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The NFL Sunday Crew Discuss the Efficiency of the Patriots Offense

Nov 25, 2012|

Dale, Chatham, Price and Faulk talk specifically about the Pats offense up to this point. Even without Gronk on Thursday, they didn't miss a step. The guys talk about the importance of the TE position and the abundance of quality players the Pats have at that spot. You have the usual suspects with Brady, Welker, Hernandez, etc but also an improved run game and a no-name OL that has truly stepped up in the face of adversity.

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NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing ranks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer KM. Celebrate something I think -- would probably be unanimous before unless. If we if we assessed the Patriots offense and I think we would all say it's one of the best offenses. In the national football. By any measure that you want to look at they can run vacant world they can score there one of the best offenses in late. And they're averaging 47 points came in their last four games so let's move. Asked the offense for one brief moment here lacked and -- al-Qaeda -- -- because I wanna see about. The unanimity of -- to back the -- regular underlings who are the reason why I X network because all week long. You Louis Rob Gronkowski is -- What are you gonna do this office is not going to be Hussein. -- -- -- I like it did I like your point just that. We've seen so much for -- what if you're you're gonna Delanie measurable and because -- a signal that shows you that there be the best or one of the best. I think the fact that that guy goes down and you score is made well again look what were points of defense and right turn those questions is yes. The idea that the -- office doesn't change the production office hasn't changed they had this team is built to beaches so many different ways -- -- not -- dependent. Which I think if you go down and you take. Did you take that important a guy out you can expect maybe six or seven points of production. This team sometime in those weeks they've lost the guy has actually been more productive because they come back a little surprise you or how they're gonna try to be -- they're really. Two and three of four guys deep word you're gonna need to remove all those guys to see much official polish and. And let's take it one step further we knew gronkowski wasn't right. -- Logan Mankins wasn't. We had no idea I don't think about Sebastian Vollmer and all of a sudden Thursday night misquoted so now you're gonna take 40% of your offensive line out of the men and Americans. That's on -- -- 40% excluding Logan and Sevastopol 40% of your offensive line is out. And Rob Gronkowski. And Hernandez was -- the role there's just two balls is just like we'll talk to double role he played 57 -- a 68 snaps -- have a say it wasn't doing what you don't try to get into is that we. We talked about in the break. Next man up. Guy goes down. We can't panic we still have football game we still have football games and we do believe and a guy that's behind his back. You don't get a really nice job not -- approval orbited dean of cells. Felt that a lot of it when we were were under selling it could insisted he would have -- fills fills is a guy who I think has been overlooked this year because world and rushed to -- obviously gronkowski Hernandez. You know Pro Bowl tight in pieces but he's a guy who has delivered when he had his opportunities. He's delivered steady consistent performances particularly in the in the it has a block I with -- -- perfect tossup opposition -- thought he was gonna -- the increased role and I think we often do this is medias were -- -- locker room. Where are you start. You see one week of something and you kind of -- ago -- -- organization kind of go away from home I think Mike Reese is a good job avoid tracking percent -- In -- was felt -- thousands had dropped a tells us. Had dropped a bit you know and there were some weeks for his play counts for -- -- low and it looked like OK maybe they've made a decision on the scarlet or some rules and mean it's his play quality changes still great players is -- -- -- complain it -- -- thing anyway. We tried to speak about that last week when we talked about doing an adamant. His plea was decreasing and this is I got told he was that he had been out and hurt it's it's about the confidence that we'll get back feeling confident in yourself. As well as with the team is doing and it showed big medical. I think you forget about a guy to you'll see him somehow somehow the course not being driven and so somehow that the choruses less valuable or something like that like. It -- -- -- judge blocker and I know said he had a couple really nice -- on the edge. He is athletic he can catch the ball the passing game does get a -- targets of as the somehow mean he's not as effective Roberson knowledge does not work arms go with the ball. But I like the idea that they actually used. Aaron Hernandez is -- in my and they put him at the white -- -- input files in the back get right back or they can -- -- on the wing. What that's what that shows uses a reversal guy he's Smart because he was down in with a lower level plays and comes in and sort doesn't miss a beat. That's that old patriot thing next next man up but you know I don't know we've talked about the student you know we requirements we have zone growth -- he's got -- ledges there's there's a lot of of his team not only on the field but off the field he's a Smart guys of veteran guys been around for awhile he he's just. He's he's got a and a next level pro guys -- that I did not -- younger guys can't see anything bad about