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NFL Sunday: How Can the NY Jets Fix this Mess?

Nov 25, 2012|

The boys continue talking about the awful mess that is the NY Jets and what they can do to shake things up, specifically at QB. Also, will sexy Rexy be back next season?

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-- each week you look at her opponent specific he'd do different things defense we do different things based on who's healthy who's not. You know idea attack opponents should do the same thing on offense but again you know that the were playing and you don't -- healthy guys we have -- client and you know I think to change your time out prior to be a quarterback but to me -- mark his. You know. Casey you can't blame it on just one individual I think mark can. You know does give us a best chance to win right now and and that's what -- Unfortunately. Rex might be right. But that probably an indictment of the personnel decisions that the New York Jets have made -- Mark Sanchez does give them their best chance to win. Because I just don't think he's good NFL quarterback now I know he doesn't have a lot of stuff around I understand that but I've seen other guys like quarterback honestly without a lot of stuff around them. And played better than I've seen him play and and I I keep going back to Pete -- and you know he's not ready. He may not still be -- The got to do in the offseason they gonna bring in an added day after create a legitimate quarterback controversy in New York Libya to bring in a quality back up of veteran backup someone like a public Hasselbeck. -- -- last night where where you can. Push him. And if backup is better than Sanchez will you'd -- you'd just you start the back as the -- year old and yet what -- and that's the thing and I don't know if they'll overdo it I really don't know Matt Cassel may be available. To bring him in they've got to find it got to -- demon here. They got to find something like that they got to find a veteran who's knocked around a little bit who's a Smart guy. Who can come into a situation in mature mobilization anything that they thought they had that would more pro noted that. Isn't there McCown out there there always seems like some accounts and spoke some -- -- Sarah. It's an interesting idea I still you know as -- watch this game to break him down and thinking to myself. You know. Mark Sanchez I think has regressed but not from the part of playing the position of quarterback -- seafood would you quarterback place take the -- You know do the correct set play action. Does he read it correctly does throw the ball well. Those are good and actually think you confined in his plays of seven you can find fifty Rula good -- quarterback is of that reason Ronald -- of this guy can't play in the league category. I do thrown into a category that he'd. Appears to not be the kind of guy to make the people around him better. He doesn't take a sub -- group and help rise to this sort of occasion he is never going to be a guy who's going to lift his team up in November and December and January and carried them -- to -- it appears that way but the reality of it is there's only be five or six guys like that year and is a -- first round draft pick you kind of thought he might be that he's not. But I don't think he's a he's a trashy quarterback this is a look at JP Los minimally you know guys that. Was going to be calling names. You're on. And I thought that I can -- Actually disagree with a guy who knows a whole -- lot more about football night shortly something. Out of his body of work did indicate to you he's not one of these. Sub par quarterback and a -- three -- -- half dozen passes from the game but how mr. -- that's what -- -- -- consistency in our quarterbacks only became a -- and -- don't make certain -- -- -- I I think the issue was the bone -- stuff you know Iran in the back your guy you know not taken a correction interception in the red zone that boy you know what I'm sort of interception -- I'm vibrant street Steve Gregory -- -- talking. That Timmy was sort of in a it's a it's a it's an error on the quarterback obviously. What it's also. The maturation -- defense and number excited great defense of -- exactly and this is the thing that when you were when we were -- you know -- army but had a set about the sort of what was going on the secondary through that sort of October -- and Steve Gregory wasn't available. -- some of the other veteran guys this is the part that you lose. On that particular play Steve Gregory was showing down and looking as if he was doubling their X receiver he was disguising the thing that we've been sort of pushing for. That he was doubling one side and then turns and rats to the other side. That has nothing to do with this players -- -- -- -- player that was an experience thing that read the thing that he did is what screwed up Mark Sanchez not in -- good bad otherwise. That he was an extra player that -- priest now needing more help for yet that you would not -- most quarterbacks would not account for. Any it was a perfect read I mean it was a great break at decreasing dynasty here and several times with. It was the disguise that caused that point. I was directly -- -- added that that secondary is now as a group is starting to settle little. Did there is something to -- idea that you need to have consistent reps alongside the same guys a regular basis to learn how to play alongside the -- their strengths. Learned their weaknesses learned their tendencies and I think we're starting to see this with this secondary -- -- is just a second game. But he played a significant role -- deeply significant numbers up on Thursday. Gregory now starting the placement of consent I happen to believe that. You are going to see a and a safety combination going forward of -- forty. It in -- really at this point to to look to start to settle in to learn how to play along and we didn't see that early year. Or because personal decisions because of injuries because -- whole comedies of existing we're starting to develop as