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NFL Sunday Takes us "Around the NFL" for Week 12

Nov 25, 2012|

Dale, Price, Chatham and Faulk discuss all of the games slated to kick off for Week 12 in the NFL as well as the games that were already played on Thanksgiving.

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Third and final hour of NFL Sunday here on Sports Radio you're eager to announce a boy announced the introduced the crew here as we get together even though the patriots played today. But as always that this part of the program we take you around the National Football League and look at. All of the games that Nathalie have been played but are being played in week while Thanksgiving night we'll run through them very quickly Fauria at the Houston Texans beat the Detroit Lions thirty -- 31 in overtime. By the way. With governments and talking about -- You know Jim Schwartz flag saying there's an interesting note from Adam chapter on Twitter a couple of moments ago -- -- it's worth remembering. Officials tell the head coaches before every game. Don't throw the flag on scoring plays are turnovers. First time here and there and I've been playing alone time first serve him well and according to show after the officials tell coaches before every game. Don't throw the flag. On scoring plays -- turnovers. So it just that this reminds me when I was younger my mom telling me don't do that and I am going right along and give -- what you got punished for it listen you're gonna Gephardt as it is it's one of the things they also -- -- not have a profile that put yourself on the phone. As the ultimate maybe. The Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys 3831. In that one. Welcome back very quickly and Houston for -- moment because it it is also worth noting that while they like the patriots played two games in five days. They played two overtime games -- five days and wonderful politically headquarters. -- -- that is pretty impressed that speaks a lot about your team. Character. Where your team is going in with there it's your team is going. Couple weeks ago when he commuted beard going in the direction it right back ticket I think it really speaks a lot how little Thanksgiving game counts it's really to survive and advance I mean you really. Don't transfer much of what happened and the next week if they looked a little sloppy you're your your point real -- do they played so much football's -- man. And of course the New England Patriots trampled the New York Jets 49 to nineteen those for the games played Thursday night the Thanksgiving Day and night games in the NFL. 1 o'clock today Soldier Field in Chicago. The seven at three Chicago Bears play host of the six and four Minnesota Vikings. Jay Cutler. Says he's confident that the bears franchise has his best interest in mind. When it comes to putting him back at quarterback after his latest concussion. Is a lot of work itself as. Just doctors are trained staff that. We're gonna make the right decision that from -- -- is not only in the near future of my allotment. That -- -- And all by the way he's starting quarterback he is the news I mean cigarette reported in his group recruit. I think that's team -- new looks like -- could be they look like this if they -- it looked like they default the Clifton Clinton. With the cancer but you know others he wanted to. And I Matt Light went I crap out of Cincinnati. The five and five Cincinnati Bengals host the three and seven Oakland Raiders AJ green. -- one of the best parts about the mangled recent winning streak is how much of a blast that is the play with the -- All right guys in our neighbors there's and there are four games. Canadians don't want from a lot of not talking right now you know I went out has to be explored this. Know you've got to have fun you know who have things to yourself. You know you look at the Steelers and you look at the -- -- you look at the playoff picture wrote this this week for for the website Steelers are six and four singles or five and five. Steelers on their third quarterback all of -- supposed to get Roethlisberger back singles on an upswing. You know amendment is gonna happen but he could you could make for very interest -- final final with the with the border -- amounts of disruption from the Pittsburgh group with Baltimore and it looks like. We're gonna need from one of those two teams or that or Baltimore the political -- is that have a season nerves -- is heating up. -- racism being close it is it's Pittsburgh and both with them and the more things change the more they stay the same the Oakland Raiders are high -- says that. Cleveland Browns Stadium the two when it speaking of the more things change the more they stay the same the two point eight Cleveland Browns. Post the six and four Pittsburgh steelers' Plaxico Burress says it's nice to be back where -- career began to try to help a lot of banged up office. Some Roosevelt the sort of as one of what big event is over. There's no -- so. Among all very expensive -- in neglect and go where at all. Really thought you know put them together literally outcome and therefore there are different than -- for the gulf this is as it is -- as well as all of us know -- some different things -- -- -- -- I'm Charlie bastion of Plaxico Burress were together Pittsburgh 2003. The last time Plaxico Burress played for the Pittsburgh Steelers was 2004. What they are banged up but you know what that the last enclave the last thing I remember with blacks and in -- steeler uniform was that. Really great catch -- -- over the middle of the in spite. The fifth different turnover reviews young player at that time but god is great to see him back in her uniform just going to be cool to see human like legal bills the Lucas Oil Stadium is the side of the six and four Indianapolis Colts posting before in sixth Buffalo Bills. Andrew Luck says that awful loss against the patriots will not sidetracked -- -- with all the -- they have in the locker room. They're real bird -- Robert Mathis fraudulent. Of course running just -- and so I was as a quarterback to do assume some leadership position though I don't think they'll be. You know an issue at all and I don't think anybody on teams that press to make sure anybody else you know -- -- focus -- benefit we realize what's at stake. On the great veteran leadership you know I think people will be focused. Site story to today's game which I just I I found our. Hi