discount department page. As they go after guys that they really think they can feed. What the bowl oldies here. And he does not make that sound elected don't miss as an illness that -- missed. But why we try to be that -- now which are about yeah. I I'm trying not to put billion Beckett now you've been you've been negative right now -- out about the last -- that right personnel department in the NFL. They scroll OK but we wasn't -- about this is a bad call. Now you can always tomatoes and he he's going to years behind now we're and that's all I promise you -- -- with a name -- two and here where they list now they they make some great call let's ask this question. If you had a three tight -- group on your football team Aaron Hernandez missed on the Shiancoe and Daniel -- just those three guys -- Comedy teams -- the NFL would take those three guys as they're tied in group and be very happy. ID 85% of via the money covers and I and it's a good number nine -- -- -- -- for demo was loses as the number two starter on most teams in the NFL's while Erica connector of and then they've got to know the guys that -- power does a lot of teams are the -- -- I mean this team has obviously put some attention at that position. All these guys have experience all these guys -- had been insistent that they have been very productive. In -- knows that. It is one of those who is that you can't have enough. Ali I wanted to make one point immense -- trying to be too technical here -- But I don't like the Crumpler analogy I like cute as blocker -- event -- their -- -- -- north that is opposed to his style of play you just fells has been a really good guy in the locker it's clear again I know what he's into yeah I know exactly -- that point yes -- -- from a on the field standpoint. Alge Crumpler adult truck -- hit here yet obviously so tall office and in my blocker it's just a different body -- he's he's -- low he's happy. -- I would -- more and that sort of more like a bin lots in the body type he's athletic he can block a little bit amused in the past I think is limited of the group. Differed in that epic is the way he cares itself went through as well when he catches the wrath. I kind of see it OZ in him as -- how we hold the ball carries the ball in assert things. Great positioning Bachmann is documents in nearly. That's the thing that kind of reminds me of who would -- when he was here in the Super Bowl last February we saw Patriots offense that suffered with the loss of Rob Gronkowski being an effective tight and this team. Have we seen an indication this year. That they are much better able overcome that sort of thing if they have to mean and I notes the jets Thursday and I again I keep wanting to not overreact because it is the jets. But you didn't have gronkowski you're not gonna happen for a few weeks now -- they better able to overcome that because in the Super Bowl last year it looked like they really suffered without him being able to be effective. -- the city address the issue that they feel they need to Suarez gronkowski being heard super voting commitment this year. In putting with 56 that is on the roster. I just or Clark. But. It's paying off right now because it's one of those things you never know when a guy may go down and and as went down early in the year. In all those guys that you brought dating we were like question -- do you bring you know these guys. Me and offered an -- at it I think there's more depth in the running game to. I do -- and I think there's more depth in the running but David noted began to see yeah -- that noted it was just one thing that happened at the time. Yeah I think when you when you look at the performance ST remotely over the first eleven games the season I think that people set a bar for him I thought it was going to be I think a lot of people thought. He was gonna be good I think a lot of thought it was going to be solid contributor I don't think a lot of people saw him as a thousand yard guy. But they're getting consistent they're getting really consistent market indicating consistent work now that would help the marine. Boards in the passing game in the running game -- implicated in what has again that we you know we continuously overlook the U es legal guys who's -- Hey I definitely out of it but he dug -- on and -- and everyone over six feet. An offense filled with Brady and gronkowski and Hernandez in the in Welker and -- I mean he's not -- a guy do you think about but he's -- as often as we -- -- at least fifteen -- -- fifteen -- I think I think he's a valuable data back. I think there's a reason. Did receive that kind of production in the way this team is built because they can be -- so many different ways the office of line is very athletic. And when you lose Logan who's your best inline blocker but do you bring in all these guys who can pull -- Thomas -- well -- pulls -- -- always we will do agree. The ideas that they don't just have OK we're just Denver we just used reference you know or were just. We just ski run -- team we can't American or speech on the edge they do scheme runs and went to traps account owners and they do OG players know these may do all they do -- the entire picnic basket full of offered to place and that has to do with the kind of backs they have the kind of secondary blockers have that begins to move around point four. Fullback basically in -- while I stuff. And they have office I want him in the can walk in space -- to -- -- -- also to -- more versatility in the the way the Ross was bill that allows him I think to be the answer to the first run game or whatever we can do to beat you that's who we go to and they've got every possibility.

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