I I like that idea that it could be McCord Ian Gregor I think the only sort of thing that is yet to be determined and I think there's a lot of teams if so will the ball to have that combination back there because essentially what is your play with two free safeties. And that's a luxury I mean because that means you have two guys to steal balls to guys that -- the deep part of the field. But what's hard is it what you have to have to be able to do we were doing that as you just have a front seven the can stop the run by themselves. If you need a legit Adrian Wilson you know pastor -- is a really good tackling safety if you need a widget strong safety use a different body type and skill set -- a free safety. You kind of can get away with those two guys don't think I'm neither of those economic force Iran. Provided you don't need that its luxury regular two balls viewers in the back in and does it make plays like that it's an awesome thing but if there's ever -- a week where you've gotten extremely strong running game -- really gonna need that safety down. I there was two guys number you might not be the best option -- to see -- them. Work into that store roll in and CCC we don't know exactly I've noticed that where you where you -- play Chung on a consistent basis there you still have those two guys on the field at the same time receive -- -- essentially -- a nickel package at their. After the regular race. Seven that he's practiced. Being in the star he's a very active guy and he can disrupt a lot of slot receivers so. You know something that built tangle with you know he can he feels like he has those two guys -- -- right nine Gregory and in the court. But at the same parent. What was one of the rookies come in August recorded both yes yes come along so it's one of those things where he's playing the course and seeing what is going wonderful. It's always one of those you know how much credit do you give one side how much -- -- -- the other side weakness. I think less of -- inches than you do but as a group I don't like the jet to regular off Patriots defense that looked -- Watch how much of that is the New York -- boy you know what I also don't think you'll wind tunnel porcelain. For Tebow camp so much as I don't think given moment guaranteed money was very important to be honest -- -- I think is simply. It looks like they made the decision for him has that cost them some -- exactly it was it was a little it was preemptive but I don't think that was Smart it was sort of putting the money there had to sort of say that we you've been validated as a puzzling of the play in the field do that a silly he's a -- I think you could probably take him. Importing and in a dozen other situations or -- such around the world a better UW team it's kind of like an -- missed etc. et Al Smith is not a -- quarterback in the league but the right situation could ever really good offense. I think he's more that kind of players were not a breeze or break year or Rogers and I think that you want in your media. That's not the case that doesn't mean your trashy you know what though -- in this speaks to their team building approach in night and we talked a little bit about this before we went on in the idea that the either. Got rid of or a lot of the guys retired a lot of the quality locker room guys because in in my experience in past. They had guys who could right the ship in the situation guys like Chris Jenkins -- Jim Leonard you know Damien -- they had veterans in that locker room who could -- that team. And pull them out of a situation like this the don't have a lot of those guys Miller. And -- -- vocal leaders in your locker room in like you severely everyone knows more. A lot of these guys free it's just in my in my situation I was one of those guys that really didn't speak. It was all about you know how I carry myself in. What I did on the football Goodell my leadership until I got older and I had to be -- vocal guy. Tickets also interstate near identical agreed to appoint the thing -- so always. Come on the watch happen and see how crucial these sort of turns are. When you miss on -- first -- And I'm not saying they've missed on Stephen Hill yet but the idea that they made it clear decision American go back to Braylon Edwards or American going to bring him Plaxico Burress. Were gonna we're gonna invest the first round pixel -- worked well you know work of turning what the problem addressing something they clearly went for to try to upgrade the talent in that spot. But they miss at least by -- -- particularly doesn't look like he's an impact yet you see flashes of talent you don't know where it's going to be. But when you miss and with that area in your -- answerable vulnerable state as a team you see how -- can sort of changed his sports. America if Chandler had not been -- and I think we all thought he was going to be more of developmental guy that would be really really good in your two were three India. Situation I know he wasn't. So you see sort of the defense is a whole rice is significantly. Now if they'd gotten that kind of Chandler production at the receiver position over in New York side I think would be talking about different things right now it did happen you see how. Fortunes of organizations can often turn when you've just slightly mr. readiness entirely maybe two or three -- -- we called an entire width but. We will see what you see how important that you know that decision affects. GM's -- created that it's interesting because wreck wreck brought this up to on the conference call with us earlier in the week where. We asked about Gradkowski and how different the patriots look at our gronkowski and he said well you know it's. It was -- when we lost Santonio Holmes and in into real Revis in I think when you talk about the jets feelings this year though. You have to figure those two teams in the mix a mean they've struggled a bit and I think some of that has to do with the fact that it lost one of the best defensive players and leave the room.

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