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Leandro Barbosa, Postgame Guest

Nov 25, 2012|

Grande & Max talked to the Celtics guard, who scored 15 points off the bench in the overtime win in Orlando.

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All right John thank you what 6110 is the final Celtic survivor if overtime. We've talked about contributions for the Mets received over the last that were being -- tonight -- soldier with a six offensive rebound. Jeff Green with a big night on Friday against Oklahoma City tonight. Leandro Barbosa fifteen points in eleven minutes he joins courtside at the Amway Center. It seems a theme early on is that way you guys win it is many many different people contribute. I think everybody knows this team we have a lot of weapons you know some days some guys loans or some days all the guys of course so. Has blown everybody went through what trivialize I think that's been maintained so. We got evicted tonight Anderson we lost Libya to focus on the second half. I think the most important thing it was that way in which is exactly what you see. In the most important thing was the win. And because if you give you their great game against Oklahoma you beat them but you come about him lose this game with like you did they could play a good game at all if that we were. For nothing but we know that we got to get -- a couple things. We did better tonight when when we came back to. This to the game is on the defensive standpoint it -- units. Had been diminished in I think it that was really really good you know from my everybody. You've -- you're so excited and go with the Boston Celtics watching. Doc Rivers coached this team is different stops around -- Western Conference the last few years has -- been. Through the first month what you hoped it would be -- the -- -- well. I'm very happy to be known. I think it is it's a great team great guys -- fans. In the great organization so for me it means -- a year so far. Try to do my best for him to have this team in this that I mean there's so. It's been great for me. Every time you play of the game like this always the U occasionally. You know you'll try a little soccer -- Is soccer your blood to. Hoya Hoya we try to you know keep -- ball is no I grew up police officers I distinctly -- because so many people. Wanted to boot that so I decide to go to a different ways but. In the summer I'm always keeping the ball in the with my friends got a lot of professional. -- that -- a soccer so I was halfway keep in shape. I always watch you and then I've told John this several times you don't run it just like you glad that all you've got long strides toward -- side. I guess and I think it is what god gave it to me you know and I take advantage of that so it. It's good for the team you know and the coach doc he wants me to run so I'm happy to hear that from him. Uga coach -- team you don't get away that I would succeed once in an overtime Leandro Barbosa tonight with John thank you.

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