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Mustard and Johnson -- Are the Pats Relying to Heavily on Turnovers?

Nov 24, 2012|

The Pats are putting up incredible numbers lately, but the guys talk about the awesome turnover ratio and if they rely on turnovers too much? Is this something that could change in the playoffs?

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. 617779. 7937. Text line -- the new 1379. 75 games left on the patriots schedule eight and three for the first eleven a couple of tough test coming up on the tenth in the sixteenth six days apart Texans and on a Monday night that it's the 49ers in on a Sunday night. And now get a good I would think a clear understanding of where the patriots -- -- and that's the. Way to put it I am you know me -- -- patriots fan and I -- do not hide debt from anyone. But I'm not gonna jump ball over the bandwagon in a given number one in power rankings from -- -- -- that -- right Peter when he got Peter King lacks credibility now I'm not saying -- for this is all about Vista is like voting everybody has a vote. Real you can have a multi million or 7% you can have a street -- -- when -- -- on the -- of voting both everybody has the same power -- Entity in which sports everybody has an opinion that's for -- race. -- I think he is right they ever shoreline and in the afternoons on -- -- -- there and skip Bayless is priceless for march that this is TV yes. It is for you should taper it to march later. Well priceless obviously. I -- I love him and I'm quoting Stephen A Smith I don't measure like Pittsburgh but they do -- Question is that I think dogs that are well I I'm not gonna use that to October for a few times -- -- but that's on the story right and the question is how good are the patriots and it's easy to say it's the ball the jets are bad. With the patriots are peaking at the right let everybody adored the cold game. It here. Got a rookie quarterback right. We all agree he made some withdrawals. The did not help and Ian and of course believe took onto the house and in the -- the you can't have that cell where you had a couple words tell me what he's supposed to throw everything. You know what afterward nail -- the week before that ever criticized because they beat buffalo in -- last minute plus a mistake by Fitzpatrick -- What are you supposed to -- and you can't you know was not the patriots brought their winning that's the most important -- one of the Maximus and. -- that speaking of stats that people views that. Best determine a team's fortunes is is not the how much she yards you've given up on offense or defense or any of that it's that simple number it's turnover ratio. And right now the patriots are just kicking major but in that department and how many times. Have they not only re corporate fumbles all or picked off. Passes and have taken it to the house that just so capitalistic right now exploiting. Every possible. -- mistake and other -- Make the other thing is Brady has thrown the ball 121. Times. Three interceptions which is amazing in and of itself. I mean I NS I Brit I -- I think Brady is twelve point where we almost take him program we do. We really do wish Bora -- while he's supposed to be that way. In in some decent early -- all the ways you can remember everything that -- This guy everything he is he has or and he is restored and our master of the game. -- on you gotta get this part he understands everything everybody is doing. At the same time and god knows how many plays they have on the playbook they've obviously cut it back for the for the game day. But think about that from minute 121. Passes. In three. Interceptions. It's ridiculous. I mean -- dark about giveaways takeaways you know I'd given away too many. In of course IQ I don't know I don't have -- front -- I don't think they have that many fumbles either I think. Ridley has two fumbles -- only a four fumbles. So you have. Three interceptions four fumbles. In that that's crazy and in -- -- that that's a minus seven but Daniel look at all the fumble recoveries and -- and they have. The turnover ratio what is right now map plus 24 some like that it is apps were amazing activists that's that. Couple minutes ago. But if you level plus 24 and a lot more games that you're gonna lose we've seen it over the years -- the problem we have. Turnover ratio. Can you actually affect turnovers is it really just the function great question fortune. Great Clint -- up yeah well when you look okay let's take this last game look at look what he's hit. On the kickoff return. He caught right because that right can you look at what about a stripped fumble. The signatures fumble well you can I give appointment still -- made a play any ran into his own non aren't that climate and our product to block or as well -- residue of design I think it caught it -- have the ball. Our secure but I think also he was surprised. It does mount the most falling -- -- the back to the ball 6177797937. Charlie implement you're next on sports I jolly. Eight Larry and Craig what's sure well I tell -- I thought their coaching in the second half by -- check was ridiculous. You know explain why. The patriots who were up 35 to three when they first took the ball with 1242. Left in the third quarter. What is Brady doing passing incomplete pass was on the first two down -- kind taken off the clock. They should've been running the ball. -- jets if you run an inside the left tackle they ran twenty ninth against the run. If you landed inside the right tackle later on this day ranks thirtieth. And we 1112 left in the third quarter of -- Brady right and a ball. What are we got running backs for wood turned 43 left elements -- trick play and get the concussion. What they -- and -- it can't play when we're up 35 different. Well I sounds like a familiar argument I I can't answer that for you I'm not saying whether I agree -- it up but I and -- reason people argue the point and I do. Feel this is legit criticism when you when the game is out of reach. Why why is Brady's still on the team but I think part of the answer I've heard given is that while they are working on things. What was even more amazing -- you run the ball at 332 left. In the third quarter he's running it again in the fourth quarter run for a war one he had touched -- would have only ran the ball two times all game. The ring Tony ran ten times when we got him back now. We ask you this jolly -- are you upset they lost the game. No but I -- it's ridiculous who -- if we get more points. Then people a lot this piling on the points put it absolutely ridiculous we don't need more point which you. What do you think -- -- answer I gave you. Debt that cannot argue that point myself and and I've heard that the answer comeback as it probably working on some things it's a long season. While they don't Wear pads or anything so certain things you have to now I think it's every I think that grunt argument. I didn't buy I think it Lawrence Taylor played special teams D'Brickashaw Ferguson Ferguson plays on special teams. There -- a lot of great starting players who play on the special teams. So crime being on the -- for the extra point didn't bother me I don't think their quarterback is -- it you cannot replace the quarterback cell. I agree with you that you reach a point in the game when you gotta get him out. Is that it's almost like they're lining up the school to girl or -- I'm about to run easyJet you know. That got a new look more like it to me it's like we're gonna run up to score on because we can't stand is. -- well one. And what it is if someone gets a concussion on a trick play it would did not even necessary. Wide receiver to an end around with 1043 left it odd that. That's the most ridiculous play out of this thing. The big question is Charlie certainly fair criticism will it come back to haunt them will during cow ski playing on the last play of the game and extra point will -- Getting knocked out of the game will that affect them down the line that really is the question.

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