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Doc Rivers with Grande & Max before the Orlando game

Nov 25, 2012|

Grande and Max talked to the coach before the Orlando game

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus continues on the Amway Center in Orlando or conversation with a head coach brought you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim. Count us in opposes the longest game in the night. When you were here it was sort of -- -- through the new building did you ever did you believe that one day they would have with a spectacular new building downtown. Well no because of what you've been -- When I was years ago the arena with -- I don't. So what's amazing how quickly -- once the chatter. Started about it you know kind of came together pretty quickly they got to -- Here's what we were kind of saying about Friday night and what was obviously -- -- this week. Mac tonight you know what out of throwing around a -- -- this is what I. About Friday because I love and you'd like to have premise is that you can reject yeah I thought it was it wasn't a flawless performance but it was a flawless effort. Four that's the ticket yeah well I don't think that you wanna steal it freer when you talk to be used. Have you something like that before that's very true that there that's. What we have to be ago you know you're never gonna have a flawless performances impossible. To have one of those on the court and I never have but not about -- put employers expect. But if the efforts right a lot of good things happen. I thought we still made some people's mistakes but I thought our -- covered up for. I thought are rebounding. We were in you know the free every time the ball is in the year we did come up we're all of them but we got a lot of that's what we have to play to be where we wanted to. You -- easy especially at night and -- New -- -- not mind playing with force -- talking about you know we just. We we have no clutter. We just played basketball there -- no other stuff going north. And that's -- we have -- There was a rebound late in the game that Kevin -- it was sort of one on Tuesday two guys go for profits of rebound and we use it after the game playing with force. Max and I immediately -- looked at each other thought of that one it would seems like it's one rebound of thousands and thousands he's gotten his career. But it just seemed to sort of be a punctuation mark on that fourth quarter when he got. You know I thought we had that whole attitude in the game we were. They go -- and that's how we have to play. Jeff had eighteen and there were you know he was the source or before the game after the game for obvious reasons but for all of his scoring how many of the team voice he got more on. Les you called for really zero are probably about some other -- on the platform -- score. Do we had a long talk about it the morning evident when that was one of the things. You know tracking him he hadn't released cordless we call this number. And what we're trying to give them guns in this business you're playing you're still in the of the plate. And now we need beautifully with more worse. To be aggressive and and not stand on the sidelines of the -- -- you. Is that a common theme among. NBA pros fourth fifth year guys kind of for them taking that next step is understanding that connect constantly talking about you know it depends on who you are the Kobe never had a problem here and -- the rent that looked like he had them -- Westbrook. Who are really just depends on very true some home. Believe that when they were born but that is their right to she. Be aggressive -- other guys though this deficit that category. We -- this before when you face a new coach for the first time he's there. Eight disc home -- with. Tendencies and effective new coach you'd never seen before or the NBA so formulaic -- guess for lack of a better word it that now that is the good word. The progress of the big you know the guy's -- -- Yeah it's probably more comfort. Because liberal and has some kind of tendencies and you know our coach doc you know jock but I don't know by the coach. So you know I've watched more film than usual just try to pick up habits there in order them to -- that -- So you know he's just got to go out and play and then get the -- of the game goes on that you see in two years he spent with pop in what they -- you know oh yeah yeah they run a lot of the direction. You know some stuff -- -- -- than -- and so. There's tendencies but you can also see. He does a lot of things would result mine which actually really -- When you see a young coach that. That's pretty -- -- the frustrating moments are probably more memorable. Looking back now how do you sort of reflect on the yours that you had the -- from the first day. The audiences that were here well I I really don't. Look at frustrated moments I thought he had been moments of frustration that felt -- before us have more good moments and moments. You know the frustrating moments there now more on I think you talk about it more. But overall -- was fantastic for us that's great -- for us and that is what it is Celtics and magic's next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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