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The NFL Sunday Gang on the QB Controversy Brewing for the 1st Place San Francisco 49ers

Nov 25, 2012|

It's Colin vs Alex - who you got? The guys give their views on Harbaugh allowing the controversy to get legs this week. This is a territory Pats fans are well aware of and sometimes you just have to go with the hot hand.

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NFL Sunday as presented by -- natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the camp blue box it's your favorite grocer KM. Celebrate something you've got an interesting scenario. Playing out the National Football League today and it is a bit reminiscent if you wanna go back to 2001 and Drew Bledsoe gets hurt. The -- Lewis hit and Tom Brady takes over and Drew Bledsoe. Other than -- a brief cameo appearance in Pittsburgh in a playoff game is basically done is quarterback here. Alex Smith and his time as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Is 195. And one. He gets hurt. Happens in this league quarterbacks it yet Colin -- next steps in you happen to be at the game in fact watched him play. Look great. Well Alex Smith supposedly could play today but not so fast Alex we're gonna play Colin -- and thanks for all your effort. But you know what we may make a move here I've been a part of situations -- Alone with the blitz so when the Brady situation and the most important is your team. And if your team is playing well why are you gonna -- that. And and I know -- Mitt. I keep hearing great has been great I he hasn't been a great quarterback but his team he's human and efficient -- for the ball into -- cabinet I'd like details -- the gains Monday night and I didn't know we wasn't till that night. And he really looked -- he looked like he played. The whole season as the starting quarterback to San Francisco for announcing the very comfortable. He looked like he's -- Were very great they gave you know when you put a new guy and his quarterback you always go to districts. And foreign minister like they did that. -- -- on histories and they were very successful Harbaugh has refusal to name a starting quarterback for the rest of the way in public today do you think is gamesmanship on his part to the rest of the week bestows. -- is the rest of the league rugby team. Could backfire on as a coach -- know what to let me know right now. Will we go to duke who we go along with Derek that we there is no question marks nothing going for whenever anything may have been negative. There's always context of the stuff from cures for human knows more than a split though its missiles -- head injury correct yeah yes so we don't know what we don't know is to what extent he's been involved in the practice reps and refused to these medically cleared to play but the hasn't been really heavily involved in the game planning and getting ready I think this might just be that transition we can exactly I think -- it's also important to note that. You know again we were in a lot different situation with that the drew Tom think as we were playing wells a team not just critiquing -- we were having a part time of the ball things were going great at that time. And it was a bigger sample for Tom Tom came in and was there for 56 weeks before drew was -- right back this one week. And marijuana are by the way the top of that Bill Belichick had considered a change at quarterback just based on training. Right just on how Brady had played in training can I didn't do it. Your team Drew Bledsoe started until the jets. Game in and for people who don't remember historically it's significant. Was the game after 9/11 after that the league got -- shut down for a week correctly so. The jets happen to be the opponent in the game after 9/11 here at at Gillette the Andrews he Brothers the firefighters from New York carrying the flag out on the field that was the play that was the game. Drew Bledsoe got hurt. He brings back memories and but and who else -- figure out who really be remembered omelet. -- Kevin is this one of those things as a clear. You've been what I've been watching the foreigners just because of Randi and -- Washington play every week pretty much. And watching him play in a week in the Washington moment in night. It looked like a totally different football team and so are in debt and I guess that's what -- -- based in my decision off of pretty much in pencils are apparently. Why would you take it. Well I think that's the question though is -- if for some reason it doesn't go well this week. You may have introduce some country of she to a team that just didn't need it because things role pretty well the -- there's one the other things do we didn't hear people out of that locker room this week. That they might help we didn't -- we all this and did -- -- -- locker rooms when -- oil without Colorado -- -- by pure reason they understand you may have not gotten reps and they don't expect India be back you never -- -- two from now things -- different. Our crew is here Chris price from WEEI dot com former patriots running back Kevin fall. Former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham just saying. You might be confused about that.

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