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NFL Sunday on the Improving Pats Defense and Their Reliance on Turnovers

Nov 25, 2012|

The boys move on looking at the Pats defense up to this point of the year and how they've been able to improve over the last few games. The secondary was clearly their weakness at the start of the season, but they haven't been getting beat deep as much lately. The DL and LB's have played well too.

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NFL Sunday as presented by cam natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the Campbell Boxee to your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something before Kevin hijacked the last segment I was gonna talk about patriot and a defense from moment. Okay our only way I I'd -- I can do that now I -- I and I read the highlight your assertiveness on the field. -- the point I was making was by any measurable. Were kind of unanimous -- Patriots offense I'm curious what we think of the Patriots defense if you look at yards one of the worst teams in the NFL in that. Points they're dead middle of the pack around sixteen or thereabouts. Takeaways they're number one in the NFL 32 of them so far so the question is -- the adult those numbers you mix them up -- a big pot what kind of defense that you guys. One word. Inconsistent. You've you've put all those things Iran is very consistent but. Thursday's game in like you say I don't know -- the jets or whatever. You can see things are looking up on guys a start to feel comfortable way to ER and what position they're playing right now and it's one of those things where. Let's get this season going -- treat seasonal strong. Our victory from consistency of play as much issues consistency of personnel. I think it was too tough to say. You know when -- saying the the teacher -- three topic I mean each week throughout late September through October was different group each week on the back -- you -- so if you're going to say the Patriots defense is acts. One of -- the next three to play -- the climate -- it wasn't the same dude -- not play in the same team that you played October 14 to play December 14 so. Who cares about the stupid -- who cares about the art because that team in on the field this week. And that's the issue I think their best. Last week is tough you can't really going to watch that even judge much because as 35 and the Reno and you'll give in to rate your sets and -- your -- -- place. You'll learn a lot from that. The week prior again the ruling could turn the ball over and I guess if you had to make a choice of the gonna give up your juvenile lead the league -- -- you -- the -- for you really do. But you know what the red zone efficiency. Will look to some of those you know the sub -- the situation football stuff that really matters down the stretch. I -- no old sort of verifiable way why this can't be just as good group as last year's January group. They're going towards that I think the continuity of the back in in the content of personal wars. A we should she make this point as well because Brooke housekeeping Gorham was sort of the big disruptive thing -- how are they going to be able to bounce back the -- Chandler Jones. And we do need to talk about it I mean it wasn't even really notice they lost their supposedly -- are on the front and was not their last week and they sort of didn't miss a beat Jermaine Cunningham and Cunningham had a nice game. And I think that will be something Cuban mine as while music or -- -- have them down forbidden last year you lose honor Carter Lleyton they're the big at a still good run without so. How they manage injuries matters on the outside of the ball. This is much is the other I thought it was interesting that they -- Ninkovich on Sanchez is blind side and on that right side at right defensive end spot that the same spot that they had a -- when Jones went down the week before Matsui is essentially being blocked out by the left tackle -- and -- imagine that's the situation you want him going forward but. And by the way the classic guys that you described as the ball follows him around off. Yes he's like he's always where the ball he's there right place at their right has a knack for any it is something that we've talked about before that. It's a really unique skill and Belichick talked a little bit about last week about how you can get the strip sack and recovered the fumble because in situations like that you can speak to this better than anyone. Your your going for the tackle you going for the strip in the new gold for the ball in its not something that everyone can do I think awareness of the ball supplement in. I have a tremendous amount of respect we have an all parties if these guys on the ground to begin with. But usually you have sort of you know it's a huge dichotomy you have on one -- guys are just trying to kill the guy and then you have the people who just chase and sort of -- Brandon Spikes. If and his way it works but it only works for him and probably not every other one American -- -- felt as usually you don't find guys that can -- him again -- does and the ball just comes out -- -- -- you don't need you don't need Paul -- and a situation -- -- on the other end of the spectrum you have guys. Just want the ball. Punch in inevitably missed the tackle if they don't get it. Vick when you can secure the tackle and -- bowlers such a special thing and again you know I'm gonna my bias on full display pepper Johnson has been. Unionist drums since midway through in my years in new England and it's really sort of grown in the part of the culture there. It's something that I think other teams may have done a little better in those earlier on I mean you always saw the ball -- groups like the Indianapolis in the Baltimore and people like that. I think the understood the importance of it and and pepper sort of teaching and there is really sort of the taking you find. Guys all open on the roster have that -- in maybe they're looking for more guys that are good at that but that's it's a very special skill that can help you win as much as anyway.

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