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Nov 25, 2012|

Yahoo's NBA insider talked with Sean and Cedric about the state of the NBA, and the state of the Celtics.

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Which brings us to our full court press here at the Airways center tonight in Orlando. Agent was -- you Yahoo! Sports dot com you know him you've heard the name. You write this stuff and the reason you have -- because he's gotten out you watch the NBA draft he had all the picks before Adam silver had him. How do you have by the way and tells toasters. -- you have every single addict before any of its -- why -- we don't bother watching it again that the well -- you know that's what it's that we do it Yahoo! we try to get up in the morning in. See if we can -- yes it's TV events. But what -- know what brings you to you Orlando tonight which he's obviously in many ways no longer one allotment for the NBA after being one for the last decade now actually I was down here and a family Thanksgiving vacation at Disney. Now now I need a vacation from my vacation after. Three days in the magic kingdom -- -- that not there's a chance Aldridge the the magic I haven't even seen out Boston in person yet this year -- The chance -- -- both teams for a little while. It's obviously obscenely early but what that Macromedia is what -- is so. Do you think when it happened when the moment happened after two years of buildup to the deal what they -- yet they were gonna rebuild their team. Did today in the moment now we're talking differently November 2012 does seem as if they got the best deal -- -- Well the criticism everybody had of the magic when they did this deal was not taking Andrew Bynum back why would you take back -- 24 year old senator. All star center. And we're we're seeing the reason. And they had. Orlando had two concerns they had great concerns about his knees. As the Philly. His careers in jeopardy right now and I just -- season but his career is in jeopardy but as much as that. They felt like he was a player who was never going to play a full season. And by your 45 the demons that are have been done to his knees that. This was a new regime and the idea of making the deal bringing him in and giving him a Max deal. For player who had not played a full season until last year. You know. I think it's worked out fine for the magic they had they got a couple of young players and pizza kitchen -- heartless and injured Nicholson who. You know they'll start to build around will be back in the lottery this year it'll have a lot to cap space and -- always been a place free agent wise. That. You know players have always had interest to come the Florida coming here. So. You know they've. I think they probably did looking back now as well as the sort of. When you look at this team him and you know built around big baby there seems to be so much. Thanks when it comes to big baby be coaching staff have you you read anything else about you know what's going mowing them up off the fifth -- the public know that. Well you know they're depending on him at least this year to. You know really anchor this group -- JJ -- those -- the veterans than. You know these are Frontline players anywhere else but -- guys who have been around winning teams and that part of winners. I think part of the reason with with big baby is they always felt -- very tradable contract in that. They didn't insist on putting him in that -- deal. Same thing with -- because they knew these players would have value. On the market I think every veteran they have here in Orlando. At some point if they're gonna end up trying to move them to get younger you get. You know maybe another kick out of it so I think most of the veterans are just temporary here right now. And speaking of younger players and building through the draft you were in Brooklyn few days ago and you saw us too bad momma -- a lot of people are thinking is going to be number one Beckett. That's brought the worst thing can happen any young player citizens are picking out the flaws in their game right now obviously going to release. The -- to doubt what seeing him alive what did you think. Well if he's at an and that is what all the NBA scouts and GMs who were there that night said he's the guy just gonna have to see more of it wasn't fair to judge him. He hadn't practiced much he'd just gotten eligible. He had some injuries this summer or get -- away from the court it seems a little out of shape but. He he's very skilled in and the one thing that and you saw that he even when he was trying to find his way around. In you know. Try to fit in with a group -- played much with yet is he plays really hard and his competitiveness is what NBA guys who watched him even in high school when they were -- out of the All Star Games. Felt that this is going to be one of those drafts where. You know as one executive said in the whoever is the number one overall pick he's going to play himself into it over the course of this college season but that's Cody Zeller Indian -- -- -- you see a light last year the minute Anthony Davis showed up at Kentucky everybody knew he was the number one pick this year. You know there's not that guy who's there are no franchise. Well at least are no parent franchise change yours. In this draft maybe somebody will develop with the -- right now there's. You know you're not gonna see teams tankan. Like we did last year trying to get the number one. What that would never at a -- you see these teams that you said tanking and you know this thing is we allow them. I guess problems about that you know we're with general -- instant. People out there is anything being BA could possibly do to change that holds certain things you know and I think they've tried to do it by the weighting of the draft lottery that they -- Charlotte had by far the most ping pong balls and last year. And the difference between getting Michael Kidd Gilchrist and Anthony Davis you'll take Gilchrist is going to be a fine MBA player but. You can always get another one of those day notices a difference maker. But even in that way you know teams you're still gonna -- teams do it and I think it. I really think it has a dramatic more dramatic effect and teams in the cultural organization. When you do that in the players think that the management doesn't care about winning why should Michael plea for why should I -- like died in the lesbians but apple why should I. You know I just think he set an awful point four organization when you do that yes it's almost never worth that in the end. In once you let