Philadelphia. Some of the old timers -- Carolina how do you think what we've seen from Greg channel and tamper and maybe to a lesser extent Pete Carroll. And Jim Harbaugh of the NFL guys owners GMs will look at the colleges and we might see an influx of the united chip Kelly's guys like that coming in the NFL particularly because. You know they're running the spread the throw on the ball there exciting brands of football will we see that finally you know it used to be Jimmie Johnson was the only guy who could go for college to pros. Now if you guys have done -- will we see -- others get the chance. I think Chip Kelly is probably give you a lot of look there's no question about that and also the NCAA -- -- around our program by the way. Much like there's an apparent US he would Pete Carroll was there towards the end -- would be surprised he'd make the jump. You know I think a bomb an owner in all the -- on what my roster looks like you know upon Carolina for instance. And I see I had Cam Newton you know that most precious commodity and -- -- like get the most out of that guy. And on that big of a guy like -- Syrians and be an -- head coach -- according to Indianapolis from you know you wouldn't you do the perfect guy. Forgot I can't duties that would Ben Roethlisberger don't know with Andrew Luck but I say about Jameer -- -- are the Indianapolis Colts. Our you know my head coaches sticky you know -- -- he -- have on all of the future that may be. And right now I have a a quarterback who's so in tune -- -- -- to coordinate water out what I wanna let him -- so. A lot of these different you know situations out there John Bruton who lurking out there Bill Polian want to take over team again. So there's still a lot of regional market retreads and all the guys out there. It have been down this road that it had great success in -- will probably get a lot of looks from some very desperate owners and I think Carolina's going to be desperate Philadelphia -- Is best for the jets made the desperate enough the whole thing too depending on how -- -- here. And Gene Chizik available to wanna get the best that a Cam Newton. You know reported those guys get -- you know they put the same amount of time and then and I know we all -- Lot of guys in and all the sort of stopped what they you know they have lives their cameras and everything now they have to uproot what frank spread -- out here they're pure -- I was not them but gracious to me and was fantastic to me you want you know what I would go to games and always would talk and be nice and and I I -- the fact -- guys lose jobs but it's inevitable in this business. Rex is obviously taken heat had a bomb is taking the heat wrap this up my portion of the with million -- question again. What what chance -- the jets have four ultimate success if Sanchez remains their quarterback. Non well I'll take non parties -- reclamation project for anybody who comes in Europe but it. I don't know how -- and -- stay here are with him as quarterback just doesn't seem like. It can Wharton on mean it's like I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel now three weeks from now -- feet. You know plays well and they win in a place he goes to little. I'll run like -- Andy Dalton Cincinnati's on right now three games nine touchdowns on receptions. Now all of a sudden maybe start to feel a bit different about that but under the current circumstances. As we wake up here this morning it doesn't look like. He's the long term future for the New York Jets in the -- you think that he is that you're watching a different brand of Wimbledon I think most in Japan and certainly our panelists. Watch highway jealous whom -- which deals we get the watch Carolina Philadelphia tonight I'm guessing you get that go to. I get to go you know against the dollar and. You do wrong to get to you get caught stealing office supplies a sudden they say in down -- for this one. It's East Coast Monday night and then it's in the contract I have to go and you know one thing to look forward to. When you what you watched him markets even determinant for Fy two minutes five minutes or so. All fans have to do is watched defense suppliers in the game like -- watched the Philadelphia defense deplores watched to see. If they gang tackle that stick their head in there. Or they're backing away and their backing away from their make and what they call business decision that they recognized as you can over nobody wants to get hurt on the other side local Boston fans -- -- -- -- tackling machines that rookie police and a 120 tackles. Already much like he did at Boston College somewhat important to him a young man and always go to borders and Cam Newton because. To me he's still the ultimate weapon in the NFL on one these games he's gonna have a huge game maybe you'll -- and I. Well I can only tell you soldier on tonight -- -- we'll talk to you next week are -- at bank remarkable way to the size of a Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T line AT&T forgy LTE Boomer Esiason sponsored by Cumberland farms DCU that's digital federal credit union and but little deputies.

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