everybody knows the the medical issues to -- but not I was facing. Being treated for leukemia in in remission at the moment I'm happy to say so many players on the team including Andrew Luck. -- shave their heads in some sort of shocked and -- strong. There's an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader named Megan. Who said that if if bands would donate 101000 dollars to cancer research. She would shape her. They are over 22000 dollars today. And in the third quarter of today's game at Lucas Oil Stadium Megan we'll have her head she gave in front of the entire state. That is a strong willed young lady right there up tonight on -- beautiful girl. To be even more beautiful after he's done today raising a lot of money for him to -- because. Absolutely -- leadership and it's of the controversy. OSS and -- him personally -- -- she -- Payment and the disappearance. We're getting into wheat -- that. The era. It's that's all we lost all the article you must mean there's been who have Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City no one in nine Kansas City Chiefs host the seven and three Denver Broncos. Champ Bailey says. And I think he set with a straight face no matter what the chiefs record is there divisional opponent in this game is going to be chipping. Oil first and foremost there and AFC west opponent so he knows. There's a little. Heightened sense of urgency there from both sides and I think. We definitely going there without two of them think we're gonna come out with a win -- -- football team with a lot of lot of talented players so. And they a lot of products so we expect of this. No it there -- an awful that's an awful football anyway did that that's one of those sports lives. Debris Brady talked after the game against the jets where he says no you know we've we've you're gonna get the -- -- a third of what the best third down teams like no it. They're 32 in the thirties 3032 league in that that's another example of I do think there is a party in the back your head though that as a player you -- understand their dangerous situations like for -- for the pitchers going on the Miami and it's the same idea to divisional opponent broke the records that the chiefs would scary just from the history you've been there and what was the Denver -- -- -- perfect divisional game that a team that really understand what you're trying to do. As the Denver Broncos. -- understanding that this team can really hurt him and he played him twice a year if you were told a lie about Cleveland or Jacksonville might be different book I think because of that. In division context that he might not be. -- -- Raymond James Stadium in Tampa the six in fort Tampa Bay Bucs host the nine and one and at at nine and one Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan says winning a game in which he threw five. Interceptions think about that -- You're quarterback threw five interceptions and you won the game. Have proves what kind of team the falcons are. We made mistakes I've made mistakes that I did that I -- -- side. -- 52 guys and active roster that you -- place and fortunate to have those background. At that might be one of the most amazing wins the entire year when you can back that is speaks volumes for what's your defense then after those five Turner's what you as a team. That's a one -- try to fun of the political history respect guys confinement with. That -- return of the virtual 50 NUM it's hard to believe that any team is ever overcome. I would imagine of them -- to -- team but I've just minutes we have them until. That's a team that needs to prove to me they complete the -- because -- they have everything in place flights they just haven't proven to be depleted unit of the season. Ever bank fielding Jacksonville won in nine Jacksonville Jaguars host the -- six Tennessee Titans -- Kevin I can't work up any interest at all. For a five today what you you know with -- critical food that Chad and me to stop repeat no thank you. Well he had a great game last -- you -- good. Happy for anything feared the season with some more great games he can be 2013. Thought of what is next Tuesday Doyle has got to you'll sweater with a I was ready -- he's gonna bring out late December when they come -- 405 today Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego before and six chargers host the two Baltimore Ravens can't read. Said if people want a truly in cautions. The only solution is to not like football at all it is a contact sport. You know in in the in the brutal and at that you know Vonage when at that you know I know concussions and all that has been a big thing. I've had concussions before you know and I know guys still have because you guys gonna have to present that this sport. You know if you wanna stop it they stopped the game. I will say this. When it -- get punished this week and it was a body of work type thing. They suspended him for a game based on his salary it would have been a fine of about 400 some -- thousand dollars. Upon appeal they reduced the fine -- 50000 dollars and took away the suspension as well. If if they're gonna do that -- they shouldn't have wasted everybody's time suspending him to begin with if you're gonna -- -- if you -- -- are serious and -- gonna say hey -- Body of work you're gonna get punished three strikes you're right you're gonna get punished or you don't but it they just -- that I think it's if it's a it's a bright white line. Wrong or not wrong I don't think it was wrong I think what he did was football player and just have went high. And I think that's one of those situations where -- -- should step and say I've been in that situation. -- -- pretty hard easy or were talking the matter of inches at full speed. I would like a final. Port 45 today yet that University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale before and six Arizona Cardinals host the 36 and one St. Louis Rams. Stephen Jackson says he's not concerned with the amount of carries he gets per game -- -- individual stats just wants to win -- team leader and create good environment for the younger guys. I've learned over the years you know football's ultimate team sport. And the more separately. You all the more. The more available for -- other guys to buy here for the for the program that's -- -- at this point in my career for the win oral care reform a winning program. The mothers and leadership I tell you you know maximal. You know maximum. Ability if they're right back my effort. They're very good opportunity given to me. You know if they see me do -- know everyone else who would defend. But the cardinals to the flu started here yes they were in it this is just they're regressing due to what he really aren't -- to demean him. They're gonna lose now Lenovo today when you go through previous record of race. There's no right you do get to -- not gonna be success. Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans five and five saints host the seven to -- one San Francisco 49ers with a different quarterback Colin -- predict we'll start. Vernon Davis says the Monday night win against the bears solidifies them as one of the top teams in the NFL. Any refuses to choose Alex Smith or Colin -- act as his pick for quarterback -- the break guys. This means to us the organization. And it also sends out a message that you know with real. We will will play you know. The game and step up and will make plays Alex's you know he's genuine guy. You know I've been here with him since they. Almost forty. Colin -- -- he's the same way very humble heart. Soft spoken. He wants to be great but you know I can't -- -- it is -- you know either one of them. I saw your body Randy Moss tweet yesterday. -- -- anybody nobody -- store here in the war -- repeats of the excuse he found it. Mandy -- shoes like these boundaries he went ballistic and that's who. If they might have to bring the bus out for the -- enough. I think its interest in that Alex Smith think of all of this -- years murmuring he was the guy when when they're recording Manning we're kind of he's the guy that you know you've been questioned was a first round pick didn't turn into that you know it's gonna Sanchez type thing you know he was not the answer according still good good enough player. He had sort of come back years did well but he's also still been put out there on the -- He's the guys were still world and to dangle -- try to find something better in the event that we don't we still love you you know it's kind of that situation. And now we've played pretty well with them that you know that always looking for the best thing I mean it's and it's tough spot for him to being off the -- is to make money until the group ruthless. He isn't a little bit a different sort occurred that if we -- talking about all the but the thing that. -- matter but game. But this is of good football AstraZeneca to go to today this is a very important football game for both teams -- in New Orleans Saints to stay in the run. To try to make a plea of they have to win this game against a very good confident. San Cisco -- and yes that was it it's a rematch -- last just went -- human. A great playoff game between these two teams last year and again like you said this is ability to do -- Kiefer for the for the -- but this is a really important game if they wanna keep. -- Trevor yesterday the New Orleans Saints took the official picture. Yes every yet yesterday. Every single guy on the team wore a patent. Sean Payton Spicer. And they let Sean -- spot. -- where he would have sat in the team picture was an empty spot. There way of paying tribute to Sean -- every guy on the team more of a advisories -- particular part of the of that head out that is about the Israeli. They should accept that it has but that is that symbolized -- -- -- -- coat. Sunday Night Football MetLife stadium the New York Giants six and four post the seven and three Green Bay Packers Victor Cruz says. Of why we gave the giants offense an opportunity to fix some of their issues and they're looking forward to the final stretch of the season. So like everybody's coming back on the same page and understand the little things that we were doing. -- do little miscues that we were happening and I know there's some of those things up and -- practices smallest movie and we're communicating to -- -- it's it's a good look forward. -- of the weaker here. When I've got to think that that the giants will will perform much better than we've seen them perform the last couple weeks 32 in the last five games. Eli has really struggled throwing the football hero last what you -- the world stumper question and they want to. I think I remember that hold up its November. -- is apparently where the federal prayer breakfast that's where we're kind of distress because they're coming back who's been if you close your eyes open and Monday Night Football is at Lincoln Financial Field the three. A match in port ESPN. About this for a moment the three and seven Philadelphia Eagles host the two and eight. Carolina Panthers. Could change that no man. On the Andy Reid says the Eagles are giving it their all in fact they may be playing to not make mistakes which isn't helping but ultimately. He's at fault for their pitiful place so far this season. I don't -- a lack of focus on what I. I sentence him plan artists and focus in and of practice. Times they were trying too hard. You know and can't -- Preston and make plays obviously turnovers. Early penalties early. Drops. Big plays. Given up the big plays. Those are all. Problems for this game that's -- as my responsibility. They sure that we give these guys an opportunity to the right thing and they get him to do the right thing I'm not doing enough that it -- my game. The heck happened in the reason for companies says he has just by listening to have it sounds like he has no as it was right now and back -- that game. That is a very important game for the players on the -- of of youth team. Because -- -- the airplane -- job security right now. When you look at the next full situation divot not a young quarterback got an opportunity here shows something and he loses LeSean McCoy for the game he's been ruled out. It's always tough when -- I take you back the situation when -- Carolina Panthers got this -- young quarterback. And -- the situation we're just kind of become one of the things people say. He -- now you know he's having a second your swoon maybe was overrated. It's so hard to judge a guy when you don't have the weapons around it I think their team has done poorly I think that Philadelphia team is doing poorly and it's really tough situation relief. Really evaluated on that with any accuracy NFL Sunday is presented by cam natural casing ranks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. But for the camp blue box at your favorite -- Qaeda. Celebrate something.

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