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Mustard and Johnson Discuss the Pats Kicking Game and if the Texans are for Real

Nov 24, 2012|

Despite the Pats recent success, LJ does have some concerns going forward including the inconsistency of kicker Stephen Gostowski. Craig is not as worried. Larry doesn't think he's clutch though. The guys also discuss the AFC playoff picture if the Houston Texans are truly as good as their record.

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It is mustard in Johnson our number two or dale incur care Juan BC season finale down and it ends C states. As the Eagles. Say sayonara. Mercifully so for the 2000. And twelve season we've been talking about a bunch of things mostly the patriots in they're highly impressive. Performance on national television on Thanksgiving night that coupled with the blowout win over the colts on Sunday night slash. -- afternoon patriots right now in high gear looking pretty good looking like -- 2011. All over again. I do want answered the earlier. Techsters that we had in terms that everything's -- colored glasses -- not looking at the opponent the patriots are playing -- there's nothing going wrong. I door to concerns. Around with this team still. I think a -- -- east when he one of 26 would field goals this year. Come he missed one again the other. -- it's weird -- you year old you miss -- you make when he won but we all remember the ones that these guys may well. Because when you add on top of that and some from of people have a right to some comment column name but some people chose to pool. -- When the colts played here that was only six days ago yeah in I don't know how much you appreciate how might this guy. Was responsible for the three Super Bowl wins and don't make in the closest okay it was the greatest -- ever seen. So I mean when you talk about everything rolls correlate well completely mean if it comes down to a clutch moment. Near the end of the game. Angus -- he's got to come out and kick a 42 yard field goal do I feel comfortable about it the answer is now. You don't really know OK now. What would be comfortable blanks for you well -- interest because you know talker with their ravens he was -- nineteen out of 21 and moderately Yahoo! aren't trying to but the giants he's 28 out of 31 and so. I'm guessing you've got to make every one by. I think are very good -- Picker should be able -- is should be like a lay up. 45 yards and it well because of most of the services now on the field turf much easier to kick off the field turf the natural grass. That is held I think they're just bigger and stronger as far as their those legs are concerned there much more academic athletic and they should be able to fifty. -- it should not -- layup but she should be you should expect your kicker to do that. But to me 45 yards and in my gosh you know. You pretty much should be feel comfortable when Adam Vinatieri who is not the kicker until today never at length right but he takes longer playing of course for the colts that with us are patriots with a circus in the dome itself. He actually has more range now they needed them. You know it's laughable in and we know what I'm saying when you ask though it's not just rating of the the other thing -- it was very because of the way -- -- robbed I mean the -- patriots dropped the -- 59 to 24. Tailor Jones. Who is touted in the was also may have C player of the of the week one week he's got six acts of prairie. Pleasant surprise for all of us as you need to pass treasure buried badly. That particular game before he went out with a high a ankle sprain. He was getting clobbered absolutely. It destroyed a that he worked for the house of pancakes he gets -- at least three times. -- you I would say to myself oh my gosh are hoping hasn't hit a rookie wall. And I said this before to you about patriot players. I'm always nervous about that now because they stab -- quality an -- and the like a stop off great and then they kind of -- hour and a little bit so. Com I'm not rushing to judgment on him but I'm telling you it was not noted. Because the big game good so far out of reach and and the patriots just really decimated. The cold so we kind of forget about it but you know I watch line play. I couldn't not to packet -- -- well the good thing about it is in Kmart. Bought the good thing about it is the secondary anymore. Notably has improved we've is certainly right stabilized things according to play position he's much better -- Now you have -- logjam at the safety position Gregory John. And forty I think things are. Much more optimistic view looking and it is bars other one down -- line in the post what you reason your -- great point is because you want competent. Knowledgeable experienced. Secondary back here because then -- out you deported some blitz packages and I know. There hasn't and to do a -- they did against Clark. I am and you don't need to do against the jets registering them now remember that article might have been on Tuesday. And Tuesday maybe it was on Monday in one of the papers and I think may be a bunch of reporters that it. And I blitzing marks and jazz and it was -- -- scratch -- -- if you if you -- lock while we're. All people but this guy templates right well they have the -- are not under a Texas earlier this word just on here it is. Is wearing rose colored glasses and nothing wrong or anything. I don't care which team record with -- or Houston Texans man whether you're in Denver Meehan. Is all have to wait that tactic or delete so great are always questions about every team in the other and you know you're there are no real dominant teams this year. Used instant on yet they've obviously scrutiny that to do they look like it -- I would say it right wasn't. Lehman that won the game by April 5 interceptions and no touchdowns in the game. I look at. As the team to -- is that leniency to -- nine national Albers. Green green -- back I think Green Day -- the best of the very top conference. And I think unite our our our body and -- the glass producers there -- anticipates the giants right. Two straight. -- green Bay's gonna humble the ending Super Bowl champions. I've already been humbled it's not going to be a that's another ugly -- that life. It's nothing New Jersey was hit by hurricanes and they got by hurricane. In company Thursday night that can be by hurricane -- And that ridiculous discount double. -- whatever it is. I. Whenever they wanted we'll find out -- that drive that made a -- got to play Green Bay Washington too long -- to Atlanta Baltimore and fill it out I -- -- wealth not -- -- -- -- I call Philadelphia. -- all right employee they can out of all the treatment of Bob this -- the proper schedule. I'm very tough schedule. The NFC east is it competitive division and they just -- have a very tough schedule this year the way rotate my team a -- obviously want the patriot my team is Denver. I think Denver's -- I don't are actually later -- I don't yeah Bennett are all -- I rooting for a team that Peyton Manning -- I ordered no I don't want to end. But I'm telling you think their the year think our team garage -- -- -- -- a Trojan that date when you have to pass rush is right. Embargo is now I'm in Von Miller -- thirteenth are ready. And Peyton Manning his chest but they weren't these -- of the death well that he may scare you to death. On but more often than not the patriots prevail against Peyton Manning I know we had a pretty good raw in his last few years with the colts but generally speaking. Over the course of his career. The patriots have been more successful than not. Against number eighteen and including this year now they have very good second half -- dead at two Latin you know there -- better team now than they were when they played the patriot self. But I look at it at this way I I think if the patriots. I think that I can't see as as impressive as the ten and one record is a team that has to get by. The Jacksonville Jaguars. Well one they've won one game Larry. They needed overtime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it radio ads right you don't want to get a lot Kansas City. You know one of the credit how many games that they play what they did it -- -- -- only. -- key city the city beat a pretty good team this year don't remember what was that one there wins and they've met very few. Was against an impressive team I I would not least on its a division game in the other thing you only talk about how. The jets and bills played the patriots tough up here few weeks ago. You never know what division games a lot of familiarity play these teams twice. Certainly the chiefs and Broncos ancient rivals they know each other well. I don't. Listen Manning has gone beyond my expectations. I didn't think you deal pick it up as easily as he has seems to be getting better every week. But the only way the patriots lose to Denver. The next time they play would be that game -- in -- -- gamer and amber I'd say yes Peyton Manning would be an obstacle if the games here which it could very well -- I still think I've patriots take care business devers won their last five games they beat San Diego. Actually you know what if you don't Manning's history anytime any beat San Diego that's big he's he's out big time problem against San Diego or two scorers out. I still like it is is that we talked about earlier gonna get to the phones in the second. I just think it's a quarterback driven league you know you've heard -- are really entering that down if you don't have -- Procter related court ago when you've got to hang out relax if you. And I I could and does its -- trust me you take it neither of the elite quarterback -- take IG three you'd take Andrew Luck and you put them on the -- you have a different team.

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