that in your locker room and if you organization. It doesn't just magically go away the next year what you get maybe you can get that good player. I you know I think it's. I think it's. Paid off and very few instances. They've fixed up -- -- working on -- in games and now flopping tired teams through these do -- -- and and you -- to salute the credibility would you mean these people are -- see it. And down the wrong you know and it's just. Yeah I think it's some is such a loser mentality and organizations to do it I I just have so little respect for. A journalist rusty from Yahoo! Sports joining us now you wrote the definitive piece on ray Allen's decision in when he for 48 hours after it happened. In July and emotions obviously it's funny because it's so strong right away and then. The game's stars as time goes on there's different story lines but obviously all roads will eventually bring back the -- in that game. In covering the story the way that you did. Do you have an understanding for why Boston fans are so divided and how why there will be some negative reaction -- him when he comes back. That there's no question that's it sports it's emotional and you know I think players -- -- Half maybe less of a problem with re going to rival on I think some player totally you have and say I never would have gone to. Especially with what Boston and Miami -- and I think if ray had gone to any of the other 28 teams. That he could've gone to. I think it would have been affected you with the Miami. I think amplified this and and took it. To a local and and I think ray was a little naive about how people can -- I think -- thought. That you know his place in the wind and not just Celtic history but New England history at UConn and what he did with Boston. That I I think he was taken back. By the reaction to it and I'm surprised he surprise you know I'm sure you guys are too because I think. You know you say you can do it and go to Miami play and that's great it was he's a free agent here an opportunity right to go anywhere. But but I I was a little surprised that ready. They didn't see this. He like all of us he wandered off he wanted to do which he wanted to do and yet keep the legacy which is more important to him communities to most. Is there enough yeah absolutely not I think you know if he had stayed -- finish in Boston. I don't know it's hard to get your number retired from the Celtics are really is there's so many but I I got to believe he would have. Certainly it would have been in the discussion but you you know we know -- -- that -- now of course that's not gonna happen again. Well it all I'm on the other that whole thing with -- The move would declare our people of the booing him or the reaction to a world number all of everything really basically we've come up we -- You know I just saw a guy who came their played -- he was injured he feels great in the line because their possibility of all these traits after the around him we saw him several times. And to me his legacy is -- Is he's ahead in New England as in a Boston Celtic and as time goes on I think. In all these wounds are healed them and I'll be the person you know that you can go to and say that about. Because if it literally took me fifteen years the media but my. But on the southern Jersey and -- that and they came back and have my Jersey retired against them so it is -- thing is the united C. You -- you used to leave and you didn't choose to leave no -- of the -- well one Q once it did make it if that's what you got the they would pay appropriate that we got the benefit what you guys did it get to get -- what you guys did from -- -- that was normally -- he with the media. Bad you know you could no longer -- comeback. Not an and I I agree with you surgically when you say down the road -- do you think -- and it's gonna be hard for -- as long as he still Wear them Miami uniform this year next or however long he plays there. But I greedy someday he's gonna come back to Boston for some ceremony that to bring his team back and he'll get a great ovation I I agree with Cedric on that but but it's not gonna happen. It floppies still playing for the heat that that's. For sure we'll be speaking to me get a read if you dead Jim -- I guess doesn't matter what happens. One of the most bizarre things as it was going on over that weekend. I think all of us just assumed that. Phil Jackson was going to be the guys -- people have mocked Twitter accounts of yours. How old on the surprise level. Win most of us we're just leniently I think the reason now all tell that story about the videos you know. Now you becomes too big superstar people ripping off your your Twitter handle and people. Got fooled myself included when Robert -- but he ESPN. -- didn't really look and that's how worked one Hillary's voters so scary and dangerous. But it was also I think because all of us were expecting it to come any minute we're expecting you to be don't want to break -- that we were all shocked. It didn't happen why did not happen. Phil had that job would be met with -- ownership when he met with Jim Boston -- object at Saturday morning. And that they were really. He had that job and I mean if he said and then meeting and made it very clear to them that he wanted to coach that he was still that could handle the travel that. That he wanted this job. He would have that job and and I think -- is set that sense but there's no question but when Phil walked out of that deal kind of still. He he had made the things he wanted he'd never in his wildest dreams imagined that they would just walk away they'll give it to Mike you Tony. And and I think Phil's gonna regret it if he truly wanted to coach that Laker team. He'll regret this because he's never gonna have a better chance a better situation come back. Out of retirement and coach then that team in that city. You know with -- group that's certainly you know ready to win it they'll have plenty of other opportunities but. There's very few that will excite Phil Jackson that that are going to be available out there. I thought he's gonna make history coaching and I've had a face to. -- unethical and out there and they're into about it through his roster is always we appreciate the time obviously that's how we go to the game we see you hanging around then we know we're at the center of the India at least for one right -- this John nymex actress and guess I'd -- Ager was -- give Yahoo! Sports dot com we'll take our trip around the NBA next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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